Monday, March 5, 2012

Israel Paranoid Nation But Not Particularly Incurable

With his last pod bean broadcast, in which the great Michael Collins Piper says he'll no longer be playing Mr. Nice Guy, he makes the case and lambast Israel as being a dangerously paranoid nation. Then just as he's ending his show, Mr. Tough Guy Now shoots himself in the foot saying, he doesn't think that jewish people and the state of Israel are particularly incurable. Listen to it here.
Don't be drinking anything while listening to the final minutes of the show.
Man oh man, Michael!
You need Jim from Texas more than ever!
You'll remember Jim, of course, the caller who regularly helped you wipe egg off your face whenever you made kind, naive statements concerning jews.
The only cure for jewish people and Israel is for them not to be jewish. Being paranoid is jewish. It's part and parcel of being jewish.
Hey, I may be wrong. I'd love to hear a tough program on a cure for Israel. Suggest as guests you bring on the Muslim, truth-jihadist, jewish sycophant Kevin Barret [You were just on his show, remember?] and his good-guy, jewish friend Gordon Duff, the guy that has intimate talks with intelligence people from all over the world and comes and goes freely through Israeli airports when he visits his family and friends in Israel.
Hey Michael, since you've said you're going to be tough, and it's no more Mr. Nice Guy for you, the next time a jewish zionist calls your show and states up front that he/she is jewish and a zionist, please, rather than treat that person as just another person entitled to his or her opinion... rather than do that, Michael, please, ask them to justify zionism. Ask them to explain their rationale for being zionists. That would be a good educational opportunity for naïve gentiles.
Michael, it is naive to be kind, generous or forgiving to jews. Being jewish is a choice with ugly implications and ramifications. That apparently is an ugly truth that you've not learned yet. Recall the frog and scorpion story. The scorpion promised not to sting the frog, if the frog would help him cross the river. The scorpion couldn't help himself, he was a scorpion, so he stung the navie frog while crossing the river on the frog's back.
Again, I love your books, Michael, but not so much your shows. You don't shoot yourself in the foot in your books with your kind and generous spirit. You do as a habit on your shows. I think that's why I'm not a regular listener of yours.

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