Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Media MInders Scold Americans for Enjoying Memorial Day

Yes, it's true. I couldn't believe it when I was seeing it. I do want to be at the media hanging platform if  we ever come out of this nightmare. But unfortunately I think this nightmare ends with the new-wave Bolsheviks killing off millions of us Americans.

Best pic of the weekend: Dopey Biden emerging from his basement to lay a wreath at a veterans' memorial and setting an example for the public by wearing a face mask... he, his wife and his entire security entourage were sporting the same really cool jet black masks.

P.S. Love those Air Force sun glasses Mr. Vice President. You look like you were 18 years old again. Just for laughs, here is one of the highlights from when Joe was on the campaign trail, here, talking about his hairy legs, cock roaches and kids.

P.P.S. Americans, aren't you getting tired of your jewish minders? Are you fed up yet being ruled over by jews?

Saturday, May 23, 2020

COVID-19(84): Birth of a Brave New World

My fellow gentiles, you've endeavored so hard not to see the minions of anti-Christ [jews, judaism] so as not to be offensive and impolite that you've allowed them to rule over you, and now they have removed God from your world.

Rachel Maddow: Best Coronavirus Fear Monger

According to the best coronavirus fear monger on TV, President Trump "orders" churches to open during "the worst pandemic on earth." And as people across the country timidly venture out this Memorial Day weekend, which marks the beginning of summer, she encourages them to stay very afraid here and here.

The more I listen to Rachel Maddow, the more I'm reminded of Tokyo Rose.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Nicolle Wallace: Bimbo

Here bimbo Nicolle Wallace interviews Joe Biden in his basement. Biden has a brain fart and can't articulate an answer. Bimbo Wallace with her permanent smile assures him with "that's OK"... trust me people call me a bimbo all the time.

Bimbo: a foolish, stupid or inept person.

P.S. I'm venting here. Because I'm locked in my apartment, I catch this bimbo frequently. Rachel Maddow is the super star of spinning orthodoxy with original cutting edge BS. She's an insider. She's jewish. She knows what she's doing. Her fear mongering is clever and malicious. I hate her.

Bimbo Wallace on the other hand is a gentile so she's clueless regards what's really going on and who runs and controls this country, i.e., jews. Because Bimbo Wallace isn't a member of the jewish tribe, her stories are necessarily more superficial and simplistic spinning of the orthodoxy. Her presentations are always tedious and always with her permanent smile.

Pritzker Family Farm Tribute

Jay Robert "J. B." Pritzker (born January 19, 1965) is an American businessman, philanthropist, and politician serving as the 43rd Governor of Illinois. He is a private business owner based in Chicago and a managing partner and co-founder of the Pritzker Group, and a member of the Pritzker family which owns the Hyatt hotel chain. He has an estimated personal net worth of $3.4 billion. The Pritzker family is of Jewish descent.

P.S. Governor Priztker is one member of our jewish ruling elite.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Alert! Two Country Leaders Reject Going COVID-19 "Science" Meme

Alert! The leaders of Tanzania and Madagascar reject the going COVID-19 "science" meme... and they talk about GOD!!!

The going COVID-19 "science" meme (and agenda) is anti-good, anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-man-created-in-God's-image. Listen here.

Say what? Tanzania and Madagascar didn't follow the going "science" meme and put patients on ventilators like they do here?

The leaders of Tanzania and Madagascar better be careful about getting on airplanes for rejecting the well media established "science" meme... and for talking about GOD!!!

The Low Down [Truth] on This Pandemic

A straight forward, succinct telling of the truth about this fake pandemic. Fake pandemic means a vaccine of nefarious purpose.

Thanks to Greencrow for this find.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed will be the most aggressive vaccine project in history. As soon as the vaccine is ready, the American military will be ready to distribute the vaccine to every American.

The vaccine is also being developed at warp speed. Israel expects to begin phase 3 testing on thousands of people in July. See here.

Monday, May 18, 2020

New Symbol of Tyranny

Which leads to ridiculous scenes in the "land of the free" like below.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

CHIKA, The Best of #GraduateTogether

Hope for America? Read some comments:

This song inspires me so much. Chika inspires me even more.
I am nothing but HERE FOR THIS!!!! You are everything Chika!!!
Ahhhh gave me chills ..thats such a beautiful message ...love it ..thanku love an God bless x
In case you're like me and had trouble following the lyrics, the lyrics are here.

CHIKA wins the narcissism award. Do they have an award for that? Or is narcississm just something that's generally promoted? Or is it just promoted for blacks?

It looks like this graduation class has been taught that if you're black, you're on top of the pecking order.

I love the back pack girl!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

No Debate. Contact Tracing.

How is it possible to have such a draconian law just pass through Congress without out any debate or alarm? It's being rolled out and presented by all of our TV talking heads in unison, without argument as if it were some innocuous tool we must have for Americans to have the confidence to come out of their fear induced lockdowns and move on to our new normal.

Are our Congress representatives and our TV talking heads over estimating the stupidity and gullibility of Americans? Unfortunately for the overwhelming part, the answer is no.

Here's one American patriot raising alarm here.

To my second-amendment-not-so-much-first-amendment-loving, we-back-the-badge, anti-conspiracy theorist friends, are we not living under tyranny now?... have any lines in the sand been crossed for  you yet?

P.S. MSM pushing contact tracing here, here and here.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

I Wear My Face Mask To Look Smart

I also wear my face mask to look cool, cuz everyone's doing it on TV.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020


In da hospital, if ya bored... becuzada COVID... celebrate!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Americans Need Not Apply...For Jobs In America

Americans need not apply for jobs in America, especially if you are caucasion and were born and raised here. This is no longer your country, your home. You just happen to be here, in the way. Diversity rules have ruled you out.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Birds Attack 5G Tower!

What do birds know that we don't as a group of birds attack a 5G tower and attempt to dismantle it here?

This Nurse Won't Be Getting Any Awards

A Nevada nurse who traveled to New York to help treat COVID-19 patients has posted a tearful facebook live video claiming that patients are not dying from the virus but are being “murdered” by “gross negligence”.... here.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

WE BACK THE BADGE Removing People From Their Homes

Another one for my second-amendment-not-so-much-first-amendment loving, we-back-the-badge, anti-conspiracy theorist friends: Police removing a couple from their home to take them for testing here. Same report with contract tracing information here.

John Kaminski's latest article on Contact Tracers: The new job market features an attractive new possibility with career opportunities as a contact tracer. When someone tests positive for the designated disease, detectives are hired to document the infected person’s previous whereabouts so that other potential carriers of the disease may be identified, and if necessary treated and/or quarantined [which may imply removing contacts from their homes for testing]. Read John's article here.

What will you do when they come for you?

P.S. And on MSNBC they're pushing contract tracing [as if there's nothing unusual about it] consulting with contract tracing experts on how it can help us come safely out of our fear induced lockdown.

Amazing Polly: The Global Health Protection Racket

The Coronavirus  was planned to be used as the impetus to bring about a one world government for years. See here.

Deek Jackson: Adapting to the 21st Century

Saturday, May 9, 2020

WE BACK THE BADGE Enforcing Social Distancing

Another one for my second-amendment-not-so-much-first-amendment loving, we-back-the-badge, anti-conspiracy theorist friends.


This one's for my second-amendment-not-so-much-first-amendment loving, we-back-the-badge, anti-conspiracy theorist friends.

What will you do when they come for you?

Friday, May 8, 2020

NYPD's Disperse Order Machine

What does Governor Cuomo say about "New York Tough"? Tough, but that doesn't mean being without compassion? Tough, but that doesn't mean not being smart?

Governor Cuomo: "We're going to get through it because we are New York and because we've dealt with a lot of things, and because we are smart. You have to be smart to make it in New York. And we are resourceful, and we are showing how resourceful we are. And because we are united, and when you are united, there is nothing you can't do. And because we are New York tough. We are tough. You have to be tough. This place makes you tough, but it makes you tough in a good way."

Cuomo: "We're going to make it because I love New York, and I love New York because New York loves you. New York loves all of you. Black and white and brown and Asian and short and tall and gay and straight. New York loves everyone. That's why I love New York. It always has, it always will. And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always. And it will win again through this virus. Thank you."

Thank you to all the Convicts (sic) contributors and creators for the following video on NY Tough: here.

More on Coumo's immortal speech here.

P.S. When this hoax fades, and I hope it will, Governor Cuomo will have worn out everyone's tolerance of him... and his brother Chris will as well.

The Governor Has Mandated Wearing Face Masks

Hey pod people wearing masks [here], you're not social distancing!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Well This Hospital Was Busy

This hospital was busy celebrating America's corona virus heros meme.

Oops, a mishap from corona virus heros: here.

The victim of this mishap of corona virus heros wasn't so fortunate here.

What Will You Do When They Come For You?

What will you do when they come for you in your home?

They won't be doing that just in California. There's a bill in the works to make that happen nationwide. See here.   Dr. Butter raises alarm to the bill here.

And when they come to test you for the virus, you'll most likely test positive because the test is most likely rigged. See here.

You've done your part all along by going along with the jewish mainstream script of events, from the murder of our most popular president JFK in broad daylight to 9/11 to all of the mass shooting events to now being locked in your homes. You didn't step out of line. You bought the script and spoke the script. You poo pooed conspiracy theorists as you were supposed to do.

You're good obedient Americans. We don't expect you to question this latest hoax, even though, oh my, only jewish chutzpah could be behind the magnitude of this latex one. So when they come for you in your home, we know you still won't be found to be questioning the jewish mainstream script, you will still be poo pooing conspiracy theorists. And definitely you still won't be found to be anti-semitic: here.

P.S. To my second-amendment-not-so-much-first-amendment loving , anti-conspiracy theorist, we-back-the-badge friends, when they come for you to check you for the virus, they may inquire whether you have guns. And they may want to take them from you for your own good, as they may be contaminated with the virus.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Policy Dictators Can't Stop Violating Their Own Rules

It was Monday morning that Governor Cuomo came out very hard with his face mask shaming meme. That day it was face mask shaming all day on MSNBC and CNN. MSNBC repeatedly had a reporter on a Florida beach with the crowd on the beach. The home studio talking head marveled over and over again his/her disbelief that no one on the beach was wearing a face mask... except the wise, sober MSNBC reporter. Today, Wednesday, the MSNBC reporter on the street is also wearing gloves.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Covid Horse Race

We will one day get back to normal, right?

Must Listen! We Aren't Coming Out of Lockdown!

We aren't coming out of lockdown unless we rise up and demand it. The national guard will be establishing checkpoints for testing and contact tracing...and forced vaccinations. Famine and chaos are planned. These issues and more are discussed in explosive interviews between James Fetzer and Jack Mullen and Stephanie Sledge.

James Fetzer interviews Jack Mullen here. James Fetzer interviews Stephanie Sledge and Jack Mullen here.

According to the new normal being established the government can enter your home anytime and seize persons and property. These new normal rules are spelled out in the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, which are spelled in the following video: here.

To all of my anti-conspiracy theorist, we-back-the-badge, friends, our constitution is abridged. The government doesn't have to rely on the pretext of a red flag law to come for your guns. It can use our new normal rules to do that.

And your second amendment hero, Donald Trump, will be enforcing our new normal rules. Bad people shouldn't have guns.

And your second amendment hero, wants to vaccinate 300 million Americans via Operation Warp Speed by the end of the year. Listen here.

Business man Trump will be implementing the best, the fastest, most efficient vaccination program in the world. We will be world leaders in vaccinations. The world will be looking at us in wonderment.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Must Listen! Next Vaccine Will Be The Kill Shot!

James Fetzer interviews Dr. Judy Mikovits here.

Learn more about Dr. Mikovits from her Truth Comes to Light website here.

Brave Doctors Demand End to COVID-19 Lockdown and Social Distancing

A viral account from two California doctors, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, have voiced the concerns of millions: When will the coronavirus “shelter-in-place” orders end, and does it really make scientific sense to quarantine the healthy?

On April 22, 2020, they held a press conference and said emphatically that based on their analysis businesses should re-open, and people should return to regular life, without masks.

“Do we need to still shelter in place? Our answer is emphatically no,” Dr. Erickson, a board certified Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, said to a captivated audience of journalists. “Do we need businesses to be shut down? Emphatically no. Do we need to test them and get them back to work? Absolutely.”

The two doctors own and operate seven urgent care facilities in Kern County, California as part of a franchise called Accelerated Health Care, and were basing their position on the in-house testing data they personally have reviews.

Other points the doctors raised were that their analysis of the official CDC and WHO COVID-19 data has proven that the disease is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, and that self-quarantining will actually make the general population more susceptible to other diseases because their immune systems have been artificially lowered by lack of exposure to others.

Both doctors recounted they have heard from multiple unnamed ER physicians around the country that hospital administrations are pressuring doctors to wrongly write that coronavirus by itself has caused deaths, instead of including other factors, such as underlying health conditions and poor life choices, such as lifelong smoking.

Dr. Erickson believes there is a hidden agenda behind the discrepancy and that politics, not science, is motivating governments and media to maintain the pandemic, and its associating climate of ear.

TruNews has chosen to re-post this video in its entirety, without edit, because YouTube has begun to censor it from their platform, citing a violation of “community guidelines.”

In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, prior to the censoring of the video above, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said she plans to stamp out misinformation, and examples of content that would be a violation of YouTube’s policies include anything “that is medically unsubstantiated," such as someone saying “take vitamin C, take turmeric, like those are/or will cure you.”

Wojcicki added: “Anything that would go against World Health Organization [WHO] recommendations would be a violation of our policy."