Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Winning An Election, Stealing An Election

It will take an awful lot of work to get an awful lot of Americans to swallow the jewish MSM lie that Biden won the election of 2020. Anyone doubting it, or doubting the covid scam, will now be rounded up as domestic terrorists, white supremacists or .... ANTI-SEMITES!!!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Trump Is Not Our Savior

Rick Wiles sums up the matter of whether Trump is our savior here. No Trump will not come to the rescue at the last moment as suggested here. In my humble opinion, the most compelling and on-point comment left after the video suggesting Trump will still come to the rescue follows:

I wish it all were true. However, realistically folks, these talking heads make a living telling tales and selling fables. I wish it wasn't so but come January 20th there will be another "what's going to happen and what will Trump do." I love Trump but even he has his limits of strength. He has been in a four year heavy weight fight. It's the 15th round and he is beat. What can we do? God is in control but His plans aren't man's plans. His plan is to save you. If saving America saves you then it may happen. But losing America and saving His people... I think you know the answer. Stay connected with God, family and friends... in that order. Peace.

P.S. Is Donald Trump this? Or is Donald Trump this? I'm hoping he's the second... or that he realizes he must be the second for his own sake.