Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a Zionist!

"I’m a zionist," Vice President Joe Biden proudly proclaimed recently on the presidential campaign trail.

Wow! Mr. Biden. That’s amazing considering the fact that although 99.99 percent of Jews are zionists, the great majority of them are afraid to admit even to themselves that they’re zionists, especially these days after the Gaza massacre.

Good-guy zionist Norman Finkelstein doesn’t like to talk about zionsim publicly. He considers it a ‘conflictual’ term [link1, link2]. But here you are, Mr. Biden, publicly proclaiming that you’re a zionist.

The sad thing is that although you proudly proclaimed that you’re a zionist, in public even, most Americans are probably unaware of that fact since it wasn’t shown in the mainstream media. Damn, Mr. Biden, average Americans don’t even know what zionism is. For all they know it could be a new flavor of ice cream they haven’t heard of yet.

Since good-guy zionist Finkelstein doesn’t talk about zionism publicly, even though his personal idol Noam Chomsky also is a zionist, it would really be great, Mr. Biden, if you would explain to average Americans what zionism is and what being a zionist means.

And Mr. Biden, I know anything Jewish can be incredibly complicated. Please keep it simple. Just tell the Americans about the zionism everyone outside of America means when they say zionism, i.e., the zionism Finkelstein doesn’t like to talk about publicly, i.e., the zionism most Jews are afraid to admit that they’re proponents of.

It’s a simple matter, Mr. Biden. That is unless you’re trying to obfuscate the matter, which is understandable when you really understand what it is.

That zionism that average Americans haven’t a clue about, in a nutshell boils down to: Jewish supremacism, Jewish exceptionalism, Jewish apartheid.

Please, Mr. Biden, as a great service to your fellow Americans, tell them what zionism is. Since they’re mainly responsible for shoving it down the world’s throat with the so-called ‘war on terror’, don’t you think they deserve to know what it is?

Mr. Biden, you’ve proudly pronounced that you’re a zionist in one public venue. Please now, tell average Americans what that means.


Anonymous said...

horrible thing when the goyishe lackeys pop out like frogs to pretend being even greater than Pope, greater than Chief Rabbis, in hope to get their lackeishe piece of pie... what a POS is that Bidens, Bushes, Clintons and other stinking dreggs to be avoided and get rid off the planet....

Anonymous said...

Americans are going to pick up on the fact that Biden is a Bush Cheney&Conservative Company plant, to keep an eye on things for them.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Weizman who lead the zionist delegation in 1915 said "we hate equally anti-semites and philo-semites". Biden is a philo-semite who ought to take note of the history of philo-semites before him who almost always end up empty lonely , forgotten and totally unappreciated for the powers they served merely as instruments of boondoggles.

Anonymous said...

me cant be fooled about the torah jews and zionists. after all the zionists refer to the torah to justify their despicable acts, not the talmud.

RickB said...

If not the torah or the talmud then the holocaust. If not any of these things then the sense of privilege from being a member of the paranoid/supremacist club. Most Jews in fact claim to be non-religious atheists.

Anonymous said...

Biden is one of the dregs of humanity. How can a person born and raised in the usa say they are a zionist, when their loyalty should be to their country of birth. Sorry to say my friends but the usa has become the whore of the zionists. Have any of your congress men and women got the balls to stand up to this zionist cancer that is eating the usa alive. God bless the usa because i think ye are going to need it unless the vast majority of your citizens WAKE UP.

Anonymous said...

He had to say what he said in order to become a VP. My prayers are with you decent American people, may God deliver you from the evil-doers who control the corridors of power.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Americans, but the majority of the world lives the lie of "Ignorance is Bliss".
Far too often, when it's too late, do the people finally understand that ignorance has led to pain and suffering.

Anonymous said...

"although 99.99 percent of Jews are zionists"

dude. maybe where you live.

that is an extremely unfair, unsubstantiated and offensive comment.

RickB said...

Dude, that is based on my uncommon, extensive experience. Uncommon because most gentiles don't have the opportunity [or misfortune] interact with such a small portion [approximately two percent] of the overall population. Actually I was being generous because my experience was greater than 99.99 percent. I'm willing to adjust the figure down to 99 percent. I can't imagine it would be lower... based on my sample.

Anonymous said...

that is an extremely unfair, unsubstantiated and offensive comment

but nevertheless, an extremely correct one.

Anonymous said...

well, that's clearly not enough evidence.

Anonymous said...

Zionism is a political attitude, being a Zionist is exactly like being a mob gangster, because Zionism is a criminal attitude the Jews have adopted because it completes their shortages compared to other religions like Islam and christianism, those last religions have historical heritages while the Jews have none. So by adopting Zionism they try to catch up.

RickB said...

My evidence sample included daily intense conversation and dialog at two online political forums run and dominated by mainstream "non-zionist" zionist American Jews for over four years. How long should one personally collect evidence? Forever? I stayed at each forum until I personally couldn’t tolerate the warped sense of justice any longer. It was literally sickening. To the person, each and every Jew in those forums was a zionist, meaning they believed in the necessity and right for Jews to have a Jewish state. And, at the beginning of my experience at the first of the two forums that I mentioned I originally wasn't cognizant that they were run and dominated by Jews. They made it clear to me who were Jews and that I wasn't a Jew. Never before that experience did I think in terms of Jew and non-Jew. After that experience, my previous typically, American pro-Jewish conditioning is gone. Now when I meet a Jew, they must prove to me they can be honest, just and humane, and that their scales of justice and self aren't corrupted by a typcial sense of Jewish exceptionalism.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a definition of Zionism anywhere on this site that I can refer to? How would it differ from a contemporary dictionary definition?

What is your position on Muslims?

RickB said...

How I define zionism is in the article and at the top of my blog. My definition was evolved from personal experience. I don't know how it differs from a contemporary dictionary. Who wrote the definition in the contemporary dictionary?

How do I feel about Muslims? I relate to people individually as fellow human beings. Don't be Muslim with me. Be human and relate to me as another fellow human being. Given that, I'd say that relating to a Muslim would be similar to relating to anyone from a "Christian" denomination. At least they're taught that they're supposed to be honest... and humble.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. If you'd come to my blog, I'd have probably given you a very similar answer.

I'll look up your definition - and of course in the back of my mind, I was aware that the "dictionary definition" is always going to be slanted.

RickB said...

Thank you, Shahid Ahmad. What is your blog?

Anonymous said...

what and whom exactly is down wind from isreals dimona nuckular wepons base and why NOT let the zion erps have the end time they pray for now? today! maybe the nuek chainey stole could be used and blamed on iran or moonies.

Anonymous said...

Rick, the blog is linked to in my name - it's - I'm not a friend of Zionists, having spent a lot of time engaging with them on Twitter over the last few weeks (@shahidkamal) - but I'm struggling with the step from anti-Zionism to something that perhaps catches too many innocent people in the net.

I'm always interested in arguments on this.

I'm a big fan of Finkelstein, but wonder why the anti-Zionist position is dominated by Jewish figureheads and not Muslims or Christians. I understand the term "gatekeeper", but don't think Finkelstein is one of those. I'm searching for a label that identifies the domination of all such discourse by Jews and (some) Christians, but I'm struggling.

I also laugh when I hear the term "Judeo-Christian tradition". The two are violently opposed. It is a weird modern marriage that I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

While Zionism is ordinarily associated with

Jews, many others such V.P. Biden also consider themselves "Zionists."

'Human Predator' may be a more correct and apt term for a Zionist; one who 'Preys' upon another of the same species, Basically, a cannibal.

This is exactly what we are dealing with. Predator humans who are using us as food. This is what war is all about. F#%k them, Fleece them and eat them. That is the basic game plan of our corporate and political elite towards the rest of us.

Humans have existed for long historical periods within this 'Predator to Prey' paradigm. The only thing really new is the creation of nuclear weapons.

The New world cannibals that were discovered when the first Europeans began exploring South and central America were ‘opportunistic’ cannibals, that is, when someone died, well, why throw away good protein and just waste a sound tasty meal, whereas, the old world cannibals ‘Hebrew and Caucasian tribes’ were already highly developed and committed genocidal cannibals.

The difference is based upon what type of environment their cannibal habits were incubated and developed in. Both of these tribes (Hebrew and Caucasian) arose from a resource constrained human competitor model of existence, other tribes seeking resources accessed the environment and produced intra-species competitor resource base struggle.

This is all rooted in primitive animal instinctual behavior that is filtered through the higher level thinking that we are capable of. Rather than viewing as good or bad, possibly a more accurate measure would be “What is necessary for human survival in such a hostile human competitor environment?”

Resource base struggle has produced the “Cannibal complex of Mind” and this complex of the Mind, remains the driving force in the attempts to exterminate the human race with the use of nuclear weapons.

The genocide aspect is aimed to destroy other feeders in the resource-constrained environment and thereby reduce resource base struggle. Though we already understand that this is no longer necessary.

The necessity for human struggle within a constrained eco system ended many generations ago, or we could say would have ended if the technology of abundance had not been blocked and suppressed. The cannibal complex of Mind that continues to block the advanced technology of Peace has instead demanded human struggle and human sacrifice and has itself remained trapped in the simple animal primitive mold.

This complex now demands our nuclear extermination to prove once and for all. “Who is the superior of whom?”

It seems quite obvious that We need to remove the nuclear weaponry from our world as it seems that our fellow humans who remain trapped within the cannibal complex of Mind, still want to use these implements of genocide upon us.

Sooner or later you all are going to learn that you are already the Living Dead.