Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel's Public Relations War in the U.S.

Ameirca is not a Christian country. The term "judeo-Christian" is an oxymoron meaning anti-Christ-Christian. Any semblance of Christianity in Ameria is bowed to anti-Christ judaism. So-called Christians in America fear (revere) judaism/jews more than they fear God. Is that Christianity?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Precious moment: Woman at Brussels' memorial tears up Israeli flag

This woman doesn't need any convincing... she knows without any doubt what is the enemy of mankind. Doncha wish Americans knew? Doncha wish everyone knew?

Perhaps the overstepping of the cowardly, inglorious bastards in Gaza... twice thus far... was demonstration enough for the world to know better... and for the world to have had enough?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

America's False Flag History in Two Minutes

Recall one time world leader, the village idiot who shouldn't have been allowed out from his parents' back yard, G.W. Bush, encouraging people to serve a purpose higher than themselves... in effect encouraging American youth to serve as cannon fodder for the fake war on terror kicked off by the false flag event of 9/11/2000.

Where will the next false flag event occur? Isn't it becoming obvious that the false flag events driving the fake war on terror are sponsored by Israel? For there ever to be peace in the world, and for mankind to survive, the Jewish state must be dismantled... and judaism banned.

P.S. What we learned from the latest false flag in Brussels: If you see a bomb, sit on it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Implosion of the Republican Party -- and what it means for Jews and Israel

From an article of the same title above in the Jewish Forward magazine by Jane Eisner:

Each presidential election cycle, the Republican Jewish establishment spends zillions of dollars to lure liberal Jews to its side. The arguments touch upon domestic policy and social issues, but the core, emotional attraction hinges on unquestioned support for Israel — the promise that Republicans alone understand the many dangers Israel faces and are far more willing than their squishy Democratic counterparts to project strength in a volatile, unfriendly world.

Like so many of his platforms, Trump’s policy on the Israelis and the Palestinians is filled with contradictions. He vows to stay “neutral” on the conflict in order to make a deal, but such vagueness only alienates both sides. To many Jews, neutrality is a code word for getting too tough on Israel. For Palestinians, Trump’s professed love for Israel and the Jews, and his concomitant disdain for Islam and Arabs, cancels out his “neutrality” and hardly makes him an honest broker.

Trump’s refusal to pledge full allegiance to Israel, a key precept of Republican orthodoxy until now, seriously undermines Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s approach to U.S. politics, which has been to align himself with the GOP standard-bearers. But those standards have systematically been knocked to the ground by the Trump stampede: Former House speaker John Boehner (remember him?), the one who invited Netanyahu to make his controversial and, in the end, futile speech against the Iran deal before Congress, endorsed Kasich. Will Kasich’s win in Ohio make any difference? Many GOP Jews were ready to embrace a President Rubio, now just an expensive memory. Big moneyman and Bibi backer Sheldon Adelson has stayed quiet and therefore irrelevant so far.

P.S. Thank you Donald Trump for making it patently clear for all of my gun-show Republican friends that the Republican Party doesn't belong to them, the little Republicans (little gentile folk). Likewise, the Democratic Party doesn't belong to the little Democrats. The Republican Party belongs to the likes of Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers (jewish oligarchs); the Democratic Party belongs to the likes of George Soros (jewish oligarch).

P.P.S. And thank you, Donald Trump for chasing Jeb Bush off the stage.