Saturday, August 30, 2014

Palestinian PM Remains in Ramallah Defying Court Order

A Palestinian lawmaker has defied “a military order” by the Israeli regime to leave the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, Press TV reports.

Khalida Jarrar, who has been waging a campaign against crackdown on Palestinians, said on Friday that she would not conform to the order to move to a city in the eastern occupied Palestinian territories.

“It is my right, as elected parliamentarian, to stay with my people and to serve them from here. So I announce that I will not go to Jericho and I will not implement the military order. I’m staying here serving my people and working from here,” said the lawmaker.

“Transferring me from my house to another city is illegal and is against the international humanitarian law,” she said, calling for an end to the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian Legislative Council member has received an order to leave Ramallah.

Meanwhile, an international campaign was gaining momentum in support of the lawmaker.

“There is now an international campaign. I hope this will succeed but I will not leave the Legislative Council.”

She also said there were 36 Palestinian lawmakers in the Israeli regime’s custody mostly under “something called the administrative detention.”

Administrative detention is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge that allows Israel to incarcerate Palestinians for up to six months. The detention order can be renewed for indefinite periods of time.

Palestinian prisoners have been subject to human rights violations such as the use of torture during interrogations. Some 5,000 Palestinians are locked up in Israeli prisons. They are being kept in overcrowded poor conditions.

Story with supporting video report is here.

P.S. As long as people insist on being human, judaism will be resisted. Thank you for doing it, Khalida Jarrar. Anti-Christ, anti-good, anti-humane judaism must be outlawed, prohibited, eradicated if man, created in God's image, is to survive and WW3 is avoided.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Love Distinguishes You from the Beast

Love to distinguish yourself from the Beast, i.e., that is the Beast, the devil. Love to distinguish yourself from the spawn of the Beast --inspired by the Beast's anti-good, anti-Christ doctrine: judaism-- running around rampant these days generating hell on earth. By loving you will distinguish/separate yourself from the devil and his spawn. You will create separateness for your own protection, and bring some light –from God-- into the present darkness... for you and those around you.

Visible says this well in his latest article. He writes:

I go about with heavy heart on many days. The collective suffering loose in the world has reached the point where it is palpable to anyone with a nature sensitive enough to detect it. I recognize my relative helplessness and the force of Karma that encapsulates us all in its web. Karma and degrees of variable blindness go hand in hand. If you cannot clearly see, you cannot clearly define or understand what is taking place around you. You act and react out of sync with what is preferential to your best interests. This leads to more Karma and a greater blindness. Only a surpassing intensity of Love can melt the darkness that compromises our sight. Love and light are eternal kindred and the one naturally generates some amount of the other as it is employed in your life.

It won't get better unless we get better and there has to be a motivation for that and that motivation has to be greater than the resistance to it that is operational at all times. May you have the good fortune to win out in this exercise.

In his article Visible also writes:

It's hard for those whose totality of compassion has not been pressed out of them by a forty ton press of materialism going dwarf star in upon itself, to understand WHY? Why do all of these things have to happen? The most telling limitation of the mortal mind is it's narrow field of perception and understanding. Cosmic imperatives don't make any sense. The duck billed platypus doesn't make any sense. George W. Bush doing a 'see Jane run' biography on his merciless mass murderer of a sire, instead of hanging by the neck like a pheasant outside some lord's manor during the holidays, makes no sense. The absence of a world wide revolution and summary mob justice for all those so deserving also makes no sense. That any of these things have not yet happened does not mean that they- and worse- will not happen. That justice doesn't even 'appear' to be done is no guarantee that justice will not get done when the Rip Van Winkle deity finally wakes up under whatever Sequoia he fell asleep under when it was smaller than a Japanese Maple.

Read Visible's article, The Strange Case of the Disappearing Sheetrock, here.

P.S. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Visible. May we distinguish ourselves from the spawn of the Beast. May we see truth and justice prevail soon.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Americans Fear Jews More Than They Fear God

Brother Nathanael says it well:

ALL THE JEW-BOUGHT political hacks of Congress and the White House were there cheering on the Jewish slaughter of Gaza.

It was a grand occasion at the National Jewish Leaders Assembly on July 28, 2014 where the main topic was the massacre of Gazan civilians by the American-enabled Israeli military.

Keynote speaker was Jew-owned Susan Rice (professionally inept and morally bankrupt) who chalked up future credits from her Jewish owners (slave trade agents) with words to mollify Jewish guilt of bloodshed in Gaza.

“In a land where, in the haunting phrase of Yitzhak Rabin, ‘parents bury their children,’ today is a time of worry for all who care about Israel. Our commitment to protect Israel’s qualitative military edge remains absolute,” Rice told her bloodthirsty audience.

One wonders if parents in Gaza can even find their dead children under the rubble left by Jewish bombs PAID FOR by America.

For in Jew-bombed Gaza, Palestinian parents don’t get a chance to “bury” their children.

And one might be tempted to ask Jew-owned, hateful-looking Rice if perhaps it’s a time to “worry” and “care” about the civilians in Gaza mowed down by Jewish bombs?

How could that be? They’re Arabs, not Jews.

For Jewmerica ONLY cares about “Jewish lives” while Palestinian cattle in Gaza are herded en masse for the slaughter.

Next in the lineup of Jewish arse-kissers, and scoring points for his future political ambitions with media & monied American Jewry, was House Speaker, John Boehner.

“In times like this, people try to isolate Israel, vomited out Boehner, “but we are here to stand with Israel. Israel’s enemies are our enemies.”

THIS IS WHY America is in trouble.

To render children, women, and elderly Palestinians in Gaza as America’s “enemies,” (for they surely are the ‘enemies’ of hateful Jews), then Jewmerica has lost its conscience and is beholden to bloodthirsty Jewish policies.

Just this past week, the Jewnited States of Jewmerica has allowed Israel, while waging its massacre of Gazan civilians, to tap a US arms stockpile to resupply it with grenades and mortar rounds.

“Stop Killing People!” is now an anti-Semitic message, according to Israel-Firster, Abe Foxman of the ADL.

And Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center whines that it is Hamas’ fault that people all over the world are beginning to passionately hate Israel.

AMERICA IS NOT its own. It’s been bought with a price. That price is selling its soul to Christ-hating, humanity-hating, neurotic, dysfunctional, detestable Jews.

Woe to your country when its rulers are Jews!

They murdered God on the Cross and now they’re murdering America!

See the Brother Nathanael's article with supportive links here.  

P.S. America is mistakenly referred to --intentionally-- as a Judeo Christian country. Supposedly to mean a country of jewish and Christian values. This is not true. America is a jewish country. What is a Judeo Christian but a jewish Christian, a Christian bowed to judaism... an anti-Christ Christian, an oxymoron. If "Christian" is to be used in the descriptor, "bowed or surrendered Christian" would be more reflective of the truth.... or "anti-Christ Christian."

P.P.S. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is counting on gentiles to continue fearing jews. The Palestinians are hoping the world will get a conscience.