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Oy vey! We can work it out!

Oy vey! Maybe Norman Finkelstein is right. Is this the "reasonable peace" that he was hoping for without having to bring up that "conflictual" term of zionism? 1 | 2

Thank you, Aunti Ziona, for bringing this wonderful event to my attention.

P.S. Hey that Palestinian singer, Mira Awad, sure is a good singer. I hope she didn't get caught in that Gaza Hanukka slaughter.

P.P.S. And if she is still alive, I sure hope she doesn't get stuck living in Gaza and starving to death. I hope she's not living in East Jerusalem where they're demolishing Palestinian homes [for zionism, Norman]. She'd have no place to go but Gaza. Of course, there's no room for her any more in the West Bank, whatwith all the Jewish settlers [from everywhere in the world] moving in there [for zionism, Norman].

Jews Dominate Pornography Industry

It is a well known and undeniable fact that Jews dominate the motion picture industry in Hollywood and anyone who cares to deny that is an ill-informed fool. Just read the credits that scroll down your television or movie screen following any Hollywood production and you will see that many, many names are Jewish; not only the actors, but writers, directors, producers and the technical crew.

But what about the "other" Hollywood, and by that I mean the adult entertainment (pornography) industry? Are Jews also heavily represented there among the creators and performers?

Absolutely and unequivocally, yes.

In the year 2000, it came to light that there was a Jewish child pornography ring in Russia that was involved in the kidnapping, torture and rape of children. As David Duke explains:

"When sick Jewish pornographers are part of the brutality of Jewish organized crime, the results can obviously be horrifically tragic for our people. In 2000, a Jewish "Russian" organized crime ring was uncovered that specialized in kidnapping Russian children, some as young as two years old, from parks and orphanages and then subjecting them to rape, torture and murder, all on video tape. These tapes were sold to thousands of Jewish and Gentile perverts all over the world.

In spite of the horror and obvious newsworthiness of this international Jewish child porn/murder operation, it received little coverage in the media in the United States. When Seth Bekenstein, the ring’s American distributor was arrested, there was little publicity, and in spite of being a part of one of the most horrific criminal activities imaginable, he was sentenced to only 18 months on guilty plea."

Read this entire article here.

What's the Big Deal about the Holocaust?

All over the place nowadays, people are asking questions about the Holocaust and wondering why this subject is still so controversial after all this time. What is it now, 64 years? People are too scared to voice any doubts, since they’ve been programmed to think that anyone who does so must be evil and anti-Semitic. But when you think about it, sentiments like that should be quite separate from historical facts and never, ever subject to legal efforts.

So, why is the Holocaust such a big deal? Because it’s a major leg propping up the New World Order and the people behind the curtain — no doubt about it. They know that if you start asking questions about any of this, soon it will lead to a whole helluva lot more. And it’s so easy to see all the reasons (below), that they’ve pushed this version of history on America and the White countries of the West — all the while knowing how much outrage the public would have for being lied to.

Recently, a Catholic Bishop in Argentina came out during a interview and said it was 200,000 to 300,000 Jews who died in the camps and none in a gas chamber. Bishop Richard Williamson ignited a bit of firestorm over his statements and was even briefly mentioned on the mainstream news.

Jew Thought Police, like the ADL’s Abe Foxman went haywire about it, demanded and had the spineless Vatican denounce his comments and remove him from the pulpit. World Jewish leaders then told the Vatican that “Holocaust denial is not an opinion, but a crime.” Jews ordered them to declare Holocaust denial as “heresy” and undergo Holocaust education.

Such is the arrogance of International Jewry and Big Zionism today. The Jews have always had it in for the Catholic church. They completely demonized and demoralized the church with non-stop press coverage of the Gay pedophile priests, still going strong today. Funny, how the press never breathes a word about all the rabbis who have been caught doing this kind of thing.

Read the rest of the source article here.

P.S. In reading the source article, do as I do and substitute "people" for "white people." Other than these racist statements, the rest of the article is palatable and true.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ADL Congratulates British PM on Declaration Against Anti-Semiticism

New York, NY, February 25, 2009 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today congratulated British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for being the first head of government to sign the London Declaration against anti-Semitism and encouraged other heads of government to add their names to the document.

"Gordon Brown set an important example for others to follow, just as the British parliament has taken the lead on parliamentary efforts to combat anti-Semitism," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "The London Declaration was a response to the global outpouring of anti-Semitism that we are seeing around the world today, and it calls on governments and parliaments to act. Prime Minister Brown rightly called on other heads of government to join him in signing the declaration, and we support his initiative."

The London Declaration, adopted on February 19 in London at the inaugural conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism, called for various practical measures to combat manifestations of anti-Jewish bigotry around the world. ADL played a significant role in the conference, which brought together more than 120 lawmakers from over 40 countries spanning the globe to devise an effective framework and forge new strategies to confront anti-Semitism on a global scale.

"Too many leaders were silent in the face of blatant anti-Semitic displays at recent demonstrations against Israel and following attacks on Jewish institutions," Mr. Foxman said. "The British Prime Minister's public signing and his strong statement of support show how every leader has an opportunity to demonstrate their personal commitment and their government's policy to counter anti-Semitism. We hope the response to his call will be universal."

Among its recommendations, the London Declaration calls for the creation of an international task force of Internet experts to develop metrics for online anti-Semitism and policy recommendations for governments to combat it, the establishment of parliamentary inquiries to determine the state of anti-Semitism domestically and to develop policy recommendations, and a commitment to oppose discrimination against Israel in international organizations such as at the U.N.'s Durban II conference.

Source of this good news article is here.

What Exactly Is Anti-Semitism?

What exactly is anti-semitism? The oft-repeated Jewish claim that anti-semitism is simply an irrational hatred of Jews based solely on their Jewishness seems a pretty wild accusation on the face of it, and one that can’t be logically and reasonably defended without indicting all Gentiles on charges of insane and unjustifiable hatefulness.

What possible reason could there be for people to hold such an irrational and preposterous hatred for people of a particular group, especially if that group had never done anything to earn their ire? To reasonable people these claims would appear to have very little merit, unless you want to make a case for Gentiles being hateful lunatics hell-bent on displaying enmity towards the poor, innocent little Jew.

This concept flies in the face of all reason and logic. What purpose would Gentiles have for hating Jewish people only because they are Jews? It makes absolutely no sense. And yet, despite the sheer and utter lunacy of the claim, it is made frequently, with Gentiles usually assumed to be the guilty party.

Over the years, historians have made several attempts to explain so-called anti-semitism by claiming it was due to Jewish economic success or due to their complicity in the death of Jesus Christ. Some believe it is because of their “chosenness” and many other reasons. Personally, I believe that these aren’t reasons at all, but excuses that those of the Jewish pursuasion come up with to keep people from figuring out exactly what “anti-semitism” really is.

And what is it, exactly?

Although this may earn me a few more enemies, I have to be honest and say what I know to be true. Anti-semitism is not an irrational hatred of Jews by Gentiles. It’s a rational and reasonable response to Jewish supremacist behaviour in their host countries.

Read the rest of this article here.

P.S. To be considered "anti-Semitic" is so easy. It just takes knowing the truth about "Jewish people." You don't even have to speak it. Because they are such small portion of the general population, most gentiles only know what they're propagandized and conditioned to think about them, and they can't believe it when people that know them speak negatively about them. In fact the gentile masses are prevented from knowing what our famous forefathers have said about them. On the whole, Jews are liars. Despite what the nicest of them think, there's nothing special or exceptional about being "Jewish".

Why Are Jews Persecuted?

I always used to wonder what it was about Jews that made people throughout history despise them. If they were indeed "God's chosen" I thought, they had to be the unluckiest people in the history of the world.

Why were they persecuted throughout history?

Why had the Nazis herded them into cattle cars and taken them to "extermination camps" to dispose once and for all of the "Jewish problem?"

I suddenly recognized that if Hitler had developed a "Final Solution" to the Jewish question, that there had to have been a "Jewish Problem." Could the Jews have in any way behaved in such a manner that would make the countries in which they resided turn against them, or were they just unfortunate, innocent victims?

I set out to find answers for my questions, mainly turning to the Internet, but also reading various books on the subject. What I found became increasingly disturbing to me.

I had not known that throughout history, the Jews had been expelled from 79 countries, some countries more than once.

I had not known that many of the claims they made about the Holocaust that I had believed unquestioningly for so long were in fact fraudulent.

The books I had read and the movies I had seen about the "Holocaust" and wept over were nothing but thinly veiled attempts to garner unwavering sympathy for the state of Israel and an excuse to extort billions of dollars from Germany and 1.25 billion dollars from the Swiss banks.

I discovered that a book I had read many times as a teenager and cried about, Anne Frank's Diary, had been at least partially written by someone other than Anne Frank.

I learned that the confessions at the Nuremburg Trials and the executions of so many German "war criminals" were were extracted under torture and the defendants were being tried, judged and condemned by their very accusers.

I learned about the "false flag" operations, especially the Lavon affair and the tragedy of the USS Liberty, an American ship that was attacked by the Israelis during the 1967 war. 34 young American men were killed and many more wounded.

Read the rest of this article here.

P.S. One big reason Jewish people are persecuted is because on the whole they are liars. Despite what the nicest of them think, there's nothing special or exceptional about being "Jewish".

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Israeli Demographers Deny the Holocaust

In 2003, Israeli demographers found that 58 years after the WW II, there were “1,092,000 needy survivors worldwide” awaiting distribution of “$13.2 million annually in humanitarian funds”, inferring, that at least two million of Jewish teenagers, children and babies, unfit for forced labor and thus allegedly singled out for immediate liquidation, survived the Holocaust. Assuming the average 70-year lifespan, actuarial tables indicate that 1,100,000 survivors alive in 2003, had to be part of a cohort of over 12,000,000 Jews alive in 1945, whom Nazis never tried to exterminate. Thus, paradoxically, contemporary Israeli social workers and demographers became the authoritative Holocaust Deniers.

Read nine more inconveniant facts about the WW2 Holocaust here.

Amnesty International's Scandalous Obliquity

In an apparent effort to sound “balanced” and “unbiased,” the London-based human rights group, Amnesty International (AI) , has urged the international community to halt arms sales to the Israeli apartheid regime and the Palestinian Islamic liberation movement, Hamas.

A report issued by the group on Sunday, 22 February, pointed out that arms supplied to “the two sides” were used in attacks on civilians and civilian objects” which constituted war crimes.

Non the less, a careful examination of the report shows a clear propensity on the part of AI to create a false symmetry between Hamas, a small liberation movement resisting a decades-old Nazi-like foreign military occupation, and Israel, a manifestly criminal state armed to the teeth, which has been committing every conceivable crime under the sun for the purpose of maintaining its colonialist occupation and brutal domination over the Palestinian people.

To be sure, no one claims that Hamas is completely blameless. Targeting innocent civilians is unacceptable.

However, equating the resistance of a long-persecuted people languishing under an evil military occupation, even if wrongs are done, with an immensely superior state terror unjustifiably perpetrated by an occupying power is morally unconscionable, to say the very least.

Indeed, doing so would be analogous to equating European resistance to the attacking Nazi armies during the Second World War, with the Nazi aggression itself.

Well, with all due respect to AI and its efforts to safeguard and defend human rights, there is no legal or moral equation between a rape victim’s right to defend herself against her attacker and the criminal act initiated by the rapist.

I am using this analogy because the enduring Israeli oppression meted out to the Palestinian people is an enduring act of rape.

Read the rest of this righteous condemnation here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

World Jewish Leaders Praise Argentina's Decision to Expel Holocaust-Denying Bishop

World Jewish leaders on Friday praised Argentina's decision to order the departure of an ultra-traditionalist British Catholic bishop who caused an international uproar by denying the Holocaust. Bishop Richard Williamson has been given 10 days to leave the country or face expulsion.

Jews all over the world welcomed the Argentine government's decision ordering the expulsion of British bishop Richard Williamson. Argentina's Interior Minister Florencio Randazo announced that Bishop Williamson had 10 days to leave the country where he has lived for years or face expulsion.

The interior ministry said that the bishop's statements on the Holocaust profoundly insulted Argentine society, the Jewish community and all of humanity by denying the historic truth. The bishop denies that Jews died in gas chambers and has said no more than 300,000 died in Nazi concentration camps [WHICH IS THE TRUTH].

Aldo Donzis, President of the Argentine Delegation of Israeli Associations says the decision taken by the government was a reason for great celebration.

"We think it was a very good decision considering that this is a person who constantly denies the Holocaust in a country that is part of the taskforce - an international group made up of another 23 nations - to investigate and commemorate the Holocaust, and he continues to deny it, despite the fact that his brothers have told him to stop saying those things," he said.

Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants said, "the government of Argentina has advanced the cause of truth and struck a blow against hate".

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress said the Argentine government's decision was commendable, even more so because the government made it clear that those who are Holocaust deniers are not welcome in the country. He called on other governments to follow Argentina's lead and crack down on anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial in their countries.

Williamson headed a traditionalist seminary near Buenos Aires until he was removed from that job earlier this month. The Argentine interior ministry said he had not declared his "true activity" as head of the seminary on immigration forms and had concealed the true motive for his stay in the country.

Bishop Williamson was one of four ultra-traditionalist bishops whose excommunications were lifted by Pope Benedict in January. The pope's decision to open the door for him to eventually be fully readmitted into the Church was met with widespread criticism by Jews and many Catholics.

The Vatican, which has ordered Williamson to retract his comments on the Holocaust, said it had no comment on the expulsion order by Argentina.

Source article is here.

P.S. Where in the world can truth be told? Where in the world will Jews allow it?

Looking at the Holocaust Denial Heresy

In April 2007 the European Union agreed to set jail sentences up to three years for those who deny or trivialize the Holocaust.1 More recently, in response to the remarks of Bishop Richard Williamson, the Pope has proclaimed that Holocaust denial is “intolerable and altogether unacceptable.”..

But what does Holocaust denial really mean? Begin with the word Holocaust. The Holocaust2 (spelled with a capital H) refers to the killing of six million Jews by the Nazis during World War II. It is supposed to be the German’s “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem. Much of the systematic extermination was to have taken place in concentration camps by shooting, gassing, and burning alive innocent Jewish victims of the Third Reich.

People like Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, and Bishop Williamson who do not believe this account and who dare to say so in public are reviled as bigots, anti-Semites, racists, and worse. Their alternate historical scenarios are not termed simply revisionist, but are demeaned as Holocaust denial. Rudolf and Zundel were shipped to Germany where they were tried, convicted, and sentenced to three and five years, respectively. Williamson may not be far behind.

Politicians deride Holocaust revisionist papers and conferences as “beyond the pale of international discourse and acceptable behavior.”3 Non-Zionist Jews who participate in such revisionism, like Rabbi Dovid Weiss of the Neturei Karta, are denounced as “self-haters” and are shunned and spat upon. Even Professor Norman Finkelstein, whose parents were both Holocaust survivors and who wrote the book, The Holocaust Industry, has been branded a Holocaust denier.

But putting aside the virile hate directed against those who question the veracity of the typical Holocaust narrative, what is it that these people believe and say at the risk of imprisonment and bodily harm? For most Holocaust revisionists or deniers if you prefer, their arguments boil down to three simple contentions:

1. Hitler’s “Final Solution” was intended to be ethnic cleansing, not extermination.

2. There were no homicidal gas chambers used by the Third Reich.

3. There were fewer than 6 million Jews killed of the 55 million who died in WWII.

Are these revisionist contentions so odious as to cause those who believe them to be reviled, beaten, and imprisoned? More importantly, is it possible that revisionist contentions are true, or even partially true, and that they are despised because they contradict the story of the Holocaust, a story which has been elevated to the level of a religion in hundreds of films, memorials, museums, and docu-dramas?

Is it sacrilegious to ask, “If Hitler was intent on extermination, how did Elie Wiesel, his father, and two of his sisters survive the worst period of incarceration at Auschwitz?” Wiesel claims that people were thrown alive into burning pits, yet even the Israeli-trained guides at Auschwitz refute this claim.

Is it really “beyond international discourse” to question the efficacy and the forensic evidence of homicidal gas chambers? If other myths, like making soap from human fat, have been dismissed as Allied war propaganda, why is it “unacceptable behavior” to ask if the gas chamber at Dachau was not reconstructed by the Americans because no other homicidal gas chamber could be found and used as evidence at the Nuremburg trials?

For more than fifty years Jewish scholars have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to document each Jewish victim of the Nazi Holocaust. The Nazis were German, obsessed with paperwork and recordkeeping. Yet only 3 million names have been collected and many of them died of natural causes. So why is it heresy to doubt that fewer than 6 million Jews were murdered in the Second World War?

“Holocaust Denial” might be no more eccentric or no more criminal than claiming the earth is flat, except that the Holocaust itself has been used as the sword and shield in the quest to build a Jewish state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, where even today over half the population is not Jewish.

The Holocaust narrative allows Yad Vashem, the finest Holocaust museum in the world, to repeat the mantra of “Never Forget” while it sits on Arab lands stolen from Ein Karem and overlooking the unmarked graves of Palestinians massacred by Jewish terrorists at Deir Yassin. It allows Elie Wiesel to boast of having worked for these same terrorists (as a journalist, not a fighter) while refusing to acknowledge, let alone apologize for, the war crimes his employer committed. It makes Jews the ultimate victim no matter how they dispossess or dehumanize or ethnically cleanse indigenous Palestinian people.

The Holocaust story eliminates any comparison of Ketziot or Gaza to the concentration camps they indeed are. It memorializes the resistance of Jews in the ghettos of Europe while steadfastly denying any comparison with the resistance of Palestinians in Hebron and throughout the West Bank. It allows claims that this year’s Hanukah Massacre in Gaza, with a kill ratio of 100 to one, was a “proportionate response” to Palestinian resistance to unending occupation.

The Holocaust is used to silence critics of Israel in what the Jewish scholar, Marc Ellis, has called the ecumenical deal: you Christians look the other way while we bludgeon the Palestinians and build our Jewish state and we won’t remind you that Hitler was a good Catholic, a confirmed “soldier of Christ,” long before he was a bad Nazi.

The Holocaust narrative of systematic, industrialized extermination was an important neo-conservative tool to drive the United States into Iraq. The same neo-con ideologues, like Norman Podoretz, routinely compare Ahmadinejad to Hitler and Nazism with Islamofascism with the intent of driving us into Iran. The title of the recent Israeli conference at Yad Vashem made this crystal clear: “Holocaust Denial: Paving the Way to Genocide.”

“Remember the Holocaust” will be the battle cry of the next great clash of good (Judeo/Christian values) and evil (radical Islamic aggression) and those who question it must be demonized if not burned at the stake.

Source article is here.

Girls With Good Looks

Girls with good looks don't need books. They need jews.

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02/20/09, Focus on Gaza: A Crime of War?

Jewish Magazine: How to Cook a Gentile

I missed it but the Jewish magazine Heeb, issued #15, The Goy Issue, carried artist Kevin Dorkin’s cartoon ‘How to Cook a Gentile.' Text and illustrations were done by Dorkin and coloring was done by Sarah Dyer.

Wikipedia describes Heeb magazine as "a Jewish magazine aimed at young intellectual Jews. The name of the magazine is a variation of the anti-Semitic ethnic slur hebe. However, in this case, the word "heeb" seeks to function as empowerment for the Jewish community, thus eliminating the hatred associated with the word."

Dorkin proudly announced the placement of his work in the magazine from his online blog thusly:

Heeb #16 [it’s actually #15] ("the Goy issue"), is now on their website, which is where you can read our one-page contribution, a family-friendly little comic strip entitled, "How to Cook a Gentile".

If you don't know what a Gentile is, well, then you're probably a Gentile. Or very stupid.

The entire strip has been posted to the site (just click on the above link to get there), so there's something free for you from the notoriously penny-clenching Jewish community. Oy, Gevalt! Will miracles never cease?

And FYI, the full and complete and collectible print edition of Heeb #16 [it’s #15] ships in a week or so.


P.S. Oy, Gevalt, Kevin! I do believe the American goyim would actually let you cook them alive for fear of calling out the truth and being "anti-Semitic." Oy, Gevalt! Look what's happening to their country! It's being pillaged... and they can't say a thing.

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Malcolm X on Zionism

The Zionist armies that now occupy Palestine claim their ancient Jewish prophets predicted that in the "last days of this world" their own God would raise them up a "messiah" who would lead them to their promised land, and they would set up their own "divine" government in this newly-gained land, this "divine" government would enable them to "rule all other nations with a rod of iron."

If the Israeli Zionists believe their present occupation of Arab Palestine is the fulfillment of predictions made by their Jewish prophets, then they also religiously believe that Israel must fulfill its "divine" mission to rule all other nations with a rod of irons, which only means a different form of iron-like rule, more firmly entrenched even, than that of the former European Colonial Powers.

These Israeli Zionists religiously believe their Jewish God has chosen them to replace the outdated European colonialism with a new form of colonialism, so well disguised that it will enable them to deceive the African masses into submitting willingly to their "divine" authority and guidance, without the African masses being aware that they are still colonized.

The Israeli Zionists are convinced they have successfully camouflaged their new kind of colonialism. Their colonialism appears to be more "benevolent," more "philanthropic," a system with which they rule simply by getting their potential victims to accept their friendly offers of economic "aid," and other tempting gifts, that they dangle in front of the newly-independent African nations, whose economies are experiencing great difficulties.

Read the rest of the source article here.

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Zaynab's Story: A Call To Boycott Israel

part 2 | 3 | 4

General Patton Saw Jews

At the end of World War II, one of America's top military leaders accurately assessed the shift in the balance of world power which that war had produced and foresaw the enormous danger of communist aggression against the West. Alone among U.S. leaders he warned that America should act immediately, while her supremacy was unchallengeable, to end that danger. Unfortunately, his warning went unheeded, and he was quickly silenced by a convenient "accident" which took his life.

Thirty-two years ago, in the terrible summer of 1945, the U.S. Army had just completed the destruction of Europe and had set up a government of military occupation amid the ruins to rule the starving Germans and deal out victors' justice to the vanquished. General George S. Patton, commander of the U.S. Third Army, became military governor of the greater portion of the American occupation zone of Germany.

It was only in the final days of the war and during his tenure as military governor of Germany -- after he had gotten to know both the Germans and America's "gallant Soviet allies" -- that Patton's understanding of the true situation grew and his opinions changed. In his diary and in many letters to his family, friends, various military colleagues, and government officials, he expressed his new understanding and his apprehensions for the future. a press conference on September 22, reporters hatched a scheme to needle Patton into losing his temper and making statements which could be used against him. The scheme worked. The press interpreted one of Patton's answers to their insistent questions as to why he was not pressing the Nazi-hunt hard enough as: "The Nazi thing is just like a Democrat-Republican fight." The New York Times headlined this quote, and other papers all across America picked it up.

The unmistakable hatred which had been directed at him during this press conference finally opened Patton's eyes fully as to what was afoot. In his diary that night lie wrote:

"There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press. They are trying to do two things: first, implement communism, and second, see that all businessmen of German ancestry and non-Jewish antecedents are thrown out of their jobs.

Read the rest of the source article here.

P.S. General Patton's eyes were opened to seeing Jews then. Do you see Jews today?

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Be all that you can be. Work for truth and justice. It's cool. And it'll make you feel good about yourself. You won't get invited to march in any flag-waving parades but won't get any lingering pangs of guilt either.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gaza: Living in the Rubble in a Tent

Gaza: The Second Nakba

Palestinian women sit in front of tents near their destroyed house in Jabalya, in the northern Gaza Strip, February 4, 2009.

The following report was written by a delegate on a recent National Lawyers Guild delegation to Gaza:

History repeats itself. With the key to her demolished home around her neck, the middle-aged Palestinian woman standing before me had escaped the first Nakba (meaning 'Day of Catastrophe' marking the exodus of Palestinians from their homes with the creation of the State of Israel) of 1948 only to live through the second Nakba; the Nakba of 2009, which was more destructive and deadly than the first.

In order to reach the tent city in Jabalia, we walked down a long road of pure destruction and demolition; destroyed homes, mosques, buildings, bakeries and stores.

I had wanted to see the tent city in Jabalia to take pictures and talk to the residents living there. Undoubtedly, these people were the most affected by Israel's recent offensive as their livelihoods were minimized to nothing more than a 6x8 foot white tent which had no amenities and housed up to fifty persons per tent.

Wherever we looked there was destruction and children; children who had lost the roof over their heads and now stood vulnerable to not only the elements, but also to Israel's continued bombing of border villages. One child walked up and down the road with a piece of rubble tied to a long cord. It was his new toy since his old toys were lost under the ruins of what used to be his home. Men stood around, drinking tea and talking. With the backdrop of mounds of rubble and tents was another man, praying, on a piece of tarp. While the Israelis had taken away everything else of his, they did not take away his God, and to this, he bowed his head in gratitude.

These Palestinians stand under the burning sun day-in and day-out living their lives for no particular purpose. Many of them used to be farmers. Most of them had lost multiple family members. All of them had lost their homes and farms. An older woman sat in the sand swatting flies. We approached her, as we were told by the residents of this tent city that she had lived through both Nakbas – the Nakba of 1948 and the Nakba of 2009.

Born in 1945, Sabha Yousef Mohammad Abed had lived through the first Nakba but had lost her husband and her farm in the second. Sabha had left her home in Brett (sp?) near Jaffa in what is currently considered Israel-proper when the Zionist forces had first come. Her family fled from one village to the next to escape the Zionist forces until she eventually landed in Gaza, in the village of Jabalia, a few months later. After the first Nakba, she lived for a few years in tents but slowly her life improved as the tents changed into block rooms and from block rooms to actual homes and farms. While Sabha was very young during the first Nakba, she remembers the fear and the constant fleeing from one village to the next. She remembers being shot at and losing family members. She remembers the uncertainty of life and the tents and the running sewage. But more so, she remembers building her life block by block from scratch and establishing a home for herself and her family. Sabha lost this home during the first week of Israel's offensive and is now living in a tent with her children.

While Sabha has never experienced complete stability due to ongoing wars and bombardment from Israeli forces and settlers, she had never seen the magnitude of bloodshed and brutal force used against Palestinians as she saw in Israel's recent offensive. Israeli forces began their aerial strikes against Jabalia on the second day of the offensive. Israeli forces bombed homes and civilians indiscriminately as her neighbors tried to flee. Many of those who tried to flee were taken as hostages by Israeli soldiers and many others were killed or fatally injured. Those who were only mildly injured bled to death due to the lack of medical access and the ambulance drivers' inability to drive the less than one kilometer stretch from the headquarters of the Palestinian Red Cross Society to the bombed-out areas.

As Sabha spoke about Israel's recent offensive, she shook in anger. Tell me where are the militants, she kept asking. Are these children militants? Does any human being deserve to live the way we live, fifty people to one tent with no blankets, no food, no water. And where do we defecate? They have even taken away our dignity. We are less than animals in their eyes. Even animals have more rights than us. To Sabha, Israel's objectives were nothing short of genocide. The Zionists fled from a holocaust and created a new one. They want a land with no people, she stated simply. A land without people for a people who have been purged from their land. For Sabha, this was not a war with Hamas, it was a massacre, and its only objective was to eliminate the Palestinians, to wipe them from the face of the earth.

Sabha told us of how the Israeli soldiers entered their village in midday and separated the men from the women. The soldiers' faces were painted black and they shot at the villager's feet. When Sabha saw her sons being taken away as hostages, she left her aging husband and farm behind and hid in the home adjacent to the hostages. The other women were made to march to the city center under the aerial strikes and constant bombing. Those who resisted or turned back were immediately shot. All around the streets were the dead and injured. The area smelled of phosphorus and rotting bodies. Sabha stayed in hiding for many days. During that time, her husband was forced from their farm as Israeli bulldozers demolished the farm and bulldozed the walls of the farm over their goats, sheep, chicken and camels. Sabha's husband, who stood on the street and watched his farm and home being demolished before his eyes, was killed moments later by an Israeli missile. One of the farm's walls fell over his dead body, and his body lay rotting for days.

As Sabha spoke, the entire village surrounded us. Even the children stood around in a circle and added to Sabha's narrative. One girl, about seven or eight years of age, tugged at my sleeve. That was my home over there, she whispered, pointing at rubble. She was in school when the bombing started. Embarrassedly, she admitted that she was so scared during the bombings that she fainted and peed on herself. Her brother was killed as was many of her extended family.

Sabha is not alone in her anger. I have not met one Palestinian in Gaza who was not shocked and angered by the extent of Israel's brutality in the recent offensive. After conducting an interview with one of the delegates, anchorman and filmmaker Ashraf Mashharawi from British Channel 4 spoke with me about his 16 year old cousin, Ahmad, who was sliced in half by what is believed to be a DIME missile. DIME or Dense Inert Metal Explosives produce an unusually powerful blast within a small area and cause strong biological effects. The blast does not cause bleeding, but rather slices a body as smoothly as though the body was amputated. While Israel's use of DIME has not been officially confirmed, it has been unofficially confirmed by weapons experts and doctors who have visited Gaza.

Ahmad along with Ashraf's younger brother, Mahmoud, age 11, were playing on the rooftop when they were targeted by a drone missile. Both Mahmoud and Ahmad were killed on impact and Ahmad was sliced in half. Days later, the bottom portion of Ahmad's body was located a few kilometers from the rooftop that both Mahmoud and Ahmad were playing on. Parts of Ahmad's legs and one of his arms similarly separated from his body and were found on the rooftop by family members.

Having seen pictures of these DIME-caused amputations, I must admit that it is the most horrifying sight one can imagine. One of the doctors at Al Awda Hospital showed me a video on his cell phone of a baby girl who was similarly sliced in half. Her top half was black from the blast and her bottom half was gone, cleanly cut from the waist down as her guts and insides were exposed for the world to see. In the video, when the doctor – who had undoubtedly seen death in all its forms – approached to see her, he fell to the ground and started wailing. I cannot describe the sight of the girl. Even now as I write about it, I feel light-headed and nauseous. No news station, not even Al-Jazeera, agreed to film this girl. Having seen the doctor's video, I can only sympathize.

Today is Israel's elections. Yet for the Palestinians, the question is not who will take over Ehud Olmert's position, but rather, when will be the next Israeli offensive, how many more Palestinians will be killed, and what will the next genocide that will undoubtedly wipe the memory of all Palestinians living in Gaza look like. Before leaving the tent city in Jabalia, I told Sabha that insha'Allah I will come back to see her in better days, in happier days. She laughed and patted my hand. When you come back, she said, you will be lucky to see any Palestinian left alive here. But maybe its better that we are killed, this life has been hard and painful. I have only wanted peace and stability throughout my life, and have gotten neither. Now I have lost hope. I have lived through many wars, yet I have never seen any war like this before. That is why I know that Israel is out to eradicate us. It failed to eliminate us this time, but will not fail next time. That is why I don't think you will come back and find us next time. Alhamdulillah (thanks to God), that is all I can say. Alhamdulillah.

Source article is here.

9/11/08: America's Economic 9/11 Attack?

“…Then I saw another angel descend from heaven who shouted with a mighty voice: ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! For she has become a dwelling for demons and every evil spirit…All the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries…The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her…But now the music of harpists and musicians, pipers and trumpeters will never be heard in her again, nor will any worker of any trade or even the sound of a millstone ever be found in her again…Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon…For in one hour your doom has come…” Book of Revelations, Ch 18.

In an admission stunning for its frankness (and particularly given the fact it originated with a politician whose country is held prisoner by foreign, criminal interests) Rep. Paul Kanjorski, (D, Penn) Chairman of the House’s Capitol Markets Subcommittee recently admitted on C-SPAN that the current economic problems faced by–not just the United States, but indeed the entire world–were the result of an “electronic run on the bank” that resulted in the hemorrhaging of $550 billion dollars in just “an hour or 2”.

Read the rest of this must read article, and its comments, here.

Listen to Kanjorski's comments here.

Why I Like Hamas And Hezbullah And You Should Too

Once upon a time, in the bad old days when there was still racism in America--before Barack Obama was annointed to cleanse us of our sins--there was a crime called Driving While Black (DWB). African-Americans used to get pulled over all the time for DWB. Naturally, in our own enlightened era, this sort of thing could never happen.

Today, the worst crime you can commit is DWI: (self-)Defending While Islamic. This crime is better known as "terrorism." For some reason, when Jewish Zionist coup d'etat plotters with such names as Larry Silverstein, Benjamin Netanyahu, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Philip Zelikow, and so on blew up the World Trade Center, bombed the Pentagon, and ineptly attempted to frame Osama Bin Laden, the U.S. decided to cozy up to the Zionists and attack their enemies, the Muslims, rather than the other way around.

Today, any Muslim who dares to defend him- or herself, or his or her family and community, is in danger of getting busted for DWI and shipped directly to one of the dozens of secret prisons in the sex torture gulag that will remain open under the new Obama-Emmanuel post-Guantanamo dispensation.

Today, anyone who openly supports Hamas and Hezbullah might as well be pinning a "kick me" sign on the seat of their pants and bending over for the Homeland Security jackboot.

Well, as far as I am concerned, Homeland Security can take that jackboot and stick it where the sun don't shine. I like Hamas and Hezbullah, and I don't care who knows it.

Hamas and Hezbullah are primarily charitable organizations. They do a terrific job of providing basic necessities to the poor. And when the need arises, they help organize armed community self-defense.

Today, the entire Middle East is desperately in need of armed community self-defense. A gang of genocidal lunatics, otherwise known as Zionists, has already invaded, occupied, and ethnic-cleansed Palestine, and they are intent on extending their reign of terror to the whole Middle Eastern heartland.

What's worse, the Zionist psychos possess several hundred nuclear weapons and delivery systems, in violation of all relevant international laws and treaties. Unlike Iran, they have never signed, much less abided by, the International Anti-Proliferation Treaty.

The Zionist entity, sometimes euphemistically called "Israel," is the biggest international criminal syndicate on earth. It has violated more international laws and U.N. resolutions than all the legitimate nations on earth combined. It sanctions the murder of children by uniformed snipers, who pick off the kids one by one, for the sheer joy of it, while the children are playing in schoolyards, walking on sidewalks, or (occasionally) hurling rocks at their tormentors. A study by the British Medical Journal found more than six hundred such cases of Israeli snipers cold-bloodedly murdering children who posed "little or no threat." If you have trouble believing this, read the article "Gaza Diary" by journalist Chris Hedges, who left the New York Times at about the same time he started telling the truth about what was going on in Palestine. In "Gaza Diary," Hedges describes watching Israeli soldiers luring children within range of their guns, then shooting them for sport--a common occurrence in Occupied Palestine.

What would you do if genocidal nutballs from across the sea invaded and occupied your country and started sport-shooting your kids? I know what I would do. I would defend myself and my family and my community.

That's exactly what Hamas and Hezbullah are doing. These organizations are not at war with America -- they are at war with Zionism. Under international law, they have the right to engage in armed self-defense against occupation. They deserve your support, and the support of all other sane, decent human beings.

The source article by Kevin Barrett can be found here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Paul Zarembka: The Hidden History of 9-11

If you believe the official version of 9/11, don't question it or don't care, you probably believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, that Bush was a great president and that Obama is going to be different.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Israel: they washed her, cut her hair, raped and killed her

For 54 years the fate of a young Bedouin girl who disappeared in the Negev desert was relegated to rumour and a single entry in the diary of David Ben-Gurion, the prime minister of the fledgling Israeli state.

"It was decided and carried out: they washed her, cut her hair, raped her and killed her," he wrote.

After that the case became one of the state's earliest secrets, and no more than hearsay passed between soldiers.

Now the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz has used previously classified army documents to reveal the full story of what Mr Ben-Gurion called a "horrific atrocity".

In August 1949, an army unit stationed at Nirim in the Negev shot an Arab man and captured a Bedouin girl with him. Her name and age remain unknown, but she was probably in her mid-teens.

In the following hours she was taken from the hut and forced to shower naked in full view of the soldiers. Three of the men then raped her.

After the Sabbath meal the platoon commander, identified by Ha'aretz as a man called Moshe who had served in the British army during the second world war, proposed a vote on what should be done with her.

One option was to put her to work in the outpost's kitchen.

Most of the 20 or so soldiers present voted for the alternative by chanting: "We want to fuck". The commander organised a rota for groups of his men to gang rape the girl over the next three days. Moshe and one of his sergeants went first, leaving the girl unconscious. Next morning, she complicated matters by protesting about her treatment. Moshe told one of his sergeants to kill her.

The commander's report said: "In my patrol on 12.8.49 I encountered Arabs in the territory under my command, one of them armed. I killed the armed Arab on the spot and took his weapon. I took the Arab female captive. On the first night the soldiers abused her and the next day I saw fit to remove her from the world."

Source article is here.

P.S. Well they had to kill her. After her experience it would be likely she'd be an anti-Semite... she was aware of something bad about Jews. And for that matter, they had to go and kill the rest of her family, her neighbors and her village and anyone else that might have a problem with their killing her.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a Zionist!

"I’m a zionist," Vice President Joe Biden proudly proclaimed recently on the presidential campaign trail.

Wow! Mr. Biden. That’s amazing considering the fact that although 99.99 percent of Jews are zionists, the great majority of them are afraid to admit even to themselves that they’re zionists, especially these days after the Gaza massacre.

Good-guy zionist Norman Finkelstein doesn’t like to talk about zionsim publicly. He considers it a ‘conflictual’ term [link1, link2]. But here you are, Mr. Biden, publicly proclaiming that you’re a zionist.

The sad thing is that although you proudly proclaimed that you’re a zionist, in public even, most Americans are probably unaware of that fact since it wasn’t shown in the mainstream media. Damn, Mr. Biden, average Americans don’t even know what zionism is. For all they know it could be a new flavor of ice cream they haven’t heard of yet.

Since good-guy zionist Finkelstein doesn’t talk about zionism publicly, even though his personal idol Noam Chomsky also is a zionist, it would really be great, Mr. Biden, if you would explain to average Americans what zionism is and what being a zionist means.

And Mr. Biden, I know anything Jewish can be incredibly complicated. Please keep it simple. Just tell the Americans about the zionism everyone outside of America means when they say zionism, i.e., the zionism Finkelstein doesn’t like to talk about publicly, i.e., the zionism most Jews are afraid to admit that they’re proponents of.

It’s a simple matter, Mr. Biden. That is unless you’re trying to obfuscate the matter, which is understandable when you really understand what it is.

That zionism that average Americans haven’t a clue about, in a nutshell boils down to: Jewish supremacism, Jewish exceptionalism, Jewish apartheid.

Please, Mr. Biden, as a great service to your fellow Americans, tell them what zionism is. Since they’re mainly responsible for shoving it down the world’s throat with the so-called ‘war on terror’, don’t you think they deserve to know what it is?

Mr. Biden, you’ve proudly pronounced that you’re a zionist in one public venue. Please now, tell average Americans what that means.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enough is Enough, Shut Down Israel

Enough is enough. Now Gaza, on top of everything else. The Palestinians symbolise the ongoing struggle worldwide against USrael’s neo-colonial wars. Zionist goals cannot be met without genocide. To uphold a Jewish state it is necessary to commit crimes that are defined as genocide in The UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide signed by the General Assembly on December 9th, 1948.

The Zionist’s colonisation project has existed over two turns of century. It is a myth that there could ever be a Jewish state in Palestine without genocide of the Palestinian people. Genocide is incumbent in Zionism, its innermost core. A Jewish state must have a substantial Jewish majority and this cannot be achieved without the eviction of those who lived on the land. We see the result in a racist apartheid system that discriminates between Jews and non-Jews in Israel itself, in the raising of the Wall, in the nearby Palestinian refugee camps and in facts on the ground, as illustrated by the four maps [above] and now in Gaza.

A so-called two-state solution involves legitimising genocide in retrospect, as it does not acknowledge the evicted Palestinian refugees’ inalienable right to return, in accordance with UN resolutions.

There is only one solution. A democratic state between the Mediterranean and the River Jordan. Within such a framework, those most involved can discuss various transitional solutions and suggest a timetable for their implementation.

Some would say that this is unrealistic because of the hatred that has been created between Palestinians and Jews. But in that case, those who brought about colonisation, the theft of land and genocide can move somewhere else if they do not wish to live in peace and equality with their ‘victims’ in their own country. The French colonisers in Algeria returned home. In South Africa, the majority chose to stay. [Come to the USA, New York. You know that Jewish supremacy reigns supreme here. The goyim here are really dumb and docile. You won't find better.]

Israel of today is an entity with precious little legitimacy, being a state in the country of Palestine, as shown in the article ‘Revoking Israel’s UN membership‘. There is little support for the statement that Israel is a creation of the UN. There is nothing to indicate that this entity will ever work in accordance with UN decisions and international human rights, or exist in peace with its neighbours. Quite the opposite.

Israel is, today, the biggest threat to a world in peace and Zionism an ideology whose main task is to justify USrael’s neo-colonial wars while referring to the Holocaust and ‘anti-Semitism‘.

To anyone who identifies themself as a Jew:
Come on, do you really enjoy having your identity linked to a racist society of robbers whose policy is genocide towards the robbed? If you want to be able to respect yourself every morning when you look in the mirror, and if you do not want to contribute to the politically based global hatred of Jews, do something about it. Let go of Israel’s ‘Jewish state’ and become an active humanist. Support the evicted Palestinians and their right to return and that all people between the Mediterranean and the river Jordan may live with equal rights and in agreement.

Source article here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UK Diplomat Arrested for "anti-Semitic" Tirade While Watching Gaza Massacre

A senior diplomat in the British Foreign Office has been arrested for inciting religious hatred after he launched into an anti-Semitic tirade at a London gym, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

Witnesses told the British newspaper they heard diplomat Rowan Laxton shouting "f**king Israelis, f**king Jews" while watching a TV report of Israel Defense Forces operations in Gaza from the seat of an exercise bike.

He also reportedly shouted that IDF soldiers should be "wiped off the face of the Earth."

The Daily Mail said Laxton continued the tirade even after he was approached by other gym users.

A complaint was later filed to police and Laxton was arrested and charged with inciting religious hatred, which carries a maximum seven-year prison term. He has since been released on bail.

The British newspaper quotes Mark Gardner, deputy director of the Community Security Trust, a group that monitors anti-Semitism, as saying: "This alleged case is particularly shocking, given the position held by the civil servant in question."

The Daily Mail said that in response to a query on Monday, Laxton denied that his comments were anti-Semitic, but dodged answering whether they were anti-Israel.

Source article is here.

P.S. Sorry, Mr. Laxton. You don't decide whether your comments were "anti-Semitic." The Jewish thought police decide that.

Will Obama Break the Law for Israel's Sake?

Since entering office, President Barack Obama has promised sweeping changes in three aspects of governance: transparency, law enforcement, and stewardship of American tax dollars. For a public weary of law enforcement forever prosecuting street but never elite crime, Obama's many statements about holding all individuals accountable under the law have been encouraging. He also called for government-agency compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in a White House mandate for transparency. Obama swore any bailouts of financial institutions and industries will hereafter avoid secretly funneling taxpayer funds into bloated Wall Street bonuses, executive junkets, and private jets.

But does Obama intend to follow these rules himself? Probably not. Obama's entire facade momentarily crumbled under a single withering question – "Do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?" – launched by veteran reporter Helen Thomas during the president's first evening press conference on Feb. 9, 2008.

Obama dodged the substance of the question:

"With respect to nuclear weapons, I don't want to speculate. What I know is this: that if we see a nuclear arms race in a region as volatile as the Middle East, everybody will be in danger. And one of my goals is to prevent nuclear proliferation generally, I think that it's important for the United States in concert with Russia to lead the way on this, and I've mentioned this in conversations with the Russian president, Mr. Medvedev, to let him know that it is important for us to restart the conversations about how we can start reducing our nuclear arsenals in an effective way, so that we then have the standing to go to other countries to start stitching back together the nonproliferation treaties that frankly have been weakened over the last several years."

The evasion inherent in Obama's reply coupled with actions already taken may reveal the new administration's true framework for Middle East policy: deception, wastefulness, and lawlessness.

Obama's policy, if honestly verbalized, may be the following: As your president, I will continue to deceive you about Israeli nuclear weapons, so that my administration can violate the Symington Amendment and deliver unwarranted amounts of taxpayer dollars to Israel. My administration will negotiate in bad faith with Iran while clandestinely attacking it, in order to preserve Israeli nuclear hegemony in the Middle East.

Source article here.

P.S. Will Obama break the law for Israel's sake? You betcha! Who's your daddy?

Why Did Obama Diss Helen Thomas?

During the past eight years [Helen Thomas] was the only reporter who stood up to Bush, took on this rotten war, and, in general, acted like a journalist. Last night, the great hall looked like it was populated by a president, a reporter, and 11th graders from local high school newspapers. I think I saw a cub reporter from the Dillon, Texas high school paper. (sadly, not Lilah Garrity).

Ms. Thomas' moment came when she asked the president about nuclear proliferation. Her question ended with the query: does he know of any Middle Eastern state with nukes?

Why did she ask that? She asked it to see if Obama would refuse to respond as previous presidents have. The answer is Israel, of course. And everyone knows it. In fact, the State Department has published reams of material about JFK's concern about the Israeli bomb. Israeli politicians talk about it. Every Arab in the world knows about it. And Israel's nukes are its number one deterrent against attack by Iran -- and everyone knows that too.

But Israel has a policy of not talking about its nukes in any official capacity because acknowledging them might lead to Israel having to sign the NPT and opening itself up to nuclear inspection.

So Israeli Prime Ministers try (not always successfully) not to acknowledge that Israel has a nuclear arsenal while ensuring that everyone knows it does.

That may be a sensible policy...for Israel.

But why is it our policy? Why is the American president forbidden from being honest on such a critical subject. Answer: there is no reason, unless we are to believe that Israeli policy guidelines, by definition, apply here as well.

So why did Obama refuse to answer? Simple. Because if he did, the media would have reported it as a gaffe. Reporters either know nothing about the Middle East or, for the most part, have adopted Israel's perspective.

Had Obama spoken the truth, the media would have made his "blunder" the story of the night. He cannot afford that because, frankly, we have more important things to worry about, like rescuing the economy.

So I don't fault Obama. But I salute Helen Thomas. Next time she should ask how he felt about those pictures that came out of Gaza. As the father of those two precious girls, we all know how he felt. But it would help America in the eyes of the world if he'd just say it.

Source article from the Huffington Post.

P.S. Didn't the way our Mainstream Media talking heads ridicule Helen Thomas remind you how Rosie O'Donnel from The View was ridiculed for questioning the official fantastical version of the 9/11 attack? Didn't it highlight how utterly servicial America is to Israel? And isn't it becoming obvious that the most important things affecting Americans [9/11, Israel, Zionism] are the things our Mainstream Media talking heads aren't talking about?

Zionism? What is Zionism? Is that a new flavor of ice cream?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

China's Towering Inferno... that DIDN'T collapse!

Another Suckered by the Zionist-Peace Rockstar Finkelstein

Following is Robin Yassin-Kassab's recent article "Non-Violence? Finkelstein and Gandhi." Bracketed text are the blogger's comments.

When Western liberals call on the Palestinians to renounce violence and to adopt Gandhian passive resistance instead, I usually become enraged. My first response is, they've tried non-violence, and you failed to notice. For the first two decades after the original ethnic cleansing of 1947 and 48, almost all Palestinian resistance was non-violent. From 1967 until 1987 Palestinians resisted by organizing tax strikes, peaceful demonstrations, petitions, sit-down protests on confiscated lands and in houses condemned to demolition. The First Intifada was almost entirely non-violent on the Palestinian side; the new tactic of throwing stones at tanks (which some liberals consider violent) was almost entirely symbolic. In every case, the Palestinians were met with fanatical violence. Midnight arrest, beatings, and torture were the lot of most. Many were shot. Yitzhak Rabin ordered occupation troops to break the bones of the boys with stones. And despite all this sacrifice, Israeli Jews were not moved to recognize the injustice of occupation and dispossession, at least not enough to end it. The first weeks of the Second Intifada were also non-violent on the Palestinian side. Israel responded by murdering tens of unarmed civilians daily, and the US media blamed the victims. Then the Intifada was militarized.

Was it really, or only, non-violence which liberated India? In colonized India there were hundreds of thousands of Indians to each British officer, so the cause of independence had sheer numbers on its side as well as time. The British people certainly came to love Gandhi and to respect the moral courage of his non-violent strategy, but the British officials who counted could also see the tide of violent anti-imperialism rising behind Gandhi, a tide that would dominate if Gandhi’s method failed. Likewise in the American civil rights struggle: behind Martin Luther King stood Malcolm X. It’s a lot easier to deal with the nice guy when you see the nasty guy rolling up his sleeves.

My third point: I’ll listen to the call for non-violence if it comes from the mouth of a genuine pacifist. From someone who believes, as Ghandi did, that Nazism could have been better resisted non-violently. From someone who would himself engage only in peaceful action after seeing his own child killed, his own flat bombed. And of course from someone who realizes that Palestinian violence is as nothing when put next to the staggering violence of Zionism.

Another problem is that not all Palestinians are capable of suppressing their desire for revenge. I’m not insulting them; God knows that I, comfortable in front of my screen many miles away from the trouble, am thirsting for revenge. In the Palestinians’ circumstances, violence is natural. So if the Palestinians have to prove they deserve justice by acting nice, there will never be justice. We have to get beyond condemning the inevitable violence of a traumatized refugee population to condemning the causes of the violence – dispossession, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, occupation, massacre. [Finkelstein, the zionist-peace rockstar’s specialty is reporting the crimes of zionism while never condemning them and ultimately wooing his audience to understand and condone them. ‘Asking for the dismantling of Israel is equivalent to asking for the dismantling of the United States of America. Both are guilty of crimes; both need to live up to their founding principals.’ However, Finky, never talks about Israel’s founding principal: zionism. It's a 'conflictual' term.]

Norman Finkelstein’s reading of Gandhi (I’ve never read Gandhi, so I’ll have to trust Finkelstein) settles many of my reservations. Gandhi argues that violent resistance is acceptable by the conventional moral standards of our times. He says that an oppressed and humiliated population must resist its oppressors violently if it is incapable of non-violent resistance. According to Gandi, the worst of failures is to submit.

With specific reference to Palestine, Gandhi said this in 1938:
"Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French…What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct…If (the Jews) must look to the Palestine of geography as their national home, it is wrong to enter it under the shadow of the British gun. A religious act cannot be performed with the aid of the bayonet or the bomb. They can settle in Palestine only by the goodwill of the Arabs…As it is, they are co-sharers with the British in despoiling a people who have done no wrong to them. I am not defending the Arab excesses. I wish they had chosen the way of non-violence in resisting what they rightly regard as an unacceptable encroachment upon their country. But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds."

In his lecture, Finkelstein suggests what could be done:
"A massive mobilization of Palestinians building on the non-cooperation tactics of the first intifada (commercial and tax strikes, popular committees) could again make the Israeli occupation ungovernable. Is it so far-fetched to imagine an "army" of Palestinian satyagrahis converging on the Wall, their sole "weapons" a pick in one hand and a copy of the ICJ opinion in the other? The ICJ stated that the Wall was illegal and must be dismantled. The Palestinians would only be doing what the world should already have done a long time ago. Who could fault them for enforcing the law? No doubt Israel would fire on Palestinians and many would be killed. But if their supporters in North America and Europe publicized the ICJ opinion, and if Palestinians found the inner wherewithal to persevere nonviolently, it seems probable that far, far fewer than 5,000 Palestinians would be killed before Israel were forced to desist. [Here the zionist-peace rockstar ignores the obstacle of working through media dominated by zionist control. Finky never acknowledges that zionist dominance. It's preposterous to suggest that it exists, according to the zionist-peace rockstar.] No one writing abroad from the comfort and safety of his study can in good conscience urge such a strategy that entails so much death. But Gandhi’s point nonetheless stands: if Palestinians have repeatedly shown a willingness to pay the ultimate price, doesn’t it make sense for them to pursue a strategy that has a better likelihood of success at a smaller human price?"

Dismantling the wall. Gazans dismantling the border fence. Marches of Return from the West Bank and Gaza and Jordan, Syria and Lebanon to the border fences and the Israeli bullets. The numbers would have to be huge, and the coordination with the world's official and alternative media incredibly efficient. [Again, the zionist-peace rockstar ignores the reality of zionist control of the media. This is no inconsequential matter, and the rockstar knows it.] It would require a mobilization that neither the corrupt and collaborative PA nor the hunted and secretive Hamas could command. It would take a concerted simultaneous effort by the Palestinian people and their supporters around the world to shine the light on Israel and on Palestinian history. As Palestinians marched and died, people in the West would have to boycott and divest. It seems farfetched in the present blood-soaked bitterness, but it's worth thinking about.
The latest massacre has changed things. Perhaps the world is ready to see now. Perhaps.

I don’t agree with Finkelstein’s desire to limit discussion to the two state solution, although I understand his tactics. For reasons that I will write of later, reasons of justice but more importantly of pragmatism, I am a supporter of some kind of one state solution. I speculate a world in which a non-violent campaign against the wall spawns a non-violent campaign for Israeli passports.

In any case, I support bringing injustice into the light. 94% of Israeli Jews supported the Gaza massacre. 40% – an incredible statistic – believe Jews were a majority in Palestine at the end of the 19th Century. We have to engage Israeli ignorance and paranoia, the dark products of Zionist indoctrination. The 6% of Israeli Jews who can think more critically could be our allies in this.

I continue to believe that Zionism is the enemy, but by Zionism I mean the Iron Wall Zionism of Jabotinsky that has come to determine the character of the mainstream, from the Labour Party to the openly fascist fringe. Those Zionists, however, who are interested in a cultural home and refuge in Palestine on terms of equality and brotherhood with the Palestinians – those could be allies. [Uhm, Mr. Yassin-Kassab, where are you finding "those zionists"? Zionism is Jewish supremacy, Jewish exceptionalism, Jewish apartheid.]

I feel something has snapped in mind and heart since December 27th. I’m trying to get beyond the snapping. I find the concluding paragraph of Finkelstein’s lecture both educative and humbling [Hey, Mr. Yassin-Hassab, you’re not alone. This is Finkelstein, the zionist-peace rockstar’s specialty.]:

"The Caribbean poet Aimé Césaire once wrote, "There’s room for everyone at the rendezvous of victory." Late in life, when his political horizons broadened out, Edward Said would often quote this line. We should make it our credo as well. We want to nurture a movement, not hatch a cult. The victory to which we aspire is inclusive, not exclusive; it is not at anyone’s expense. It is to be victorious without vanquishing. No one is a loser, and we all are gainers if together we stand by truth and justice. "I am not anti-English; I am not anti-British; I am not anti-any government," Gandhi insisted, "but I am anti-untruth—anti-humbug, and anti-injustice."(188) Shouldn’t we also say that we are not anti-Jewish, anti-Israel or, for that matter, anti-Zionist? The prize on which our eyes should be riveted is human rights, human dignity, human equality. What, really, is the point of ideological litmus tests such as, Are you now or have you ever been a Zionist? Indeed, it is Israel’s apologists who thrive on and cling to them, bogging down interlocutors in distracting and endless intellectual sideshows—What is a Jew? Are the Jews a nation? Don’t Jews have a right to national liberation? Shouldn’t we use a vocabulary that registers and resonates with the public conscience and the Jewish conscience [Fine conscience. 94% of Israeli Jews supported the Gaza massacre and the Jewish diaspora was mostly silent about it.], winning over the decent many while isolating the diehard few? Shouldn’t we instead be asking, Are you for or against ethnic cleansing, for or against torture, for or against house demolitions, for or against Jews-only roads and Jews-only settlements, for or against discriminatory laws? [Oops. The answer here of virtually all those identifying themselves as Jewish is "for." Finky, the zionist-peace rockstar would never bring this up.] And if the answer comes, against, against and against [the rockstar slips this one in knowing it’ll always be the reverse], shouldn’t we then say, Keep your ideology, whatever it might be—there’s room for everyone at the rendezvous of victory?

May we all, seekers of truth, fighters for justice, yet live to join the people of Palestine at the rendezvous of victory." [Sorry. There can be no peace without justice; there can be no peace with zionism. I know, I know, Finky’s an awfully nice guy and you wish it could be… for his sake, and the sake of all the other ‘good’ patronizing zionists that demonstrate they’re willing to treat Palestinians as their virtual equals as long as they can keep their stolen goods.]

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Of course I'm anti-Semitic. Aren't you?

Prior to 9/11/01 I was very much a typical American regarding Israel/Palestine. As I was conditioned, I knew virtually nothing about what was going on in Palestine and I was reluctant to look into the matter, thinking that it was much too complex for me to even to begin to understand. And reflecting my typical American conditioning, I was sympathetic to Jews, although I had never in fact met any Jewish people in person, being from a typical mid-western town. I definitely was not anti-Semitic.

Heck, I didn’t know any Jews so the opportunity for being labeled anti-Semitic never came up. That didn’t happen until after 9/11/01 [when I was 49].

As the 9/11 attack was happening, it occurred to me that the attack had to do with what was happening in the Middle East and it was time to learn what was happening there. I was behooved to work through my conditioned barrier of not wanting to look into the matter because it was much too complex to understand and find out for myself what was going on.

I learned that the Palestinians were being kicked off their land so that Jews from anywhere in the world could live there. I attended a Middle East committee meeting and said that I didn’t think this was fair, that it didn’t matter what happened in the past to the Jews, that two wrongs don’t make a right, etc. After that meeting, I was considered anti-Semitic by the experts that apply the label: the Jews that attended that meeting. Thereafter I was treated coolly by everyone associated with the parent anti-war organization. Word had gotten around.

Holy cow! I never would’ve imagined myself being considered anti-Semitic: [growing up] an altruistic Catholic boy who defended little kids every day on the playground from older bullies, the exemplary server boy, the choir boy, the kid that the nuns and teachers considered a role model for others.

But there I was. An anti-Semitic, for being concerned for justice and equal rights for the Palestinians. Little did I know that being labeled anti-Semitic was so easy. It is so easy. In fact here’s the formula: You become aware that Jews are responsible for doing something unfair, like kicking Palestinians off their land so that Jews from anywhere in the world can live there and, boom, you’re instantly anti-Semitic! You don’t even have to complain about it. The labelers just have to know you know about it. It is that easy.

I’m outraged that Palestinians are being methodically genocided for Jewish apartheid. I can’t shut up about it. In fact should a group representing the anti-Semitic labelers want to pay me a visit and hang me for being anti-Semitic, I’d hang them instead. On the other hand, should a group of angry Palestinians ever want to hang me for what I as an American have enabled and allowed to happen to Palestinians, I’d plead for mercy.

The way I look at it, if you’re aware of what’s happening to the Palestinians and you’re not considered anti-Semitic, then I question your humanity. If you don’t say anything about it, you’re an accomplice to genocide. What would you rather be, anti-Semitic or a genocider? For me, there’s no choice. Yes, of course I’m anti-Semitic. Aren’t you?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just One Minute for Truth about Palestine

Jewish Law Institute Launched in D.C.

Jewish legal experts have created a new institute that will educate jurists and others about 2,000 years of Jewish law and promote the application of the teachings to contemporary legal disputes and other modern-day issues.

The launch of the Washington-based National Institute for Judaic Law was marked Tuesday night with a kosher dinner at the Supreme Court attended by 200 people, including three Supreme Court Justices - Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, and Antonin Scalia.

US President George W. Bush sent greetings and applauded the institute for promoting an "understanding of Judaism's rich tradition of legal thought."

The institute's first project, already underway, explores how Jewish law can be applied to modern-day issues surrounding corporate ethics, an idea spurred by the recent corporate scandals involving Enron and Worldcom.

Gurary, who teaches at the State University of New York at Buffalo, thought up the idea of the institute about nine months ago.

"By demonstrating the philosophy of Jewish law and its moral values, we can bring a little beacon of light in this world," Gurary said.

source article

P.S. Oh, that rule about stealing and killing with impunity and God loves you dearly only applies to Jewish people. Gentiles can steal and kill only if they're following orders of Jewish people, and of course, if they're not robbing and killing Jewish people.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oy vey! A Holocaust Revisionist is Not an Anti-Semite??

In the wake of a global furor triggered by Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to lift the excommunication of four traditionalist Catholic bishops, including one who cast doubt on the Holocaust, another leader in the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X has questioned whether the Nazis used gas chambers for anything other than “disinfection,” and said that people who hold revisionist views on the Holocaust are not anti-Semites.

Oy vey! Read the source article here.

Never Forget Gaza Massacre! Never!

The Emotional Violence of Jewish Advocacy

Gideon Levy a Ha’aretz newspaper reporter recently asked: “If Israelis were so sure of the rightness of their cause, why the violent intolerance they display toward everyone who tries to make a different case?”

In "Survival Instinct or Jewish Paranoia?" my favorite shrink, ex-Israeli Avigail Barbanel writes that, “The implications of seeing the conflict from within the lens of Jewish trauma are very serious. Can we really negotiate with this? Can we explain to Israelis that their perspective on life and on the conflict is seriously flawed? If we tried will they listen, and do the Palestinians have time to wait until they do?”

It seems that Americans are kind of in an abusive marriage situation with Israel, where because love and friendship are assumed to be there, the abused partner keeps feeling guilty and acting hyper-responsible, and tries even harder to please the abuser. Many Americans maintain friendships with pro-Israel Jews and simply decide not to discuss politics; however there is an emotional blackmail going on because if you did mention Israel or Jewish-American genocidalism, the relationship would be over. [End it already!]

A Gentile in America, even a child, is raised to accept a very heavy sense of personal responsibility that far exceeds anyone else's normal sense of personal responsibility. It creates a neurotic personality who is always feeling guilty and thus is too weak to stand up to Zionist criminal behavior and the comical, obviously non-factual Zionist ideology.

Jews in America are socially empowered to go way beyond the learned trauma of the Jewish experience that results in typical reactionary behavior. They actually participate in group behavior that is deliberately manipulative and abusive - aimed at punishing activists who stand up for human equality and justice. Over the years, US Jews have become increasingly nutty not only due to current events but due to the internet "alerts" coming to them from Jewish lobbyists, who solidify their brains in this self-righteous fantasy world where Hamas is a terrorist organization, where Israel has some kind of right to kill and rob non-Jews.

So we are dealing with not only dangerous reactions based on past trauma - actually learned trauma based on a glorified and fictionalized past - but American Jews are actually being trained since childhood to interact with non-Jews in a deceitful and arrogant manner, in coordination with each other, to emotionally destroy Gentiles and Israel critics, in addition to wrecking their careers and interfering with their social relationships. This is actually deliberate, wicked, planned behavior motivated by a narcissistic self-righteous fury.

American Jews tend to enforce blind conformity, bullying and shaming people into agreeing with a bogus sham written by a Polish immigrant funded indirectly by US taxpayers whose money was illegally laundered through the JCRC. Whatever happened to “Question Authority”?

So many Gentiles fall into this trap and start doing the work of the Zionists, attacking people if they deviate from political correctness. If we could focus on the emotional violence of Israel advocacy techniques we might be able to empower Gentiles to stand up to the psycho Zionists without enduring quite as much emotional pain.

The problem is that Gentiles are taught through emotional pressure and violence via the media and the school system to be very sensitive to Jewish suffering so when a Zionist becomes outraged at them for challenging their world view, the Gentile really has to fight against his own inner self in a huge battle against his "inner Jew" making him feel inadequate and intimidated. But the Jew doesn’t care how much he or she hurts others. Jews only care about what's good for the Jews.

The world needs to intervene to save Jews from their murderous selves, and to save the Palestinians [and all mankind!].

Intervention involves convincing world leaders to do the right thing, which seldom happens and does not empower us to action other than begging them.

What is possible and in fact quite easy is to find a way to deal with Zionist Jews in our local area, especially those who are involved in the organizational structures of Zionist organized racism.

Obviously, prosecuting Zionist organizations also requires convincing the establishment to define Zionism as a criminal ideology, like we do Nazism, and going after the leadership.

Many people deal with Zionists by making light talk and never discuss politics, but I think we should stop doing that since it normalizes their support for racist genocide.

Many Zionists don't call themselves Zionists but to me, a Zionist is someone who would deny Palestinians equal rights in order for the Jews to keep what they stole and call it Israel. [99.99 percent of those identifying themselves as Jewish are Zionists! Including good-guy Zionists, the likes of Chomsky and Finkelstein.] They are very brainwashed so it's usually not useful arguing with them. Jewish organizations and synagogues teach classes in linguistic martial arts tactics (how to confuse your opponent etc.) to deflect blame from Jews and Israel. It's extremely dishonest and manipulative. According to the David Project, an organization which teaches these Israel Advocacy techniques and also disseminates Islamophobic misinformation to the public, states that their goal is to diminish the impact of Israel's detractors.

Obviously, those Zionists who are simply ignorant, if they are willing to hear my point of view and to ask questions in a polite way, that's different. But normally they act manipulative and do everything to prevent a normal discussion on Jews/Israel. I once reduced a 50 year old man to hysterical sobbing tears because I told him gently and lovingly that Jews were not that unique. I just told him the Jews, like everyone else, have had good times and bad times. Times when they were slaughtered and other times when they slaughtered others. Just like everyone else. Guess what he did next. He emotionally abused me in an insulting way and then cut off all further communication. Jewish behavior is so predictable that it's truly scary.

Most of the Zionists claim to want a Palestinian State side by side an Israeli state, but as Israel Shamir points out in his book, Flowers of Galilee, it's a political maneuver: a bluff. They are simply taking advantage of your good faith to keep you engaged, to give Israel more time to steal more land.

The two-state Zionists show their true colors when the issue is cutting off US funding to Israel. They are very attached to the idea of a racist apartheid state for Jews paid for by non-Jews. If you mention cutting off the money or if you mention the possible compromise of living with Palestinians as equals in one state they become very angry and start using bullying tactics, unless they have some reason to fear you, in which case they shun you and complain about you to the authorities, try to get you arrested or try and destroy your career or social status through character assassination.

Zionists all believe in the myth of "1000 years of Jewish suffering" and feel that the world owes them compensation for their ancestors' "unique" suffering. It's a criminally insane viewpoint. They cope with the contradictions between their belief that they are the good guys and what Jews are actually doing to their neighbors, both in the Middle East and in the US, by developing mental health issues. Most Zionists are functional schizophrenics.

A few Zionists are not schizophrenic. If you say, "You stole their country," they just say, "Yeah, so? And what are you going to do about it?" I'm actually more willing to deal with those kind of Zionists because at least they are honest, and this does leave some room for discussion. But why. Just as Americans are not required to support Israel, we are not obliged to interact with racists. [In other words, Zionists that aren't schizophrenic are out-and-out racists!]

Every gentile, and Jew interested in being honest, should read the whole of this excellent article here.

P.S. Quite simply and obviously, Zionism needs to be outlawed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Images of Palestine Before Zionism

Jaffa, Palestine: General view of the city from the sea looking east, pre-1914 (Matson Collection, 1898-1914).

See more images here.

Monday, February 2, 2009

WW3 or Jewish Hegemony

James Petras has written a great piece describing the calculations now in play. He astutely describes what the Israeli strategists, and hopefully all of us, have learned from this catastrophe in Gaza.

Israel’s military victory in Gaza is a dress rehearsal for a full-scale military assault on Iran. In the course of their Gaza extermination campaign, Israeli political and military strategists gained a great deal of vital information about: (1) the levels of complicity and impotence of European, North American and Arab states; (2) the high degree and depth of material and political support obtainable from the United States government in pulverizing adversaries; (3) the high degree of internal support among the Jewish electorate for even the most brutal killing fields; (4) the massive unquestioning backing of an offensive war from all the biggest and most politically influential and wealthiest Jewish-Zionist organizations in the US and Western Europe; (5) the weakness and ineffectiveness of the United Nations and the incapacity of the entire range of humanitarian organizations to limit Israel’s extermination campaign directed at destroying the very existence of an entire people; (6) the unconditional backing of the entire mass media and news agencies in the US and most of the mass media in Europe and the rest of the world; (7) the willingness of the liberal critics to equally blame the victims of extermination and the exterminators for the ‘violence’, thus neutralizing any effective consequential condemnation of the Israeli state; and (8) the adaptation of practically all the journalists, writers, academics and politicians to the entire euphemistic vocabulary of the Israeli propaganda office.

They took their war machine for a spin, and it works great. He concludes that they will overreach after Netanyahu gets elected, unleashing the attack on Iran and triggering WW III.

Read the rest of "Hunching Toward Armageddon" here.

P.S. Israel doesn't have to kick off WW3. It can just hold it out as the obvious option opposed to accepting Jewish lordship over our lives. Americans can attest that Jewish lordship isn't all that bad. Nice Jewish people treat their gentile neighbors as virtual equals...well, up until now that is.

P.P.S. And I wasn't insulted with a moron for president, were you?