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Did Hitler try to conquer the world?

Or did Hitler try to save the world? Is the assertion that Hitler wanted to conquer the world just another jewish lie? ... another jewish canard?

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Obama Loves Israel More Than The Republicans Do

Obama loves Israel more than the Republicans do, and that's all that counts.

I wonder, are there any American jews that are embarrassed by this open, unabashed groveling of America's leaders before Israel?

When will it be enough already?

Or, is it America's greatest privilege to serve Israel?

Hey Mr. President, can I, John Q. Citizen, have anything to say about it?


I didn't think so.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Israel Is Doomed

Israel has never accepted compromise with the Palestinians on issues that may pose a threat to its security. And since it is an occupation, which means it has a parasitical nature, any Palestinian right, down to the simplest, goes against its security theory. That is why the whole Jewish state shivered with fear when Palestine was admitted as a member state at the UNESCO last week.

In truth, that humble Palestinian achievement has created a considerable worry for the Zionist occupation. It has reminded them of how they stooped to conquer when they first tried to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. At the time, in order to build a foothold from which they could occupy the rest of Palestine, they took advantage of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine of 1947, which proposed establishing two states: one for the Palestinians and the other for the Jews. The Palestinians, however, categorically rejected that proposal, just as the Jews welcomed it.

That rejection and acceptance reminds me of the story of the two women who came to Prophet Solomon, with a baby of whom they both claimed motherhood. The two women were both crying so bitterly that it was impossible to establish who the real mother was. So the wise prophet ordered that the baby be cut into two halves and that each woman take one half. The false mother agreed to that solution, but the real one did not. At this point the truth came out and Prophet Solomon gave the baby to his real mother.

Justice was achieved in that case because it was referred to Allah’s prophet. But in our case, there was no justice because the judge was the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), which comprised governments with selfish interests beyond any moral consideration. And because the Palestinians rejected the partition plan, they wound up with nothing.

But now it seems that a divine intervention has replaced the UNSCOP with the UNESCO, which may be a heavenly sign that the destruction of the Jewish state has begun and that it will happen in the same manner as Palestine was destroyed. I am sure this will happen because in Islam we have a Quranic warning for the transgressors ~ and I am sure the Jews and the Christians have similar ones in their holy books ~ in which God says:

“Those who do not feel ashamed of doing bad deeds can do whatever they want, but they should remember that as they do, they will be done by”.

Israel’s abomination towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is not something new. The Israeli leaders have frequently externalized their fears regarding this issue on several international occasions.

Two months ago, for example, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech at the 66th session of the General Assembly of the UN in which he quoted dozens of security threats as a reason for not withdrawing from the lands occupied in 1967.

He was trying to tell the world that it should not be carried away by the moving speech of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and that it should consider the “real threats” that would result from assisting the Palestinians to have a state before they show a real intention for peace.

Despite his propensity for mistruth, he mentioned a few genuine security threats that may result from withdrawing from the West Bank, Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms. And we should not forget that Israel expanded its occupation in 1967 mainly to protect its entity. However, its security is not a problem that the Palestinians, the Syrians or the Lebanese should worry about; it’s a problem that was generated by the occupation ~ so why should the occupied bear the security burden of the occupiers?

In fact, keeping the West Bank (the biggest part of any future Palestinian state) under Israeli control will not solve Israel’s security problem.

To make it clear, let us suppose that the West Bank, and even the Gaza Strip, were under the complete control of the Jewish state, the security problem would remain unsolved because there would then be other neighbouring states that are much stronger than Gaza and the West Bank.

There will be Egypt in the South, Lebanon in the North and Syria in the East, countries which may not be eternally committed to ensuring Israel’s survival. In such a case, Israel, according to its security theory, would have to completely occupy all these countries. And even if it did that, it would face other challenges from the neighbours of the hypothetically newly occupied countries such as Libya, Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Israel has got itself involved in a series of crimes resulting from its attempt to protect itself from the consequences of the previous crime it committed, when it set out to occupy Palestine, the heart of the Arab and Muslim world.

It has placed itself into a spiral of causes and effects, where the effect becomes a cause, and the cause becomes an effect. The great English writer and journalist, George Orwell, wrote in his article ‘Politics and the English Language’ that:

“an effect can become a cause, reinforcing the original cause and producing the same effect in an intensified form, and so on indefinitely”.

This applies well to our problem with Zionists. The effect that has resulted from occupying Palestine (the original cause of the problem) is the lack of security for the Israelis. This lack of security has become a cause for the Israelis to occupy more regions, block people, kill civilians and construct apartheid barriers, confiscating lands and destroying homes.

These practices, in turn, reinforced the occupation (the original cause) and produced the same effects in an intensified form.

However, all these desperate attempts will not make Israel survive for ever. On the contrary, they will accelerate its end, particularly at this time in which all odds have started to be set against it in the light of the Arab spring.

In conclusion, the Zionist Jews have to come to term with the fact that their atrocities will not make their illegitimate state survive for ever.

They should learn a lesson from the history of their Prophet Moses and his struggle against Pharaoh. That struggle between Allah’s prophet and Pharaoh had begun before Moses was even delivered. It started when Pharaoh had a vision one night that a boy from the Israelites would be born soon, and that this boy would grow up and destroy his kingdom.

Instead of stopping doing injustice to his people, Pharaoh decided to defy God by exercising further cruelty and killing. He killed every male baby that was delivered then to ensure his own security. As a result God made him raise Moses with his own hands and in his own palace, and what was destined to be, had been.

Source article, IF ISRAEL IS DOOMED TO DIE, CAN IT RUN AWAY FROM FATE? by By Ismail Rabah, can be found here (where I found it) or here.

P.S. The paranoid, supremacist, treacherous, ever-scheming mindset inculcated by judaism will forever be engendering distrust, conflict and turmoil, which is why judaism must finally be banned, outlawed... cast into the dust bin of history... if mankind ever hopes to survive.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jewish Money Tabs Romney & Obama

SOME CALL IT ‘HEDGING YOUR BET’ while others call it ‘playing both sides.’ But it ALL amounts to the same thing: Jewry CONTROLS the elections.

The question to be asked by all savvy election observers is not, “Who will be our next president?” but rather, “Who will the Jews put in as the next president?”

If we simply follow the money, it appears that our choice has already been narrowed down to two Zionist lackeys: (with Huntsman in the wings as a “sleeper” candidate and Ron Paul sidelined by the wretched Jew-owned media) Romney and Obama.

It all boils down to this: What flavor of Jew-control do you want? Republican flavor? Then you’ve got the Republican Jewish Coalition. Democrat flavor? Then you’ve got the National Jewish Democratic Council. BOTH have BILLIONS at their command to dictate a Jewish agenda to either party.

And what is the Jewish agenda? Growing up as a Jew, this author never heard during a presidential election with regard to any of the candidates, “Is he good for America?” NO, never.

What I did constantly hear was, “Is he good for the Jews?” And that is the ONLY candidate that can possibly be nominated by either party.

This is because international Jewry controls both the money and the media that goes into the “making” of a presidential candidate. Period.


“TOP LEVEL JEWISH FUNDRAISERS are sticking with Obama,” reports the popular Jewish Daily Forward.

The article points out that although Obama faces a loss of Jewish funders due to his Middle East policy, his Jewish supporters from his 2008 race show no defections for 2012.

Alan Solow, former chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (there are literally HUNDREDS of Jew organizations) and a major Obama fundraiser, said the “would-be donors” in his Rolodex are “responding” just fine.

And Jack Rosen, Chairman of the American Council for World Jewry, (one of the HUNDREDS of Jew organizations infesting America), who hosted a campaign fundraiser attended by Obama in November, boasted that it “wasn’t difficult” getting his people to contribute.

As The Forward so pithily points out, Obama’s only problem with Jewish voters is that there aren’t enough of them.

Obama’s “Jewish Team” has a strategy in mind as well. The group includes Obama’s ad man, David Axelrod; Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz; former Congressmen Robert Wexler and Mel Levine; and mega-donor of Hyatt Hotels fame, Penny Pritzker.

Using high profile Jewish figures to “assure” deep-pocketed Jewish voters that Obama is “back on track” with a Pro-Israel platform, the “team” is announcing that their efforts have reaped overwhelming results.

Both the Jew, Dennis Ross, a former senior adviser to Obama on the Middle East with close personal and communal ties to the Jewish community (Ross led the effort to block a Palestinian move for statehood via the U.N.) and Daniel Shapiro, Obama’s new ambassador to Israel, are actively working on the incumbent’s behalf by plowing the money-field of their fellow tribe members.


“ROMNEY’S JEWISH BACKERS are a who’s who of the Republican Jewish establishment,” reports the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“Every major Jewish Republican fundraiser is with Mitt,” says Houston Lawyer, Fred Zeidman, a leading donor to the Romney campaign. And Jewish shopping center mogul, Mel Sembler, is also on board (along with hundreds of his RICH Jewish friends), to catapult the mannequin into the Oval Office.

BUT THE REAL INDICATION that Romney’s got the nomination sewed up is Jewish Wall Street’s hedging their bets between Mitt and Barky.

Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Credit Suisse Group, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan Chase have already contributed over $1 million combined to Romney’s campaign coffers.

Fundraising receptions for Mitt at $2500 per plate are also on Jewish Wall’s Street menu.

JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon, (Dimon is NOT a “Greek.” Dimon’s parentage were heirs of Smyrna’s Jewish banking moguls) and Wall Street veteran, Stephen Schwarzman, co-founder of the Blackstone Group, brought in beaucoup bucks for Mitt’s drive to the White House in two fundraising dinners held in NYC last winter.

While we can’t count Huntsman out yet, (the Jews didn’t bring him back from his ambassadorship to China for nothing AND he IS touting the Zionist line ALTHOUGH a marked man for NOT demanding a STRIKE on Iran), it looks like America will be STUCK with TWO JEW-PUPPETS to vote for in November 2012.

Source article by Brother Nathanael is located here.

P.S. Sports enthusiasts can be encouraged that jewish interests include the sports industry, so it's unlikely that wars for zionism will interrupt major sports schedules. Therefore, war with Iran should not pre-empt the Super Bowl... besides, advertising time for the event will provide an invaluable recruitment platform for the effort.

P.P.S. At his zionist, peace rockstar appearances, zionist, peace rockstar Norman Finkelstein is fond of making the case that jewish influence only comes to bear on the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Newt Gingrch's New Friend, Sheldon Adelson

From Billionaires Behaving Badly: Sheldon Adelson:

The owner of Las Vegas Sands is relatively unknown in the US. In Israel, his name is said to inspire self-censorship.

Sheldon Adelson, not long ago the third richest American, made his billions on gambling in Las Vegas and then Macau, but Israel is where his fortune is most acutely felt. To take just one example: Israel Hayom, or Israel Today, the two-year-old right-wing free daily newspaper that Adelson founded and funds, currently leads Israel’s circulation battle, with 35 percent of readers.

As the Independent (U.K.) reported, Israel Hayom "is such a strong backer of the prime minister that its critics call it ‘Bibiton’ – a play on the nickname of Benjamin Netanyahu.” The prime minister, like many leaders in Israel, is a close friend of the Jewish billionaire Adelson, who is a self-professed Zionist bitterly opposed to a two-state solution. Adelson reportedly planned on investing $180 million in Israel Hayom.

In the United States, Adelson, the head of Las Vegas Sands Corp., has been described as the richest man people have never heard of. The same cannot be said for Israel. Adelson has given hundreds of millions of dollars to right-wing and Zionist causes, and also philanthropy, in Israel and also here. Adelson was one of the leading donors to President Bush’s reelection campaign for 2004. Besides the billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, [Wisconsinites are familiar with these guys] Adelson has few peers in regards to funding right-wing groups.

Regardless of where one stands on Adelson’s signature issues, it is hard to argue in favor of the way in which he wields his money to spread his political views. His money has become a powerful weapon for controversial and, in some cases, maligned causes.

When Adelson was merely rich, he wrote checks for causes that he favored and for politicians whom he supported,” wrote Connie Bruck in an exhaustive New Yorker profile published in 2008. Occasionally, he demanded to be heard. But he did not expect to play a significant role in U.S. foreign policy, or in Israel’s strategic decisions, or in the fate of a sitting Israeli Prime Minister. That was before he acquired many billions of dollars…His political expenditures and his expectations have increased proportionately.”

As Bruck reported, in Israel, political, academic, and business leaders often turn mum at the mention of Adelson. “There is a discernible amount of self-censorship going on,” said the liberal Israeli-American writer Bernard Avishai, a contributing editor to the Harvard Business Review and previous contributor to the New York Review of Books and Harper’s.

Adelson rarely gives interviews, and when he does they are narrowly focused ones to financial press. In the Forbes regular ranking, Adelson currently stands as the 13th richest American and 73rd richest person in the world. His net worth is $14.7 billion, below his pre-crash high but still well above Las Vegas Sands’ nadir, when its share price almost touched $1. (It is now close to $40.)

Adelson, the son of a Lithuanian immigrant and cabdriver in Boston, borrowed $200 from an uncle to sell newspapers on street corners at age 12. He started a candy-vending-machine operation, attended trade school to become a court reporter, and then entered the Army. His entrepreneurship led him to start many businesses, and the one that broke it open was Comdex, an independent trade show he launched in Las Vegas in 1979. Soon he got into casinos, buying the old Sands Hotel. Then he opened the Venetian, where he tangled with the Culinary Union. He sold Comdex to Japan’s Softbank for $862 million in 1995.

At the beginning of this decade, Adelson made his way into Macau as new gaming licenses were issued, ending the monopoly there of businessman Stanley Ho. The Sands Macau opened in May 2004. Macau turned Adelson into a multibillionaire once he took Las Vegas Sands public.

As his wealth grew, Adelson, once a Democrat, turned to the right, beginning to “favor tax-averse Republican economic policies,” Bruck wrote. “He argued to an associate recently, ‘Why is it fair that I should be paying a higher percentage of taxes than anyone else?’”

With that wealth, Adelson has quietly made his voice heard. He has long been committed to the Jewish state. In recent years, as Ha’aretz reported, Adelson was expected to donate around $200 million to charities every year. (One example is Taglit-Birthright Israel.)

Politically, Adelson is a major contributor to right-wing groups like the Zionist Organization of America, One Jerusalem, the powerful lobby American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, and think tank Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies. He has helped underwrite many congressional trips to Israel for AIPAC and three years ago funded its luxurious new office building. Adelson has also been one of the main donors to right-wing American political action committees, such as Freedom’s Watch and American Solutions.

In recent years, Adelson and his company have faced at least three lawsuits involving their original efforts to secure gaming licenses in Macau. In court, he also has gone after journalists on several occasions, suing for libel by the London Daily Mail, Las Vegas Sun, and Las Vegas Review-Journal, with mixed results.

Which seems strange given his own role behind a daily newspaper. But Adelson has not been shy in using his wealth. As Ben-Dror Yemini, a columnist with the daily Ma’ariv told the Independent (U.K.), “This is endless capital with a political agenda. We have no idea how to deal with it.”

P.S. Those who are desirous for truth and justice might be grateful that this guy felt emboldened to give a glimpse of himself in broad daylight via his generous donation to Newt Gingrich.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Les Visible: Our World Ruled By Zionism


Wisdom calls aloud in the street,
she raises her voice in the public squares;
at the head of the noisy streets she cries out,
in the gateways of the city she makes her speech:

How long will you simple ones love your simple ways?
How long will mockers delight in mockery
and fools hate knowledge?

If you had responded to my rebuke,
I would have poured out my heart to you
and made my thoughts known to you.

But since you rejected me when I called
and no one gave heed when I stretched out my hand,
since you ignored all my advice and would not accept my rebuke,
I will in turn laugh at your disaster;

I will mock when calamity overtakes you,
when calamity overtakes you like a storm,
when disaster sweeps over you like a whirlwind,
when distress and trouble overwhelm you.

Then they will call to me but I will not answer;
they will look for me but will not find me.

Since they hated knowledge and did not fear the Lord,
[but feared jews more]
since they would not accept my advice and spurned my rebuke,
they will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes.

For the waywardness of the simple will kill them,
and the complacency of fools will destroy them.

P.S. A few questions from from Les Visible [link here]: How did it get like this? How did life become such a drag? Who poisoned the well? Who did it in Palestine? Who's doing it now? Who got together with the worst of us to come down on our heads? Who put creed against creed and color against color? Who's making the money from the carnage and ruin? Who's selling you fear about people you don't even know? Who did what got blamed on the people we bombed? Who put a boogeyman under your bed? Who made crime so attractive and armed the cartels? Who made ordinary folk into dysfunctional trolls? Who made the cops mean? Who taught you false history? Who created the river of darkness that runs under the ship of state?

Answer, simple ones: The same ones who killed JFK in broad daylight; the same ones who attacked the USS Liberty; the same ones who gave us 9-11.

Do you care yet, simple ones?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Nakba: We did it because of the zionist ideology.

We did it --murdered and expelled the Palestinians and destroyed their villages-- "all because of the zionist ideology."

Naive gentiles, remember this the next time you see zionist, peace rockstar Norman Finkelstein make one of his zionist, peace rockstar appearances, in which he refuses to discuss or mention zionism, because it is a "conflictual topic" and he argues for a two-state solution, which in reality is an argument to preserve the zionist, apartheid state of Israel.