Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oops! US Soldiers Kill Iraqi Tribal Chief's Son

AQUBA: US soldiers killed an Iraqi tribal chief's son and wounded his wife in what the Americans on Saturday called a tragic accident, although local accounts of the incident differed.

US troops were travelling through the district of Kanaan, northeast of Baghdad, late on Thursday when Zhaheri tribe chief Thaher Zaihud al-Zhaheri's son, Ahmed, walked outside the family's front door and was shot dead, the tribal leader said.

Further gunfire wounded Zhaheri's wife in the leg.

According to the US military, American soldiers were conducting a reconnaissance patrol ahead of a combined operation with Iraqi security forces when the “tragic accident” occurred.

“Villagers responded to what they thought were intruders and began firing in the darkness, which caused other residents to come out of their homes and also fire their rifles,” a statement said.

“Thinking they were under attack, the US soldiers returned fire to protect themselves. Regrettably, as a result of this gunfire exchange, a young man was killed and a woman was wounded.”

The statement said an investigation had been launched.

According to Zhaheri, however, there was no shooting prior to the family hearing a noise near their home and they thought there might be thieves in their village, Saisabanah.

“Ahmed went outside and when he opened the door and walked outside, the Americans shot and killed him,” he told AFP.

“They continued shooting at our house and one bullet hit my wife's leg.” Zhaheri's account of the incident was repeated by an Iraqi military officer in Diyala's provincial security operations centre.

Saisabanah is a village of around 10 houses, and families there are known to have fought US forces since the 2003 invasion.

Zhaheri's wife Sabiha Nahath Saud, 56, was in stable condition, according to Ahmed Alwan, a doctor at the main hospital in Baquba, Diyala's provincial capital.

Source article can be found here.

P.S. Oops! Americans, think about that thought that I mentioned earlier of the American flag being like matador's cape. Maybe we'd stop doing the stupid things we're doing in the world if we would. Maybe we'd stop being such good, stupid Americans.

Stop Being Such Good Americans

Americans stop and think a minute, especially you who where your patriotism on your sleeves, this may be a liberating thought for you:

Think of the American flag as a matador's cape and yourselves as the bull.

Then perhaps you'll stop being jingoed to charge to your demise.

P.S. The bulls that are considered good bulls, are those that charge through the cape all the time, every time... until they are slayed.

Stop being such good Americans.

JFK Story As Credible As 9-11 Story

Friday, February 26, 2010

US Oligarchy to Japan: Do it the American way.

Does anyone really believe that Toyota is being pilloried in the media for a few highway fatalities?

Nonsense. If Congress is so worried about innocent people getting killed, then why haven't they indicted US commander Stanley McChrystal for blowing up another 27 Afghan civilians on Sunday?

But this isn't about bloodshed and it's certainly not "safety regulations". It's about politics--bare-knuckle Machiavellian politics. An attack on Toyota is an attack on Japan's leading export. It is an act of war. Here's a excerpt from the New York Times which explains what is really going on:

"The Japanese economy has emerged from its worst recession since World War II, but is still reeling. Japan must do more to lift its economy out of deflation and boost long-term growth", S.&P. said.

“The outlook change reflects our view that the Japanese government’s diminishing economic policy flexibility may lead to a downgrade unless measures can be taken to stem fiscal and deflationary pressures,” S.&P. said. “The policies of the new Democratic Party of Japan government point to a slower pace of fiscal consolidation than we had previously expected.”

President Barack Obama is expected to address similar worries in the Untied States on Wednesday, with a call for a freeze in spending on many domestic programs, a move he hopes will quell perceptions that government spending is out of control. Fiscal problems in Greece and Ireland have also helped put the spotlight on the issue of national debt." ("Japan’s High Debt Prompts Credit Rating Warning", HIROKO TABUCHI AND BETTINA WASSENER, NY Times)

Japan's new liberal government is fighting deflation using the traditional methodology, by lowering interest rates and increasing fiscal stimulus. But that's not what Washington wants. Neoliberal policymakers and their buddies in the right-wing think tanks want "fiscal consolidation" which means harsh austerity measures that will deepen the recession, increase unemployment, and trigger a wave of defaults and bankruptcies. This is how western corporatists and bank tycoons keep their thumb on the developing world and thrust their economies into perennial crisis. It's the "shock doctrine" and it's been the IMF's modus operandi for over 20 years. Japan is being stuffed into a fiscal straight-jacket by supporters of the Washington consensus whose goal is to weaken government and accelerate the privatization of public assets and services.

The ratings agencies are being used in the same way as the media; to wage an economic/guerrilla war on Japan and force the administration to rethink their economic policies. (Note: There is no chance that Japan will default on its debt because it pays its debts in its own currency and has large foreign exchange reserves of over $1 trillion) The attacks on Toyota are a way of showing Tokyo what happens to countries that fail to obey Washington's orders.

Here's a clip from the New York Times which sums up the problem in a nutshell:

The government of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has "bolstered spending on social programs aimed at helping households......The powerful lower house of parliament approved a supplementary budget for the fiscal year that ends in March worth ¥7.2 trillion, or $80.3 billion, to help shore up the economy...And next year, government spending will grow further with a record trillion-dollar budget including ambitious welfare outlays. (New York Times)

Western elites will not tolerate economic policies which raise the standard of living for the average working slob. "Social programs" or "welfare outlays" are anathema to their trickle down, Voodoo capitalist orthodoxy. What they want is upward redistribution and class warfare. Regrettably, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has put himself at odds with US powerbrokers and is feeling the full measure of their wrath. His public approval ratings have plummeted to 37 percent and are headed downward still. The message is simple: Cross Washington and you're a goner.

Source article can be found here.

P.S. Somehow I don't think Americans will be leading the way to freedom.

Tea Parties, Alex Jones, FOX News

If I were an Alex Jones fan or a "patriotic" tea partier, I'd be concerned about the synchronicity in FOX's red-scare demonizing of Obama and the Dems and theirs. You have to ask, what is FOX's goal to understand the common goal.


Did you forget how they defended the criminal administration of Bush, no matter how grievous the crimes, no matter how grievous to.... THE CONSTITUTION!!!!

Wake up people!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wanted: Background Sweeper

Due to truth (and other bad ideas) seeping into the background of our broadcasts, we are seeking a Background Sweeper. Desired person should have a general idea of the kind of truth (or bad ideas) that is not appropriate for prime time television.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harvard Fellow Calls for Genocidal Measure to Curb Palestinian Births

A fellow at Harvard University's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Martin Kramer, has called for "the West" to take measures to curb the births of Palestinians, a proposal that appears to meet the international legal definition of a call for genocide.

Kramer, who is also a fellow at the influential Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), made the call early this month in a speech at Israel's Herzliya conference, a video of which is posted on his blog ("Superfluous young men," 7 February 2010).

In the speech Kramer rejected common views that Islamist "radicalization" is caused by US policies such as support for Israel, or propping up despotic dictatorships, and stated that it was inherent in the demography of Muslim societies such as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip. Too many children, he argued, leads to too many "superfluous young men" who then become violent radicals.

Kramer proposed that the number of Palestinian children born in the Gaza Strip should be deliberately curbed, and alleged that this would "happen faster if the West stops providing pro-natal subsidies to Palestinians with refugee status."

Due to the Israeli blockade, the vast majority of Palestinians in Gaza are now dependent on UN food aid. Neither the UN, nor any other agencies, provide Palestinians with specifically "pro-natal subsidies." Kramer appeared to be equating any humanitarian assistance at all with inducement for Palestinians to reproduce.

He added, "Israel's present sanctions on Gaza have a political aim -- undermine the Hamas regime -- but if they also break Gaza's runaway population growth, and there is some evidence that they have, that might begin to crack the culture of martyrdom which demands a constant supply of superfluous young men." This, he claimed, would be treating the issue of Islamic radicalization "at its root."

The 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, created in the wake of the Nazi holocaust, defines genocide to include measures "intended to prevent births within" a specific "national, ethnic, racial or religious group."

The Weatherhead Center at Harvard describes itself as "the largest international research center within Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences." In addition to his positions at Harvard and WINEP, Kramer is "president-designate" of Shalem College in Jerusalem, a far-right Zionist institution that aspires to be the "College of the Jewish People."

Pro-Israel speakers from the United States often participate in the the Herzliya conference, an influential annual gathering of Israel's political and military establishment. This year's conference was also addressed by The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and, in a first for a Palestinian official, by Salam Fayyad, appointed prime minister of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority.

Kramer's call to prevent Palestinian births reflects a long-standing Israeli and Zionist concern about a so-called "demographic threat" to Israel, as Palestinians are on the verge of outnumbering Israeli Jews within Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territories combined.

Such extreme racist views have been aired at the Herzliya conference in the past. In 2003, for example, Dr. Yitzhak Ravid, an Israeli government armaments expert, called on Israel to "implement a stringent policy of family planning in relation to its Muslim population," a reference to the 1.5 million Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Source article can be found here.

P.S. Noteworthy are the stoic responses of Mr. Kramer's fellow Israeli tribe members.

Audio: Debra Medina Agrees 9-11 Truth Movement is Despicable

Well there ya go rightard patriots! Back to Ruse Paul.

We gotta just forget about 9-11 truth (and the war) and just dismantle social programs and privatize America, damnit!!! Don't you realize that's what true patriotism is all about? It's privatizing America!!!! Now, chant with me: We don't need no stinking health insurance!!!

Architects & Engineers 911 Truth Press Conference

AE911Truth Press Conference from MysterE Productions on Vimeo.

The professional organization of architects & engineers who dared to answer the charge of ‘conspiracy theorist’ with the proof of physics and common sense has now reached 1000+ members exposing the official 9/11 story.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iran Reports US Sponsored Jundallah Leader in Custody

The Iranian government is reporting today that Abdulmalek Rigi, the founder and leader of the Jundallah militant group, was turned over to their custody today following his arrest. Rigi was reportedly arrest on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan.

Jundallah is a Baloch separatist group responsible for several major attacks, including the destruction of a Shi’ite mosque in Zahedan during the election campaign last year. US officials have privately confirmed having secretly encouraged and advised Jundallah for years.

But exactly how deep America’s ties to the group were or are is unclear. Rigi’s younger brother, Abdulhamid Rigi, who was captured by Iran last year, claimed that the US provided direct funding to the group after it broke off ties with al-Qaeda in 2003 and that US officials even ordered specific terrorist attacks inside Iran.

Though the group’s attacks have been virtually exclusively against Iran, they are also known to operate inside Pakistan. The Iranian government has also claimed that the US gives the group safe haven in neighboring Afghanistan and even provided Rigi with an Afghan passport.

Jundallah and Iran reportedly held secret talks earlier this month in Dubai, though the talks apparently ended without an agreement and Jundallah issued a statement last week pledging new attacks against the Shi’ite government.

Source article with links can be found here.

Gates: European Aversion to War a Danger to Peace

Speaking today at the National Defense University, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates condemned European nations in general for their refusal to contribute larger portions of their population to NATO.

Gates warned that Europe’s aversion to war was doing serious harm to assorted US military operations with NATO backing, and was therefore “an impediment” to the lasting peace he envisions those wars eventually creating.

Gates’ comments appeared to be directed in part at the Netherlands, who saw its government collapse this weekend after NATO pressure to continue its commitment to the Afghan War led antiwar members of the government to withdraw.

He said that the “demilitarization of Europe” was a long-term, systemic problem for NATO, and that the European members of NATO needed to increase their military spending to NATO mandated levels.

Source article with links can be found here.

P.S. Patience, Mr. Gates. It takes time to dumb down people and mold their minds to respond properly to war jingoing. Americans have you spoiled.

Israeli Oppositon Leader: International Community Must Back Dubai Hit

“Every terrorist must know that no one will support him when a soldier, and it doesn’t matter what soldier, tries to kill him," says opposition leader.

Opposition leader and former Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tzipi Livni on Tuesday called upon the international community to support Israel’s effort to fight terrorism, alluding for the first time to the assassination of Hamas weapons procurement director Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, which foreign sources have attributed to the Mossad.

Speaking at the closing plenary of the Jewish Agency Board of Governor’s meeting at the capital’s Inbal Hotel, Livni said that any comparison between terrorism and those fighting it is immoral. Noting that US forces in Afghanistan accidentally killed 27 civilians on Monday, she said it must be made clear that the world supports armies that are fighting terrorists, and not terrorists who target innocent civilians.

“Every terrorist must know that no one will support him when a soldier, and it doesn’t matter what soldier, tries to kill him, whether it is in the Gaza Strip, Afghanistan or Dubai,” Livni said. “I don’t expect the world to welcome the killing of terrorists, but I do expect the world to not criticize it.”

Livni said she did not know who was responsible for the killing of Mabhouh. She mocked the criticism Israel has taken from the international community for the assassination.

“What was disproportionate this time?” she asked. “Was there a disproportionate use of passports?"

Source article can be found here.

Bedouin Villagers Face Second Wave of Ethnic Cleansing

Monday, February 22, 2010

IDF Teargasses Sunday Mass

Some 100 people gathered at Ush Ghrab in Beit Sahour to pray for peace and protest the planned military presence there. As we were gathering in peaceful contemplation and prayer, Israeli army jeeps quickly rolled in between us and one officer barked orders in Hebrew. We explained to them in Arabic and English that we do not understand Hebrew (later we realized they also knew Arabic and English) but they immediately started throwing concussion grenades and tear gas at the elderly, women, children, the priest doing the prayer, other town people and internationals (Christians and Muslims).

A translator who reviewed our video footage later in the day said that their orders meant we have one minute to disperse! The priest's words, delivered as the army was attacking, was to plead to God to teach us to live in dignity based on morality and speak out for what is right (then we gave the Lord's prayer together). But considering the unusual circumstances, we persisted and succeeded in holding our ground.

One image captured on video that sticks out in my mind is Issa, which is Arabic for Jesus, holding his child in his arms while kicking the teargas canister. His other child had started crying with the noise of a concussion grenade. Mazin Qumsiyeh

Saturday, February 20, 2010

If we can't say it, we can't stop it.

What do Christopher Columbus's crew, the chief fixer of the 1919 World Series, and the principal saboteurs of the 9/11 skeptics movement have in common?

Hmm? Can't get it? OK, how about an easier question.

What do Saul of Tarsus, Sigmund Freud, and Bob Dylan have in common?

Sorry, only two of them were musicians.

How about this one?

What do the 13 principal advisers to King George who counseled him on how to crush the American revolution, as well as the two top contributors to George Washington's Continental Army, and the man who leased the Twin Towers three months before they were turned into a pile of radioactive rubble have in common?

Got a clue?

Sheesh! Let's try one more. What do eleven popes, seven presidents, and the entire current White House staff have in common? What do the president of every TV network, the men who were the secret power behind the thrones of U.S. presidents throughout the 20th century, and the Hollywood movie moguls have in common? What do the Bolsheviks (killers of 66 million Russians), the Jacobins (who got the French to kill their friends by the hundreds of thousands), and the men who pay the media to say Muslims did 9/11 have in common?

If you haven't correctly answered this first question by now, then stop reading, go to the hospital and get your swine flu shot. Don't write home.

If you don't understand what's going on in the world by now - and most people don't because they think the people on TV are objective - then you have no hope of answering the remaining questions on this test. As a result, you will never have any understanding of what's going on in the world without answering this question.

What do literary classics that are changed ever so slightly to alter their meanings, industrial poisons that are turned into medicine endorsed by doctors who are paid to say they are safe, and laws commanding people to pay for money that is already theirs have in common?

What do global warming, NAFTA, and worldwide Judea declaring war on Germany in 1933, then working for eight years to create a conflagration in which 60 million people died all across Europe have in common?

What do AIDS, Ebola, and what the Talmud says about why certain of their devotees should practice medicine have in common?

What do movie reviewers who insist people really want to see slasher horror movies, newscasters who can sincerely say U.S. presidents work hard for peace, and journalists who say the Catholic church is behind all the horror in the world have in common?

What do people who say their dual Israeli citizenship has no effect on their feelings of patriotism about the United States (I'm sure of that!), liberal columnists who manage to swallow the line that the Palestinians are a danger to Talmudic peace of mind, and American parents who bury their children after they were fragged by their friends as part of a twisted American quota system have in common.

What do anyone who dares to defend the twisted tenets of the Talmud, psychotic aphasiacs who believe their G-d encourages them to maim and destroy all those who are not like them and have agreed to lie to everyone, and those have no clue about doing something nice for someone for no particular reason with no ulterior motive other than that's the best way to live have in common?

And lastly, what do those who have already taken all of your money far into the future, those who are about to waste your life on something stupid, and the Homeland Security department, which protects only the financial predator class but not us hoodwinked Holsteins, have in common?

Your apprehension in answering this question loudly and clearly is exactly the mindlock that has the world spiraling toward its doom.

Congratulations to those who passed this first Skylax University Surprise Quickie Quiz. If there never is another one, at least you'll have the pleasure of knowing that at least you knew who it was that finally turned your lights out for good.

Source is John Kaminski's "Trick Questions".

P.S. If we're afraid to say it, we'll never stop them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will Your Neighbor Be Part of an Israeli Hit Squad in Your Neighborhood?

From Gilad Atsmon's "The Long Arm of Israel Better be Amputated": We have learned in the last few days that the Dubai assassins were Mossad agents who stole identities of six UK citizens and faked at least five other European passports. Dubai Police yesterday presented footage of some of the 11 ‘Europeans’ suspected of killing Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

According to the Guardian, “Official sources said UK authorities issued the British passports used by the assassins in Dubai last month.”

At least six of the people whose names appeared on the British passports used by the assassins in Dubai, live in Israel. Naturally they all deny any involvement. It is indeed more than likely that they have nothing to do with the specific crime, however, assuming that they are Jewish immigrants of Israel, to a certain degree, they are complicit in the Zionist crime, a crime that is now regarded by many as a plain crime against humanity.

To some extent, this event is a warning sign for world Jewry: in case you ever consider making Aliya (immigrating to Israel) or joining the Zionist project, just bear in mind that you are at risk of finding your name directly involved in murder. This is only a reasonable conclusion. Considering Israel is committing its crimes in the name of the Jewish people, its accepting supporters should expect to be subject to Mossad’s identity theft.

To date, the Israeli government is yet to comment on allegations of its involvement in Mabhouh's killing in Dubai. However, the allegations are likely to trigger a diplomatic row with Britain, Ireland, Germany and France.

But there is something that the British press has failed to mention for the time being. The Mossad is operating with an intimate proximity to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. The Mossad’s director reports directly to the Prime Minister. In other words, once the allegations are proved to be true, Israeli PM Netanyahu, should join the rapidly emerging list of ‘prisoners of Zions’, those Israeli leaders who cannot leave Israel for legal reasons. Like Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert and Shaul Mofaz, Netanyahu should expect to face an arrest warrant for condoning identity theft and ordering murder once he lands in Europe.

The Mossad presents itself as ‘Israel’s long arm’. As things stand, the longer its arm is, the fewer journeys Israeli leaders can afford to take out of their modern Jewish Ghetto. In practice, Israel’s leaders now have to think carefully before they take the risk and step onto a plane.

P.S. Has your jewish neighbor made Aliya to Israel recently?

What A Wonderful "Post 9-11" World

What a wonderful post 9-11 world! Thank you, Israel/USA.

North Tower: No Pile Driver, Yes Explosions

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Forgot to Ask for Dismantling Jewish Apartheid

Lady, you forgot to ask for the dismantling of jewish apartheid. Or do you still believe zionism can be had nicely?

Israel: Bringing Assassination Teams To A Neighborhood Near You

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Dubai's police chief said Monday an 11-member hit squad carrying European passports and disguised in wigs, fake beards and tennis clothes was behind the mysterious killing of a Hamas commander in his hotel room last month. Authorities also released photos of the 11.

Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim did not directly implicate Israel, as the Islamic militant group has. But the details he released at a news conference in the Gulf emirate are the most comprehensive accusations by Dubai authorities since the body of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was found Jan. 20 in his luxury hotel room near Dubai's international airport.

Tamim said it was possible that "leaders of certain countries gave orders to their intelligence agents to kill" al-Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas' military wing. But he did not name any countries.

Hamas has accused Israel and vowed revenge.

Tamim sketched out a highly organized operation in the hours before the killing, clearly done with advance knowledge of the victim's movements, and said the killers spent less than a day in the country. He said forensic tests indicated al-Mabhouh died of suffocation, but lab analyses were still under way to pinpoint other possible factors in his death.

He showed the news conference airport surveillance video of the alleged assassination team arriving on separate flights to Dubai the day before al-Mabhouh was found dead. The members of the alleged hit-squad checked into separate hotels.

In the surveillance footage, which also included images from the hotel, the one woman among the group of suspects appears to be wearing a wig and at times wears a big hat and sunglasses to blend in as a tourist. Others were also seen on the footage disguised as tourists, wearing tennis clothes and carrying rackets.

Authorities appear to have linked the group through the videos. They are seen entering and exiting the hotel, standing together or in pairs in the hotel lobby and going in and out the elevator on the floor where al-Mabhouh was staying. They appear individually, sometimes in pairs or in groups of three or four.

They paid for all expenses in cash and used different mobile phone cards to avoid traces, Tamim said.

The killing itself took just 10 minutes, he said. Several members of the hit squad followed the Hamas man — even riding with him in the same elevator to determine his room number — and then checked into the room across the hall. Four assassins among the group later entered his room in the Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel while he was out, using an electronic device to open the door. There they waited for him to return.

Source article is here.

P.S. Ya think there might be US teams like this? I wonder if Dick Cheney would know.

US Congressman Calls for Breaking Gaza Blockade

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- U.S. Rep. Brian Baird says the United States should break Israel's blockade of Gaza and deliver badly needed supplies by sea.

The Washington Democrat, who is not running for re-election, told Gaza students Sunday that ships should bring supplies to the beach and deliver them to United Nations agencies.

He also said President Barack Obama's Mideast envoy should visit the Hamas-ruled territory to get a first-hand look at the destruction caused by Israeli's military offensive last year.

The Obama administration shuns Hamas because the Islamic militant group refuses to recognize Israel or renounce violence.

Israel allows humanitarian supplies and food into Gaza, but has kept out cement and other building supplies.

Source article can be found here.

P.S. Notice that he's not running for re-election. Think he'd have a snowball's chance of being re-elected were he running?

Cheney: "I was a big supporter of waterboarding."

So Dick, can I call you Dick? Dick, is being evil and cruel the American way now?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Clinton Presses for Sanctions to Save Iran’s Islamic Republic!

The Obama Administration’s endless quest for additional sanctions against Iran has taken a new and bizarre form today, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually argued that the sanctions were necessary to save the nation’s Islamic Republic system of government from growing military influence.

“We see that the Government in Iran, the Supreme Leader, the President, the parliament is being supplanted and that Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship,” Clinton warned.

She also expressed concern that Iran could become “a far cry from the Islamic Republic that had elections and different points of view.” Perplexingly, the United States has taken an extremely negative view of Iran’s post-revolution form of government from the beginning, and has regularly backed military juntas across the Middle East.

Now, Secretary Clinton seems to see the “crippling sanctions” across the board as a way of saving the Islamic Republic from the Revolutionary Guards. At least that’s the current line as the administration pushes forward with garnering international support for the move.

As if underscoring how readily the administration changes its line to fit the situation, Clinton’s comments came just a day after National Security Adviser James Jones advocated new sanctions on Fox News with the argument that the sanctions could undermine the Islamic Republic enough that the Green Revolution opposition might take over in a regime change.

Source article was found here.

P.S. Geeze Hillary, what is it? Is it so the Islamic Republic will collapse or is it to save the Islamic Republic? Are you sure it's not part of the Clean Break strategy for securing the realm for Israel? C'mon, Hillary. You wouldn't fib the American people, would you?

Israel and U.S. Launch Global Push for New Iran Sanctions

Israel is joining the diplomatic action as the world approaches decision time in the face of Iran's nuclear threat - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen is arriving in Tel Aviv for a series of discussions focused on Iran, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heading for talks in Russia for meetings with top Russian officials.
Israel and the United States will hold strategic talks on the issue next week, the first such talks since Netanyahu took office.
A senior Israeli official said Saturday that the U.S., France, Britain and Germany have been updating Israel continuously on developments at the UN and in major world capitals on drafting new measures against the Islamic Republic.
"As far as we know, efforts are being made to reach a decision on sanctions, and to have them approved in the Security Council by mid- to late March," the official said, adding, "The sanctions are expected to focus on the Revolutionary Guards and bodies linked to the nuclear program, and less on the Iranian population."
Tel Aviv and Washington have held several high-level consultations on Iran in recent weeks. Last month U.S. National Security Adviser James Jones visited Tel Aviv for talks with Israeli colleagues, and two weeks ago Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta paid a secret visit to the country. The U.S. officials briefed their counterparts on sanctions the Obama administration intends to levy against Iran, but reportedly asked them to keep a low media profile and to "act responsibly."
Today Mullen will meet his Israeli equivalent, Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, with whom he reportedly enjoys a close working relationship. Mullen and Ashkenazi met several weeks ago at a NATO summit in Brussels and on several other occasions over the past year, and speak regularly by phone.
Mullen will meet with Deputy Chief of Staff Benny Gantz tomorrow, as well as Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin and Amir Eshel, head of the army's Planning and Policy Directorate. Mullen will also meet with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak for talks on Iran and on maintaining Israel's "qualitative edge" over other regional military forces. Mullen is arriving in Tel Aviv from Egypt and will be continuing to Jordan.
Parallel to discussions with the Netanyahu administration, the U.S. is also ramping up pressure on Israel's Arab neighbors over Iran as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits Saudi Arabia and the Qatar this week.
As Clinton departed for a three-day trip to the Gulf, U.S. officials hinted Saturday that one way Saudi Arabia could help diplomatically would be to offer China guarantees it would meet Chinese oil requirements, a step that might ease Beijing's reluctance to impose further sanctions on Iran.
China, which wields a veto on the Security Council, has lucrative commercial relationships with Iran and has worked to dilute previous sanctions resolutions.
"We believe that all countries have a part to play in helping to sharpen the question for Iran," U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman told reporters as Clinton began her trip, saying Saudi Arabia and China have recently increased their diplomatic and commercial contacts. "We would expect them (the Saudis) to use these visits, to use their relationships, in ways that can help increase the pressure that Iran would feel," he added.
Clinton's spokesman Philip Crowley said the chief US diplomat will also discuss Iran with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. "We obviously need to have Turkey's support as we move forward and contemplate particular actions on the pressure track," Crowley said.
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is due to visit Iran next week to push for a diplomatic solution to the stand-off over Iran's refusal to curb its uranium enrichment program.
Turkey, the only NATO member that neighbors Iran, insists the row should be resolved through dialogue, arguing that economic sanctions or military action against Iran would have a damaging impact on the whole region.
Israel, meanwhile, is focusing on Russia in its efforts for new sanctions on Tehran, a high-ranking Israeli official said, and Netanyahu's upcoming trip to Moscow will be heavily dedicated to the issue. Netanyahu will meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tomorrow and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin the following day.
Russia is believed to support sanctions targeting governmental bodies directly involved in Iran's nuclear program, but not those aimed at striking the country's economy as a whole. "If Russia agrees to sanctions, China will find itself alone and may be forced to line up with the Western powers," the Israeli official said. "That's why persuading the Russian leadership is so important."
Netanyahu is expected to try to convince Russian leaders to implement "crippling sanctions" against Tehran, and to receive assurances that the Kremlin is committed to freeze its supply of advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran.
A high-level U.S. delegation will visit Tel Aviv next week for strategic talks on Iran and a number of other issues. In contrast to the original plans, talks will not be held between Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but will instead be held at the deputy-minister level.
The Israeli negotiators will be headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon of Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party. The U.S. team will be led by Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, and include presidential advisers Dennis Ross and Daniel Shapiro and other National Security Council, Defense Department and CIA officials.

Source article was found here.

In the meantime, the US card has already folded as US Congress Approved Iran Sanctions Bill.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Video: Paul Craig Roberts, Is US a Police State?

Why only assassinate American citizens abroad? What will it take to start having them assassinated right here in the good old USA? Just a few assassinations abroad to set the tone? Damn it Paul! Don't call it murder! We're fighting a war on terror! We'll only kill the bad guys!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Revolution Has Just Begun

From the viewpoint of the Muslim world, the success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran re-invested hope to hundreds of millions. For decades, the West preached to the Muslim world that the dream of a society built upon Islamic values was an ancient legend committed to books of history – and even then, with Euro-centric eyes! There was no point resisting the gushing waves of Western modernity, modelled on self-interest and individualism. It was a fait accompli.

Drowning in helplessness and embroiled in a variety of guilt complexes, the success of the Islamic Revolution destroyed settled feelings of inferiority that had taken root in the Muslim world. The refusal of the nascent Islamic Republic to acquiesce to the diktats of the imperial superpower, despite being forcefully dragged into an eight-year long war and extensive sanctions, provided ample proof to the rest of the world that it was possible for a nation to pursue an independent political will. There was indeed a Third Way.

The rise of resistance movements across the Middle East in recent times should be viewed as part of the legacy of the Islamic Revolution and the sentiments that is has given rise to within the wider Muslim consciousness. Whilst Israeli occupation, unbridled aggression and popular discontent are the primary raison d’ĂȘtre for the emergence of resistance movements, the overwhelming power of an Islamic discourse in mobilising the masses is a direct consequence of the achievements of the Iranian Revolution. Imam Khomeini re-invested hope and self-confidence in the Ummah, and advised Muslim nations to be masters of their own destiny by drawing from the rich wellspring of their own faith.

With the success of the Islamic Revolution, concepts and ideals that the West had once enjoyed complete monopoly over – and indeed claimed ownership of – were vibrantly re-affirmed through an entirely different consciousness. Notions like ‘freedom is freedom if and only if deemed so by the West’ were tossed to the side, and expectedly drew the ire of Western elites. The Islamic Republic of Iran, we were then told, suppressed the rights of women, yet females make up 65% of university students today. In Iran under the Shah – the quisling of the enlightened West – female literacy stood at a shocking 17 percent; contrast that figure with the present 77 percent.

Islamic reactionaries who, according to the verities of mainstream media, stood against modernity and technological advancement have today produced state-of-the-art medical facilities, and even a home-grown nuclear energy program, amongst numerous other scientific achievements. Far from being a ‘pariah’ state, the Islamic Republic of Iran has built strong ties with nations from all over the globe, and enjoys a distinguished position within the Non-Aligned Movement. It is only in the bubbling imaginations of Washington and Co. that Iran is an ‘outsider’ in the world arena. Such cheap, cynical propaganda to demonise the Islamic Republic, although in seemingly endless supply, are increasingly having little effect; hence the adoption of even more bullish tones.

As with all nations, there are several challenges that confront the Islamic Republic; from issues of employment and social mobility to the size and scope of the public space. Nevertheless, during a span of little over three decades the Islamic Revolution has managed to accomplish much in spite of extremely harsh conditions that have been forced upon it. Western obduracy and growing talk of military strikes against Iran today, provide testimony to the achievements of the Islamic Revolution; a revolution that has remained true to its cause, and pursued an independent course by upholding values and aspirations dear to the heart of its peoples.

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P.S. I know, I know, Ruse Paul's bureaucratic, Republican 'revolution' is just beginning too.

'Green' Jobs Go To China Too

American stimulus funds may well boost employment, but where?

The political tsunami in Massachusetts has concentrated the Democratic mind on the economy and employment. President Obama had thought he could turn his attention to health care while banking on the trinity of finance, retail, and housing for jobs and revenue. Massachusetts was proof that the old recipe is bankrupt.

Obama's State of the Union proposals to ease some of the anxieties of retirement, education, and child care will help at the margins, but they skirt the job question. And although his deficit reduction measures will do nothing to address long-term red ink, they will surely reduce employment in the short run.

Where are the jobs?

Democrats initially defended their poor jobs record with the refrain that employment is a lagging indicator. As unemployment continued to rise, they promised "green" jobs, which have the political benefit of marrying the desires of the working class with those of environmentally sensitive professionals.

Green jobs are surely needed. But green Democrats simply echo the Atari Democrats of the 1980s, who concluded that traditional manufacturing was disposable and high technology was the wave of the future. During this era, the young Barack Obama attempted - and failed - to find jobs for displaced steelworkers in Chicago.

China's approach

As it turned out, high-tech industries prospered or faltered on a nation's trade and industrial policy, just as autos and steel did. And the United States came up short in the new as well as the old industries. By 2004, China was exporting more information and communications technology than this country.

Whether a company was state-owned or private, domestic or foreign, the Chinese government offered a wide variety of financial incentives, subsidies, low-interest loans, manipulated currency - as well as its fabled low wages - to get results. China put green jobs in the same incubator, contrasting sharply with the American approach.

The U.S. government has invested millions in photovoltaics research, yet the country accounted for only 5.6 percent of global production in 2008, down from 30 percent in 1999. Despite the government's investment, the only leading American company in the field does its manufacturing abroad.

Chinese production in the sector during the same period grew from 1 percent to 32 percent of the global total. China has built the world's largest solar-panel manufacturing industry, requiring at least 80 percent of the equipment to be made in China.

East wind

The Chinese government also rigged the bids for large contracts to supply wind turbines by creating technical requirements that disqualified multinational companies. By contrast, when American stimulus funds subsidized a joint U.S.-China wind-power farm in West Texas, it turned out that Texas stood to get 30 permanent jobs to China's 3,000. After Sen. Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) protested, the Chinese agreed to build a wind-turbine factory in Texas.

That story had a happy ending, but Washington's default position was to award the contract without thinking about American jobs. This explains why the country's wind-power capacity increased in 2009, but its wind-power equipment manufacturing fell.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government offers huge subsidies to encourage green-technology manufacturers in the United States to move their production to China. And when manufacturing leaves, research and development operations follow. That's how China attracted battery and fuel-cell research formerly conducted in America.

For too long, outsourcing has been accepted policy in the United States. The government has sent a message that it does not care if jobs are created here or abroad.

The Obama administration needs to do more than simply throw money at research or offer tax credits. If it wants green jobs not simply to please environmentalists, but to provide work for Americans, it will have to make aid contingent upon domestic job creation. This means altering decades-old policies built on free trade, financial deregulation, and tax cuts.

Source article was found here.

P.S. Reminds me of one 'our' production meetings [in the USA] discussing a new technology that would eliminate the need for some of the non-union Mexican labor [in Mexico] that just recently replaced American union workers in 'our' company. Many in the meeting were hopeful that jobs would be returning to 'our' company.

But no! That new technology would be employed in Mexico, eliminating Mexican laborers. No jobs would be returning to 'our' company. 'Our' company would be increasing its profit margin even more than it did with the recent restructuring to replace American union workers with non-union Mexican workers in Mexico.

At the end of the meeting, I felt like asking the manager when he referred to 'our,' 'us' and 'we,' just how many of 'us' in the meeting were included in that second person terminology.

I was soon to find out that 'I' wasn't included in that second person terminology as my position was eliminated soon after that meeting in the second restructuring of this typical 'American' company that both offshores its manual, blue-collar labor abroad and employs green-card Indians for its white-collar labor at home.

This 'American' company is making lots of money but not many Americans are making money working for it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

China's Wage Rates for U.S. Workers

The U.S. economy cannot correct itself; much more than “encouragement” is needed. Workers demand intervention. The highly-touted 5.7 per cent growth in fourth quarter U.S. GDP was revealed as a fraud by Wall Street, which saw stock prices fall that day. Instead of expanding, and hiring, companies were only re-stocking empty inventories, causing a temporary surge in spending. Don’t forget that this 5.7 percent “surge” was accompanied by the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Why does Obama refuse to intervene? Why will he not create a real stimulus plan, i.e., a big, federally-run jobs program? There are two answers. First, Obama has promised the rich investors who fund America’s debt that they are the priority. These investors demand that America’s debt be managed — by trimming the budget. Instead of cutting back on war spending or bank bailouts, or taxing the rich and corporations, Obama is freezing social spending, while refusing to spend money to create jobs.

The second reason that Obama will not create millions of new, living-wage jobs is more ominous. To the President, low wages do not present a problem, but an opportunity. Although low wages destroy domestic demand for consumer goods, they create the potential for a new kind of demand internationally.

Since corporations can no longer sell their products to American workers, they are trying to switch gears, and sell more of their products abroad. This is the grand solution that Obama speaks of whenever he talks about “increasing exports,” which he mentions often now.

Exports can only be increased if U.S. workers make even lower wages, since U.S. products must compete on the world market with the slave wages of China and India. Implied in this plan is a major restructuring of the American working class. Living standards must drop further and faster.

This plan is unknown to most Americans, but it’s already begun.

Unemployment caused by the recession is being used as a blunt object to pressure workers to accept lower wages. Workers everywhere are not complaining about these conditions since they fear being fired, knowing that a thousand unemployed workers would do the job for half the wage (thus the importance of unions). Public workers are being fired or having their wages slashed due to the state budget crises.

The Democrats are watching this dynamic take place and doing nothing about it. They are merely overseeing phase one of Obama’s plan to increase corporate exports. They strain to make sad faces when talking about joblessness, but shrug their shoulders and blame the federal deficit


P.S. Rightards, here's the truth: this has been going on for a whole generation. I know. Ever since I entered the work force, yearly, wages and benefits have been declining, and work has been off shored.

Of course, you young rightards that happen to have jobs and are just entering the work force wouldn't know this... and you don't look at what's happening to your neighbors, nor do you care... right?

Here's Your Death Panel, Rightards!

We can spend an infinite amount of money in tax money killing people but we can spend tax money for health insurance. You rightards have a sick sense of right.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Are Failing Your Exams!

Did You Know About Hebron?

Three Palestinians walk down mainstreet for the first time in six years here.

Gaza's Water Supply Near Collapse

I'm sure the magnanimous jews of Israel have a rescue plan in the works. I'm reading now all about the hundreds of jewish human shields that were stepping in front of tanks during Operation Cast Lead in efforts to save their Palestinian cousins from that genocidal blitzkrieg.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army?

Conclusion: But can a handgun defeat an army? Yes. It remains to be seen whether the struggle of our generation against the tyrants of our day in the first decade of the 21st Century will bring a restoration of liberty and the rule of law or a dark and bloody descent into chaos and slavery. If it is to be the former, I will meet you at the new Yorktown. If it is to be the latter, I will meet you at Masada. But I will not be a slave. And I know that whether we succeed or fail, if we should fall along the way, our graves will one day be visited by other free Americans, thanking us that we did not forget that, with help of Almighty God, in the hands of a free man a handgun CAN defeat a tyrant's army.

Read the argument leading to this conclusion here.

Gaza in Plain Language

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Liberty Hour Program Cancelled Yet Again!

After barely 2 months on the air, The Liberty Hour Program heard at has been cancelled yet again for “reasons unknown”. The program, despite being on the air only a short period of time, had accumulated over 1,000 subscribers and as many as 10,000 downloads of the various programs done. Several phone calls and emails to the hosting site have not been returned.

Readers of this website and listeners of the program will recall that back in late September 2009, John Stadtmiller, director of the Republic Broadcasting Network which hosted the Liberty Hour radio program for 18 months cancelled the program without warning, justifying his decision by saying the attack on the Liberty was “ancient history” and that enough had been said about the topic on his radio network.

Coincidentally (or not) barely a month prior to the cancellation of The Liberty Hour radio program at RBN, I was personally fired from the newspaper for which I had been a writer for over 2 years, American Free Press, by chief editor James P. Tucker who later gloated in the office in front of AFP employees that he knew he had done “the right thing” in “getting rid” of me and who also referred disparagingly to USS liberty survivor and co-host of the Liberty Hour radio program Phil Tourney as “that asshole”.

Now, barring some forthcoming reasonable explanation from, it would appear that certain persons and interests uncomfortable with discussion of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty have put pressure on the site hosting the program as evidenced by the notification that the program has been cancelled, even though all the costs associated with it have been paid up front and in full. The fact that this decision on the part of the hosting site comes immediately on the heels of the release of Phil Tourney’s long awaited book “What I Saw That Day…Israel’s 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen on the High Seas And Its Aftermath” cannot result in anything but a heavily-pregnant-with-implications “hmmmmmmmmm….” from the better informed when it comes to Israel’s murderous attack on the USS Liberty 42 years ago.

Rest assured that Phil and I will not allow the enemies of America and of free speech to have the last laugh. We will, as in the case of our program being cancelled from RBN, simply find another venue in getting the truth out concerning what took lace June 8, 1967 when the state of Israel deliberately attacked a United States ship, the USS liberty, resulting in the deaths of 34 American sailors in the attempt to sink the ship and blame it on Israel’s Arab enemies, namely Egypt.

Mark Glenn/Phil Tourney

Hosts, The Liberty Hour Program

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Friday, February 5, 2010

US Renditioned Torture Victim's Family Appeals to Taliban for Justice

PESHAWAR: The Afghan Taliban on Thursday demanded the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist who has been convicted by the US court on charges of her alleged attempt to murder US soldiers in Afghanistan, and threatened to execute an American soldier they were holding currently. They claimed Aafia Siddiqui’s family had approached the Taliban network through a Jirga of notables, seeking their assistance to put pressure on the US to provide her justice.

“Being Muslims, it becomes our religious and moral obligation to help the distressed Pakistani woman convicted by the US court on false charges,” said a senior Afghan Taliban commander. The commander, whose militant network is holding the US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, called The News from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan and threatened to execute the American trooper if their demand was not met.


According to a report from WSWS:

Dr. Siddiqui is a Pakistani national who was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brandeis University. In July of 2001, she and her husband at the time were scrutinized by the FBI for their alleged association with Islamic charities. Following the events of September 11, 2001 the couple returned to Pakistan at a time when hundreds of Pakistanis and other Muslims were rounded up for questioning across the US. The family resided in Karachi where Aafia Siddiqui was employed at Aga Khan University.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Aafia Siddiqui and her children were kidnapped by Pakistani intelligence agents on their way to the airport in Karachi. Their whereabouts remained unknown until Aafia Siddiqui and her eldest son, Ahmed, were reported detained in Afghanistan in July of 2008, several years after their disappearance. While the Pakistani Interior Ministry had initially confirmed that the abduction had taken place, it later claimed to have been mistaken and stated that Siddiqui was not in Pakistani custody. This about-face was an attempt to conceal the complicity of Pakistani intelligence services in the US government’s rendition of Siddiqui to Afghanistan and her subsequent ordeal.

Aafia Siddiqui’s sister, Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui, had informed the press that she and her mother had journeyed to the US in 2003 to meet with FBI officials, who had claimed that Aafia Siddiqui would soon be released. In Pakistan, Siddiqui’s family was repeatedly harassed and received numerous death threats from sinister forces within the Pakistani ruling elite. The family was ordered not to make any public appeals in support of Aafia and her three children.

Between 2003 and 2008, when Siddiqui’s whereabouts were still unknown, the US claimed she was working on behalf of Al Qaeda. In May of 2004, she was listed by US officials as one of the seven “most wanted” Al Qaeda fugitives. The US has also spuriously claimed that she is married to Ammar al-Baluchi, who is reported to be the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the so-called “mastermind” behind the 9/11 attacks. The claim that Siddiqui was married to al-Baluchi was based solely on coerced statements made by Mohammed, who has been repeatedly tortured.

The US military and the FBI have consistently denied that Siddiqui had been in US custody prior to her arrest in 2008. In reality, Aafia Siddiqui spent the years between 2003 and 2008 at the detention facility at Bagram air base, where many referred to her as the “Grey Lady of Bagram.”

Around the same time as her staged arrest, the British journalist, Yvonne Ridley, had been bringing attention to an unknown female detainee in Bagram prison who was known as Prisoner No. 650. In his book, “Enemy Combatant,” Moazzam Begg recalled hearing the woman’s piercing screams as she was being tortured while he was imprisoned in the same facility. According to Ridley, in 2005 male prisoners at the facility were so disturbed by her screams and sobs that they staged a hunger strike that lasted for six days.

When she was arrested in 2008, her then 11 year-old son Ahmed, a US citizen, was by her side. The traumatized boy has since been repatriated to Pakistan, where he is now living with his aunt, Dr. Fawzia Siddiqui. According to his aunt, Pakistani authorities have forbidden Ahmed from speaking to the news media.

Siddiqui’s appearance has changed markedly since 2002, according to her lawyers. She has suffered a broken nose, is deathly pale, and extremely frail, weighing about 100 pounds. When she arrived in the US, she was suffering from acute trauma, according to her lawyers who were outraged that she did not immediately receive the urgent medical attention. Siddiqui had been suffering from agonizing pain from the wounds she had sustained in Afghanistan and was slumped over in her wheelchair when she arrived in court in August of 2008.

Her trial was delayed as her lawyers argued that she was mentally unfit to participate in her own defense. However, prosecutors eventually found mental health experts to allege that she was faking her condition to escape punishment. Judge Richard Berman ruled that she was mentally fit for trial.

The paucity of media attention given to the trial is noteworthy, particularly given that Siddiqui was listed as a top Al Qaeda suspect. The tabloid press in New York City, where the proceedings have received limited attention, press has taken her guilt for granted, cynically dubbing her “Lady Al Qaeda.” The trial is being closely watched in Pakistan, where Siddiqui’s ordeal has outraged many and has sparked protests around the country.

From its beginning, the trial has been marked by questionable irregularities, and the judge has gone out of his way to accommodate the prosecutors. Not a single Pakistani journalist was granted press credentials for the opening statements last Tuesday. Defense attorneys protested the robust security measures put in place during the trial, which obviously reinforces the notion that Siddiqui poses a security threat to the US.

In a clear violation of her rights, Judge Berman has repeatedly thrown Siddiqui out of the courtroom for what he called her “outbursts”. The “outbursts,” were Siddiqui’s anguished claims of innocence and protests that she was tortured.

Siddiqui also told the jury that her children were constantly on her mind and that she was disoriented at the time of her arrest in 2008.

The fate of Aafia’s Siddiqui’s other two children, Mariam and Suleman, remains unknown. Siddiqui recounts that, while she was held in solitary confinement for five years, she was endlessly forced to listen to recordings of her screaming, terrified children. Her baby, Suleman, she said, was taken away from her immediately, never to be seen again. She said her daughter Mariam was occasionally shown to her, but only as an obscure figure behind a sheet of opaque glass.

P.S. Where is the evil empire? It'll be its morally depraved and unbearable acts that'll bring it down.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is Your Jewish Friend a Lubavicher?

Is the Chabad Lubavich organization evolved from Free Masonry? Listen here for a lively discussion. Apparently jews, people from the hyper-indoctrinated cryptic jewish culture, are more reliable than common goyim for certain things, in these times. If you want to join up, go here.

US World Wide Assassination Program Includes Targetting Americans

In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee today, National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair told representatives that American citizens can be assassinated by the US government when they are oveseas.

Blair said the comments were intended to “reassure” Americans that there was a “set of defined policy and legal procedures” in place and that such assassinations are always carried out by the book.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R – MI) inquired about the procedures involved, asking what the legal framework was under which Americans could be killed by the intelligence community.

Blair insisted that under no circumstances would Americans be assassinated overseas for criticizing the government, adding “we don’t target people for free speech.” Rather they are subject to assassination when the government decides they are a threat and when they “get specific permission.” Exactly who was giving that permission was unclear.

The question has been increasingly important as the Obama Administration attempts to help the Yemeni government assassinate Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born cleric who is not accused of any crimes by the US government. The administration maintains that secret evidence exists linking Awlaki to terrorism.

There seems to be a chilling lack of oversight in the procedure behind these killings, however, Blair’s assurances against politically motivated assassinations aside. The US has killed Americans in overseas attacks before, but only as “collateral damage.” It has never admitted to explicitly assassinating an American citizen before, though it seems that the policy is in place and such killings are only a matter of time.


P.S. As an American citizen, I feel safe all over.

Another False Flag Terror Attack Is In The Works

WASHINGTON -- Al Qaeda can be expected to attempt an attack on the United States in the next three to six months, senior U.S. intelligence officials told Congress Tuesday.

The terrorist organization is deploying operatives to the United States to carry out new attacks from inside the country, including "clean" recruits with a negligible trail of terrorist contacts, CIA Director Leon Panetta said. Al Qaeda is also inspiring homegrown extremists to trigger violence on their own, Panetta added.

The annual assessment of the nation's terror threats provided no startling new terror trends, but amplified growing concerns since the Christmas Day airline attack in Detroit that militants are growing harder to detect and moving more quickly in their plots.

"The biggest threat is not so much that we face an attack like 9/11. It is that Al Qaeda is adapting its methods in ways that oftentimes make it difficult to detect," Panetta told the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Al Qaeda is increasingly relying on new recruits with minimal training and simple devices to carry out attacks, the CIA chief said as part of the annual assessment of national threats provided to Congress by the top five U.S. intelligence officials.

Panetta also warned of the danger of extremists acting alone: "It's the lone-wolf strategy that I think we have to pay attention to as the main threat to this country," he said.

The hearing comes just over a month since a failed attempt to bring down an airliner in Detroit by a Nigerian suspect. And the assessment follows only a few months since U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hassan is accused of single-handedly attacking his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13.

Director of National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair described Hassan as homegrown extremist. He also said that Al Qaeda can be expected to continue and try to attack the United States until Osama bin Laden and his No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, are dead.

The U.S. still does not know the intended targets of suspected terrorist Najibullah Zazi, who was arrested in September and charged with plotting to attack New York City with homemade bombs, Blair said.

Blair warned as well of a growing cyber threat, saying computer-related attacks have become dynamic and malicious.

Obama has promised to make cyber security a priority in his administration, but the president's new budget asks for a decrease in funds for the Homeland Security Department's cybersecurity division.

The government's first quadrennial homeland security review states high consequence and large-scale cyberattacks could massively disable or hurt international financial, commercial and physical infrastructure.

The report, obtained by The Associated Press, said these types of cyberattacks could cripple the movement of people and goods around the world and bring vital social and economic programs to a halt.


P.S. Did you say terrorist attack? We've got plenty of terrorist attacks. Just say when. Terrorist attack!!%??? Oh no!!! Lock us down! Shut down the Internet! Just don't mess with our Super Bowl.

Give Me More Police State Baby

Give me more police state baby. Gotta have more police state. Ooh those boys that keep order are so cool, the way they use their billy clubs, the way they intimidate. Give me more baby. Gotta have more police state. You know you like it. You know you need it. You're gonna have it anyway.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alex Jones Crashes Austin Pro Gun Rally, Then Lies About It On His Show

From Grim Reaper at Wake Up From Your Slumber: Fat Alex never ceases to call his detractors 'co-intel pro,' rather than explain his obfuscation of the zionists' front and center role in 9/11, agents of rothschild, synagogue of satan; a tactic often used by the pervasive jewish presence in the so-called troof movement, whenever someone emphasizes terrorist-israel; as if they all attended the same zionist/terrorist debriefing.

P.S. The reason it's "as if they all attended the same zionist/terrorist debriefing" is because they're mostly jewish (and 99.99% of jews are zionists, even when they don't admit to it) and stupid gentile jewish sycophants that need to be Kosher approved. The camps aren't designed for these fools, unless they have special camps for just idiots.

The 9/11 truth movement suffers from the same malady of the anti-war movement (and the Democratic Party for that matter), i.e., it is coopted by jews and gentile jewish sycophants. Therefore it is defanged of having any real impact as the real cause of things is taken off the table and swept under the rug. You just can't bring attention to that gigantic elephant in the room -- jewish interests and control!!!

P.P.S. Listen to a very lively discussion of this incident here. Note how Alex's fans discuss what they see with their lying eyes about Alex but refuse to believe them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Israel Carves Out Symbol of Jewish Apartheid in Gaza

Sometime between 3-10 January 2009, Israeli army vehicles carved a Star of David measuring 60 meters into the soil of the southern Gaza Strip, according to a UN report released over the summer.

A publication issued by the UN Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT), published by the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), includes an apparent satellite image of the symbol.

According to the UN report, “not only do the ground signatures include tank tracks across cultivated fields and paved roads, but also a Star of David measuring 60m in diameter carved into the soil likely by IDF vehicles. It is important to note that this pattern was created during the first week of the IDF ground incursion into Gaza, sometime between 3-10 January 2009.”

Source article was found here.

P.S. This blogger recommends that naive gentiles learn what is happening to the Palestinians, and then talk to any jew about it. Most probably, they'll discover that when it comes to carving out the jewish apartheid state of Israel, an overwhelming majority of jews, virtually all of them, from "non-zionist" zionists to rabid zionists, have no sense of justice when it comes to their precious jewish apartheid. Thus new "anti-Semites" will be created, i.e., people that know the ugly truth about jews.

When talking to jews, be forewarned with a word of advice from one "recovering" jew (paraphrasing): When attempting to reason with a jew, be aware that you're likely trying to reason with someone that's insane.

The Coward Did Have a Dog in the Fight

A History Lesson Missing In American Schools

Shalom and Stuff