Friday, January 19, 2018

California's Homeless Problem

How many are white? I bet the majority.

How many are displaced American IT workers with Indian visa IT workers? I bet some.

How many want to work? I bet the majority.

Where is the Jewish MSM? The economy is recovering? Not for white Amerians.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Monika Schaefer Kidnapped and Jailed in Germany

Germany will kidnap and jail anyone in the world to suppress the truth about WW2...

as it just did with Monika Schaefer on January 3rd of this new year.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock gives a thorough and heart rendering report of the travesty here.

Read her brother's eloquent statement here.

Just days prior to Monika's kidnapping in Germany she and her brother gave an encouraging prognosis for the new year on Hitchcock's show of December 26th, which can be heard here.

Anyone in the world can be kidnapped and jailed in Germany for telling the truth about WW2.

Gentiledom! Rise up and free Monika Schaefer!

For the world's sake!

P.S.1: Monika Schaefer's brother, Alfred, talks about the event here.

Imagine if there were 100 Monica and Alfred Schaefers.

Gentiledom, rise up!

P.S.2: Alfred explains how people can help Monika here.

Gentiles, don't be goyim. Free Monika from the clutches of judea.

P.S.3: The crime for which Monika was kidnapped and jailed was for making this you tube video in which she apologizes to her mother for berating her about the "holocaust."

Wednesday, January 3, 2018