Sunday, July 8, 2018

Basic Precepts of the Jewish Problem

In the presence of absolute evil, as typified by the Jews, only absolute good can save us. Only the most absolute sincerity can effect any change whatsoever under Heaven.

When we see a Jew like Arthur Goldberg in charge of our foreign policy, and then we walk into the Oriental Institute and see a terra cotta statue of a Sumerian of five thousand years ago with the same hook nose and bulging eyes as Goldberg, the face distorted by the same evil hatred for all gentile human beings, we can only conclude that God has marked this people for a purpose. That purpose is to call upon the deepest resources of good within our hearts, to obey Jesus Christ's words, "Take up the Cross and follow Me. "

Faith, hope, and charity, to live with love and grace abounding in obedience to the Message of Jesus Christ, this is the choice which we will make because the presence of the Jew challenges us to make it.

As President of the International Institute of Jewish Studies, and having spent thirty-six years of constant research on the Jewish problem, I state with certainty that to be Jew-wise is to survive.

To accept Jewish domination not only means that one abandons all precepts of human civilization which have accreted over five thousand years of recorded history, it also means that one accepts a zombie mode of existence, a life in death which excludes all of the glory and honor of living in Christ.

Being Jew-wise means that one recognizes the basic precepts of the Jewish problem.

The first precept is — "THE JEW ALWAYS EXISTS IN A STATE OF WAR WITH ALL CIVILIZED NATIONS". There can be no peace between the biological parasite and the host people.

The second precept is — "EVERY JEW IS AN AGENT OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL". No Jew can hold a position in any gentile government unless he wields that position to advance the cause of the State of Israel. Even if he wished to do so, no Jew could escape the total mobilization of the Jewish people in their war against the gentiles.

The third precept is — "THE JEW ALWAYS KNOWS WHO HE IS". When I first encountered Jews, I was mildly disturbed by the cool manner of self-confidence with which they regarded me. I did not understand that they were looking at me from their pedestal of self knowledge, while I did not yet know who I was, who my enemies were; or who my friends were. In almost every instance, the gentile fails to understand what is going on in the struggle between the biological parasite and the host people, or if he does get an inkling of what is going on, he finds out too little and too late.

The fourth precept is — " WHATEVER AMBITIONS YOU MAY HAVE, YOU CANNOT REALIZE THESE GOALS BECAUSE OF THE PRESENCE OF THE JEW". It is the function of the Jew to systematically destroy the habitat and the life style of the host people. This renders them unable to resist or to dislodge his parasitic presence. At the beginning of this biological relationship, it is the Jew who is the displaced person, seeking a place for himself, while the host is secure in his home. In establishing his biological presence among the host people, the Jew works furiously to replace the life style of the host with a totally synthetic environment, tailored to the needs and purposes of the Jew. With spider-like precision, the Jew spins his web about the host people, using satire, pornography, and the host's own system of communications to entrap the host in the web of the Jew. When the web is complete, the host is unable to move, and finds himself at the mercy of the Jew, who is not slow to administer his fatal poison.

From Eustace Mullins' "New History of the Jews".

Listen, and listen again, to a very enlightening discussion of  "How The Jewish Criminal Syndicate Controls The United States" between Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Dr. Erick Karltrom here.

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