Monday, May 4, 2015

The Stupidest People

Probably the stupidest people, the most delusional, are those who defend Jews as just another ethnic group. These people don't have the intestinal fortitude to admit Jews control every aspect of their lives, and have ruined every tradition they ever thought was decent.

As a result, they can't see that every future presidential candidate they hear being discussed is either a signee or a fervent supporter of the group that gave us the PNAC report, the Project for a New American Century, which was the cabal that gave us 9/11 and all the wars. Until we break this Jewish media mindlock, we can expect nothing but deception, death and destruction from the country that once, long ago, was thought to be the hope of the world, but has now become its worst nightmare.

 The above quote is from John Kaminski's article Too Blind to Care: All Americans are accessories to mass murder ALL OVER THE WORLD, which can be seen here.

P.S. I certainly can't argue with you, John. I'd add that among those stupid people one could include one Muslim, 9-11 truth jihadist, PHD college professor, who admires the jewish culture, who wrote a book on comparative religion with another jewish professor, only to find out after writing the book that the jewish professor was a zionist... 'but, but that doesn't mean that the jewish professor is a bad person.' No Kevin, that doesn't mean that the jewish professor is necessarily a bad person. It does indicate that his reasoning is sick, which anything jewish is. Kevin, how is it that you are so brilliant otherwise but so dumb regarding jewish culture? You should've become a jewish convert (rather than a convert to Islam), then perhaps you'd know better. But then again perhaps the lure of privilege and elitism that you get by chumming with them may be even stronger and blind you more being one of them. It must be common knowledge among your jewish friends that you give so much deference to jews, that anyone of jewish persuasion can easily steal your lunch, a la Gordon Duff.