Monday, July 19, 2010

IDF Female Confesses Roll In Killing Child

RAMALLAH – An Israeli female soldier admitted in a TV show entitled “soldiers behind the scenes” that she helped once her comrades to kill a Palestinian child in cold blood, but she did not disclose when and where the crime took place.

“I was monitoring through the camera at the command center the movements of Palestinian children throwing stones at the army and directing soldiers to move towards the kids, and under my guidance through the walkie-talkie, they killed a Palestinian kid,” the soldier said.

She added that she, afterwards, received congratulations from the soldiers on the killing of the child and claimed she was shocked by this news and felt her directions were the direct cause of the death of this innocent child.

She also confessed that the slain child did not constitute any threat to the heavily-armed soldiers.

Another female soldier also told the channel that she arbitrarily detained and tortured dozens of Palestinian citizens during her shift at the Shave Shomron checkpoint located between Nablus and Jenin.

She blatantly said she detained 80 Palestinians, only for pleasure, and forced them to stay under scorching sunlight while she was yelling at them without any reason and watching them suffer from boiling heat.

Meanwhile, the Haaretz newspaper reported Monday morning that the Israeli government and the military commandership are mulling over revoking the ban imposed on the entry of settlers into the West Bank cities under the control of the Palestinian authority (PA).

The newspaper added that this came as a result of the significant improvement in the security situation in the PA-controlled territories and the cooperation between Mahmoud Abbas’s security apparatuses and Israel.

The Israeli settlers were banned entry into the West Bank cities after the outbreak of the second intifada (uprising) especially when several incidents of kidnapping and killing were reported against them.

For his part, Dr. Abdulsattar Qassem, a professor of political science at Al-Najah university in Nablus, condemned the security cooperation between Abbas’s authority and Israel as a big crime against the Palestinian people.

Dr. Qassem told the Palestinian information center (PIC) commenting on Israel’s intention to allow settlers to enter West Bank cities that this matter is not political as some may believe, but it is a security-related issue resulting from the success of Abbas’s security apparatuses in guarding the safety of Israeli settlers and their high-level cooperation with Israel.

“What is happening is a big crime against the Palestinian people; the party who leads the negotiation team signed long time ago on everything and it is ready to defend the Zionists’ security by all means,” the professor underscored.


P.S. Disgusting!... but not unusual for jewish tyranny.

Un-American Perspective of Iraq War

Un-American...get it? Like Un-Cola vs. Cola. I'll take Un-American, please.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

JINGO: Living Under Jewish Tyranny

You know we're living under jewish tyranny
when everyone's terribly afraid to say...
jew, jew, jew.

You know we're living under jewish tyranny
when you're called an anti-Semite for telling the truth about...
jews, jews, jews.

You know we're living under jewish tyranny
when you have a fake democracy
and you're torturing people in the interest of...
jews, jews, jews.

We'll know we're free when we're not afraid to say...
jew, jew, jew.

Free, free Palestine,
Free, free the USA,
Free, free the world...
from jewish tyranny.

P.S. I'm just venting pain with this little jingo. Feel free to add your own lines. Jewish tyranny is so all pervasive, I know that this little jingo only begins to describe it. Consider it a starter.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Atzmon on Jews and Zionism

Former Israeli Gilad Atzmon says here: For many years I have argued that within the Jewish secular discourse there is no ideological or spiritual dichotomy between the Israeli, the Jew and the Zionist. It is probably impossible to determine where the Zionist ends and the Jew starts.

P.S. Thank you, Gilad. I've been saying the same thing myself [99.99% of those who identify themselves as jewish are zionists].

Now tell this to your new friend, jewish-sycophant, truth jihadist Kevin Barret. But then you might lose an ass kisser.

P.P.S. Gilad, I know he wasn't very receptive when you told him on his radio show [July 5th] that jews don't like that Jesus guy. I know, I know... love is blind. Just let him kiss your jewish ass, I guess. Yes, it is revolting. Yes, and embarrassing too.

[Here] he is forgetting all about his jihad for truth... and I assume justice, and getting lost in a cloud of "reality tunnel" smoke with his new buddy Professor Rushkoff. Intellectual machinations are such bliss, and so wonderful for the ego. Afterall, I am a Professor. Don't get me wrong, I care about truth and justice... but I am a Professor.

[Here] in his first great debate on zionism, he finds out that his buddy Professor Curtis, whom he just wrote a book with, if pressed, must admit that he is a zionist, and unbelievably thinks that the controlling powers in America are the Protestants. This is typical of denying mainstream "non-zionist" zionist jews. It's moon phases before it's jews. Kevin may be just finding this out.

And in his second great debate on zionism [here] he first assures Professor Ira Chernus that he isn't an anti-Semite and then lets Professor Chernus treat his listening audience to a lecture on "nuanced zionism". That show was pretty disgusting... good for getting a glimpse of the typical jewish mindset but disgusting.

And here has to be Barret's funniest interview yet. Listen to this "dialog" with who must be the numero uno God fearing jew of the "God fearing jews" that sycophant Barret so often refers to.

Yes, Gilad, pretty revolting... and embarrassing. Oh well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I'm hoping that one day he'll grow out of it, Gilad.