Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Christ is born! Judaism's worst nightmare. Wishing all good men and women this day... a feast of Soul...and a famine of sense.

ADDENDUM: Below I post links to two articles for naïve gentiles, especially those that call themselves "Judeo-Christians."

Why Some Jews Don't Study Torah on Christmas Eve, Or Why Some Jews Avoid Sitting on the Toilet on Christmas Eve (link)

An Academic Book on Jewish Subversion of Christmas (link)

Sunday, December 23, 2018

The French are doing our jobs!

And Marine Le Pen talks about the yellow vest protests here.

Friday, November 16, 2018

My Fellow Americans, Something Wicked Brews for You

Below follows slightly edited excerpts (including the title) from an article written by Jack Mullen which can be found here.


Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy – Proverbs 27:6

The Sandy Hook School Shooting, of December 2012, is the continuation of events and agenda that deliberately incited World War Two (WW2) – ultimately resulting in the western world being captured and enslaved by a mentally ill cult, which today masquerades as a morally enlightened, culturally advanced state of benevolence shielding people from hate, racial disharmony, resource disparity, while progressing toward an egalitarian nirvana.

My attempt in this article is to make a few points that should make it easier to grasp the significance of current events and their connections to events of the past which never ended with the bloodshed of WW2.

For the record, Allied leadership (all the principles, USA, Briton, USSR, World Jewry) in WW2 were enemy-of-their-nation operatives or dupes, and morally depraved opportunists in service of an evil so vast and ignoble it cannot be accepted or understood unfortunately by but a few.

WW2 was a premeditated war, a stepping stone toward removing from the Earth, forever, people who would and could stand in the way of an attempt to destroy nation-states, nationalism and racial bloodlines. The idea of creating a world of masters and slaves, with a ruling class coming from a small group of self-designated “chosen ones,” whose stated designs on world domination has been known for thousands of years, is not new, its only been censored from modern Western History. The history of the world has documented the followers of the Jewish Talmud as the “Jewish Question” or causing the “Jewish Problem,” and history documents Jewish expulsion many dozens of times from countries around the world, because these nations could no longer tolerate the destruction, manipulation, and devolution of their culture from the machinations of this most relentless destroyer.

Make no mistake, most of those proclaiming to be Jewish are not involved with the plan and many will be sacrificed to the plan as they have been time and time before. Even more sadly, nearly all of the damage done by Jewish aspirations for Earthly Godhood has been done by white people using white technology and the resources of enslaved white people. The United States has done the most damage to the world militarily, while its citizens were free to innovate, create and achieve the highest levels of technology, modern medicine, mass production of food supplies ever recorded in human civilization. Americans have been harnessed as wealth generating tax-slaves serving, without their knowledge, as the source of wealth, resources and technology used by the enemy of mankind to enslave the world. [A clear example of this is the Harry Hopkins, FDR Lend Lease Program.]

The Process of Discovery

Below are two expositions of events, one from the past and the other from today, which are related, even if it is hard to see the connection. Taken together these historical events can be used to understand current events including the massive deceptions, the total corruption of government, the use of fabricated or purposeful mercenary funded terrorism to induce fear and to create the perceived NEED for an escalating police culture and prison-state around the world.

We are now in the final months of the coming rise of the “Chosen Ones,” a time when horrific events will again be used to induce fear, pain, and obedience – after which will be introduced a deceptive-solution, a benevolent, and “morally, kind and sound solution”, which will be the biggest lie of all time, the Lie that leads the unprepared to slaughter.

Exposing the Heinous Lies of The Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax

The book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook by Prof. James Fetzer, which was banned from Amazon books, is a complete exposure of the nature of those who would fake school shootings and then project virtue, ‘in the interest of children’, by reminding us children are being killed in school shootings (which they faked,) and then demanding Americans voluntarily, or by force, be disarmed. This is classic Soviet Style, mind-wrenching, thought-control for purposes of achieving a political end. Political ends that will not be favorable to the population, otherwise these ends would be explained and the population would make the decision willfully and with full cognizance.

Fetzer's book on Sandy Hook exposes the dangerous, malicious and morally deranged agenda of extremely cruel and ruthless deviants working to disarm Americans for purposes that can only be understood by studying what happened in Germany AFTER the war was over and studying what was done to millions in the Soviet Gulag State after the Jewish Bolsheviks killed the Czar and family and took control of Russia, circa 1917.

The Real Final Solution

It has become part of mainstream history that WW2 Germany’s final solution for Jews was extermination. According to Nicholas Kollerstrom’s definitive book on the Holocaust, more Catholics died in prison camps than Jews, and the total deaths recorded by the Red Cross for the largest 15 prisons was 280,000; most dying from a typhus epidemic and later by the unremitting Allied bombing of supply lines resulting in starvation. The story of Jewish extermination has been shown to be false unless you mirror it, consider it projection, for example, and you will find the real final solution was given to Germany and her people.

Four years ago, I read Thomas Goodrich’s book, “Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947,” it was another life-changing book. The book should be required reading for all organic, Constitution supporting Americans. It is a horrific tale of the brutality, misery, unbridled hatred and ravenous vengeance, (which is the last resort of envy,) unleashed on Germany AFTER they surrendered. While 8 million Germans died in the war, upwards of 11 million died, many horribly tortured before being murdered, after the war.

The war against Western ideology and the European people, who are the last and only people that can stand in the way of complete destruction of the world as we know it, is about eliminating those who can prevent the dystopic, degenerate rule of generational psychopaths who plan to end civilization and foment a new dark age based on barbarism.

The events of the Sandy Hook Hoax and the fabricated story of the German Holocaust and the suppression of history as it relates to the treatment of Germany after the war, (which continues to this very day,) and the blackout of the history concerning mass murder and torture of mainly white and Christian Russians following the Jewish Bolshevik ‘revolution’ are related because European civilization must end before the New World Order is realized. They are related because the same people cruel enough to invent a story about a mass extermination of Jewish People in Germany’s prison and POW camps are the same people fabricating school shootings in America.


Fabricating large, mass-trauma causing, events for purposes of political manipulation fits the classic definition of Terrorism. It’s an intensely insidious form of warfare where the targets of attack are the gullible minds of the people. Pretending Germans mass murdered Jews during WW2 provides an excuse, now, for the creation of ‘hate speech’ law and permits Israel and the “Allies” to continue their attack on Germany long after the War has ended. These attacks involve financial plunder caused by payments of reparation and forced payments to so-called Holocaust survivors around the world. The invented story has terminally damaged the German people, culture, and the continued recognition of this fabrication will soon remove the German people from the face of the Earth, the goal of the brutal, post-war, ‘De Nazification’ described in described in Goodrich's book Hellstorm also damages Jewish people by interfering with their understanding of reality, reinforcing their historical stories of being persecuted and obscures the real goals of Talmudic Orthodox Jewry and the Likudniks now ruling Israel.

Because the lie of the Holocaust has no legs and becomes exceedingly hard to defend, it has been necessary for Jewish media to relentlessly bombard the public with Holocaust stories, movies, public school classes teaching Holocaust narratives, while tormenting any remaining members of the National Socialist Party with deportation, and labeling them as Nazi war criminals. Further, with the invention of the Holocaust Denier label, it has now become a crime to deny the Holocaust, something necessary to maintain control of the minds still being traumatized by this invented horror. It’s clear creating law sanctioning someone for denying something happened is a classic tactic of violent liars wishing to silence the truth; the Emperor has no clothes, but point that out and you’re a clothes-denier and must go to jail.

Just like the Holocaust invention, the Sandy Hook School Shooting is a state-supported, media supported, charity supported, massive fabrication for purposes of political manipulation. Just like the Holocaust invention, this story was created to cause fear and instill resentment and hatred of a specific group of people, in this case, it is mostly European Americans, owning and carrying weapons in accordance with the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The event is also used to rally support for a forced appropriation of rights of people not connected, in any way, with the events at Sandy Hook. Further, the invented story has been used to financially support the perpetrators and their government accomplices via the transfer of tens of millions of dollars in the form of charitable donations and federal grant monies sent to the county and State. These funds have been expropriated (stolen) from the American people and sent to criminals involved in acts of Terrorism, which is fraud. The Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax was an act of Terrorism committed by the federal government, the State of Connecticut, the county and local government of Newtown against the minds of the American people. This was a despicable act of violence, simulated but not acknowledged as simulation, attempting to traumatize the people to the point of mental exhaustion, making them ready to give in to the terrorist demands.

It is a symptom of repetitious use of trauma-based mind control against a population that they can no longer recognize or respond to this torture in a healthy way. American media is a controlled platform of political indoctrination and support for propaganda and State-sponsored Terrorism. Every production of the controlled mainstream media is created to support some aspect of the fabricated, political reality in which we live and now experience. Mainstream media is soft-terrorism presented to already damaged minds around the clock. It is no longer necessary to imprison people in a gulag where they sit under hot lights and face tormentors until they break, now they are broken incrementally, day by day in the light of their big screens, at home, in every restaurant, in all sporting venues, in school and even at gas stations.

The New Face of the Communist Menace: ‘Zionism’ and the Rise of the ‘ZioCom’ Empire

The Soviet Union Red-Terror State, was the precursor to modern day Israel, since almost all of the founders, Presidents and Prime Ministers of Israel, were former Soviet block Bolsheviks; Zionism is Communism.

Zionism is the Talmud political system for Jews (the ‘chosen ones’,) and Communism is the slave political system of the Goyim (all non-Jews.) Communism is alive and hiding, but still part of a reality show-like dialectic pitting Western/Conservative/Zionist ideas against Communist/Leftist/Zionist ideas. This dialectic is responsible for all American technology being transferred to Israel, while Russia and China, still Communist, obtain the technology from Israel. This situation has left Americans desolate and nearly defenseless and without a clue this even happened. It gets worse, the United States has enacted a law requiring US technology, and weapons (F35 Stealth Fighter for example), and by vague legalese, to be shared with Israel. See the “United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012” for more information about arming an American enemy, Israel, and by subsequent transfers – arming all enemies of America such as China and Russia with American technology.

The Final Solution For America

American technology and manufacturing has been and continues to be stolen and moved to locations within the projected New World Order, Intel Corporation is now manufacturing processors in Israel, while Bill Gates admits Israel designed parts of the Windows operating system.

The Belt and Road, also called 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, is the realization and recognition of the new trade routes and connections between countries expected to be part of the New World Order.

America is not part of the Belt and Road, and the topic is not even mentioned by the captured mainstream media.

America is being written out of the future just like the Germans were written out of the future post WW2. We are in the final stages of this game, which has been responsible for all war, and its concomitant misery, since at least the late 17th century.

The cause of all suffering in the West today and the endless war in the Middle East, (which is the source of resources/funds for the Zionist banking cartels, which now hold title to almost all valuable physical assets in the Western World,) is the agenda to end the current paradigm, destroy Western Civilization and place the remains in the hands of destroyers now building their new platform in the East.

I hope these two pieces of data can be connected together in your mind forming the larger picture causing motivating alarm.

P.S. My fellow Americans, of course something evil brews for you, you've allowed jews to be in charge of your country. And for all you idiots that are swearing fealty to Israel, I'll be telling you I tried to tell you. I can't believe you can't see the evil you're embracing.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Talmudization of the Goyim

Is America a Christian country or a Jewish country?  America is run and controlled by Jews, thus the endless degeneration --and bottomless decadence-- of American society.  This should be increasingly evident.  Jews have been kicked out over 100 countries because of it... so said societies affected by them could survive.  Will Americans, white, black, brown, liberal, conservative, ever unite to deal with the real problem and save America? and make it serve them and not a foreign entity? which Jews are, and Judaism is.

An excellent article explains the effect of Judaism on society: Sexual Marxism.  Some excerpts from said article below:

The essence of the human being for the Talmudic rabbis is the flesh or the physical body where the essence of our being for Christians is the Soul.  “For the mind set on the on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

Marxism is the product of a Talmudic mindset.  You have to be familiar with the filth in the Babylonian Talmud that is used to indoctrinate the majority of so called Jews to understand the extreme forms of degeneracy and evil they endorse and that we accept and normalize through the process of the talmudization of the goyim.

Marxism thrives on the engineered division between different parts of society.  Both classical Marxists and cultural Marxists view history as a series of struggles that divide the world into hostile groups of oppressors and the oppressed.  This is a false reflection of reality and is merely the expression of the fractured consciousness of a Talmudic mindset projected on the goyim.

Accusatory inversion is one of the symptoms of the pathology of a Talmudic mindset.  Marxists seek out pseudo victim groups as the anointed group that will serve as the redeemer group.  The victim group becomes the patsy agent for emancipation in ushering in the new and better world.

Marxists always are in a never ending search for the victim class which, in turn, must always be made aware of its victimization.  Marxists propagate that the “victim’s consciousness must be raised but in reality its consciousness is being shut down through engineered identification with something they are not.

In classical Marxism, the victim group was the Proletariat, the factory worker.  In cultural Marxism the “victim” groups are endless: homosexuals, transgenders, non whites, women, Muslims, Jews; you can come up with anything you like simply have them identify with it by presenting it as a suppressed minority that needs more rights for protection against the evil oppressor which in most cases is presented as the White man (or especially a Christian).

P.S.  That article and a great discussion of it can be found here.

P.P.S.  An important point the author of this article makes is that unless one is awakened to the jewish problem due to special circumstances such as having intimate dealings with members of the cult or being an obvious victim, it is not evident.  It is almost impossible for a naïve gentile to perceive it, after all weren't we all taught that we're all the same?   The cult can't be that bad.  But it is!  From the article: 

One of the many byproducts of the current collapse of the Talmudic mutant matrix we call Western civilization is the ever escalating degeneration, debauchery and perversion, and the normalization of pathology, moral decay and most of all the absence of any moral principles or common sense.  Or better said, conscience; the application of knowledge between right and wrong behavior.  Almost all natural aspects of life have been perverted, inverted and weaponized against us.

At a very young age I was confronted with pornography which poisoned my mind in such a way that it had a highly destructive effect for a great part on my life.  This poison had a devastating effect on my private life and back then we did not even have the internet or the utter disgusting garbage our children are being confronted with on the internet and the tel-lie-vision today.  But despite the grave consequences it had on my life, having been firmly in the grips of Satan gave me a deeper understanding of the working dynamics of the evil it produces.  It is not possible that evil can be studied from above downwards.

The man who has never been in the clutches of that crushing viper can never know what its poison is.   An attempt to study it in any other way will result only in superficial talk and sentimental delusions.   Both are harmful.  The first because it can never go to the root of the question, the second because it evades the question entirely.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Basic Precepts of the Jewish Problem

In the presence of absolute evil, as typified by the Jews, only absolute good can save us. Only the most absolute sincerity can effect any change whatsoever under Heaven.

When we see a Jew like Arthur Goldberg in charge of our foreign policy, and then we walk into the Oriental Institute and see a terra cotta statue of a Sumerian of five thousand years ago with the same hook nose and bulging eyes as Goldberg, the face distorted by the same evil hatred for all gentile human beings, we can only conclude that God has marked this people for a purpose. That purpose is to call upon the deepest resources of good within our hearts, to obey Jesus Christ's words, "Take up the Cross and follow Me. "

Faith, hope, and charity, to live with love and grace abounding in obedience to the Message of Jesus Christ, this is the choice which we will make because the presence of the Jew challenges us to make it.

As President of the International Institute of Jewish Studies, and having spent thirty-six years of constant research on the Jewish problem, I state with certainty that to be Jew-wise is to survive.

To accept Jewish domination not only means that one abandons all precepts of human civilization which have accreted over five thousand years of recorded history, it also means that one accepts a zombie mode of existence, a life in death which excludes all of the glory and honor of living in Christ.

Being Jew-wise means that one recognizes the basic precepts of the Jewish problem.

The first precept is — "THE JEW ALWAYS EXISTS IN A STATE OF WAR WITH ALL CIVILIZED NATIONS". There can be no peace between the biological parasite and the host people.

The second precept is — "EVERY JEW IS AN AGENT OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL". No Jew can hold a position in any gentile government unless he wields that position to advance the cause of the State of Israel. Even if he wished to do so, no Jew could escape the total mobilization of the Jewish people in their war against the gentiles.

The third precept is — "THE JEW ALWAYS KNOWS WHO HE IS". When I first encountered Jews, I was mildly disturbed by the cool manner of self-confidence with which they regarded me. I did not understand that they were looking at me from their pedestal of self knowledge, while I did not yet know who I was, who my enemies were; or who my friends were. In almost every instance, the gentile fails to understand what is going on in the struggle between the biological parasite and the host people, or if he does get an inkling of what is going on, he finds out too little and too late.

The fourth precept is — " WHATEVER AMBITIONS YOU MAY HAVE, YOU CANNOT REALIZE THESE GOALS BECAUSE OF THE PRESENCE OF THE JEW". It is the function of the Jew to systematically destroy the habitat and the life style of the host people. This renders them unable to resist or to dislodge his parasitic presence. At the beginning of this biological relationship, it is the Jew who is the displaced person, seeking a place for himself, while the host is secure in his home. In establishing his biological presence among the host people, the Jew works furiously to replace the life style of the host with a totally synthetic environment, tailored to the needs and purposes of the Jew. With spider-like precision, the Jew spins his web about the host people, using satire, pornography, and the host's own system of communications to entrap the host in the web of the Jew. When the web is complete, the host is unable to move, and finds himself at the mercy of the Jew, who is not slow to administer his fatal poison.

From Eustace Mullins' "New History of the Jews".

Listen, and listen again, to a very enlightening discussion of  "How The Jewish Criminal Syndicate Controls The United States" between Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Dr. Erick Karltrom here.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Holocaust Isn't Funny, Norm

Get an idea just how pervasive the jewish influence is in the MSM from this video clip? I think Norm gets it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Truth Is Not Welcome In America

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it" --George Orwell

A person in today's world that questions anything the mainstream media, our government, or experts tell us in regard to terrorist events is automatically labeled as a conspiracy theorist, crazy, or a troublemaker. It seems that to "fit in" or get along in society it is not ok to think for yourself. In fact, it seems that people today have lost the ability to question or even care about what they are told. They seem to just accept what they are told as the truth. Therefore, the people that expose lies and try to open the eyes of the majority are met with hostility. The mainstream media psyop takes it a step further and models outrage at legitimate questions which the dumbed down populace seem to model with expert negative fervor.

The most prevalent example of this is when there is a mass shooting, bombing, or any terrorist incident, a truth seeker asks the question, "did anyone really die"? Asking this question today is met with hostility, outrage, and an attitude that this is not ok to ask. How dare anyone ask that question. The sad thing about this is, this psyop has worked effectively to silence most people including social media. If anyone dares to go down this path they are viciously shunned in every community including their peers and friends in social media. They are considered the lowest of the low and should be ostracized to live the rest of their life in silence, on an island, and far away from society. Does anyone see a problem here?

This problem really took off after the Sandy Hook Government Capstone Shooting Drill and has only gotten much worse. The public has been brainwashed and indoctrinated to show intolerance to anyone asking questions about these events. This is leading us down the road to a build-up of total tyranny in our government and the possibility of disarmament of the American people with the loss of all of our freedoms.


[Ya think modern day Bolsheviks, i.e. JEWS, will treat Americans any kinder than they did Russians?]

Rationally looking at the Aurora theater shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, Boston Bombing, Orlando shooting, San Bernadino shooting, Las Vegas shooting, and the Florida school shooting there are many questions that have been left unanswered. The one consistent issue that most social media ignore is the lack of evidence of actual deaths. There are many holes in the story that are met with secrecy and laws that are created to keep the public from the truth. There have been arrests of journalists seeking the truth and many lives destroyed by those asking questions. The supposed "victims families" have outright lied to the American public by playing the victim role stating that "conspiracy theorists" have been harassing them, without giving any proof that this is going on. There may be the lone radical person out there that does write a harassing letter, but for most of the truthseekers they are just wanting answers and have not harassed anyone. This is the psyop that has been played to try to get truth seekers to shut up and forget about the truth. The public, therefore, has helped the people that are lying and stealing from them, while turning on the people trying to expose the frauds for who they really are.

To turn all of this around one major thing that needs to happen. Americans need to quit shooting the messenger. The majority need to get involved in any way to help expose the lies that have taken our country hostage. The truth is not going to change for those in denial. We are headed down a dangerous dark path and if Americans cannot leave their ego and ignorance at the door. There will only be chains and cells in the land of the free. So, America what road will we walk?

View the original article here.

P.S. Dopey Mark Glenn hasn't posted anything on the Parkland shooting psy op since he posted this. Do you think that's because he now has changed his mind regarding the disarming of America campaign via all of these deep state mass shooting psy ops? Maybe. But don't bet a smart lobro or any dancing schlomos. Over in TUT-landia, they still think that Trump is still working to subdue Israel and pulling the wool over the deep state (see here). When will Glenn's 15 minutes of fame expire? I know, I know, he's fondly known by Iranian audiences as the little, little guy with an ego that could fill a black hole.

P.P.S. Flash: The only ones Trump fools with his "chess-like" foreign policy moves are the delusional living in TUT-landia.

David Hogg Changes Story

Ahem... David, I don't think you'll be up for any Einstein awards for brains. How did you graduate anyway? And... David... I don't think you'll be up for any Oscars either... so David... suggest that you lay low for a while.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Who is Really Behind Youtube's Censorship?

Unfortunately, only a minority of Americans, i.e., those attempting to know the truth and spread the truth, are aware that the deep state thought police are in high gear erasing all truth from the internet.

Thanks to one such truth seeker, i.e., Northern Truth Seeker, for posting this video on his blog. NTS is well aware how the thought police are working overtime to protect the jewish MSM's version of the latest mass shooting psy op. See NTS's posting on this video and his reference to his empirical evidence of the thought police deleting any truth concerning the latest mass shooting psy op here.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Russiaphobia Is Out of Control

As has been made perfectly clear, Robert Mueller’s “indictment” of 13 Russians and 3 companies is just another hoax.

All Mueller has found is a bait-click commercial marketing scheme that had nothing to do with election interference.

Why is Mueller comfortable bringing a transparently false indictment?

The answer is, as Glenn Greenwald makes clear, that Mueller knows there are large numbers of warmongering politicians and media whores who will seize on the fake indictment as proof that Russia has “committed an act of war equivalent to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.” The fact that what Mueller has indicted is only a bait-click marketing scheme will never be mentioned by politicians and presstitutes shouting the military/security complex’s slogan that “Russia must be punished.”
Greenwald supplies the names of some of these reckless and irresponsible people who are willing to bring on war with their rants: politicians Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Jeanne Shaheen, Jerry Nadler, Marco Rubio—indeed almost all of Congress—Clinton aides such as Philippe Reines and John Podesta, and the legions of presstitutes such as Karen Tumulty, David Frum, Chuck Todd, Tom Friedman—indeed, the entirety of the print and TV media with the exceptions of Tucker Carlson and Pat Buchanan.

When a country armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and overwhelmed by its own exceptionalism and indispensability has political and media lunatics equating a bait-click commercial marketing scheme with Pearl Harbor, that country is a recipe for the end of the world.

Note: Two presstitutes at Bloomberg, Lauren Etter and Ilya Arkhipov think that filming disadvantaged Americans in order to cast the US in a bad light is the same as interfering in the presidential election, and they think that a Russian food caterer is heading a Russian disinformation campaign.

This shows how utterly stupid the US media is. The entire article is based on nothing, just what some people say they think. Prigozhin’s business is a bait-click marketing scheme. What the utterly dishonest Mueller and the presstitutes are doing is turning a bait-click marketing scheme into an election interfering scheme. The only way this “indictment” could succeed in a court would be if no evidence could be presented, only Mueller’s absurd “indictment.”

Mueller’s “indictment” is not meant to go to court. It is just a propaganda device, and that is how the presstitutes are using it.

As Glenn Greenwald reports, three CNN “journalists” had to resign for their fake news “Russia threat” stories. In actual fact, the entirely of the US print and TV media should have to resign.

See Paul Craig Roberts' article with links here.

P.S. The deep state players are willing to start WW3 in order save themselves from the hangman's noose. If Americans find out what is in Podesta's emails, the deep state players would be hanging from lamp posts. Pizza Gate is real. Russiagate is feint to avoid justice.

P.P.S. Trump is demonstrating that he won't expose the deep state players and he'll play ball but he can never be trusted because he's from a different jewish gang. He's not invested in the same crimes. He hasn't been properly indoctrinated or vetted. Above all, he can't be trusted because he's not jewish himself.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Orwell Wept: New Macarthyites Taking Us Through the Looking Glass

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Give up your guns! Lets bomb Russia now! Forget about Pizza Gate. Forget about Seth Rich.

P.S. Give me Russian TV please. Cross Talk: Epic Media Fail

Friday, February 9, 2018

U.S. Attacks Syrian Army, Ignores "ISIS" - Greater Kurdistan Project Exposed

Is it patriotism to support a foreign policy of lies and deception? Whose interests are being served? Are we the people's interests being served?

Friday, January 19, 2018

California's Homeless Problem

How many are white? I bet the majority.

How many are displaced American IT workers with Indian visa IT workers? I bet some.

How many want to work? I bet the majority.

Where is the Jewish MSM? The economy is recovering? Not for white Amerians.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Monika Schaefer Kidnapped and Jailed in Germany

Germany will kidnap and jail anyone in the world to suppress the truth about WW2...

as it just did with Monika Schaefer on January 3rd of this new year.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock gives a thorough and heart rendering report of the travesty here.

Read her brother's eloquent statement here.

Just days prior to Monika's kidnapping in Germany she and her brother gave an encouraging prognosis for the new year on Hitchcock's show of December 26th, which can be heard here.

Anyone in the world can be kidnapped and jailed in Germany for telling the truth about WW2.

Gentiledom! Rise up and free Monika Schaefer!

For the world's sake!

P.S.1: Monika Schaefer's brother, Alfred, talks about the event here.

Imagine if there were 100 Monica and Alfred Schaefers.

Gentiledom, rise up!

P.S.2: Alfred explains how people can help Monika here.

Gentiles, don't be goyim. Free Monika from the clutches of judea.

P.S.3: The crime for which Monika was kidnapped and jailed was for making this you tube video in which she apologizes to her mother for berating her about the "holocaust."

Wednesday, January 3, 2018