Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Holocaust Hoax

I made it up. But it's a story worthy of being true. We made a lot of friends with it. And besides, whether it's true or not... people will always find something to criticize.

For an alternative link to the video, click here.


Anonymous said...

Salam W Alaikum
Peace Be Unto You

If only I can say all that I feel about this disgusting display of apathetic garbage,but alas - it would take too long.

These 'people' are one of many reasons that I am a revisionist - if they can lie and spew a story that lasts over a decade imagine what the others like the authors of Night,Day,Diary of Anne Frank etc can do...

Sick and twisted people who call these demented tactics 'sane' and 'needed in order to shed light on the holocaust'

He lied,and he was proven to be a liar - but even when confronted with it ...he denies it...


Love the site btw :)
shall be looking forward to what else you will have

RickB said...

Oh no! He didn't deny it. He owned up to it being a lie.

But with Jews it doesn't matter whether it's a lie or not. It's what they're pushing that counts. And anything that they're pushing, the rest of mankind must swallow.

That's Jewish exceptionalism. That's how zionism can be defended as a reasonable ideology.