Thursday, September 10, 2015

"The Germans Burned All The Bodies" Debunked

P.S. Guess which dope wrote the following: It has been accurately said that the entire Hitler/Holocaust/WWII revisionist business is a dead end as far as waking the average person up to the dangers that Zionism and organized Jewish interests pose to today’s world.

Hint: It is the same delusional dope that "accurately" said it. Yes, the dope is referencing himself. I guess when you were first in line when brains were passed out, it's hard to find others of equal brilliance  to reference.

The dope wrote the above here. Note that none of his sycophantic fans challenged him.

P.P.S. The reason why the dope says what he says regarding "the entire Hitler/Holocaust/WWII revisionist business" is because the subject is not part of the failed musician's natural repertoire and he can't be a star on center stage with it, and therefore it's counter productive, not a winning strategy.