Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Truth Is Not Welcome In America

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it" --George Orwell

A person in today's world that questions anything the mainstream media, our government, or experts tell us in regard to terrorist events is automatically labeled as a conspiracy theorist, crazy, or a troublemaker. It seems that to "fit in" or get along in society it is not ok to think for yourself. In fact, it seems that people today have lost the ability to question or even care about what they are told. They seem to just accept what they are told as the truth. Therefore, the people that expose lies and try to open the eyes of the majority are met with hostility. The mainstream media psyop takes it a step further and models outrage at legitimate questions which the dumbed down populace seem to model with expert negative fervor.

The most prevalent example of this is when there is a mass shooting, bombing, or any terrorist incident, a truth seeker asks the question, "did anyone really die"? Asking this question today is met with hostility, outrage, and an attitude that this is not ok to ask. How dare anyone ask that question. The sad thing about this is, this psyop has worked effectively to silence most people including social media. If anyone dares to go down this path they are viciously shunned in every community including their peers and friends in social media. They are considered the lowest of the low and should be ostracized to live the rest of their life in silence, on an island, and far away from society. Does anyone see a problem here?

This problem really took off after the Sandy Hook Government Capstone Shooting Drill and has only gotten much worse. The public has been brainwashed and indoctrinated to show intolerance to anyone asking questions about these events. This is leading us down the road to a build-up of total tyranny in our government and the possibility of disarmament of the American people with the loss of all of our freedoms.


[Ya think modern day Bolsheviks, i.e. JEWS, will treat Americans any kinder than they did Russians?]

Rationally looking at the Aurora theater shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, Boston Bombing, Orlando shooting, San Bernadino shooting, Las Vegas shooting, and the Florida school shooting there are many questions that have been left unanswered. The one consistent issue that most social media ignore is the lack of evidence of actual deaths. There are many holes in the story that are met with secrecy and laws that are created to keep the public from the truth. There have been arrests of journalists seeking the truth and many lives destroyed by those asking questions. The supposed "victims families" have outright lied to the American public by playing the victim role stating that "conspiracy theorists" have been harassing them, without giving any proof that this is going on. There may be the lone radical person out there that does write a harassing letter, but for most of the truthseekers they are just wanting answers and have not harassed anyone. This is the psyop that has been played to try to get truth seekers to shut up and forget about the truth. The public, therefore, has helped the people that are lying and stealing from them, while turning on the people trying to expose the frauds for who they really are.

To turn all of this around one major thing that needs to happen. Americans need to quit shooting the messenger. The majority need to get involved in any way to help expose the lies that have taken our country hostage. The truth is not going to change for those in denial. We are headed down a dangerous dark path and if Americans cannot leave their ego and ignorance at the door. There will only be chains and cells in the land of the free. So, America what road will we walk?

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P.S. Dopey Mark Glenn hasn't posted anything on the Parkland shooting psy op since he posted this. Do you think that's because he now has changed his mind regarding the disarming of America campaign via all of these deep state mass shooting psy ops? Maybe. But don't bet a smart lobro or any dancing schlomos. Over in TUT-landia, they still think that Trump is still working to subdue Israel and pulling the wool over the deep state (see here). When will Glenn's 15 minutes of fame expire? I know, I know, he's fondly known by Iranian audiences as the little, little guy with an ego that could fill a black hole.

P.P.S. Flash: The only ones Trump fools with his "chess-like" foreign policy moves are the delusional living in TUT-landia.

David Hogg Changes Story

Ahem... David, I don't think you'll be up for any Einstein awards for brains. How did you graduate anyway? And... David... I don't think you'll be up for any Oscars either... so David... suggest that you lay low for a while.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Who is Really Behind Youtube's Censorship?

Unfortunately, only a minority of Americans, i.e., those attempting to know the truth and spread the truth, are aware that the deep state thought police are in high gear erasing all truth from the internet.

Thanks to one such truth seeker, i.e., Northern Truth Seeker, for posting this video on his blog. NTS is well aware how the thought police are working overtime to protect the jewish MSM's version of the latest mass shooting psy op. See NTS's posting on this video and his reference to his empirical evidence of the thought police deleting any truth concerning the latest mass shooting psy op here.