Friday, July 30, 2021

Actor John Voight Tells Tucker Carlson About The First Time He Heard God

Joyless "atheists," I'll take Voight's joy over your lack of joy every day of the week.

Excellent Tucker Carlson Show 7/29/2021

I agree with JD Vance that our deep state politicians are joyless cat ladies that hate regular people. Same goes for the joyless cat ladies in the media.

All Star Roundtable On The Latest Unmentionable Lie

An excellent, all-star roundtable discussion of the latest lie the unmentionables are foisting on humankind can be found here. I agree with Monika that the joyless unmentionables can't love nor trust, which makes us human and them not, and is very much why they hate us.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ridin' With Biden

Dementia Joe sure is a fun guy. For more funny pics of the funny guy, go here.


Friday, July 23, 2021

Takeover of the Nation Snatchers

Dumbest quote ever, from a "Judeo-Christian": I'm hardwired to support Israel.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Corona Virus Pandemic Is Fake, The Genocidal Injection Program Is Not

Everybody's in on it. 

For a more detailed discussion, and everything you need to know about the genocidal injection program and Anthony Fauci's role in the program go here.

And of course, who are the brains behind the COVID shots? Listen here.

For the record, Fauci lies to Congress twice.

Are the lil guy's days as the pandemic star coming to an end? Geeze, I sure hope so. Doncha ya love to see such chutzpa on display?

Saturday, July 17, 2021

It's Time To Shoot Back!

It’s quiz time. Provide the correct answer and you get to keep yourself alive. The wrong answer will be the last mistake you will ever make. Ready?

What is the proper response when it becomes obvious that someone is trying to kill you? Obviously, it is to kill them first. The first alternative is to escape, but escaping does not eliminate the threat. Unless it is clearly a one time event — such as an encounter with a bear or shark — at best escaping can only postpone the problem. If the threat might be repetitive or continuing, there is no sensible alternative to eliminating the problem permanently.

With these phony inoculations, your government is trying to kill you — no ifs, ands or buts. It is becoming crystal clear as millions die from government mandated jabs following the phony election that everybody’s lives are in jeopardy.

It’s time to shoot back. When the contact tracers or the vaccine vampires come to your door, shoot them. Shoot to kill, because that’s what they are doing with their poison filled needles. It is the only answer we have left.

P.S. I agree wholeheartedly with John Kaminski with his latest piece that the proper door sign to greet the contact tracer/vax team is: 


Read the rest of Kaminski's compelling, timely article here.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Tucker Carlson Wishes MSNBC Happy 25th Birthday

Thank you Tucker for doing this for me. What a group of stars, in their own minds, their prime time hosts. Love each and every one of them. Damn, love all of them even their weekend hosts. 

Love Ari Melber, the clever jewish lawyer who shares his anti-white hate with black rap artists whose egos he inflates to no end. They're geniuses doncha ya know. The white culture doesn't produce such brilliance. I keep getting Ari's name confused with the Indian guy, Ali Velshi, the guy that came to our television screens from Canada, the guy who loves educating us dumb Americans and loves telling us how we should be thinking on things. It's all Kosher approved of course (and he checks that it is) or he wouldn't be there. Thanks, Ali, I never invited ya to my country but I love ya. Absolutely love ya. Sure Canada doesn't want ya back? I'm only joking. I know, I know, I should be more grateful. I'm very lucky, I know.

And everyone's gotta love the newest star, the racist lady, Joy Reid. Brilliant! But I keep thinking the anti-white hate she deals out should be dedicated to an African-American channel, not a mainstream channel for mixed audiences. I could say something about each and every MSNBC host. Gotta love them all. What a special group. Dopes one and all even their brilliant ones... even their biggest star, because she's smart and mostly because she's jewish, Rachel Maddow! 

MSNBC: jews jingoing blacks to hate white people and both of them, jews and jingoed blacks, dealing anti-white hatred.

P.S. Oh, and gay reporters who hate straight America. The gays are the white portion of the MSNBC mix.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Hey whitey! Ya think it can't happen here?

It happened in the Soviet Union. It's happening in South Africa. It can happen here. Read about it here.

Wake up, whitey. It is happening here. That Capital protest was a psy-op to set you up for it. Can't you see that?

Dopey Biden is a laugh. But the agenda he's serving isn't. And your executioner, Merrick Garlan is no laughing matter. His hate for you is visceral.

Wake up whitey. You're being served up right now.

Saturday, July 3, 2021