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Chutzpah Is The Key

Rejection of skepticism a big part of what makes State of Israel so successful and unique
As Israel prepares to begin its 65th year of modern-day independence, there can be no disputing that this nation remains confronted with a myriad of challenges and threats to its very existence. But despite the perceived pall of fear and tension which seem to hang eternally over Israel, I can confidently say, as someone who has been blessed to contribute to its modern renaissance, that Israel’s daily reality is one of hope and promise for a brighter future – a reality in which most Israelis live.
Recently, I appeared in a new film which will soon be showing across the world: "Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference." The film attempts to pin down the elusive key characteristics that make modern Israel a nation unlike all other nations.
I’ll name a few: Chutzpah, Transforming Adversity to Advantage and Powerful Family Links. While many explanations have been offered as to why our nation has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and in a challenging and hostile environment, I believe that the issue of national character and personal determination shouldn’t be overlooked.
Undoubtedly, there is an underlying Israeli (or many would say Jewish) characteristic that can only be defined as chutzpah. To the uninitiated, this term is often mistranslated as brashness or even rudeness. Yet, those who truly appreciate what motivates chutzpah know that this is a character trait driven by an unwavering determination to get things done – and ensuring that “no” can not be the answer.
Chutzpah can also be used positively to challenge the status quo and look for new ways to do things better and reject the skepticism of the naysayers. This is a big part of what makes Israel so successful and unique.
I can certainly relate to this character trait - it’s what made me push ahead when I founded Birthright Israel and since then, it’s a vision that I have been blessed to share with hundreds of thousands of young people since the program’s launch.
Israel one big family
In the spirit of this film, Israel’s 64th anniversary should be used to dismiss the notion of a modern Israel solely defined by the conflict that surrounds it. In little more than half a century, a country has been created that is a burgeoning haven of scientific innovation, a marketplace of ideas that attracts the world’s leading minds and a center of some of the world’s most contributive medical discoveries.
An arid land of desert and harsh climate has literally been transformed into a leading international exporter of thousands of products [including trojan software, security systems, sniper rifles to name a few] to the majority of ports around the globe. Despite the global economic downturn, the Israeli export industry continues to grow and in 2011 recorded $89 billion in sales, a 4.5% increase over the previous year [thanks in part to money extorted from our hapless, goyim (human cattle)  the world over].
As clichéd as many might think it to be, the truth is that all of Israel is one big family – in times both good and bad. The concept of a national collective that motivated the establishment of the state demonstrates itself today in the ethos of a national responsibility for fellow citizens and has penetrated into all aspects of Israeli society.
I chided the Jewish establishment when I founded Birthright. My theory was that Jewish identity among American secular Jews would surge if that group felt connected to Israel. And I was right.
Here, I will chide again: Israel’s identity at 64 must be linked to our collective pride in Israel’s accomplishments, and the confidence that we have only revealed a portion of the country’s full national potential. It is for this reason that I threw my lot in with the makers of Israel Inside,, a group of innovative American Israelis dedicated to upping the connection of unaffiliated American Jews through paradigm-shifting film education.
Israel gives us many reasons to look forward to another year of our beloved nation’s independence. But most of all we need to remember that now is the time to embrace a new outlook on the Jewish State and ensure that we begin to view her for what she truly is – a nation of remarkable progress, innovation and the very best of downright chutzpah.
Michael Steinhardt is the Founder of Birthright Israel and a member of the advisory Board of He is featured alongside other leading Jewish and Israeli personalities in the film Israel Inside, produced by To find out about viewings in your area, please visit
P.S. Well there ya go! Chutzpah reigns in the jewish culture.  I'm beginning to see what that Muslim truth jihadist Kevin Barret admires about jewish culture. They're not shy about getting what's theirs. And everything is theirs.

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Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

If any man be devout and loveth God, let him enjoy this fair and radiant triumphal feast. If any man bee a wise servant, let him rejoicing enter into the joy of his Lord. If any have labored long in fasting, let him ow receive his recompense. If any have wrought from the first hour, let him today receive his just reward. If any have come at the third hour, let him with thankfulness keep the feast. If any have arrived at the sixth hour, let him have no misgivings: because he shall in no way be deprived therefore. If any have delayed unto the ninth hour, let him draw near fearing nothing. If any have tarried even until the eleventh hour, let him, also be not alarmed at his tardiness; for the Lord, who is jealous of his honor, will accept the last even as the first; He giveth rest unto him who cometh at the eleventh hour, even as unto him who hath wrought from the first hour. And He showeth mercy upon the last, and careth for the first; and to the one He giveth, and up the other He bestoweth gifts. And He both accepteth the deeds and welcometh the intention; and honoreth the acts and praises the offering. Wherefore, enter ye all into the joy of your Lord; and receiveth your reward, both the first, and likewise the second. You rich an poor together, hold high festival. You sober and you heedless, honor the day. Rejoice today, both you who have fasted and you who have disregarded the fast. The table is full laden; feast ye all sumptiously. The calf is fatted; let no one go hungry away. Enjoy ye all the feast of faith. Receive ye all the riches of loving kindness. Let no one weep for his iniquities, for pardon has shown forth from the grave. Let no one fear death, for the Savior's death has set us free. He that was held prisoner of it has annilhillated it. By descending into Hell, He made hell captive. He embittered it when it tasted His flesh. And Isaiah, foretelling this did cry: Hell, said he, was embittered, when it encountered Thee in the lower regions. It was embittered, for it was abolished. It was embittered, for it was mocked. It was embittered for it was slain. It was embittered for it was overthrown. It was embittered, for it was fettered in chains. It took a body, and met God face to face. It took earth, and encountered Heaven. It took that which was seen, and fell upon the unseen. Oh Death, where is thy sting? Oh hell, where is thy victory? Christ is risen, and thou art overthrown. Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen. Christ is risen, and the angels rejoice. Christ is risen and life reigns.

From “The Sermon of St. John Chrysostom”.

P.S. And there are those that think that the feast, life, is all about them and only for them. And if it isn't, and if they can't have it all, they intend to destroy it all with a Sampson option. They will remain in the hell of their presumption, separated from the feast. Their Sampson option will only close the doors of their hell on themselves, and remain separated from the feast. They won't be missed.

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Video: This Should Happen at FOX "News"

This should be happening at "our" jewish MSM "news" desks. This or just people showing up and just laughing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How the Jewish Mafia Screws You

Depleted Uranium, Our Government Would Never Lie to Us

Interview With Joe Cortina - Ex Green Beret by Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2012

JOE CORTINA IS AN EX GREEN BERET, a former airborne special operations officer and US Army Training Center commander.

Joe Cortina’s subsequent experiences as an intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist adviser brought him to such hotbeds of turmoil as the State of Israel, adjacent Middle East nations, and Central America.

Joe Cortina’s Web Site, “My Name Is Joe Cortina,” is a showcase of crimes committed against humanity by the Judaic global elite. Here.

Br Nathanael: Joe, what is Depleted Uranium?

Joe Cortina: Depleted Uranium, also known as DU, is a by-product of enriched uranium used in nuclear reactors and weapons. Thus, it is called “depleted” uranium. Basically, it’s a waste product of the nuclear industry.

When Depleted Uranium is vaporized into the air it is DEADLY TO ALL LIFE on earth INCLUDING our own soldiers.

Br Nathanael: So why is it used by the US military?

Joe Cortina: Due to its high density it has greater penetration potential against armor and other hard targets.

It can be used for armor or in kinetic energy projectiles to defeat armor – as it’s about twice as dense as lead, and unlike tungsten, will ignite at temperatures over 600F.

Br Nathanael: How is it dissipated into the environment under war scenarios?

Joe Cortina: Used in cannons, rockets and bombs, Depleted Uranium vaporizes after the heat-of-impact and then produces profuse DU dust particles as small as 5 microns and can travel long distances when airborne.

Br Nathanael: How is it introduced into the human body?

Joe Cortina: Three ways – absorption through the skin, or through open wounds, or by inhalation into the lungs…which is the most common AND most hazardous.

Br Nathanael: Are there ‘safe’ dosages?”

Joe Cortina: ONLY – if you believe the biggest liars on earth – the US Government.

Our Government, now under the control of Jews, has lied to the public for years about all aspects of radioactive isotopes – more recently regarding DU.

There is no ’safe’ dosage rate below which dangers disappear. “No threshold-dose,” says John Gofman, a former Associate Director of Livermore National Laboratory, one of the scientists who worked on the atomic bomb and co-discoverer of uranium-233.

Gofman concludes, “Serious, lethal effects from minimal radiation doses are not ‘hypothetical,’ or ‘just theoretical,’ or ‘imaginary.’ They are real.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

Br Nathanael: The US government has been lying to us about depleted uranium? When was this dangerous technology first employed?

Joe Cortina: Our government has been lying about the risks since day-one of the Gulf Wars beginning in 1991. During the first period, Desert Storm, approximately 350 tons were spread in Iraq.

During the subsequent wars – the 2003 invasion of Iraq - nearly 2000 Tons turned that nation into a radioactive wasteland. Our soldiers who have returned home, suffering from Depleted Uranium’s poison, are calling their deadly ailments, “The Gulf Syndrome.”

Br Nathanael: Is it used in Afghanistan as well?

Joe Cortina: Absolutely! There has been even MORE tons of this deadly poison spread over Afghanistan by an irresponsible Government gone mad! These deadly micro-particles are often carried up into the atmosphere and released with rain hundreds of miles away.

The Jews themselves have poured over 75 tons of this radioactive death on the tiny 138 Square Mile Prison we know as Gaza. That’s enough to kill 50 million people. Gaza has 1.5 million people.

Br Nathanael: What a horrible nightmare. I have heard that these demonic weapons are called “dirty bombs.” Is there any validation of this in technical terms?

Joe Cortina: Let me tell you just how accurate that fear is considered to be by the experts.

When Dr Marion Falk, a retired Chemical physicist who built nuclear bombs for more than 20 years at Lawrence Livermore Lab, was asked if he thought that DU weapons operate in a similar manner as a dirty bomb, he stated, “That’s exactly what they are. They fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way.”

Br Nathanael: So – America has become the major destroyer of the world community environment?

Joe Cortina: Absolutely, once again! We are as evil a polluter as any nation on earth.

Br Nathanael: But is there any evidence to show that our Government was aware of these war crimes against humanity?

Joe Cortina: Once again – PROOF POSITIVE. While the Pentagon officially denies the dangers of DU weapons, ever since at least 1943 the military has been aware of the extreme toxicity of uranium dispersed as a gas, or as dust particles.

A declassified memo written by James B Conant while working on the US nuclear project during the Second World War and sent to Brigadier General LB Abrams on October 30 1943 provides the evidence.

In the memo, Conant states that dust particles carrying Depleted Uranium are equally inhaled by US military personnel. The amount necessary to cause death to a person inhaling the material is extremely small…that only one millionth of a gram in a person’s body would be fatal. He goes on to say that there are no known methods of treatment.

Point is – ALL of our military, and their masters—our now all pervasive war-mongering Jewish civilian leadership—know EXACTLY what happens when polluting the earth with Depleted Uranium.

Br Nathanael: Joe, as a former Green Beret how do you access what is happening with our militaristic nation?

Joe Cortina: We are now a nation under the thumb of what I call the Military/Judaic Complex.

Under this entity, we have become the monsters of the universe – whose greed, lust for power, and bloodshed for the Jews, has exalted all manner of evil and wickedness to obfuscate rationality, goodness and wisdom.

The recent massacre of 17 Afghan villagers by Sergeant Robert Bales—who DID NOT ACT ALONE—but was assisted by at least 20 other US soldiers is a fitting metaphor of a Jewish-controlled America gone mad.

And by the way, the Jew-owned press is maintaining the lie that Bales was a “lone, drunk, shell-shocked soldier.” More lies, more cover-ups by our Military/Judaic nation.

Br Nathanael: What have we done? Have any effects of the poisons of Depleted Uranium shown up in our own US soldiers since these endless serial wars started?

Joe Cortina: The evidence is legion.

“Anybody, civilian or soldier, who breathes these particles has a permanent dose and it is not going to decrease very much over time,” stated Dr Leonard Dietz, a nuclear physicist with 33 years’ experience, as he told the New York Daily News. “In the long run,” Dietz said, “veterans exposed to DU’s ceramic uranium oxide have a major problem.”

Dietz, by the way, has written many scientific reports on the deadly hazards uranium depleted weapons have on our US soldiers which have been ignored by the Pentagon and its enablers at the Jew-run, war-mongering, Main Stream Media.

In concert with Dietz’s analysis, Dr Falk, whom I mentioned above, and other authorities state that inhaled particles of depleted uranium dust will either lodge in the lungs or be carried through the body’s cell walls and “affect the master code” – the expression of the DNA. View Entire Story Here, Here & Here.

Then we have Terry Jemison of the Department of Veterans Affairs who said that of the 592,561 discharged veterans from the 1991 Gulf Wars through the War in Iraq, 179,310 are receiving disability compensation and another 24,763 cases are pending.

Br Nathanael: I have seen photographs of infants born in Iraq and Afghanistan during this period and they are truly heart-breaking. I have also seen photos of young children maimed for life.

Joe Cortina: Let me put it this way, and remember, I speak as a former Green Beret who has served my country faithfully and honorably.

Now that these horrors have been exposed – including the FACT that our ‘Government’ has LONG SINCE known about the deadly nature of these lethal threats to all living organisms – rational people can only conclude that those with whom we have entrusted our very lives are lying, sociopathic, mass-murdering criminals – from our top-ranking Military leaders all the way to the President – and MUST be charged, tried and convicted of committing mass murder.

To NOT do so is to doom humanity to eventual extinction and relegate the goodness of human beings to that of mindless, barbaric criminals. We MUST regain our sanity and do what needs to be done. And that is to rein in the greatest institutionalized terrorist apparatus on earth – the greedy, Godless, murderous, maniacal Military-Judaic Complex that was once America.

Br Nathanael: So, what is the fate of the six-hundred-thousand-plus and the growing daily number of returned Vets who have been exposed to breathing in DU dust particles?

Joe Cortina: Simple – they will all die of depleted uranium contamination – some sooner – some later.

Some already have and will father babies that will be horribly deformed and suffer the very same grief they have caused countless innocent Afghan and Iraqi parents by saturating their environment with radioactive death.

Thousands of US soldiers returning home from our Jew-inspired wars have suffered memory loss, physical maladies, even deaths, and are unknowingly spreading the poison of Depleted Uranium to their wives and newborn babies.

But that’s OK with many Americans because the endless wars which Jewry has forced upon us with its powerful Lobbies and Media Control has made the world, as Jew neocon Robert Kagan tells us in his latest piece of Jewish propaganda, ‘a safer place.’ OH – I almost forgot – safer for Jews only.

So now just ignore these truths – grab a cold Bud – take a purple pill – turn on the TalmudVision to your favorite Jew-created violence, sexual reverie and depravity, or NFL Goyim Games, and repeat this little mantra over and over till it makes things right again: “Our government would never lie to us – our government would never lie to us – our government would never lie to us.”

Or, if you feel really ‘patriotic’ – you can see your recruiter and redeploy to murder more “rag heads” or “dune coons” or “sand nigger’s” children – as the Jew-run media so eloquently belittles them. There now – don’t you feel a whole lot better about being a brave, free, democracy-loving American?


P.S. Our government would never lie to us, our government would never lie to us... we are the good guys, we are the good guys.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Jewish Fingernail by Mark Glenn

GOSH! Talk about your ‘timely’ events…

Israel—right smack dab up to her bushy eyebrows in bad press following YET ANOTHER massacre of gentiles in Gaza, and the next thing you know—like the hand of God coming out of the clouds and giving the various characters in this drama a little ‘nudge’— BOOM!!!

 …a mini-bloodbath takes place at a Jewish school in France, blamed upon (of course) ‘Islamic terrorism…’

And the ‘GOSH’ just gets ‘GOSHIER’ as details emerge…Seems the perp—one Mohamed Merah—had all sorts of ‘radical affiliations’, but yet somehow managed to make it into Israel—TWICE. This by itself definitely qualifies as ‘GOSHY,’ but what’s more is that he was also under the microscope of both French AND American law enforcement/intelligence services, so much so that his name was added to the infamous ‘verboten fur flugen’ list maintained by DHS, the same agency originally under the kommissariat of one Michael Chertoff, the dual-citizen singularly responsible for helping bust out of jail the infamous ‘5 dancing Israelis’ arrested on the morn’ of 9/11.

And yet, despite all this, a VERY dark-skinned, Middle Eastern-looking Muslim of Algerian descent named Mohammed, known to dabble with (what we are told are) the more ‘radical’ aspects of Islam, nevertheless manages to get his hands on a gun (in Europe, not Texas) and then goes on a killing spree that ends with several Jewish children and a rabbi biting the bullet, no pun or disrespect intended.

Like we said before—how ‘timely’… As far as cameo appearances go, this latest impromptu walk-on by the ever-recurring villain of Islamic terrorism couldn’t have come at a better time.

Nor with better packaging, for that matter. Consider the surrounding scenery for a moment…Here we have a young Muslim man, angry over the manner by which his co-religionists are being slaughtered in places such as Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan…Those responsible for causing this slaughter to take place–the various policy planners, pundits, politicians, preachers, screechers, etc–all of whom lead very public (and unprotected) lives…

AND YET, rather than go after one (or more) of them, instead our lone gunman shoots a bunch of Jewish kids and their pure-as-the-wind-driven snow shaman.

Honestly, as far as screenplays go, the only one coming close to topping this was the one making a very conspicuous appearance shortly before 9/11 entitled Independence Day, showcasing a nice, unpretentious, nerdy, environmentally-conscious Jewish boy named David who manages singlehandedly to save the entire human race from a bunch of extraterrestrial jihadists.

So, with regards to this latest tragédie Francaise, an awestruck world is forced to ask–How DO they do it??? I mean, it NEVER fails. As soon as she–the Jewish state–finds herself in one of those ‘UH, OH’ moments, a game-changer ‘pops up’ like an unexpected attack of hiccups, resulting in a COMPLETE change-a-roo of scenery, characters and dialogue. Like switching from one channel to another, what was a righteously-outraged world a moment before whilst watching some Judaic version of the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ then finds itself diverted to some heart-wrenching scene in ‘Schindler’s List’…

Well, what can be concluded, other than the fact that they are God’s chosen people after all…When all’s said and done, what we in the befuddled world are forced to accept is that if He—the almighty Yahweh–was ready, willing & able to pull off a ‘Moses’ (meaning plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, pillars of fire by night and a whole lotta other fancy-shmancy mumbo-jumbo designed to razzle-dazzle a captive audience) then we can suppose with equal ease He’d be ready, willing & able to pull off a ‘Mohammed’ from time to time whenever ‘His people’ find themselves staring into the jaws of death…

The fact is however that (outside of an out-in-the-open admission by the Jewish state) we’ll never really know. We can suspect, of course… In fact, we can even assume, based upon Israel’s historically-documented penchant for creating believable scenes of politically-propitious terrorism in the same way Spielberg makes a lot of nonsense on the silver screen look like reality, but the truth is, we’ll never really know…

And as crazy as it sounds, the truth is that in this case we don’t really need to know the details of who Mohammed Merah was meeting with before the mini-massacre and what they were talking about. What we DO know beyond the shadow of any doubt is that ‘Islamic terrorism’ is not some naturally-occuring, stand-alone item. It is merely a by-product of Judaic terrorism and it’s twin sister, Jewish ritual murder, and therefore were there no massacres in places such as Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, etc, there would be no occasions of Islamic blowback in places such as Toulouse.

But even this is secondary to the REAL story, because as dramatic as the events in Toulouse were (and by that we mean ‘Jramatic’) the most important sub-plot of the entire spectacle was what happened—as most climaxes do—towards the end.

In the immediate aftermath of the events in France, as people are searching for the right things to say that hopefully sound profound and meaningful, EU minister Catherine Ashton uttered the unutterable as far as Jewish interests were (are) concerned. Commenting on the deaths in Toulouse but then underscoring the fact that what just happened is anything but an aberration in today’s violence-soaked world, she lamented the plight of—not just the Jewish children who lost their lives, but as well–children all over the world killed ‘in all sorts of terrible circumstances…’ She specifically mentioned those murdered last year in Norway by the pro-Israel Islamophobe Anders Breivik and then ended by mentioning the children killed in Gaza by the IDF on a regular basis.

Now, were this ANY OTHER situation involving ANY OTHER group of kids besides those with dual French/Israeli citizenship, something like this—Ashton’s comments–would be perfectly apropos…
But, the fact that there WERE Jewish kids involved puts the whole game in a completely different ballpark and with completely different rules, something that the world learned tout suite in the well-organized screeching campaign that followed.

As with most things involving them when they know mic is on and the cameras are rolling, the Jewish reaction to Ashton’s comments was perfectly apocalyptic in its apoplexy. Employing all the same theatricism their cousins in Hollywood utilize whenever they want to get a certain point across, it was replete with all the typical shrieking, screeching, wailing, face-clawing, gnashing of teeth and rending of robes that accompanies any protest on the part of organized Jewish interests.

First on stage was Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (poster child for mental health awareness month) and who (incredibly) wound up the saner of the various characters on-stage. Speaking officially on behalf of the Jewish state, there was very little airborne saliva or bile on his part, (again, very atypical) as Lieberman limited his comments to a brief condemnation of Ashton’s remarks, but adding that there could be ‘no comparison’ between the massacre of 3 Jewish kids in Toulouse and the massacre of thousands of non-Jewish kids in Gaza. He did slip briefly back into his usual type-cast role however by reminding the world that ‘Israel is the most moral country in the world’ and does everything in her power to avoid killing ‘innocent’ civilians.

 Others were not as non-salivic as Liebermann in their comments. Oliver Worth, British chairman of the World Union of Jewish Students was a tad more theatric in his theatricism, characterizing Ashton’s comments as ‘outrageous and revolting’ and then reverted to the typically-Jewish shtick (seen all too often whenever someone speaks his or her mind dans une manière désagréable with Jewish sensibilities) by calling for her to be added to the roster of those looking for new employment, since as an EU minister she had ‘lost all credibility’.

Other commentary from le monde Juif concerning Ashton’s remarks were as follows—

“Baroness Ashton’s remarks were crass and inappropriate” so says John Mann, chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism. “The loss of young, innocent lives anywhere is of course appalling, but the attempt to draw parallels between Toulouse and Gaza was deeply, offensive and unworthy of a person in her position…

Stefan Kerner, director of public affairs for the Zionist Federation pontificated (rabbinated?) that there is absolutely ‘no equivalence between the situation in Gaza and the cold and callous murder of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and the three children, and for a person in Ashton’s position to even consider her comments appropriate is disgraceful. She should withdraw her statement immediately and apologize unreservedly for the offence that she has caused.’

And then, there was Livni, a (only in some respects) ‘Lieberman-lite’ and a bona fide, genuine, died-in-the-wool war criminal who described Ashton’s comments as “reprehensible, infuriating, and wrong” in drawing ‘any link between the murder of children in Toulouse and the situation in Gaza’.

Now, as already established with the crushing weight of thousands of years’ history, when it comes to the Jewish state and her supporters, theatricism and all its trappings are always the rule and never the exception and for the simple rule that—just as her spy/disinformation service Mossad preaches–when making war, doest thou by deception…

Therefore those of us living in the Hotel Reality and who have gotten wise to the ways of our non-Gentile counterparts will (with good reason) assume that the aforelisted commentary coming out of Mundus Judaicus is but more of the typical carnival barking the world has come to expect with the self-appointed chosenites.
And clearly, there is good reason to assume this. However, that is not to say all this drama does not spring forth from some deep reservoir of genuine feelings on their part. The best performances come from actors with some real emotional connection to the theme at hand, and this latest protest over the manner by which Jewish children are forced to share the limelight with those killed in Gaza, we KNOW that there is a particular electrical current these various screechers have tapped into for the energy of their protests.
After all, are we to assume that the various aforementioned characters DON’T believe that what took place in Toulouse was a hundred times worse than its counterpart in Gaza? Or a thousand times? Or ten thousand times?

Or even a MILLION times, for that matter?

OF COURSE they do…In fact, the proper mathematic equation in computing and measuring the inequality of life-value between the Jew and the non-Jew has already been discovered, tested and revealed by one of the Jewish state’s greatest spiritual mathematicians, Rabbi Yaakov Perrin, who stated without blushing that–

‘One million Arabs is not worth one Jewish fingernail…’

For those gear-heads more accustomed to number equations than words, we’ll make it more pleasing to the eye—

1,000,000 Arabs < 1 Jewish fingernail,
or inversely—

1 Jewish fingernail > 1,000,000 Arabs

Nota bene—‘Arabs’ is just word-play here, as what Perrin REALLY means is ‘Gentiles’ of any racial variety. Note as well that Perrin’s mathematical statement is not ‘an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth’ as the original Jewish book of hate—meaning the Torah–teaches. No, this is 2012 and we are waaaay past the child’s play of the ‘older, kinder, and gentler’ Judaism preached-n-practiced by Moses, Joshua, Solomon, David, et al…

Rather, this is the NEW Jewish math, where the original anti-Gentile number-play spawned in books such as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers et al—over the course of thousands of years and through the mad genius of rabbinical logic—has been distilled, purified, enriched and made into a spiritual/political cocktail as deadly and as radioactive as a lump of uranium 235.

And lest some think that Professor Perrin was just some lone theorist, keep in mind he is joined by an entire faculty of others who agree wholeheartedly with him. Teaching in the biology department down the hall is the infamous Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg who once quipped ‘Jewish blood and a goy’s (gentile’s) blood are not the same, since the blood of the Jewish people is loved by the Lord and is therefore redder and their life more preferable.’ Upstairs, we find the classroom of Rabbi Ovadiah Yusuf and his recent zoological comparison of Gentiles to donkeys whose only purpose in life was to ‘serve the Jews’. Downstairs in the entomology department we have various other ‘learned elders of Zion’ who refer to non-Jews as ‘cockroaches’ and ‘grasshoppers’.

But make no mistake about it—no matter what the discipline, the math is always the same — …1 Jewish fingernail…

And of course the best proof that these various theorems are indeed embraced as gospel truth (not only by the greater part of the faculty but as well the Judaic student body) lies in considering the manner by which these theorems are applied on a DAILY basis in the various math tests and exercises carried out by the IDF, a VERY short list of which includes

–Deir Yassin,

–Sabra & Shatila,

–the 2006 bombardment of Lebanon,

–the murderous assault on the Mavi Marmara,

–Operation Cast Lead, where thousands of Gentiles—not worth a Jewish fingernail—were erased as if mere number scribblings on paper.

So the notion that the recent ‘Jrama’ resulting from Catherine Ashton’s ‘all children are created equal’ remarks is a case of ‘all show and no go’ is belied by using the simple Judaic math given to us by Israel’s most impeccable source—meaning the various doctors, professors and scribes themselves.

Realize this as well—the mini-series of screeching and kvetching broadcast in the immediate aftermath of Ashton’s comments was but a tiny, mirrored-reflection of the greater problems the world faces now on a daily basis.

Indeed, the ENTIRE conundrum in which the world finds itself (global war on behalf of Jewish interests) and which is responsible for Toulouse and the accompanying aftermath of Jewish theatricism can be rightly traced back to the same perverse system of thousands-of-years-old math that began with one lone soul wandering in the desert hearing voices in his head saying ‘I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee…’ Like an inferno that began as a mere spark, this primal, Neanderthal-level narcissism has been THE starting point that has brought civilization to the brink of extinction, and absent that, a hell of a lot of misery for those finding themselves on the wrong side of the number line.

In the meantime, as long as this backwards, regressive system of spiritual computation–developed and espoused by the various professors holding tenure in the Judaic Studies department–remains the dominating force driving politics, finance, media, religion, culture and military adventurism, the West might as well get used to events such as Toulouse. As long as Gentiles—Arab or whoever—continue to allow their lives to be reduced to a +/- equation favoring Jewish interests and to be victimized by a mathematized system of racial supremacism where Jewish life is infinitely more valuable than that of non-Jews and with its accompanying actions, those who do not embrace this type of math—the Mohammed Merahs and all their accompanying organizations and groups will strike out against those who do.

Perhaps the solution to this problem then actually lies in embracing this ‘wisdom’ of these learned elders of Zion and the math formulae they have constructed. Perhaps, as they allege, millions of Gentile lives are indeed not of equal value to ‘one Jewish fingernail,’ but rather, the other way around…

Therefore, let the 6 billion non-Jews on earth making up what we might call the Moral Majority see themselves and their lives as being of infinitely more worth than a few claws on the hands of some Zionist vampire. Let them forcibly remove these claws from their collective neck and in the process consign these backwards Transylvanian mathematicians and their followers to a dark, secluded place where they have no decision-making power over who lives and who dies.

To do any less is to perpetuate the world as it exists now—millions of Gentile lives destroyed while at the same time, those responsible for all this death and destruction are found luxuriating in the various salons and beauty parlors around the world…

…getting their nails done.
P.S. And the reply from the jewish audience... and fellow traveling jewish sycophants... is: Mark, do you not know history? Do you not know of the capital 'H' Holocaust?

P.P.S. Mark, you really need to get together with the truth jihadist Kevin Barret to help you lighten up. Otherwise I'm afraid you're going to fall into his category of "real anti-semites". Get together with him. He'll help you find a healthier, happier perspective. He'll help you appreciate some of the positive things about the jewish culture, like its humor and chutzpah (and lies for reality and great movies). Suggest you get together with the truth jihadist again. But so it's not just two gentiles talking, suggest you also invite Barret's buddy, jewish good-guy Gordon Duff, the one with all the intelligence connections around the world and is somehow able come and go out of Israel visiting his family and friends. These two will help you find a healthier, happy perspective regarding our ruling jewish culture. We just gotta call out the Likudnik psychopaths. Those are the bad guys. How's that for a "small bulls eye," Mark?

P.P.P.S. And Mark, I still think, and I'll always say, that you lost an opportunity in educating people on why Egypt and the Arab countries have dictators and must always have them (which is the same reason we can't have real democracy here) when the uprising in Egypt was getting center-stage media attention. Instead, for you it was all about whether you were correct in being so clever in seeing the zionist influence in steering it, not about the cause of the people. That was a distant secondary matter. You're so clever, Mark. God's really lucky to have you on His side.