Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Atzmon on Chomsky

Atzmon on Chomsky: “As you may know Chomsky is totally discredited.”

“The success of the Zionist agenda so far has a lot to do with the fact that they operate within tolerant discourses and people like yourself and Chomsky would go out of your way to defend them with foggy ideology. Unfortunately, this ideology doesn’t hold water anymore. As you may know Chomsky is totally discredited. His lame argument against Walt and Mearsheimer, which is similar to yours, puts a big question mark over his entire life time project. This may be a shame but the good news is that the resentment towards Zionism, Israel and relentless Jewish lobbying is becoming a mass phenomenon.”

“I have a lot of respect for what Chomsky did along the years. However, as American activist Jeff Blankfort pointed out recently, Chomsky has been dismissing the power of the pro-Israel lobby. He opposed the BDS movement and made some efforts to “dissuade people from using the term ‘apartheid’ to describe Israel's control over Palestinian society”. Chomsky also opposes the Palestinian right of return and a one-state solution. Chomsky is in fact a liberal Zionist as well as a kibbutz enthusiast. This is enough to explain why his voice has been pushed to the margin within the Palestinian solidarity discourse.”

P.S. Apparently by what Atzmon says, I'm not the only one losing patience [actually I'm fed up] dialoging with zionists and zionist apologists. I offer no apologies to anyone complaining that my calling out zionists and zionist apologists is whining... or "anti-Semitic." The above comments are from Gilad's blog here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Palestinians versus The Sampson Option

In his article Alan Hart concludes that after the inevitable failure of the two-state solution there is “only two possible end-game scenarios”.

– Zionist-awakening scenario: “In one Israeli Jews come to their senses and accept that their best and actually only hope for a future with security and peace is the One State solution – a single, democratic state in which all of its citizens, Jews and Arabs, would have equal civil and political rights.”

– Armageddon scenario: “In the other foreseeable end-game scenario….. The anti-Israel outrage of citizens of all faiths and none around the world would be such that the governments of the major powers, including the one in Washington D.C., would be obliged to punish the Zionist state with boycott, sanctions and divestment” In which case the zionists threaten the world to take it down with them if they go down.In other words Mr. Hart is telling us that the Palestinians and the world have no option but to gently and tactfully deal with zionists, otherwise any pressure on “israel” even through boycott and sanctions will cause the world demise. Therefore, in his opinion, all what the Palestinians and the world can do is to “un-brainwash” the zionists, to keep trying to “educate” them and work at healing their psychologically messed-up minds, their collective “insanity” or else… it’s Armageddon!!

This is clear cut blackmail to the world.

Alan Hart conveniently omits the third scenario, namely, the Palestinian scenario.

The Palestinians who have miraculously survived and endured a century of oppression and ethnic-cleansing without losing their hope or their humanity.

The Palestinians who have perplexed the world with their courage, steadfastness and sacrifices.

The Palestinians who love their trees as much as they love their own sons and daughters.

The Palestinians who love their land more than they love their own selves.

The Palestinians whose determination and bravery against all odds have inspired the world.

The Palestinians with David’s stones who confronted ruthless Goliath and conquered his delusions of hegemony, expansion and conquest.

The Palestinians whose legendary heroism has astounded humanity; from the buzzing streets of Texas to the remote quiet villages in Japan.

The Palestinian scenario is the option that refuses neither to bow down to oppression nor to surrender to blackmail.

The Palestinian option is the Hizbullah and Salaheddin option.

A few thousands dedicated resistance fighters of Hizbullah managed to defeat and kick out from Lebanon the fourth most powerful army in the world after 22 years of occupation.

Salaheddin, the Muslim Kurd, with his dedicated and courageous army have liberated al-Quds (Jerusalem) after 200 years of Crusaders’ occupation and colonization and kicked the gory invaders out.

Already, by electing Hamas, Palestinians have made their choice, their scenario of the “end-game” is neither Armageddon nor the waiting game of appeasement, conciliation and un-brainwashing of their tormentors.

The Palestinians have chosen the Hizbullah and Salaheddin scenario; RESISTANCE until EVERY inch of Palestine is liberated and EVERY refugee is back home.

Palestinians, after a century of intimate knowledge of their oppressors, have reached their threshold of patience. They are not prepared to wait any longer for the illusionary awakening of the “humanity” of their oppressors, nor are they prepared to accept thieves and murderers as guests in their homeland.

They understand more than anyone else that the magical awakening of a dead-conscience is not possible, nor is it rational to keep waiting for thieves to give up their illegitimate privileges and give back the stolen lands and property to its rightful owners, the Palestinians.

The menace of Samson’s scenario blackmail does not intimidate Palestinians nor does it suppress their aspiration of the full liberation of their homeland for which they have sacrificed the dearest, the most loved and the most precious.

Zionist are not, as claimed by Alan hart, some innocent, intelligent, humane people who have been simply brainwashed to be where they are and to do what they are doing!

They, by the sheer fact of taking part in colonizing a STOLEN land are partners in crime.

Whether religious or secular, zionists have proven to themselves and to the world that they are a bunch of greedy, arrogant, unethical, robbers and murderers:

* Religious zionists believe that Palestine belongs to them because God gave them the land!

* Hard core secular zionists believe that they have captured this land, created facts on the grounds, and whatever they have acquired by conquest becomes an inalienable right!

* So-called “moderate” secular zionists are satisfied with the achievement of zionism’s goal of creating a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Thus they ready themselves to simply abandon and discard the word “zionism”, and claiming that all they want now is peace, so they claim. The opportunistic discarding of the word “zionism” is nothing else than meaningless empty rhetoric, since it does not imply in any way or manner the restoration of Palestinians’ inalienable rights, the restitution of their land and property, and the compensation for their losses. Hence the claims of seeking “peace” by self professed “moderates” anti-zionists, ex-zionists, crypto-zionists, or moderate secular zionists, are vacuous and have zero value.

What matters to us is the fact that they have created facts on the ground, engaging with them in “dialogues”, “confidence building”, “peace processes” or asking politely with a million please on top will not liberate the land they occupy nor will it restore justice according to elementary standards of international law.

History has taught us that the criminal privileged never give up their privileges willingly, ever.

Secular or religious zionists will never give up willingly any of their privileges acquired by ongoing terrorism and genocide.

The zionists have wasted a century of opportunities in Palestine, provoked catastrophic wars in the Middle East, and caused economic havoc on the planet.

Alas, the time of reckoning is rapidly approaching.

The faint and anxious voices here and there, who have realized that the zionist colonial project is doomed, try desperately to save what they can of it by spreading the SOS calls, trying frantically to make the zionists see sense. These attempts are as vain and as doomed as is the zionist colonial project.

Six million copies of Alan Hart’s books will not add an ounce of humanity to those who lost it by wickedness, nor can it unbend the crooked mentality that became twisted by decades of evil doing; bulldozing millennial olive grooves, demolishing world heritage, assassinating mothers, babies, and elderly, attempting to annihilate the protectors of the Holy land and descendants of the Prophets, namely the Palestinians.

The balance of power is shifting, the Muslim world will not stay asleep for much longer, the world only just began to wake up to the truth.

People of the world are opening their eyes to the alarming level of zionist infiltration in their own affairs; governments manipulations, media control, financial corruption, and it’s not going to be an pleasant discovery.

The decades of deception are over and the karma of retribution has begun.

The blowback is going to take them by surprise.

Chances of repentance are over and time is out.

The world will soon have to decide; either to succumb to unrelenting zionists blackmail of mass genocide and world annihilation OR stand up like the brave Palestinians and STOP this madness once and for all.

Indubitably, the world will regurgitate those who drive for its annihilation, Samson-ists and Armageddon-ists.

The world will unite and rid itself of this Frankenstein.
In the end, zionists and their associates will not find many to shed tears for them, nor will they find many open doors to welcome them.

The only open doors will be the doors of deportation.

Time, perhaps another couple of thousand years, might help them to learn the lesson, to be brought to their senses, back to humanity.

Then and only then, only when animated by peaceful intentions, can they try to knock at Palestine’s doors again.

Not now, and not for a long time.

From Nahida, the exhiled Palestinian:

I am a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee living in exile for over 42 years. I was forced to leave my homeland, Palestine at the age of seven during the six-day war. I am a mathematician by profession but art is one of my favourite pastimes, I love hand-made things, so I make dolls, cards, and most of my own clothes. I also write poetry, and participate in dialogues with known and unknown friends as I believe that communication is the first step of understanding, I believe in building bridges not walls. My shy and extra sensitive nature hinders me from public speaking, so I try to compensate for my shortcomings by writing! I started writing about three years ago when my friends insisted I should write about my memories, experiences, and my feelings as a Palestinian. I did… but it all came out -for some strange reason- sounding -as I was told- like poetry! So I self published two books (I Believe in Miracles, and Palestine, The True Story.)

P.S. Oh Sampson, take a look around you. You have no clothes on. And you're surrounded by Palestinians [angels]. Game's over, Sampson.

Monday, June 21, 2010

J-Street Founder Elaborates on a Kinder, Gentler Zionism

J Street NYC - Jeffrey Goldberg & Jeremy Ben Ami from Isaac Luria on Vimeo.

On June 16th, J Street NYC and the New York Society for Ethical Culture hosted a vital conversation between Jeremy Ben Ami, J Street Founder and President and Jeffrey Goldberg, National Correspondent for the The Atlantic entitled, "Who Speaks for Me? Israel and America in the 21st Century."

P.S. Gentile world, be patient. The jews just have to kill enough Palestinians before heaven on earth can be realized. Oh, that and steal a bit more of your money. Of course, laws are being put in place for those of you who resist this evolving jewish heaven, mistakenly thinking it is tyranny and hell instead.

P.P.S. After they've killed enough Palestinians, the jews will allow the remaining Palestinians who appreciate the jewish heaven to have a democracy that is as just as representative of them and their interests as they allow gentiles to have elsewhere.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kevin Ovenden: Tide Is Turning On Palestine

Zionist apologists [Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Jennifer Lowenstein, et al.], time to think about new gigs. Your zionism will quickly be fading from history. I understand Finky, you wrote a new book on Operation Cast Lead entitled "This Time We've Gone Too Far". This time, Finky? Wasn't Der Yassen far enough? Wasn't Sabra & Shatilla far enough? Did you include an addendum in your book entitled "To Be Continued"? You'll have to write another one already on the Freedom Flotilla. You're a busy man apologizing for zionism, Finky. But it's really getting tiring. Time to denounce zionism altogether now, Finky. Your two-state, zionist peace roadshow is getting old.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is Benjamin Netanyahu Rational?

Is Benjamin Netanyahu rational? The question has to be asked because Netanyahu, the leader of a country that is paranoid about its own security, controls a secret nuclear arsenal and has the capability to bomb just about anybody. Rational behavior in the context of a head of state is admittedly an elusive quality, but it generally means that occasional lying is okay, particularly if it is tenuously based on something that might be true. Lying with a straight face or completely evading critical questions might even be considered a perk of office. But when the chips are down and hard decisions have to be made, a head of government should at least behave like a mature adult employing some logical process. That would mean weighing up the plusses and minuses of various actions, risks versus gains, and coming up with a response that serves the country’s interests with the least collateral damage possible.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has not made very good decisions. From Tel Aviv’s point of view, it is absolutely essential that Israel maintain the support of the United States and also very important that it be regarded positively by the Europeans and Russia. Yet Netanyahu has gone the opposite way, continuing to expand settlements even after the United States president has told him to stop, announcing new settlement growth to coincide with the arrival of the American vice president on a state visit, assassinating an Arab official using fake European passports, continuing the strangulation of Gaza for no good reason even when it is opposed by both the European Union and Washington, and engaging in an act of piracy on the high seas that resulted in the deaths of nine unarmed civilians, sticking his thumb in the eye of Israel’s closest Muslim friend, Turkey.

A keen observer of the Netanyahu behavior might well detect a suicidal tendency, perhaps tied in some way to the well known Israeli Masada complex. Masada was the first century A.D. site of the suicide of nearly one thousand Israelite zealots who refused to surrender to the Roman army. More recently, in 1991 investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported on the modern version of Masada called the Samson Option, in which Israel was planning to use nuclear weapons to destroy most of the Middle East if it were in danger of being overrun. Today hardliners have similarly warned that if Israel is threatened with destruction it will take the whole Mideast region down with it and possibly also nuke selected European capitals. So the idea of a mass national suicide leading to destruction of substantial parts of the world in one great conflagration is definitely floating out there in Israeli extremist circles. Christian supporters of Israel have also picked up on the end-of-days theme and are referred to as Armageddonists, signaling their embrace of a final world-ending battle preceding a rapture up to heaven and the second coming of Christ.

The neoconservatives frequently complain that Islam is not a "religion of peace," but the Old Testament is also a bloody book, including as it does many accounts of the Israelites massacring their enemies with God’s blessing. There are also elements of the Jewish religion that are dark and lend themselves to a mindset that accepts one standard for Jews and another for gentiles. The very concept of being one of a "chosen people" can be interpreted positively by observing that God had selected the Jewish people to be his witness and bear his message, but it can also be turned on its head to imply that those who are not chosen are somehow inferior. Being selected by God has also been used to support the Israeli claim to the land that they have stolen from the Palestinians, a line that has inevitably been parroted by the Christians United for Israel and other evangelical groups in the US.

The current Israeli government is the most hard-line and intransigent in the history of the country and it has a nasty, racist edge to it. Netanyahu has regularly played the race card, once praising the cutting of social benefits in Israel so the country’s Arab minority will be unable to have so many children. His Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is an out-and-out racist fearmonger who has openly advocated executing Arab members of the Knesset and drowning Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea. At one time he called for bombing the Aswan dam to punish Egypt for supporting the Palestinians. Lieberman demanded recently that Christian and Muslim Arab residents of Israel swear a loyalty oath to Israel as a Jewish state or face expulsion. The insistence that Israel is and should be a Jewish state means that it cannot be democratic as it is making full legal rights contingent on religion, not on a concept of citizenship. Lieberman’s proposal was widely seen as an attempt to ethnically cleanse Israel’s Arab minority, forcing them to leave the country completely. Ironically, while Lieberman works assiduously to remove Arabs born and raised in Israel and Palestine he himself was born in the Soviet Union and did not move to Israel until he was 20 years old.

Netanyahu has demonstrated that he will not hesitate to shed the blood of foreigners, to defend his country even when the threat is not viewed by most observers as warranting such an extreme response. He regularly threatens the Iranians, up to and including nuclear incineration carried out by a cruise missile-bearing submarine which is reported to be parked off the Iranian coast.

The problem with Netanyahu’s threats and the thinking behind them is that the Jewish holy book the Talmud contains a number of passages that suggest that it is all right to kill a non-Jew. The meaning of the text has been disputed and sometimes challenged on the basis of context or relevancy and there are other sections that suggest that Judaism does not see itself in exclusionary terms, but the passages in question undeniably imply that killing a gentile is not the same as killing a Jew. And some other disputed sections of the Talmud also suggest that while telling falsehoods is a sin it is all right and even praiseworthy to tell lies to gentiles or to do things deliberately to harm them.

Recognizing that it undoubtedly makes many people uncomfortable to cite the bloodthirstiness of the Old Testament and Talmud, it must be observed that most American and European Jews would rightly laugh at the notion that they are a people chosen by God that authorizes special rights and privileges vis-à-vis their fellow citizens. Nearly all would agree that lying or murdering someone is always wrong. But other attitudes appear to prevail in Israel where there is most definitely a different perspective. To those who are skeptical about how religion bolsters jingoism, one need only look at reports that Israeli Army rabbis for the first time were seen exhorting front line troops during the 2009 invasion of Gaza. The army rabbinate also issued pamphlets advising "When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers…This is a war on murderers." More recently, the Israeli commando who reportedly shot dead six unarmed Turks on board the Gaza bound Mavi Marmara has reportedly been recommended for a medal. Many Israelis excuse brutality towards the Palestinians based on a divine dispensation, God’s will to create a Greater Israel and cleanse it of followers of other faiths. Combined with an in-your-face nationalism that feeds off of a siege mentality, it is a sentiment that has been growing stronger over the past few years demographically as religious conservatives out-reproduce their politically more liberal counterparts. Many moderate Israelis have also become concerned that the army officer ranks are increasingly being filled by Jewish fundamentalists and settlers who believe in Israel’s divine mission.

Netanyahu is a product of his environment, education, and culture and one can reasonably ask what drives him. The question is important because if his inner demons reinforced by a sense of ethnic entitlement and racial superiority are in control, he cannot be trusted at all, in anything that he says. And it could have dire consequences for the United States, suggesting that Netanyahu will behave ideologically and culturally rather than rationally and will unhesitatingly draw Washington into a war with Iran, a conflict in which the US will have to pay much the heavier price both in treasure and in lives. So it is important to know what Bibi Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman as well as some of their extremist colleagues in government actually believe. Do they believe that they are racially or by the grace of God better or more entitled than their Arab neighbors or their American patrons? Do they think that the killing of gentiles is less wrong than killing a Jew? Do they believe that lying constantly is acceptable because the lies are directed at the gentile population, not to deceive coreligionists? Based on recent evidence, lying to the gentiles certainly appears to be the hallmark of the Israeli government response to the Gaza flotilla massacre. The Israelis have fabricated information and even two videos, contrived a manifestly false narrative, and lied at every step along the way, ignoring eyewitness accounts and calling their unfortunate victims aggressors and "al-Qaeda mercenaries."

Unfortunately the arrogance of Bibi Netanyahu and the behavior of the Israeli government would seem to suggest strongly a belief in a manifest destiny granted by God. Israel is prepared to charge recklessly ahead to do whatever it takes to intimidate and instill fear among all its neighbors. Tel Aviv wants to be a combination of a mad dog and the school bully, suggesting that its contempt for Washington made evident in the Lavon Affair and the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty in 1967 was the rule rather than the exception and could easily happen again. And Israel appears to have little concern about doing whatever is necessary to drag the United States down with it if that is what is required. It is we Americans who should be fearful. Each American should be very concerned about what Bibi is actually thinking, particularly as our Congress and media have already been bought and occupied and we have a president who is so unsure of the support of his own party that he is afraid to face down an Israeli prime minister.

Source article by Philip Giraldi is located here.

P.S. What a silly question, Philip. Benjamin is jewish, so everything's kosher. We have nothing to worry about.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Atzmon: Christ's Killing Symbol of Assault Against Goodness

According to the famous Israeli-born Jazz musician, Gilad Atzmon, "The ideology that carried out execution-style killings on the Gaza aid flotilla the 'Mavi Marmara' is the same ideology that carried out the massacres at Deir Yassin, Qibya, Sabra and Shatilla, Qana, Gaza, Jenin and the murder of Rachel Corrie — more than that it is the same ideology that killed Christ."

He continues: "there is no biological, racial or ethnic continuum between the ancient Israelites and the contemporary Israelis. The attack on the aid convoy is a continuum of the same ideology that killed Christ. Christ's killing is a symbol of a brutal assault against goodness, in the same way the attack on the aid convoy was against humanity and compassion." Speaking to Arab News after the deadly attack on the aid Flotilla where 9 peace activists were shot dead and around 50 injured Atzmon was scathing against Israel's actions and demanded that it should be stripped of its UN membership.

Atzmon is a former Israeli soldier who now lives in London. He is not only a renowned author and writer but also a famous award-winning jazz musician. Described as a musical genius he has recorded with the likes of Robbie Williams, Sinead O Connor, Robert Wyatt Paul McCartney, Tunisian singer Dhaffer Youssef and countless others.

With a strong presence on and off stage and a disarming smile, Atzmon has a huge following not only for his music but for being a unique thinker and philosopher.

Admired for his fearless stance against oppression, he is also at the forefront of a taboo discourse that many will not venture into out of fear of being branded anti-Semite; and that is the discourse on the Jewish identity, Zionism and Israel.

Because of this stance, he has been branded a "Jew self-hater." Atzmon smiles: "in fact I correct them 'I am not only a self-hater but a proud self- hater.'" The accusations do not deter him as he is quite vocal about the self-hatred he feels for the Israeli part of him. He argues: "We are dealing here with a morbid collective that sets itself against humanity.” He believes the reason why he is at the forefront of this discourse is because he is more able than others to understand Israeli mentality because, "I come from them, and I know how they think." He himself has studied for many years the issue of the Jewish identity, and in his talks is often found quoting philosophers like the Austrian Otto Weininger, Kant, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Lacan, Marx as well as Eastern philosophers.

He explains: "Israel has violated all international laws, it has never been held accountable for the countless massacres." However, he argues the latest massacre of peace activists on the aid flotilla with the emerging forensic reports which suggest Israeli execution-style killings of the 9 peace activists has resulted in shock horror around the world.

"The remarkable fact is they don't understand why the world is beginning to stand against them in the same way they didn't understand why the Europeans stood against them in the 1930s. Instead of asking why we are hated they continue to toss accusations on others." In his latest article titled "Jewish Ideology and World Peace," he argues: "Within the discourse of Jewish politics and history there is no room for causality... Within the Jewish tribal discourse every narrative starts to evolve when Jewish pain establishes itself. ...It also explains why for most Jews the history of the holocaust starts in the gas chambers or with the rise of the Nazis. I have hardly seen any Israelis or Jews attempt to understand the circumstances that led to the clear resentment of Europeans toward their Jewish neighbors in the 1920s-40s.”

Born and brought up as a Zionist in Israel, Atzmon believes it was his love of music that first opened his eyes to the world. "I was brought up to believe that Jews were the chosen people and no one was better than us. Then I discovered jazz and found out that many of the great jazz musicians were black Afro-Americans. That was the first dent in the theory of our greatness and as I picked up the stones more truths began to come out." At 19, Atzmon was stationed as a soldier to Lebanon where he saw for the first time thousands of Palestinians living as refugees. "We were told that the Palestinians had left and gone to other Arab countries, so when I saw thousands of refugees living without the basics I realized that we had stolen their land." Atzmon also witnessed the atrocities the Israeli Army was committing against the Palestinians; so as soon as he could, he left the army and left the country for good.

"My studies have shown me that the Jewish identity is foreign to humanism, it is tribal and has evolved as an outcome of an exilic culture." He argues that we can learn a lot about Jewish collective ideology by looking closely to the biblical "Story of Esther" which he argues teaches Jews the art of infiltration into politics and governments.

He continues: "This form of infiltration is clearly evident in America today where the Jewish lobby (AIPAC) dominates the political discourse. Also in Britain we have the British Jewish lobby, and the 'Friends of Israel', we also have people like David Aaronovitch, The Times columnist and Nick Cohen of The Observer, who advocated for war with Iraq. Both write for the Jewish papers, are known sympathizers of Israel and have contributed extensively to the growing Islamophobia in Britain. Lord Levy, a rabid Zionist was funding the Labour Party when it went into an illegal war with Iraq which led to over a million Iraqi fatalities.”

He continues: "We have the likes of David Miliband the Labour MP; I wonder how many people know that he is listed on the Israeli propaganda site as an Israeli propagandist author. Did you know that under the last government, when everyone was talking about Israel's killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai by using forged British passports, David Miliband was busy attempting to amend the laws of universal jurisdiction so Israeli war criminals could enter Britain.”

In his latest article Atzmon writes: "Enough is enough; it is time to name and shame every Israeli and Zionist infiltrator within political circles, media and academia." Maybe it is the soldier in him but there are not many subjects that Atzmon is not afraid to confront. The biggest taboo subject today is to question the holocaust. In many European countries one can be jailed for questioning the numbers killed or to what extent gas chambers were used? Atzmon however has no fear when he says: "I do not deny that Jewish suffering took place, I also lost family in it. However if the established holocaust narrative is true why do we need laws to protect it?" He continues: "We want a coherent narrative open to scrutiny. We owe it to ourselves, to history to find out the truth and I don't mean the truth through emotionally charged Hollywood films. Also I reiterate that those involved in an academic and historic inquiry should not be threatened with law suits and abuse.”

To stop further world conflicts, Atzmon believes that governments should confront Israel. He argues that unlike the last Labour government that indulged Israel to continue its brutal assaults, while its leaders Blair and Brown were honorary patrons of the Jewish National Fund UK, the new government has to take a stronger stand. "In order to end one of the most brutal occupations of Gaza we need to ban Israeli aircraft from British airspace, impose EU trade sanctions against Israel and strip Israel of its UN membership." For Atzmon the tide is turning and humanity which is bound together by human ethics and morals need to stand together against Israel before it takes us to war with Iran which according to him "is its next step.”


P.S. I contend that judaism is anti-Christ, anti-good. Gilad, is there any good in judaism? In the words of the Apostle Paul, is there any good in judaism to cling to?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Priceless: Gen. Patraeus Reacts to Endless War Prospect

Hey Bill O'Reilly, have your body language expert analyze this. Lying and conniving for Israel is hard on the system, that is of course if you have a shred of human decency left. General Patraeus, you're taking it too hard. The Americans don't know up from down anyway... unless the jewish MSM wants them to. You're safe general. Just ask GW or Cheney. Besides, as far as shilling for jewish interests, you're just one in a very large crowd of shills.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kosher Your Protests

From the woman in the video who participated in a non-kosher protest: The Joint Terrorism Task Force Division of the FBI Visits an Austin Peace Activist to Question About Pre-Crimes On April 21, 2010, two agents of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) came to my house to talk to me, a part time peace volunteer for Palestine. After verifying that they really were with the FBI, I asked them to wait. I shut my door, took a deep breath, and grabbed my video camera. I want to thank Jeffry Zavala for:

* Helping me remain anonymous in this video.

* For creating something to help you if the FBI ever knocks on your door to question you about pre-crimes.

* For helping me to tell others about my number one cause: Promoting the "One-State" Solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict, instead of the apartheid-like "Two-State" scenario.

* For more information about what to do if you FBI knocks on your door go here.


* Get a permit from your local synagogue to protest Israeli crimes against humanity.

* Only participate in kosher organized protests where there won't be any mention or criticism of zionism. All such signs won't be allowed.

* If you really feel the need to protest Israeli crimes against humanity, have someone from the jewish community playing a prominent role. If you can't find anyone, wear a yarmulka, dress like a rabbi, look jewish. Still make sure you don't have any signs citing Israel or zionism. If you should mention Israel or zionism, never forget to add that not all jews are zionists. You don't have to tell anyone that you personally don't know of any that aren't zionists. [Chomsky and Finkelstein don't count. They are both zionists... so is Jennifer Lowenstein, Wisconsinites.]

* Instead of protesting and complaining about Israeli crimes against humanity, celebrate them. Get an Israel flag, wave it and say "we are all Israelis." This may be totally opposed to your human decency, but it would be kosher, and you wouldn't get any complaints from the jewish community or any visits from the FBI or Homeland Security.

Note: To avoid hassling visits from the FBI or Homeland Security to your home, place an Israeli flag in your living-room window or on your front door. Definitely don't put out a Palestinian flag.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Crucifixion of Kindness

Panic is detected in Israel. Strategic affairs minister, Moshe Boogi Ya'alon who served as acting PM during last week's massacre in the high seas said yesterday that “someone failed to prepare a standard operating procedure.” A senior IDF official was quick to respond "If there wasn't a standard operating procedure, why didn't he make sure there was one. He was the acting prime minister and it was his responsibility.” War criminal Tzipi Livni is also unhappy with the Government for failing to take responsibility. Two days ago she led a no confidence vote in the Israeli Knesset.

Seemingly the Israelis are starting to blame each other. This may look like a positive move, however, not a single Israeli is yet to ask for forgiveness. Seemingly no one in Israel grasps the scale of the atrocity in the high seas. No one in Israel comprehends the level of outrage amongst the nations. Israelis, are instead concerned with their Hasbara failure, their military operational mistakes and so on. Up until now, they fail to see that in the high seas, they have managed to kill Christ again.

Killing Christ is realised symbolically as an assault on goodness, a crime against kindness and innocence. The cold blooded slaughter of peace activists in international waters has a very similar effect. It is an assault on compassion, righteousness and humanism. It is an attack on everything Christianity and Islam happen to value. As much as Israelis, Zionists and Neocons are insisting on spreading the deceptive myth of a Judeo-Christian alliance, it is this last Israeli crime that made it clear that the Jewish State shares nothing with humanism, Christianity or Islam. Israel in fact stands against any recognised Western value.

Though the contemporary Israeli has no ethnic or biological lineage to the ancient Israelites, the merciless ideology repeats itself. Since, the Zionist project defines itself as a revival of the Biblical Israelite nation, it shouldn’t take us by surprise that the lethal Biblical ideology also comes to life. It is implemented daily against Palestinian women, children, elders and now against an international humanitarian convoy.

If we want to understand what happened to the Palestinian solidarity movement last week, we could start by elaborating on a mass shift of consciousness. This goes beyond politics, psychology or sociology, it is actually a spiritual metaphysical shift. As I have been predicting for many years, we now start to see hope and liberation through the Palestinians and their righteous struggle. We understand that the Palestinians are at the forefront of the battle against evil. And we obviously stand behind them as one person. Interestingly enough, politicians are way behind. They still fail to notice the rapidly emerging worldwide public awareness that something is deeply sick in the Israeli society and its lobbies around the world. Our politicians will probably join us later, when their Zionist money runs out.

By equating Christ's murder with last week's massacre in the high seas, we can then understand the total failure of the Israeli Hasbara machine. Instead of standing up and admitting that something went horribly wrong at sea, Israeli officials reverted to the usual spin. The Turkish activists had become ‘Jew haters’, ‘Al-Qaeda terrorists’, and the Mavi Marmara had become a ‘Boat of Hate’. This tactic is unfortunately too familiar. It has been employed by Rabbinical Judaism for two thousand years, especially against the memory of Christ.

I guess that Christians and Muslims will be shocked and outraged to find out that Yesh’u (יש"ו), the Hebrew name for Jesus, is an abbreviation that corresponds to the "May his name and memory be blotted out"*, an expression used for deceased enemies of the Jewish people like Hitler and Stalin. In the Hebraic culture, Jesus, the kindest of all people, the son of God, is regarded as the ultimate enemy. If Jesus is cornered with Hitler, it shouldn’t surprise us that Hasbara officials insist to stick Peace activists with Al-Qaeda. Seemingly, in the modern Israelite philosophy one becomes a Yesh’u hate figure once hit by an Israeli bullet.

The Judaic hatred towards Jesus, as reflected by the Hebraic abbreviation Yesh’u is pretty revealing in the context of the latest Israeli massacre. Rather than accepting its crime and genuinely repenting, Israel attempted to portray the Turkish martyrs as the ultimate Jewish enemies. Seemingly, this attempt failed completely. The Free Gaza flotilla is now making it into a symbol of hope and compassion. Israel, on the other hand shoved itself into a corner. This is a tragic prophecy that fulfilled itself. Israel will never recover, it simply can’t.

Source article by Gilad Atzmon is here.

P.S. Amen, Gilad. And Israel can't be good either, it simply can't. There is no good zionism. It can't be had nicely. It is anti-good, anti-Christ.

P.P.S. Gilad, in your coming get together with Kevin Barret, see if you can get him to have more respect for the significance of Christ, and question him on his seeking affinity with anti-Christ jews in his jihad for truth.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Are All Palestinians

Read about Ken O'Keefe in his own words here. The world needs more Ken O'Keefes. Of course, we already have them but we wouldn't know it because real heroes don't air time in our jewish MSM.

Dismantle It And Peace Will Come

Dismantle it! Yes! Now we're talking!

Responding to Israel's slaughter of unarmed activists on the Freedom Flotilla attempting to relieve Palestinians in Gaza from Israel's under-the-radar, genocidal starvation program, Gilad Atzmon asserted [here]:

“Our leaders better start to think seriously how to dismantle this lethal nation before it turns all of us into an ash cloud.”

Jewish sycophants, Gilad Atzmon is jewish. Now you have your permission. Now you no longer have to fear being labeled an “anti-Semite.” Now you can ask for the dismantling of zionism, jewish apartheid, Israel. Now you can ask for justice.

Dismantle it! Forget about zionist peace rockstar Norman Finkelstein's schtick [here] of a two-state solution and Israel living up to its ideals. Norman pushes a two-state solution in the hopes of saving zionism, apartheid Israel. He pushes for “reasonable justice,” justice that the ideal of zionism can accommodate.

Dismantle it! So we don't have to have another 9/11 false flag event for it. And so the brilliant, zionist peace rockstar Noam Chomsky won't have make silly statements about 9/11 and the assassination of JFK [here], and so he won't have to adjust his scales of justice to accommodate zionism, as he does when he says he's a supporter of Israel [here].

Dismantle it! Sign the petition [here] to strip Israel of its UN membership: We, the citizens of the world, call upon you to shape the 21st century with a new ethic, already enshrined in the United Nations. We call upon you to end Zionist apartheid and racial injustice by stripping Israel of its UN membership.

Recall the mantra “build it and they will come” made so popular in the movie Field of Dreams. Now people should hear ringing in their ears: Dismantle it and peace will come.

Without justice there can be no peace. With zionism there can be no justice. Dismantle it and peace will come.

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Colonialism Like Any Other Colonialism

Jews say the darnedest things. [Like Chomsky here.]

Today I got an email invite from the local American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) to attend a demonstration against the latest Israeli atrocity that registered on the world's radar screen, that of the assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. In that assault at least nine human activists were killed. The Israelis claim that the special forces that boarded the ship on which the activists were killed were armed with paint guns.

Didn't I tell you that jews say the darnedest things?

One of the activist that was killed, was 19-year-old Funkan Dogan. Dogan had four bullets in his head and one in his chest. Those paint guns must have been paintgun/assault rifles.

Jews say the darnedest things, and do the damnedest things.

Anyway, more on the theme of jews saying the darnedest things, one them to do with the title of this article and today's demonstration. Before going to the demonstration, I re-read my email and read that the demonstration was being hosted by AMP and the Middle East Committee of local official/kosher anti-war organization, Peace Action.

The last time I attended an anti-war demonstration with Peace Action involved was during Israel's free bombing of Lebanon in 2006 and I was severely scolded by the kosher organization's zionist uncle-tom leader at the time for bringing my large, freeway-blogging WW3 ZIONISM sign to the event. The next day he called me and complained that he was getting irate phone calls about my sign, and that damn it, the only news coverage of the event had my damned sign predominantly displayed in it. I thanked him for the news that my sign got attention and that it was a good thing for people to learn why we're involved in these wars. He didn't see my point and made threats about what he and his kosher organization would do if I showed up at any of their events with my sign again.

Well, seeing that kosher Peace Action was co-hosting today's demonstration, not wanting to cause conflict, and figuring that I'll do my own demonstrations with my sign, I just wore a Palestinian t-shirt and my WW3 ZIONISM stenciled cap.

While at the event I passed out some business cards advertising my blog site. In addition to my blog address my cards say as a matter of introduction to the topic: ZIONISM, It's Not Ice Cream.

When I pass out my cards I tell people that before 9-11 I didn't know anything about the plight of the Palestinians or zionism and hand them my card.

Now back to jews saying the darnedest things.

In walking through the crowd, I approached three well pampered looking young guys and after my usual introduction I gave each of them a card. One of the well pampered looking guys asked me what I thought zionism was. I told him many people have convoluted, confusing definitions but that it can be summed up concisely as: jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid. Before I could say anything else, he immediately responded: “it's colonialism like any other colonialism.”

Didn't I tell you that jews say the darnedest things? Only a jew, or the equivalent in the form of a naive jewish sychophant, could make such a claim.

I tried to explain to him that this colonialism was very different, beginning with the fact that because of it's special jewish cover it was untouchable. After one of his well pampered looking friends quickly dismissed me as an “anti-Semite,” I guessed that these well pampered looking guys were from the official/kosher Peace Action organization. [Their rich daddies must be letting them play peace activists for accolades & entertainment as long as they really do no harm.] That was confirmed when one of the well pampered looking guys was given the privilege of speaking over the megaphone at the event.

As usual, at this event I was marginalized by the official/kosher anti-war organization as too radical,... as an “anti-Semite." But I know the day is coming when jews, who dominate every area of our lives now, will battling to prove that they're not zionists and they'll be marginalized from the conversation about what to do about zionism.

P.S. The next time Israel spikes out of its regular low-intensity, under-the-radar genocide program and commits atrociities to the extent that they register in the world's consciousness, I'd like to see AMP do a demonstration without inviting the local kosher nostra for a change. I know, I know, that's still too much to expect. They still need the kosher nostra's blessing because afterall, they still run this town.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

USS Liberty: This Month in History

Help USS Liberty survior and hero Phil Tourney tell his story by purchasing his newly released book [here] in which he gives his personal testimony of what happened that day on June 8th, 1967.

ADL Rewrites New Testament

Every ten years since 1635, the small alpine town of Oberammergau, Germany has produced a six-hour Passion Play memorializing the final hours of Jesus Christ. About half the town’s citizens help produce the play. Amateur actors fill the stage. The citizens are fulfilling their ancestors’ 375-year-old vow to God to produce the play every decade since He delivered them from the bubonic plague.

Over the past two decades, the town has been the stage for a different kind of passion play. Few places in the world more perfectly present the drama of Jewish power and aggressive intent to deny public expressions of Christianity.

For the past two decades, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League—ever-ready to stifle any virile expression of Christianity—has taken its editing scissors to the play’s script. Jewish crimes have been expunged. Today, the Jews play a bleached and sanitized role in the death of Christ. (What did Jesus say of the Pharisees? Whitewashed tombs?) Romans now stand guard outside Jesus’ first entrance to Jerusalem, “making it clear who is really in control.” The Jewish high priests debate theology, many siding for Jesus. The infamous blood oath—“His blood be upon us and our children”—has been axed from the script. Even Judas, incredibly, is pure at heart. He wants “to facilitate dialogue with the priesthood and is duped into betraying Jesus. It is one of the best roles in the play. When Judas understands that he has been manipulated, he storms the Temple, demanding Jesus’ release.”

AJ Goldman in Forward says the play has become a lovely and moving piece of art, now “less about Jesus and more a rare chance to experience a legendary tradition”... no longer anti-Semitic.

In Oberammergau, the gospel has been stripped. Its testimony is unspeakable in public. A 375-year-old religious tradition—vowed by a city, to thank God for deliverance—has been knifed of its content. (What happened to the sovereignty of old culture? What happened to the sanctity of traditions?) Nothing could more clearly state unbelieving Jewry’s intent to make the New Testament itself unspeakable, unacceptable…illegal.

And still, it is not enough. This year the ADL led a 16-page report from interfaith experts, denouncing the play. They want it decimated completely. The report, “supported by the American Jewish Committee, B'nai B'rith International and the National Council of Synagogues,” calls for “a totally new script using contemporary biblical studies and historical research in order to eliminate continuing damaging negative stereotypes of Jews and Judaism.”

This is about the Bible, plain and simple. The original passion play was lifted from the pages of the Christian Scriptures. The text was taken to the stage. Germans simply dramatized the Pharisees’ vengeful, unrelenting persecution from the book of John; Judas’ ugly, searing betrayal which Matthew witnessed; the Jewish masses’ homicidal contempt, retold by Mark; the agony of Christ, gut-wrenchingly recorded by Luke. History proves what happened. After Jesus’ return to the Father, Christians were persecuted relentlessly. The Jewish Talmud, to this day, records Christ as an evil bastard, now in hell, writhing in boiling semen. (Gittin 56b-57a)

What happened is really not debatable. But it is unacceptable to speak. Anti-Christian Jews can be blamed for nothing. Their leaders must be portrayed as always wise, balanced, good and moderate. As a people, they were never xenophobic or legalistic. And they had nothing, nothing, to do with Jesus’ death. The nails went through His hands and feet as if by magic. There was no murder.

Isn’t it interesting? Jewish leaders allow others no such exoneration.

In Germany, there is no such convenient bleaching of history. A radically different situation prevails. There, no one can be free from their ancestral guilt. No reparations can be enough. It is actually illegal to deny German blood guilt, their culture of hate, their cries through complicity of “Gas them! Gas them!” Under Germany’s Holocaust denial laws, only Jews may revise German history (as in Oberammergau). A person who even questions the Holocaust can go to prison. It is illegal to deny the intentional, mechanized murder of six million Jews. It is illegal even to question the methods used by the Nazis. In Germany, the streets themselves are painted with the memories. Black tulips are grown in memorial sites. Every year on Holocaust Memorial Day the whole of Europe grieves for its guilt and vows it will never be repeated.

History, we know, is written by the conquerors. There can be no remaining doubt about Jewish power in the western world today. Jewish leaders are the scripters of history and Christians are silent and cowed, submitting our sacred Gospels and traditions to Jewish scissors as if they mean nothing.

The world would look vastly different if this weren’t true—if Jews enjoyed less power, if they mourned or even admitted what they did to Jesus and then to Christians. Picture it.

If Jerusalem were Germany, there would be monuments on every corner. In the concrete graven words would say, “This is where Jewish crowds jeered Christ up the street…This is where Jews cried, “Crucify Him.” Plaques and columns would stand between black tulips to announce, “This is where Steven was stoned because he was a Christ-follower…Let us never forget…Never again…Never again.”

The whole of the source article by Harmony Grant Daws can be found here.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Former CIA Officer: Israel Controls US Government & Media

We all know this, right? It's common knowledge, right? But it's "anti-Semitic" to acknowledge it.... so we must forget about it and pretend that it doesn't matter.

Israel Jails Freedom Flotilla Activists

Israel has jailed 487 international activists captured during its deadly commando strike on a Gaza aid convoy, while 48 others are to be "expelled."

Those detained remain in custody at the southern Israeli prison of Ashdod, while the other 48 will be taken to Ben Gurion international airport to be sent back to their home countries, AFP quoted a report by Israel's public radio as saying on Tuesday.

The international activists were interrogated by Israeli police on Tuesday, a day after the Gaza-bound flotilla they traveling on was stormed by Israeli forces in international waters, 150km (90 miles) from Gaza.

The pre-dawn attack left up to 20 people killed, according to al-Aqsa TV channel, and some 50 others injured who are being treated in Israeli hospitals.

Israel is holding the detainees under severe media censorship and actually cut off from the outside world, ensuring no contradiction of its version of Monday's events.

Tel Aviv insists that nine activists were killed in the naval attack on a Turkish cruise ship, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justified as an act of "self-defense."

Gaza Freedom Flotilla was carrying more than 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to break the years-long siege of the Gaza Strip, which has pushed the coastal sliver on the verge of starvation.


P.S. The world must stand with the Freedom Flotilla activists. Israel can't jail the whole world. Or can it? I know, I know... it doesn't have to.