Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Battle Between Jews and Humans at the Co-Op

Jews have triumphed at the Park-Side Co-Op, but they are steadily losing the battle overall.


Park-Side is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. In 1973 a handful of neighbors established the Park-Side Co-Op as a wholly member-owned and operated grocery store. Since then the Co-Op has become an institution, the largest of its kind in the USA, with about 16,000 members. The Co-Op pays close attention to where its food comes from, and how it is grown. Plastic bags are forbidden.

Anyone can join by contributing 2 .75 hours of work to the Co-Op each month, thus eliminating labor costs. For this they get groceries 20 – 40% cheaper than groceries in most other stores. Visitors are welcome, but only members may buy.

Residents of the Park-Side neighborhood are affluent enough to read a book or a magazine once in a while, and to maintain an interest in politics and world affairs. During the 1980s, the Co-Op staged a boycott of products from apartheid South Africa.

Since the Co-Op is entirely member-owned and operated, votes on items such as boycotts are done by paper ballots at the Co-Op’s monthly general meetings, which are usually held at a local synagogue (which evidently lets the filthy Goyim enter for such meetings). If a majority of people at the monthly meeting vote for a measure, then all 16,000 members of the Co-Op are mailed paper ballots.

During Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” (27 Dec 2008 – 18 Jan 2009, in which the Jews slaughtered another 1,500 Palestinians) a Co-Op member named “Hima” wrote a letter to the Co-Op’s biweekly newspaper, the Linewaiter’s Gazette, suggesting that Israeli products should be banned from the Co-Op’s shelves.

Jews throughout New York City exploded in rage, filling the Co-Op’s newsletter with vile threats and hate mail. This normally squelches all questioning of Jewish supremacy, but it did not silence the Co-Op's human members (i.e. non-Jews).

For the next three years the human members wrote letters to the Linewaiter’s Gazette (the Co-Op’s biweekly newsletter) calling for a general vote on banning Israeli goods from the shelves.

Meanwhile the economic Depression caused demographic shifts. The poor were edged out of Park-Side Brooklyn, and their dwellings were taken over by more affluent New Yorkers, themselves having been edged out of mid-town Manhattan. As a result, Jews lost some of their control of Brooklyn.

By Jan 2012, human members of the Co-Op overcame their fear of Jews, and increased their calls to have a vote on whether Israeli goods should be banned.


Jews and their allies screamed “anti-Semitism!” They said the boycott proposal was part of a campaign to exterminate Jews in a second holo-hoax.

Right-wing commentators like Glenn Beck defended Jewish supremacy. (Beck has been groveling before Jews ever since Jews kicked him off the Fox channel. At a fundraiser for a Jerusalem museum in February 2012, Beck called the proposed boycott at the Co-Op “anti-Semitic,” and a “threat to the entire human race.”)

Media outlets like the New York Times called the boycott proposal at the Co-Op “wildly controversial.” The Times proudly ran a diatribe against the boycott by mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Three Democrats who will likely run for Mayor in 2013 (City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer) all want the Jewish vote. All three blasted the Co-Op’s human members for suggesting a boycott of Israeli goods. New York periodicals ran their commentaries.

(No one anyway may question Jewish supremacy, even inside a private institution like the Co-Op.)

Still the Co-Op’s human members continued to call for a vote on having a boycott, passing out leaflets to customers and passers-by. The more Jews pushed, the more the humans increased their campaign for the Co-Op to vote on BDS.


Jews and their allies then resorted to their standard tactics to derail things like this, while the corporate media amplified their attacks. Examples:

[1] “It’s not appropriate here.”

Jews say that if Co-Op members have a problem with Israel, then they should take it to the State Department. Politics has no place in the Co-Op (or anywhere else on the planet, unless it furthers Jewish supremacy).

[2] “It’s merely symbolic.”

Jews and their allies note that the Co-Op carries only a few Israeli-made products, among them a seltzer-water maker, organic paprika, two styles of kosher marshmallows, plus three varieties of tapenade and pesto. Therefore a boycott at the Co-Op is silly. It will not change the world. We want paprika, not politics.

(If that’s true, then why do Jews scream so loudly? And why was the Co-Op allowed to boycott products from apartheid South Africa?)

[3] “This is not the way.”

Jews and their allies say that “ideology” has no place at the Co-Op, and that the way toward peace in the Middle East is not via BDS and “polarization,” but via “greater understanding of each other.”

(Translation: Anyone who questions Jewish supremacy is a terrorist.)

[4] Distract with false comparisons

Jews and their allies equate BDS with silly issues, such as an ongoing debate at New York University on whether fast food outlet Chick-fil-A should be banned from campus, because Chick-fil-A (a southern company led by evangelical Christians) has given money to groups that oppose same-sex marriage.

Mainstream Americans don’t care about these issues, and Jews don’t want them to care about BDS either.

[5] Standard hypocrisy

Jews and their allies control government, the media, the banks, and so on, but they screamed that human members of the Co-Op actually held meetings inside the Co-Op. How dastardly!

[6] Media distortion

Media accounts are confusing, so that average readers think, “Who cares about this local Co-Op nonsense? It’s a tempest in a teacup.”


Despite Jewish pressure, human members of the Co-Op managed to bring this issue up at the Co-Op’s monthly meeting on 27 March 2012. The humans also got the meeting moved from the local synagogue to a large auditorium at the Brooklyn Technical High School. Some 1,700 people showed up.

QUESTION: Shall the Co-Op let all 16,000 members vote on a boycott by mail-in ballot?

Of the 1,658 members voting, 653 said yes, let’s have a vote. Let’s have democracy. 1,005 voted no, let’s not have any vote. Jewish supremacy trumps democracy.

The Jews won, and the media celebrated their “overwhelming victory.”

However this was one small skirmish, and the Jews know they are running out of time. As the Depression continues to cause demographic shifts, more and more enclaves of humans are overcoming their fear of Jewish power. Forty percent of the Co-Op members at Tuesday’s meeting wanted to let democracy work, and have a vote on the boycott. Sixty percent said no. However their numbers are steadily dwindling.

There may already be large enclaves of humans who boycott Israeli goods, but we don’t know about them, since the Jewish-controlled media won’t mention them.

THE POINT is that Jew-worship is a luxury. It is for people who have jobs, plus some degree of stability in their lives. It is not favored by the growing number of Americans who live in tents, or under bridges.

WTF do they care about the holo-hoax, when every day is a hectic struggle just to find something to eat?

Read the rest of the article here. You'll be treated to the latest of jewish art goings on in New York City.

P.S. Geeze. Ya know, those Palestinians and us humans here seem to have something in common.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dick Gets Heart

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was recovering Saturday at a Virginia hospital after receiving a heart transplant, his office said.

Cheney was in the Intensive Care Unit of Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, his office said.

Cheney, 71, who served as vice president in the George W. Bush administration, has had a long history of heart trouble and has been on the cardiac transplant list for more than 20 months.

"Although the former Vice President and his family do not know the identity of the donor, they will be forever grateful for this lifesaving gift," aide Kara Ahern said in a written statement that was authenticated by several close associates of the former vice president.


P.S. Geeze, I wonder if that is a Palestinian heart.... or some hapless "terrorist" from Guatanamo Bay, Iraq or Afghanistan.

Next up... he should be looking for a soul. Or would he be the same old Dick with a soul? Oh well, thanks to someone's human heart, Dick should appreciate life more now.

Maybe now he'll have some compassion for those he tortured.... cuz that heart could be from one of his victims.

A Public Service Message for Ron Paul Dupes

Ron Paul is a professional crooked politician; so is his son. The Decider once brought up an old expression... was it from Texas?.... fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me.

The purpose of the Ron Paul "revolution" is to prevent a real revolution.

Lets see... who's a safe, uninspiring guy for our channeled Republican revolution?... someone who'll not let it get out of hand?.... Ron Paul, you're our man!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Praying for the End of the Jewish Age

From Brother Nathanael's THE END OF THE JEWISH AGE:

SOME HAVE CALLED the Twentieth Century, the “American Century,” a term used to describe the United States’ dominance over the rest of the world.

But Jewish historian, Yuri Slezkine, identifies the last hundred years as the “Jewish Century,” his own term by which he describes Jewry’s emergence from the ghetto into the realms of civil activism.

In fact, that is the title of his much-acclaimed (by Jewish reviewers of course) 2009 historical work, “The Jewish Century,” published by Princeton Press.

It is in this range of vision that French Jewish writer Alain Finkielkraut exclaimed in 1998, “How sweet it is to be Jewish at the end of the 20th century! We are no longer History’s accused, but its darlings. The spirit of the times loves, honors, and defends us, it even needs our imprimatur.”

Jews today are the “darlings of democracy” ever since international Jewry destroyed the last vestiges of benevolent Christian Monarchy when they murdered Tsar Nicholas and family in 1918, probably the most beautiful family that ever existed in contemporary history.

And now, with billions of dollars at their command, control of the Central Banks with the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank at the head, and all of Capitol Hill cowering before AIPAC’s thuggish mediocrities during its Week Of National Humiliation, “democracy” has been BOUGHT by organized Jewry, and sadly, the Western world has reaped its poisonous fruit.

WHILE TRACING Jewish migratory patterns throughout the Diaspora in his book, Slezkine brings to light that the many faces of modernity — socialism, capitalism, liberalism — sprang largely from Jewish influence.

Without dispute, the major cultural movements of our day whether it’s Marxism, Bolshevism, Finance Capital, Freudianism, or Post-Christian Sexual Mores, all find their roots in Jewish activism seeded in Jewry’s “revolutionary” spirit.

But underlying this revolutionary temper lurks a force that is much more sinister, dark, and malevolent, than any movement or revolution could ever effect.


WE ARE NOW LIVING in a “Holocaust Remembrance” society.

Touted as the central event of the 20th Century, high school students throughout the Western World will continue to be force-fed with Holocaust dribblings and never once hear of how Jews of the Bolshevik Cheka murdered over 70 million Orthodox Christians.

The so-called ‘extermination’ of European Jewry by Hitler’s Third Reich, (Holocaust connoisseurs have yet to provide evidence of gas chambers), has become an image of Western civilization, replacing the West’s symbol of the Resurrection of Christ with the remembrance of dead Jews.

The death of Jews now permeates all of Western cultural consciousness – through movies, television, books, high school courses, museums – and now, “special days,” dedicated to the worship of Jewish corpses where even Westernized Chinese leaders pay adoration and homage.

This Jewish fixation on death vis-a-vis their dead relatives, (every Jew has an ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ who was ‘gassed’ at Auschwitz), and subjecting every Gentile to the veneration of such, is nothing less than the spirit of anti-Christ which denies the incarnation of Christ, the life-affirming event of the manifestation of man’s divinization.

ONE MUST WONDER amidst all of this Jewish suffering now honored as sacred, holy, and inviolable, how it is that Jews enjoy greater creature comforts than their fawning Gentiles will ever come close to possessing.

One must also reflect amidst all the pity Jews demand be showered on them that not one ounce of mercy pours forth from their lobbyists for the plight of Palestinians, who, at the hands of Zionist Jewry, have seen their children murdered, their wells poisoned, and their villages and olive groves stolen.

And surely, one must ask amidst the pervasive “Jewification” of Western culture, how long this ‘Jewish Century,’ this ‘Jewish Age of Death,’ can last?

If the symbol of Western Culture is indeed Jewry’s affirmation of death, then like a leaf in the burning heat, their day in the sun will soon wither and crumble away.

P.S. Anybody that thirsts for truth and justice must becoming aware that this Jewish Age is hell on earth, everything Jesus Christ opposed. Can it get worse yet? As Sarah Palin would say, 'you betcha' it can. I wish someone would ask Sarah Palin, or Shaun Hannity, or Bill O'Reilly... or Huckabee... if truth matters to their Jesus... and why then they support lies and lying.

What, who, is served by their lies and lying?

Why can't truth be told?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bankers Extend Egypt Loan It Can't Refuse (Or, How It All Works)

Egypt is about to become the worst nightmare in the entire Middle East.

If you think that's hyperbole, then read the following and decide for yourself...

On 11 March 2012, Egypt’s new parliament passed a measure to expel Israel’s Ambassador, and stop selling natural gas to Israel. This was nonsense. It was mere window dressing to please the public. The SCAF military junta vetoed the measures, just as the Muslim Brotherhood knew (and hoped) it would.

Much more important is that the IMF will pound Egypt back into slavery with an initial loan of $3.2 billion conjured out of thin air. This loot will be divided among the Muslim Brotherhood and the military junta, who will pocket the cash, and dump the debt (plus interest) on the masses.

That means austerity, i.e. mass privatization, mass layoffs, higher taxes, slashed social programs, a wider gap between rich and poor, and so on.

(Hang on. It gets much worse.)

The Muslim Brotherhood says that before it can agree to the $3.2 billion loan, the IMF must provide a clear economic program. That is, the IMF must say how it will divide up the loot among politicians. Of course, bankers never need clarify that the debt will be dumped on the masses, as this is always a given.

As always in this situation, the bankers are remaining vague as they dangle that $3.2 billion above Egypt's politicians. It is like dangling a piece of meat over a pack of dogs who bark and snap at each other, their mouths watering. One dog after another jumps up to grab the loot, but the bankers always jerk it out of the way.

Finally when the dogs are exhausted, and driven mad with anticipation, they each accept whatever portion of meat the bankers decide to throw them. The bankers decide how big a piece each politician gets.

And as the dogs devour their respective portions, they all defecate debt on the masses.

This dangling of $3.2 billion is happening right now. Why $3.2 billion? Because that is the amount the USA has been sending to Egypt each year since 1979 as a bribe to secure Egypt’s obedience to Israel. Egypt’s politicians will continue to pocket $3.2 billion for the same purpose, but from now on that $3.2 billion will come as loans via the IMF. No longer will it be grants.

And that’s only the beginning. The World Bank has an additional $1 billion in debt ready to go. Banker shills (i.e. “economists”) say Egypt will need $12 billion in new debt over the next eighteen months alone. And since Egypt is the most populous nation in all of North Africa and the Middle East (82 million), Egypt is about to become a truly spectacular debt-hell-on-earth.

Mountains of debt will pile up on the Egyptian masses, causing them to experience poverty beyond their worst nightmares. And all the while, Egyptian politicians will boast, “We are no longer America’s puppet, since we no longer accept American money.” (Even though IMF money is itself American money).

So the entire “Arab Spring” was indeed engineered. Instead of giving $3.2 billion a year to Egypt, the USA will now lend that money, plus much more.

And, just as the masses are chained by debt, so are the politicians chained by greed. Loan money lets politicians build commercial monopolies. Hence, the more loans they get, the more they want. Loan money can also be gambled with, and in leveraged fashion. So when politicians take a $10 million loan from the bankers, and their gamble goes bad, they dump $300 million in losses on the masses. The masses scream in agony, but the police and military crush them.

If Egyptians think life was bad under Mubarak, they will soon see that it was a paradise compared to what’s coming for them.

The bankers’ tactics never change, nor does their propaganda. The media says the $3.2 billion loan money is to "fund development” (i.e. development of crippling debt).

As always, the initial $3.2 billion will have reasonable conditions with a modest interest rate, like a dope pusher giving his first “fix” for free. This causes the recipient nation to become an instant debt addict, a debt junkie, desperate for more.

As bankers conjure up more money out of thin air for repeated “fixes” (i.e. “bailouts”), the cash continues to go straight into the politicians’ pockets, while the debt goes straight to the masses, who become utterly impoverished. Another nation becomes Greece, and bankers celebrate their latest victory.

QUESTION: Why must any government take loans from outside bankers, and submit to this nightmare? Why go into catastrophic debt? Why become Greece? Why can’t Egypt have a public central bank, and just print its own money?

ANSWER: Because politicians don’t want a public central bank, as this would force politicians to be accountable. Politicians would have to show how they spend money and run the economy. Instead, politicians prefer private central banks, so they can have the freedom to make up any lie they wish. They can get any money for any reason (e.g. war, which makes the rich richer), while dumping the debt on the masses in the form of austerity (e.g. slashed social programs). This is the essence of corruption. Why ELSE do you think this horror continues?

A private central bank is a sealed black box. No one may look inside it. That's how most politicians like it, since they can claim that the nation must have a “balanced budget” (i.e. the masses must accept more and more poverty). Of course, the budget can never be balanced, since the debt can never be controlled. Bankers and politicians don’t want it balanced. They prefer to rule as gods, with their divine pleasure enhanced by mass poverty.

Politicians and central bankers are totally in bed together. Politicians say, “Don’t blame me; blame the central bank.” Central bankers say, “Don’t blame me; blame the politicians.” Both rule with no accountability.

When the central bank is private, then politicians get the money, while the masses get the debt. This lets politicians and their banker cronies build giant monopolies, while the debt forces the masses to accept more and more theft (i.e. austerity). Hence private central banks always create a vast and ever-widening gap between rich and poor. If politicians and speculators make bad bets with money given them by the private central bank, then again they dump all losses into the masses.

This includes Muslim Brotherhood politicians, who are whores that care nothing about Islam. (If they were true Muslims, then they would favor a public central bank, instead of taking foreign loans.)

If, by some miracle, the masses overthrow the private central bank, then the politicians simply create another one, whereon the game resumes. When Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the bankers did not swindle the politicians. No, the bankers and politicians together swindled the public. Any politician that protested was marginalized by all the others, and was not re-elected. Any politician that protests too loudly is sent to prison, and physically tortured (e.g. Idaho Congressman George V. Hansen).

Any government that declines to play this evil game is vilified, and targeted for regime change. The bankers first weaken it with sanctions, and then launch a military attack (e.g. Iraq, Iran, Nazi Germany, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, etc).

The only way this could ever end is if the masses stopped bickering long enough to wake up and face reality.

Will that ever happen?

Found this article posted at Wake Up From Your Slumber by Heydrich. Thank you, Heydrich.

P.S. Oh, I suppose Egypt can deny the loan. But then it will be bombed to smithereens a la Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and soon Iran... until it does accept it.

Americans, think things will be different for you?

No matter how often the pretty people on television tell us that the U.S. economy is getting better, it isn’t going to change the soul crushing agony that millions of American families are going through right now. The stock market may have gotten back to where it was in 2008, but the job market sure hasn’t.

As I wrote about a few days ago, the percentage of working age Americans that are actually employed has stayed very flat since late 2009, and the average duration of unemployment is hovering near an all-time high. Sadly, this is not just a temporary downturn. The U.S. economy has been slowly declining for several decades and is nearing total system failure. Read more here.

P.P.S. Enjoy the jewish world order. This is what all the wars are for... to enslave everyone to the one percent. Think the wars will bring jobs back? If you want a job, Americans, join the army. Or get in line with your children for a job at McDonald's.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

How Hitler Defied the Bankers

Hitler was a leader with some very workable visions that terrified the bankers.. THE ONE PERCENT. The worst, by banking standards, were his amazing financial successes for the German people during that much unreported banking war between the German people and the Jewish bankers.

Read about it here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Destroying the Christian World Step by Step

None dare say who is behind it all.

Thank you, Lindsey for this post. Visit Lindsey's youtube channel here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jews Celebrating Christmas

See recent anti-Christian attacks in Israel here.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Is The World Enslaved To A Jewish State?

HOLOCAUST HYPE is now being used by Jewry’s chief warmonger, Benjamin Netanyahu, in order to conscript the world into the Jewish malice toward Iran.

In a speech at AIPAC’s 2012 Conference on March 5, which included over half of the US Congress, Netanyahu compared America’s reluctance to attack Iran with America’s unwillingness to bomb Auschwitz. (Here comes the guilt trip.)

Brandishing a copy of a 1944 letter from the US Department of War, Netanyahu recounted how the Allies had refrained from attacking the camp out of fear it might provoke vindictive action from the Germans.

“My friends, 2012 is not 1944…Never again!” Netanyahu cried, repeating the slogan of the violent Jewish Defense League to a roaring standing ovation from the audience.

By declaring, “The purpose of the Jewish state is to secure the Jewish future,” Netanyahu’s message is that waging wars for Israel will make the world safe—NOT for ‘democracy’—BUT for Jews, and for JEWS alone.

This is best illustrated when Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, warned that “reports” were circulating that Iran could strike Germany in response to an American attack on Iranian nuclear installations. Of course, Kantor was not able to show any proof of these “reports.”

Thus, to cover himself, Kantor stated: “Whether or not these reports are valid is beside the point. We know certain facts and they are that Iran sees much of Europe as its enemy.”

(Ridiculous since Iran is dependent on European markets. And regarding nuclear capabilities, it has been affirmed that it only serves as a deterrence.)

These “certain facts,” that Kantor and Jewry whom he speaks for “knows,” are totally subjective. For whatever promotes a Jewish future, whether it’s destroying Iran or annihilating the entire world’s civilization, is ALL that matters to these Jewish leaders.

The question must be asked, “Why is the Gentile world obligated to act on behalf of the ‘Jewish’ state of Israel?

In other words, “Why is the future of Jews more important than the future of Gentiles?”


THE PENCHANT FOR MAKING DEMANDS is characteristic of Jewry’s conduct and the modus operandi of its spokesmen.

The US State Department’s ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, insists that before Israel would ever grant, (why is a US ambassador speaking on behalf of Israel?), any kind of Palestinian statehood, the supplicants must first recognize Israel as a ‘Jewish’ state.

Barack Obama, enslaved to the dictates of AIPAC, (one wonders if Lincoln ever freed the slaves), has vowed, ad infinitum, that he is committed to Israel as a ‘Jewish’ state and the ‘homeland’ of the Jewish people.

(We have yet to see American and European Jews flocking to their ‘homeland’ so long as they can rule over the Gentiles in their host nations.)

Now, why should any nation recognize or be committed to a state that is defined by the religion of Judaism? Is this not giving tacit assent to the tenets of the Jewish religion?

Besides being of the “spirit of anti-Christ,” Judaism is based on the Talmud which looks upon the Gentiles as cattle whose purpose is to serve the Jews. Former chief rabbi of Israel and leader of the ultra-religious Shas Party, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, unabashedly announced this tenet of Judaism when speaking on the subject of non-Jews working on the Jewish Sabbath:

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world, only to serve the People of Israel.

Imagine that one’s donkey would die, he’d lose his money. This is his servant. That’s why the donkey gets a long life, to work well for its master.

Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”

And Jewry worldwide is indeed having its cake and eating it too.

If the ‘goyim’ ever wake up to their enslavement to the Jewish state then the only cake they’ll be eating is lots and lots of crow…

Read the this article by Brother Nathanael with links here.

P.S. Truth-jihadist, jewish-sycophant Kevin Barret must be an anti-Christ Muslim since he finds so much affinity with jews and the jewish culture, and none for Christians or Christianity.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Israel Paranoid Nation But Not Particularly Incurable

With his last pod bean broadcast, in which the great Michael Collins Piper says he'll no longer be playing Mr. Nice Guy, he makes the case and lambast Israel as being a dangerously paranoid nation. Then just as he's ending his show, Mr. Tough Guy Now shoots himself in the foot saying, he doesn't think that jewish people and the state of Israel are particularly incurable. Listen to it here.
Don't be drinking anything while listening to the final minutes of the show.
Man oh man, Michael!
You need Jim from Texas more than ever!
You'll remember Jim, of course, the caller who regularly helped you wipe egg off your face whenever you made kind, naive statements concerning jews.
The only cure for jewish people and Israel is for them not to be jewish. Being paranoid is jewish. It's part and parcel of being jewish.
Hey, I may be wrong. I'd love to hear a tough program on a cure for Israel. Suggest as guests you bring on the Muslim, truth-jihadist, jewish sycophant Kevin Barret [You were just on his show, remember?] and his good-guy, jewish friend Gordon Duff, the guy that has intimate talks with intelligence people from all over the world and comes and goes freely through Israeli airports when he visits his family and friends in Israel.
Hey Michael, since you've said you're going to be tough, and it's no more Mr. Nice Guy for you, the next time a jewish zionist calls your show and states up front that he/she is jewish and a zionist, please, rather than treat that person as just another person entitled to his or her opinion... rather than do that, Michael, please, ask them to justify zionism. Ask them to explain their rationale for being zionists. That would be a good educational opportunity for naïve gentiles.
Michael, it is naive to be kind, generous or forgiving to jews. Being jewish is a choice with ugly implications and ramifications. That apparently is an ugly truth that you've not learned yet. Recall the frog and scorpion story. The scorpion promised not to sting the frog, if the frog would help him cross the river. The scorpion couldn't help himself, he was a scorpion, so he stung the navie frog while crossing the river on the frog's back.
Again, I love your books, Michael, but not so much your shows. You don't shoot yourself in the foot in your books with your kind and generous spirit. You do as a habit on your shows. I think that's why I'm not a regular listener of yours.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Eliot Engel is a United States Congressman

Here our United States congressman, standing in front of the flag of the United States says at a time when both parties can't agree on anything they can agree that "there's now way that Israel will return to the '67 borders".

P.S. Is that his son standing with him in front of the flag in the background? Think our United States congressman would be willing to encourage of his immediate family to pitch-in in the war against civilization, beyond cheerleading for it? Oh, or is it the war to save our civilization?