Thursday, March 31, 2011

Up is Down: Gingrich says US is run by Anti-Jewish Elite

Former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, has said the United States under President Obama is “dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite.”

“Until you replace this president and until you have the Congress and the new president replace large parts of our bureaucracies, we’re going to continue to be dominated by a secular, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish elite, which is seeking to impose on us rules that make zero sense,” Gingrich said at the American Family Association’s pastors’ policy briefing in Iowa on March 25.

The statement came from a question about confronting Sharia law in America, reports Politico. Gingrich said that American leadership was “so afraid to tell the truth” and “timid” that it did not prosecute the Pakistani Muslim who planted a bomb in Times Square last year.

“I simply suggest that every church in the country announce there is a new principle that visiting Bethlehem every year for three weeks is an important part of your devotion,” Gingrich said to applause.

“The whole thing collapses,” he added. “It’s an absurdity. It’s part of this desperation of our secular elites to do everything they can to prove they are not anti-Muslim.”

Source article is at the jewish TOT site here.

P.S. Incredible! However, I don't imagine that many of the jewish readers of TOT don't believe this hogwash.

Rare Adolf Hitler Speech: Israel, Iran, Zionism, WW3

Can zionism lead anywhere else but WW3?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rise of Israel's Military Rabbis

Judaism is a religion of peace, right? I guess you could think that, if you think that Custer wanted peace with the Indians.

Sha of Iran Tells It Like It Is on Jewish Control of America

The Sha of Iran told it how it was in 1974. Do you think jewish control of American has weaned or waxed since then?

Israeli Court Orders Jerusalem Family to Share Home with Settlers

In the last month Palestinians in Jerusalem continued to face ongoing violence and settler takeovers of their homes. As Israeli forces abducted and arrested children in the Silwan area, an order by the municipal court could force a family to "share" a room in their home with settlers. Meanwhile, a United Nations expert called Israeli policies in East Jerusalem consistent with characteristics of apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

In Ras al-Amoud, an Israeli court recently ruled that a Palestinian family will have to move out of one room in their home as Israeli settlers and an armed Israeli guard could move in in a matter of weeks.

After 11 years of legal battles, the Hamdallah family was ordered to move their furniture and belongings out of one of their bedrooms and their front yard. Their home is next to settler houses in the illegal settlement colony of Maaleh Zeitim.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that American billionaire and settler financier Irving Moskowitz waged the long battle against the Hamdallahs in court, claiming that he "acquired" the land from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish organization. The Hamdallah family has lived in the home since 1952; however the Jerusalem district court ruled in 2005 that they had to "evacuate parts of the home built after 1989" ("Palestinian family ordered to share East Jerusalem home with Israelis," 10 March 2011).

Haaretz added that Moskowitz's lawyer "convinced the bailiff's office that this includes one bedroom and the front yard."

Read the rest of this incredible story here.

P.S. This story is incredible for people of normal human values and sensibilities but it is not out of the ordinary for the supremacists behind it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is Another ‘Cast Lead’ in the Offing?

March 23, 2011 "Information Clearing House" --- Are we witnessing the stirrings of a new, large-scale Israeli military operation? Haaretz today reports that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday that the Israel Defense Forces would continue to use ‘firm determination and assaults’ on Gaza…[Netanyahu said:] ‘It could take the form of exchanges of fire, it could continue for a particular length of time.’”

Indeed, the stars seem to be aligning for another brutal Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip two years after “Operation Cast Lead” killed some 1,400 Palestinians, the vast majority of them civilians, and completely destroyed 3,000 homes in what Judge Richard Goldstone termed a “deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.”

Eerie parallels between the period leading up to “Cast Lead” and the situation now exist, and there’s nothing to stop Israel from launching another assault, given that the United States has sent the world the message that Israeli war crimes will go unpunished.

First, the parallels. In the months leading up to the 2008-09 assault on Gaza, a tenuous truce held between Hamas and Israel as Hamas stopped firing rockets at Israeli communities and attempted to reign in other armed groups in Gaza from doing so. An August 2008 WikiLeaks cable that describes a visit by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak to Egypt reports:

Regarding the Tahdiya ["calm" in Arabic], Hacham said Barak stressed that while it was not permanent, for the time being it was holding. There have been a number of violations of the ceasefire on the Gaza side, but Palestinian factions other than Hamas were responsible. Hacham said the Israelis assess that Hamas is making a serious effort to convince the other factions not to launch rockets or mortars. Israel remains concerned by Hamas’ ongoing efforts to use the Tahdiya to increase their strength, and at some point, military action will have to be put back on the table. The Israelis reluctantly admit that the Tahdiya has served to further consolidate Hamas’ grip on Gaza, but it has brought a large measure of peace and quiet to Israeli communities near Gaza.

Despite this “peace,” Israel decisively broke the truce on November 4, 2008 when they raided Gaza and killed six members of Hamas, leading to an increase in Hamas and other armed groups’ rocket attacks on Israel. According to a January 2009 report by investigative journalist Gareth Porter, Israel rejected a Hamas ceasefire offer in December 2008.

After the assault ended in January 2009, a tenuous lull, punctuated by sporadic violence on the Gaza-Israel border, has held. In January 2011, Hamas again attempted to reign in other armed groups from firing at Israeli communities.

But now this lull seems to be breaking down. The Israeli daily Haaretz reports on what has occurred in the last week:

The current tensions began exactly a week ago when Israel launched an air attack on a Hamas base in the ruins of the settlement of Netzarim, killing two Hamas men. That attack came in response to a Qassam fired from Gaza that landed in an open area. Hamas then responded with a barrage of 50 mortars on communities south of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli attacks on Gaza over the last few days have left eight people dead, including five civilians, and another twelve civilians have been wounded. The air strikes came after Hamas offered a truce--events that bear a striking resemblance to what occurred in the run-up to “Operation Cast Lead.”

What makes a renewed assault seem more possible is the fact that strident warnings are coming from Israeli leaders. Tzipi Livni, the head of the opposition party Kadima and who was the foreign minister during the 08-09 Gaza assault, recently said that “the right way to contend with [the recent rocket attacks] is through force, as Israel did during Operation Cast Lead and after it.” Both the Vice Premier and and the culture minister have voiced similar warnings.
The frightening warnings and attacks on Gazan civilians could stop if the international community would pressure Israel. But what’s to stop Israel if they have U.S.-guaranteed impunity? The Goldstone report recommended that proceedings against Israelis and Palestinians who committed war crimes occur if domestic systems do not uphold international law. No high-level officials, on the Palestinian or Israeli side, have been held accountable. The U.S. has ensured that Israeli leaders who committed war crimes will get off free.
A promise of law is that the deterrent effect of punishment may prevent future crimes. That promise goes out the window if there is no punishment–exactly what happened after the publication of the Goldstone report.

Source article with links by Alex Kane can be found here.

P.S. Of course another 'Cast Lead' is in the offing. Anyone that thinks jews have lost their lust for killing gentiles and blood is incredibly naive... fitting the depiction of 'goyim', i.e., human cattle.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General of Hassan Nasrallah's on March 19 2011

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the world. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household, chosen companions and all prophets and messengers. The gentle religionists, the gentle MPs, brothers, and sisters, God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

Today we meet to express our consolidation with our Arab peoples, their revolutions, uprisings, and sacrifices, mainly with the people of Tunisia - we have started chronologically - then Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and Yemen.

The value of this consolidation is spiritual, political, and ethical, as for its effects, they are primarily spiritual since the origin of what is going on today and what might determine the fate of an uprising here and a revolution there, a resistance here and a resistance there, is the steadfastness and resistance of the peoples. In the first place, this is with their faith and high spirits.

You and I remember well the harsh days of the July War, the scandals of which we smell nowadays in Wikileaks. You remember well that in those days, any talk in any place of the world, any celebration, demonstration, sit-in, throng, speech, statement, or declaration affected well and positively the spirits of the Resistance, the steadfast, the dislodged, and the fighters. This is the case of the rebellious peoples these days.

We are here today to tell them: We are with you, we support you, we press your hands, we feel glad when you do, and we are sad when you are. We supplicate to God to grant you victory, and we offer ourselves and say: We are ready to help and assist you with all that your sake and ours might require. We offer our capacities and capabilities to be by your side.

I will speak - my brothers and sisters - about different topics and a group of common topics among these peoples. I will give a very brief word concerning every country, and I will tackle the issue of Bahrain a little bit more upon the sectarian controversy of the special issue, the special complexity present there, responsibilities, and required initiatives. Then I will leave some time to talk about the recent Lebanese developments, which need to be tackled.

Firstly: We reiterate that these revolutions are the peoples' own wills.

Any accusation that claims that America is behind these revolutions, has incited and stirred them, and is leading them represents a false, unjust accusation of these peoples, especially if we talk about these five systems, which are allies to America. They are systems that follow America and harmonize with it, that have offered and still offer services for the American plot, and that do not constitute any threat to the American policy - which is "Israel" in the Middle East Region. Is it logical that the American government criticizes obedient, harmonizing, submissive, and ally systems and incites popular revolutions?

This is illogical, especially when America knows very well - upon polls, surveys, and public and intelligence information - that the awareness and insight of these peoples has now become obvious and that these peoples have a very aware, steadfast, and committed attitude against the American policy and government and against the presence of "Israel". Thus, how could the American government incite revolutions of peoples who are aware, have foresight and are well-determined, without knowing what consequences these revolutions will result in and what alternatives these peoples will produce at the level of governments and systems? So this is a false and unjust accusation.

Had we been talking of a withstanding, resistant system that does not submit to the will of the United States of America or the American plot, a system that withstands and challenges Israel, a system that is then objected by protests, then we could have wondered - excluding prejudice - whether it is likely to be discussed that there are provocateurs and inciters against this system. But can some say that these are American revolutions against systems submissive to the U.S.A.? This is unaccepted - as is the ridiculous accusation of Al Qaeda to have incited the Libyan revolution and the ridiculous accusation of Iran to have provoked the uprising of the people in Bahrain.

Secondly, I will be concise with the topics, as there is much to say. These are true, popular revolutions that people have launched - primarily youth - then men, women, children, and elders, who were followed by elites and then political powers. These revolutions are based on faith, awareness, anger, enthusiasm - and most important - great readiness for sacrifice. This is what the counteractive systems cannot ignore about these peoples.

We have watched televisions and seen, with our own eyes, youth challenging guns to shoot them, and they were shot. We've seen this in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya. But it doesn't stop here; afterwards, other youth challenge bullets and guns.

What does this mean? It is of quite great significance that murder, horror, and massacres have failed to get people out of arenas and fields of encounter. There is a divine, historic, and natural norm that governs history and society. It is this:

When such a people with this high determination, faith, awareness, readiness for sacrifice and patience in spite of the blood, martyrs, wounds, and house demolitions is present, it cannot be defeated. Not America, not Israel, and not any tyrannical regime in the world can conquer this people.

This is a divine norm, a natural, divine law; hence, the sacrifices may be many, but in the end, steadfastness, determination, and enthusiasm lead to victory. This is evident through the history of revolutions, public uprisings, and recent and post resistant acts. Here lies the primary element of strength, which we find in these rebellious peoples.

Accordingly, we issue our call in Lebanon, the country of the liberal Resistance in 2000 and the victorious Resistance in July, 2006 to tell these peoples that the only available and required choice is that you be quite steadfast and patient and that you have faith in God, the Supreme and Almighty, for if you are patient and steadfast and sustain your struggle and jihad, He shall support you and grant you victory.

Read the rest of the speech here.

P.S. What? These uprisings of the people aren't just a zionist plot? What? God still will honor peoples' actions of faith and give them victory over evil... even if it's zionism? But, but what if I'm one of these guys making themselves smart guys by pooh poohing all of these uprisings as a zionist plot and the people as hapless dupes whose efforts will all be in vain? Which way should I pray then?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Army Holds Annual Bring Your Daughter To War Day

And in the interest of positive public relations, the army has officially apologized for trophy pictures of soldiers smiling over their trophies, i.e., dead, bloodied Afghan civilian corpses. We can't let all this fighting for our freedoms have a negative impact on our high moral standards, an army spokes persion said.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379

On November 10, 1975, the United nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 3379, which ends with an undying truth: “…which most severely condemned zionism as a threat to world peace and security and called upon all countries to oppose this racist and imperialist ideology, Determines that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.”

Another important text appearing in this resolution is: “international co-operation and peace require the achievement of national liberation and independence, the elimination of colonialism and neo-colonialism, foreign occupation, zionism, apartheid and racial discrimination in all its forms,…”

Almost 35 years later – on October 16, 2009 – the same United Nations adopted the The Goldstone Report - which condemned Israel on its brutal attack on Gaza. The report defines Israel as a terror inflicting organization (Article 1690 and others). The brutality of the events described there – include the bombing of civilians within a hospital with white phosphorous – leaves no place for doubt: Israel didn’t change attitude. It is still a racist and brutal organization. Sadly, the fate of Resolution 3379 was different.

Israeli Insolence (a.k.a Chutzpah)

The same day Resolution 3379 was adopted with an overwhelming vote of a vote of 72 to 35 (and 32 abstentions), the Israeli Ambassador to the UN was given the opportunity to answer.

Chaim Herzog [who later became Israel’s president uttered uttered the familiar Jewish mantra]: “another manifestation of the bitter anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish hatred which animates Arab society.” Herzog tthen tore the UN resolution in half.

Spain’s Bailout

Years later, Israelis kept complaining day and night about the whole world being against them while citing Resolution 3379. Then, on October 30, 1991, the Madrid Conference was hosted by the government of Spain and co-sponsored by the USA and the USSR. In its three days a peace process involving Israel and the Palestinians, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan was initiated. In order to attend the event, Israel blackmailed the international community by imposing an ultimatum: nullify Resolution 3379 or there is no Madrid Conference. Ever compliant, the USA began a massive international campaign – at the expense of American taxpayers - on behalf of Israel.

Shortly after the conference – on December 16, 1991, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46/86 passed with a vote of 111 to 25, with 13 abstentions. It is the only revoking resolution in the history of the UN. It revoked Resolution 3379, despite nothing having changed on the ground.

There is no way of ignoring Israel’s crimes [of] the last decades. We must face the violent Israeli reality and demand from the UN General Assembly: Revalidate Resolution 3379.

Source article can be located here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

America's Anti-Muslim Jihadists on the March Again

Remember the mad mullah who tried to build a terror mosque atop Ground Zero using the ashes of September 11th victims?

Neither do I.

But that campaign — the slandering of an imam sponsored by the State Department and the smearing of a proposed cultural center no closer to Ground Zero than pubs and porn shops — is worth recalling because America’s jihadists are at it again.

First there is the spectacle of Congressmen Peter King, an IRA terrorist sympathizer who penned a novel in which he saves America from Muslim terrorist sympathizers. Since no one cared to read it, King is intent on realizing his fictional fantasy by presiding over a show trial held on the equally fictional pretext that “the Muslim community” poses “a real threat to the country” and protects terrorists.

Then there is Pamela Geller, who exemplifies the grotesque neurosis that now afflicts many American Jewish conservatives. Geller admires fascist parties in South Africa and Europe (deemed kosher because they now want to exterminate Muslims instead of Jews) and denounces Jewish moderates (read: those who don’t advocate Palestinian genocide) as modern-day Nazi collaborators. Alongside her comrade David Yerushalmi, another Jewish figure who advocates white supremacy, Geller works to criminalize Islam under the pretext of banning “Sharia law” in state after state.

And finally there is “Brigitte Gabriel,” the alias of Islamophobia’s Oprah Winfrey. She rivets churches and synagogues by turning the complex history of the Lebanese civil war into a tale of bloodthirsty Muslims exterminating Christians — even though the war’s largest massacre was committed by a Christian group backed by Israel.

These recent assaults by Christian and Jewish conservatives have outdone last year’s in anger and ugliness. But perhaps the finest example is this video of Tea Party “patriots” shouting religious slurs at a Muslim charity event attended by women and children in Orange County, California. A rabbi, two conservative congressmen, and a city official named Deborah Pauly blessed the proceedings. Pauly darkly noted to her audience that she “knew some Marines” who would be “happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise.”

Shameful? Hardly — “Bravely Confronting Radicals,” chirps a right-wing outlet. Pauly later claimed that her vicarious death threat was actually directed at radicals in the Middle East, not anyone at the rally. Brilliant: she and her mob may soon beat up a few American Muslims and claim it as an even better way to “direct” their anger at shadowy enemies thousands of miles away.

The ugliness is bound to get uglier, because conservatives now face a serious challenge: reality. While the exponents of hate spew venom about Islam and the menace of its adherents, millions of ordinary Muslims in the Middle East are rising up in unison, showing immense courage, ingenuity, and resourcefulness as they vie for freedom against despots — most of whom rely on the United States for support.

So much for “they hate us for our freedom.”

And so much for Israel-first policy. That country’s American cheerleaders insist that whatever Israel’s atrocities, it should be excused because Muslims are animals who must be controlled. Now, it turns out that Muslims, too, might be human beings. And when the Palestinians inevitably apply the lessons of their Arab brethren, who will be left to defend Israel when a hundred thousand human beings march against the occupation?

This is what haunts and animates America’s fifth column: the lies they have so carefully cultivated to sink America in two wars and financial ruin may blow up in their face if their Two Minutes Hate cannot be extended ad infinitum.

Councilwoman Pauly, the elected official who called for the murder of her fellow Americans, shrieked at one point, “I don’t even care, I don’t even care if you think I’m crazy anymore.”

She’s right: America’s jihadists don’t care if you think they’re crazy — they just don’t want you to think the Enemy is human.

Source article is by M. Junaid Levesque-Alam with supporting links is located here. I highly recommend clicking on the link to the source article and reading the article there to be able to also read the many links to the article.

P.S. A few minor corrections: 1) America's anti-Muslim jihadists aren't on the march again. They haven't stopped marching since the false-flag terrorist attack of 9-11. They're still on the march. 2) It's not that they don't want us to think our enemy is human. It's more about our real enemies making an enemy out of any resistance to them. Our real enemies are the cause behind the false-flag terrorist attack of 9-11. Our real enemies have us fighting their enemies in the Middle East and demonizing and investigating the wrong community.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lauren Booth's Open Letter to Israel

Journalist Lauren Booth was on the first Free Gaza voyage and stayed to work in Gaza after the boats left. Her heartfelt letter to the people of Israel should be read by everyone who hopes for peace in the Middle East. This stunning video tribute to her words was designed and produced by the Free Gaza movement.

P.S. Lauren assumes wrongly when she says she is speaking from human to human in addressing the Israelis. And she assumes wrongly again when she thinks that Israel can be shamed here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hate and Ignorance Wrapped in the Flag

Americans are indeed very much becoming goyim, i.e., human cattle, what their jewish nobility/ruling class have always deemed them to be.

Comment from loon watch:
There was also somebody sounding a [jewish] Shofar (Ram’s horn) which while being used for prayer was also used in Biblical Times to call to War, and in this context it seems quite clear that it is being used as a call to war and intimidation. Why the hell would someone bring a shofar to protest a Muslim charity event?

P.S. Uhm... me thinks that someone who would bring a shofar to protest a Muslim charity event would be someone jewish, i.e., someone from a genuine community of hate, where they really teach supremacism, hate and paranoia.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Palestine’s uprising inspired Egypt’s

In the 1990s, one could only whisper Hosni Mubarak’s name. Political talk or jokes were avoided in phone calls. This year, millions of Egyptians fought for 18 days against their aging tyrant, braving the police troops firing teargas, rubber bullets and live ammunition. People in Egypt have lost their fear, but it did not happen overnight. The Egyptian revolution, rather than coming out of the blue on 25 January 2011, is a result of a process that has been brewing over the previous decade — a chain reaction to the autumn 2000 protests in solidarity with the Palestinian intifada.

Mubarak’s iron-fist rule and the outbreak of the dirty war between the regime and Islamist militants in the 1990s meant the death of street dissent. Public gatherings and street protests were banned and if they did take place, confronted by force. Live ammunition was used on strikers. Trade unions were put under government control.

Only after the Palestinian intifada broke out in September 2000 did tens of thousands of Egyptians take to the streets in protest — probably for the first time since 1977. Although those demonstrations were in solidarity with the Palestinians, they soon gained an anti-regime dimension, and police showed up to quell the peaceful protests. The president, however, remained a taboo subject, and I rarely heard anti-Mubarak chants.

I recall the first time I heard protesters en masse chanting against the president in April 2002, during the pro-Palestinian riots around Cairo University. Battling the notorious central security forces, protesters were chanting in Arabic: “Hosni Mubarak is just like [Ariel] Sharon.”

The anger was to explode on an even larger scale with the outbreak of the war on Iraq in March 2003. More than 30,000 Egyptians fought the police in downtown Cairo, briefly taking over Tahrir Square, and burning down Mubarak’s billboard.

The scenes aired by Al Jazeera and other satellite networks of the Palestinian revolt or the US-led onslaught on Iraq inspired activists across Egypt to pull down the wall of fear brick by brick. It was in 2004 that pro-Palestinian and anti-war campaigners launched the Kefaya movement, which took on the president and his family.

Though it failed to create a mass following among the working class and the urban poor, Kefaya’s use of both social and mainstream media helped shift the political culture in the country. Millions of Egyptians, while sitting at home, could watch those daring young activists in downtown Cairo mocking the president, raising banners with slogans that were unimaginable a decade before.

In December 2006, workers at the biggest textile mill in the Middle East, located in the Nile delta town of Mahala, went on strike. The action followed two decades of a lull in the industrial struggle, caused by repression and by an aggressive neoliberal program that had the blessing of the IMF and the World Bank. Following their victory, which received widespread media coverage, a wave of strikes engulfed the textile sector, with workers in other mills demanding the same gains as those of Mahala. The industrial militancy was soon to spill over into other sectors of the economy. Images of the strikes, aired via both social and mainstream media, meant millions of workers could gradually overcome their fears, and organize protests inspired by news of victories of strikes in other sectors. As a journalist covering the strike wave in 2007, I frequently heard from strikers: “We were encouraged to move after we heard of Mahala.”

Though scoffed at by some as only economic, the strike wave was political in essence. In April 2008, a mini revolt took place in the city of Mahala over the price of bread. Security forces put down the uprising in two days, leaving at least three dead and hundreds detained and tortured. The scenes from what became known as the “Mahala intifada” could have constituted a dress rehearsal for what happened in 2011, with protesters taking down Mubarak’s posters, battling the police troops in the streets, and challenging the symbols of the much-hated National Democratic party. Soon after, a similar revolt took place in the city of al-Borollos, north of the Nile delta.

Though these uprisings were quelled, the country continued to witness almost on a daily basis strikes and sit-ins by workers, and smaller demonstrations by activists in downtown Cairo and the provinces. Protesting workers in the spring and winter of 2010 occupied the area around parliament, in what local columnists described as a “Cairo Hyde Park.”

Those daily economic and political struggles against the state meant the legitimacy of Mubarak’s regime was rapidly eroding, if it ever really existed.

By October 2010, there was definitely something in the air. It became normal to bump into a strike here or there while heading to work. Civil servants heading home from the office would pass by activists holding small protests in downtown Cairo. They looked, and very occasionally reacted. But they were witnessing visual displays of daily dissent.

Tunisia then went through its own revolt, overthrew a tyrant, and, more importantly, the revolution was televised to millions of viewers in Egypt and elsewhere, largely via Al Jazeera again. This was only one of many catalysts — daily incidents of police brutality provided many others.

The uprising that started on 25 January 2011 was the result of a long process in which the wall of fear fell, bit by bit. The key to it all was that the actions on the ground were visually transmitted to the widest possible audience. Nothing aids the erosion of one’s fear more than knowing there are others, somewhere else, who share the same desire for liberation — and have started taking action.

Source article by Hossam el-Hamalawy, of The Electronic Intifada is located here.

P.S. It may appear to some that the Ugly Truth is that Palestinians' persistence in protesting their in-humane plight living under the thumb of zionism for 60 years is all for naught. Having to witness such inhumanity that their country was very much responsible for was very much a factor contributing to the Egyptians protesting to throw off their own zionist yolk. What was really ugly in truth was pooh poohing the Egyptian protesters dupes in a zionist plot instead letting them know there were others somewhere else in the world supporting their brave efforts.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ireland's Pencil Revolution

Ireland’s election called a “transformative moment” in nation’s history: a “pencil revolution” at the ballot box

- The Fianna Fail party has been annihilated at the polls: the party locked Ireland into an 85 billion euro loan from the EU/IMF at an interest rate of 6% and relinquished sovereignty

- New government has just days to stop transfer of tax payer money to foreign bondholders following draconian EU/IMF budget passed in December

- 85% of the income tax revenue will be used to service the EU/IMF loan by 2012 in an economic Blitzkrieg

- EU insists Ireland must pay banks setting stage for “collision” with new Irish government

- Spirit of independence of 1916 awakening as country faces crushing taxation without representation by imperial-style EU administration

Irish voters have delivered “electoral Armageddon” to the Fianna Fail government that saddled tax payers with the obligation to pay interest on a mountain of private bank debt.

Interest on the national debt is set to consume a 85% of the country’s income tax revenues by 2012, according to The Telegraph.

Fine Gael won the most seats in the 166-seat Dáil at 76 and looks set to form a government with the Labour party, which won around 37 seats. Sinn Fein trebled its seats to win 15, including Donegal South West.

Fianna Fail was relegated to the wilderness with 20 seats in an annihilation of historical proportions for the first government in the eurozone to lock its people into an EU/IMF loan.

The stunning ousting of the country’s ruling party that has ruled for 61 of the past 80 years has been called the “pencil revolution” and compared with the uprisings in the Middle East but without bloody street battles.

Fine Gael and Labour leaders met today to discuss at top speed how to deal with the interest payments on the EU/IMF loan.

Money will be taken from the Irish tax payers very fast in an economic “Blitzkrieg”. The EU/IMF have plans to repay 60 per cent of holders of non-guaranteed, unsecured senior bonds by the end of 2012, with bondholders getting €5.7bn this year and €7bn in 2012.

Banks have already received €53bn, or 33 per cent of GDP, since 2008. At the same time, GDP contracted by 11 per cent between 2007 and 2010.

The high voter turn-out at the election of 70% and the wipe out of FF at the polls suggests that the population has understood that corruption among the Irish and EU political and financial elite have caused the worst economic collapse in modern Ireland’s history, and want a government that shows the steely spirit of 1916 to rescue the country.

Polls show huge numbers of voters described themselves as “very angry” and “outraged at what is, in effect, the biggest transfer of wealth from the people of Ireland to foreign entities in history under the pretext of having to pay interest on a paper debt.

Vienna Economics Professor Franz Hörmann explained in a report in Der Standard how banks can create money– and also debt — out of thin air using the fractional reserve banking system. He also explained how they can use the fair value accounting rule to amass fraudulent losses on their books that can also be used as a pretext to suck real capital from taxpayers as long as government leaders acquiesce in the fraud.

The FF government and ECB helped fuel a property bubble by easy credit and they subsequently burst the bubble.

The ensuing property losses gave the banks a pretext to declare themselves in liquidity problems and get billions in real capital in the form of tax payer money in return for paper losses.

The EU and IMF are insisting that Irish taxpayers hand over their money to foreign bondholders at a brutal pace, leaving a new government little time to reverse the biggest transfer of wealth from the country to foreign entities in history before key summits in March.

“The cost of servicing Irish bank debt and the EU-IMF bank loans will consume 85 per cent of Ireland’s income tax revenue by 2012, a burden that a majority of voters find intolerable.,” reports Bruno Waterfield.

An average Irish family will have to pay about £3,900 a year in extra taxes , and most to the banks.

This burden comes after the FF leadership saddled the Irish people with private bank debt obligations which amount to about 135 billion in a backroom deal.

In November, 2010, FF locked the country into an 85 billion euro loan from the EU/IMF at an interest rate of about 6%. They also relinquished sovereignty to the EU and IMF and passed an EU/IMF budget in December 1010 to raise taxes by 5 billion and cut spending by 10 billion euros.

This triggered early elections and the wipe out of the FF party at the polls last Thursday in a warning to the EU and IMF and banks that voters have had enough.

Enda Kenny is set to attend at an EU summit on March 11, and on March 24 and 25.

Kenny has said he will try persuade his European counterparts to cut the interest rate on the EU loan. But it is not clear how this will help Ireland significantly given the size of the national debt and the pace at which it is being repaid.

According to EU officials, the Irish voters have no say, however, report the media. There will be taxation without representation in a development that puts the EU on the same footing as the colonial British empire.

The German and French government are pressing for an embryonic EU fiscal union, which is just another method for looting EU taxpayers who are increasingly opposing the extraction of their money by banks via the European Stability Fund.

The Irish people will never acquiesce in the open looting of their economy by the EU, German and French officials on behalf of the banks in what can only be described as an economic “Blitzkrieg” setting the scene for a collision, as the Telegraph reports.

Labour could reject Fine Gael and its polices on privatisation, austerity and income cuts and form a government with Sinn Fein and Independents and make a fresh start.

German economist Hans-Werner Sinn recently said that Greece should readopt the Drachma, recognizing that there is no way out of a eurozone country caught in the EU/IMF bank debt trap other than setting up a new currency and detaching a country’s economy from the blood sucking banks that control the apparatus of the EU government.

It should conduct an inquiry into the banking crisis and bring those responsible to account.

This was an economic crime comparable in the devastation it has wrecked to a war crime.

Ireland should strike out on a new path with full confidence, showing leadership and giving an example to the downtrodden people and tax slaves in the EU empire.

It freed itself from the grip of the British empire – and this is the same whatever mask or name the EU and IMF may give to their robbery of the Irish people.

With its back against the wall, Ireland has nothing to lose as it is. Following the EU and IMF path will result in the rapid and total destruction of the country.

The spirit of courage and independence of 1916 is surely required to make a clean break.

Any new Irish government should surely write off the paper bank debts, restructure the banks to separate the commercial from the investment or property arms and if it brings the eurozone currency built on debt to its knees in doing so, all the better.

Ireland is already entering a so-called debt-death spiral with soaring unemployment, falling tax receipts, growing mortgage defaults and banks requiring ever more bailouts, forcing the government to borrow more until it is finally pushed into a default.

Given the fact that euro is set to disintegrate anyway under inflationary pressures created by the way the ECB’s buying up the souvereign bonds of the growing numbers insolvent eurozone nations, Ireland would be advised to leave the euro altogether and adopt the punt again, something that would bolster its already strong export sector.

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P.S. Me thinks it won't be long before the Irish hit the streets like the Tunisians, the Egyptians, the Lybians, the Wisconsinites, etc.... Hey! Is it the Ugly Truth that this is all a zionist plot to have everybody protesting their plight under jewish domination and tyranny so they can implement more police control to make the world safe for jewish bankers? You guys stop all that protesting now!