Friday, October 12, 2018

The Talmudization of the Goyim

Is America a Christian country or a Jewish country?  America is run and controlled by Jews, thus the endless degeneration --and bottomless decadence-- of American society.  This should be increasingly evident.  Jews have been kicked out over 100 countries because of it... so said societies affected by them could survive.  Will Americans, white, black, brown, liberal, conservative, ever unite to deal with the real problem and save America? and make it serve them and not a foreign entity? which Jews are, and Judaism is.

An excellent article explains the effect of Judaism on society: Sexual Marxism.  Some excerpts from said article below:

The essence of the human being for the Talmudic rabbis is the flesh or the physical body where the essence of our being for Christians is the Soul.  “For the mind set on the on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

Marxism is the product of a Talmudic mindset.  You have to be familiar with the filth in the Babylonian Talmud that is used to indoctrinate the majority of so called Jews to understand the extreme forms of degeneracy and evil they endorse and that we accept and normalize through the process of the talmudization of the goyim.

Marxism thrives on the engineered division between different parts of society.  Both classical Marxists and cultural Marxists view history as a series of struggles that divide the world into hostile groups of oppressors and the oppressed.  This is a false reflection of reality and is merely the expression of the fractured consciousness of a Talmudic mindset projected on the goyim.

Accusatory inversion is one of the symptoms of the pathology of a Talmudic mindset.  Marxists seek out pseudo victim groups as the anointed group that will serve as the redeemer group.  The victim group becomes the patsy agent for emancipation in ushering in the new and better world.

Marxists always are in a never ending search for the victim class which, in turn, must always be made aware of its victimization.  Marxists propagate that the “victim’s consciousness must be raised but in reality its consciousness is being shut down through engineered identification with something they are not.

In classical Marxism, the victim group was the Proletariat, the factory worker.  In cultural Marxism the “victim” groups are endless: homosexuals, transgenders, non whites, women, Muslims, Jews; you can come up with anything you like simply have them identify with it by presenting it as a suppressed minority that needs more rights for protection against the evil oppressor which in most cases is presented as the White man (or especially a Christian).

P.S.  That article and a great discussion of it can be found here.

P.P.S.  An important point the author of this article makes is that unless one is awakened to the jewish problem due to special circumstances such as having intimate dealings with members of the cult or being an obvious victim, it is not evident.  It is almost impossible for a na├»ve gentile to perceive it, after all weren't we all taught that we're all the same?   The cult can't be that bad.  But it is!  From the article: 

One of the many byproducts of the current collapse of the Talmudic mutant matrix we call Western civilization is the ever escalating degeneration, debauchery and perversion, and the normalization of pathology, moral decay and most of all the absence of any moral principles or common sense.  Or better said, conscience; the application of knowledge between right and wrong behavior.  Almost all natural aspects of life have been perverted, inverted and weaponized against us.

At a very young age I was confronted with pornography which poisoned my mind in such a way that it had a highly destructive effect for a great part on my life.  This poison had a devastating effect on my private life and back then we did not even have the internet or the utter disgusting garbage our children are being confronted with on the internet and the tel-lie-vision today.  But despite the grave consequences it had on my life, having been firmly in the grips of Satan gave me a deeper understanding of the working dynamics of the evil it produces.  It is not possible that evil can be studied from above downwards.

The man who has never been in the clutches of that crushing viper can never know what its poison is.   An attempt to study it in any other way will result only in superficial talk and sentimental delusions.   Both are harmful.  The first because it can never go to the root of the question, the second because it evades the question entirely.