Friday, July 17, 2020

My Fellow Americans, Have You Noticed Yet That We're Living Under Tyranny?

Whether you've noticed or not, we are living under tyranny. And we're just at the beginning phase of our Bolshevik nightmare. Ya think our American Bolscheviks will treat us better than the Russian Bolsheviks treated the Russians? Think again. Listen here.

America has indeed fallen. Listen here. Soon, you won't even have a choice to remain human. Listen here. Transgenderism was nothing compared to the degradation of humanity that's coming... under the control of the anti-Christ money changers that hate you.

P.S. The truth about COVID 19 straight from the pulpit here.

P.P.S. Does everybody wearing face masks not look like tyranny to you? Are you up for watching any sporting event wearing a face mask? Not me.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Are You Being Tortured?

If you're aware of what's going on, you're being tortured. You can't escape the all pervasive lies and propaganda supporting the COVID fraud. However, if you voluntarily wear a face mask these days, then you believe all the bullshit your TV is telling you and you're not being tortured, and there's a good chance that you participated with other mask wearers in a Black Lives Matters protest or two, and you're feeling self righteous and can't understand why everyone can't wear a face mask like you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

MUST SEE: Mostly Peaceful BLM Protests, Raw Footage

I happened to catch this footage live while it was happening. See if you don't wind up concluding that the protesters are savages like I did, and that any sane person -black or white- that happened to be involved surely wouldn't continue to be on board with these BLM protests afterward.

You can thank CNN and MSNBC for encouraging these protesters and making them feel vogue. You can bet that you won't see any of this footage broadcast on either of their channels.

I'm from Milwaukee. Milwaukee footage is presented. The protesters in Milwaukee are dancing and having a good time. They're vogue, they know it. I know one black former con whom I had the displeasure to work with, married, in his 50's. If he's in these protests, I know his main focus is hitting up on white women... because he be so cool and hip and vogue... and black. You know what that means, mama.

Asking the black married ex-con with two sons what he had in common with a young 18-year-old white girl from Indiana, whom he was seducing, while she was working in Milwaukee as part of a summer intern program, his reply, after a long moment of thought was: WE BOTH LIKE TO CUDDLE.

Part of the reason I asked the question was an attempt to make him realize that he wasn't offering the young girl anything real and that he was just selfishly satisfying his own personal lust.