Saturday, May 28, 2011

Br. Nathanael On Our Police State for Zionism

And the American goyim say: Amen, keep us safe.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mt Athos Prophecies on '666'

Brother Nathanael, don't you know that it's "anti-Semitic" to be cognizant of jewish control of events?

For Americans it is more important not to be considered "anti-Semitic" than the issue of right or wrong, or their standing before God.

Their fear of jews is greater than their fear of God. And their jewish masters know it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Picture: Toward Return

A Palestinian man holding a Palestinian flag looks toward fellow demonstrators gathering to commemorate Nakba on May 15, 2011. Palestinian refugees from throughout Lebanon converged at Lebanon’s historic border with Palestine to demand and protest for their right to return to Palestine.

Just had to post this picture from Tadamon. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And this picture is saying so much.

Makes me wonder, will the jews be fence builders in heaven?

For a slide show of more compelling pictures of that event, go here. For more background on it, visit Tadamon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And Still You Believe

Thank you American goyim. This only could've been accomplished with the cooperation of the stupdidest people the world has ever seen. Your stupidity will be lengendary. The world will never forget your village idiot who officially started the ball rolling on the war on terror this way.

If the truth will ever be spoken or recorded, it will say the following: In 2001, one day after the announcement by Donald Rumsfeld that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 TRILLION in expenditures, a coalition of the White House, its Israeli handlers, and various other foreign intelligence agencies engineered a project — well known at this point, PNAC — to give them a reason to make war on the entire Muslim world, principally to steal its oil resources and gain strategic leverage over China and Russia. The price was 3,000 lives of its own citizens, which they paid without blinking.

American goyim, as much as you try to be inoffensive and politically correct, trying to convince yourselves that jews don't have anything to do with anything that affects you, the truth is they are responsible for the absurd artificial reality that you're believing, and they control the real reality that controls you. Read the article [Artificial Reality] from which the truth above was quoted here.

American goyim, I believe in you, your jewish masters believe in you. I know, they know, that you are trustworthy and true, ever reliable. You will never allow yourselves to know or say the truth, i.e., you will never save yourselves, no matter how stupid or absurd your artificial reality becomes... because that would be "anti-Semitic".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thousands at the Border

I grew up in Lebanon during the civil war and the Israeli occupation of the south. During that time a revolutionary song by Julia Butros, “Wayn al-Malayeen?” (where are the millions), was continually heard. But as a child I never understood what she meant when she sang “Where are the millions? Where are the Arab people?”

In 2006 during the Israeli war on Lebanon I heard the song again. I was 25; this time I understood what it meant and that line kept playing endlessly in my head throughout the 33 days of war.

Last Sunday, on the way to the border, the bus driver played that song. In light of the Arab revolutions that are happening at the moment, millions of Arabs have taken to the streets to demand their freedom, to demand their rights and to speak out for the first time (at least since I have been alive). On 15 May the same millions took to the streets, only this time to demand the liberation of Palestine: their freedom, their right.

That day at 7:30am we gathered in front of Mar Elias Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. There were five buses already full of people and on the street there were about a hundred others waiting for more buses. Finally, we learned there were no more buses and we would have to rent additional ones. I got into our rented bus full of enthusiasm and good vibes; the journey back to Palestine had started. The crowd on the bus was an interesting mix of people of different nationalities and as we sat down we were all Palestine, we were all Palestinian.

For weeks I had anxiously awaited 15 May, the Third Palestinian Intifada. Many people had started referring to it as such on social networks, and I myself loved the sound of it and so this is how I would refer to it every time I spoke about it. However, 15 May is the Nakba (catastrophe) commemoration; on this day we remember that more than 750,000 Palestinians were forced out of their homes, their land, to make way for a new country and people to be put in their place.

To me Palestine was and still is the central cause in the Arab world, and I always believed that the liberation of Palestine would not happen before the liberation of the Arab people from the corrupt ruling dictatorships. The west like to call them the Arab moderates but in reality this means Arab puppets. Today however the Arab world is changing and the Arab people are revolting, and while they are revolting they have not forgotten about Palestine or the suffering and occupation their Palestinian brethren are going through.

In closely following the Arab uprisings since the protests in Tunisia started, I have always seen at least one Palestinian flag among the protesters in every Arab country. Palestine has always been present during the protests. Palestine has always been present in the hearts and conscience of the Arab people. The “malayeen” or millions are speaking now and their united voice is hitting the sky. Yesterday, again, the Arab people spoke: the people want to liberate Palestine; the people want to return to Palestine.

The road to Palestine
The trip from Beirut took longer than it should along the coast to the south; hundreds of buses and cars displayed Palestinian flags, and on the sides of the roads big billboards read: “May 15th: the march to return.” I have never felt so delighted when looking at a billboard before.

On the windy road from Nabatiyeh to Maroun al-Ras, the endless line of buses continued, the windows full of people waving to each other and flashing the V for victory sign. We felt like we were really going back to Palestine. On the bus three Palestinian friends and I jokingly but sincerely started making plans about where in Jerusalem we were going to have a coffee, or should we just go to Haifa and enjoy the beach there, we teased, believing it somehow.

As the bus wound through the lush green valleys of the south, blooming with flowers and life, I couldn’t help but notice many buses with Syrian license plates. “Had these people come all the way from Syria?” I wondered. But no, I was told there were not enough buses in Lebanon, so some had been rented from Syria.

Contrary to our original plans, the bus had to stop in Bint Jbeil, a village a few kilometers away from our destination — the border at Maroun al-Ras. The village had been turned into a big parking lot for buses carrying people from a dozen refugee camps all over Lebanon and the many Lebanese that wanted to march to the border. We jumped out of the bus and without asking how we would get to the border, we found ourselves joining thousands of people walking through the green fields and climbing mountains as a short-cut to our shared destination.

It was an approximately five kilometer walk or more accurately, a hike. It was beautiful to see endless lines of people marching from different directions in the green land. Next to me were Palestinian families who had brought the young ones and dressed them up for the occasion. There were old women and men who struggled to climb the steep hills and there was a great spirit of solidarity among the people as everyone gave a hand, everyone offered to help, and everyone smiled.

My wife and I slowed our pace at one point to listen to an old Palestinian man leaning on a cane. He was walking with his grandson and telling him the story of the time he had had to leave Palestine and carry his nine-year-old sister while escaping to Lebanon over these very same mountains and paths. The old man spoke to his grandson of the beauty of Palestine and described how their home looked.

Finally, as we gradually drew closer to the border, he told the young boy, “Soon you will go and see Palestine, the most beautiful country I have ever seen; it’s where we come from. It’s our land.”

Shooting from the valley
We finally got to Maroun al-Ras, a public space on top of a mountain overlooking occupied Palestine. There were thousands of people scattered all over the mountain top and a big screen was broadcasting what was happening down in the valley. Before we could properly take in our surroundings I heard shooting, four or five shots from below us in the valley.

I told my wife the Israelis are shooting, and a minute after that, a person on the microphone called for the ambulance to bring down stretchers to the fence. I asked what was happening and people told me four martyrs had fallen and more than twenty were injured.

A wave of people stretched from the park on the top of the hill all the way down to the border fence. I found myself sliding on that wave, stopping every once in a while to catch my breath and wonder whether I should stay where I was or keep going down to the fence. I could not contain the desire to join the thousands on the fence already throwing stones across the border. From a distance, the stones looked like white birds diving to the other side.

I finally made it to what they were calling the second line, approximately 500 meters away from the border fence. There were ambulances parked nearby and the Lebanese army had formed a human chain to prevent more people from joining those at the border fence.

Many Palestinian young men and women kept insisting on breaking the chain the Lebanese army had made, wanting to join their brothers and sisters on the front line. Watching the faces of the Lebanese soldiers, all I could see was confusion and panic, but they were not losing any chance to threaten and intimidate the protesters with their raised batons and sticks.

All their guns were directed to the sky
Standing in front of the army were a few Palestinian men pleading with the raging people not to take it out on the Lebanese army. “This is not what we were here for,” they shouted over the chants. That did not stop the people, and even with the knowledge that the land between them was littered with mines, people kept breaking through the chain and sprinting to join the front line.

One group of courageous young women broke the chain of men and ran towards the front line and everyone cheered them on. All this time the Israelis were shooting, a burst of two or three shots rang out frequently, and every time they shot we saw the stretchers gathering new bodies.

At 4:00pm we decided to climb up the steep mountain and walk back to catch our bus. After a couple minutes of walking, I noticed the Lebanese army moving towards the front line, the fence; they reached the protesters who started loudly chanting “Palestine! Palestine!” As the army made their way to the very front it looked like they had decided the protest was over, and suddenly, with no warning, the Lebanese army on the front and the second line started firing thousands of rounds into the air.

All their guns where directed to the sky, but the amount of shooting terrorized everyone who was there. We all started sprinting up the steep mountain; a random man pulled my arm and dragged me up with him as I struggled to keep up on my feet. The firing intensified and there were the same waves of people this time running in panic. Next to me there were lost children, crying, wanting their parents; an old man ran out of breath, crouched down; I saw an old Palestinian woman running up the mountain with tears running down her face.

Looking back down to where the second line was, I could only see a line of soldiers with their M16 rifles to the sky, shooting nonstop. It was like something out of the movies. But something even more terrorizing happened in the middle of the shooting. As the Lebanese fired their guns I heard deeper shots coming from the Israeli side and bullets whizzed by me; I took a dive to the ground. The way the Lebanese army decided to end the event made me ask myself, who is the enemy here?

Nothing to lose but our chains
The march to return left at least ten persons dead in Lebanon and many others in Syria and Palestine, while in Egypt the people were prevented from reaching the border.

People who normally don’t care about Palestine and enjoy a life of apathy and consumerism asked me today, what did you achieve? What did you change? Was it worth it the death of tens of people?

My answer is the following: after yesterday, things will not be the same as before 15 May. Just like after Muhammad Bouazizi, things are not the same as before he shook the Arab world. The Arab people, us, the Arab youth, we are not going to let the status quo continue, we are not going to be humiliated by our own people anymore. We are not going to let Palestine and the Palestinian people be humiliated and tortured every time they breathe.

We are freedom-loving people and we won’t live anymore on empty promises from our corrupt governments who use Palestine as a pretext to repress us while they enjoy stealing from our pockets. We won’t let them continue to make sure Israel is safe and sound, enjoying the beautiful land of Palestine, while hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees live in inhumane conditions in the camps.

How do you expect a Palestinian refugee to see his land being enjoyed by the Israeli occupation and not react to that? We, the Arab people, the Arab youth, the millions, have decided that we have nothing to lose but our chains and that Palestine is our prize. I saw yesterday how much the people want to free Palestine, how much they want return to Palestine. The Arab people are here, the Arab rage is here, the malayeen are here.


P.S. Brave goy of the Ugly Truth, do you think it's possible that the zionists could lose control of their plot? Do you think that's possible? Surely if not too many people get excited about throwing off their jewish yolk they won't. Better for the zionists that not too many people get crazy ideas about throwing them off.

Monday, May 16, 2011

MSM Report: Palestinians Test Tactic of Unarmed Mass Marches

Demonstrations 'will present us with difficult challenges,' says Israeli defense minister.

RAMALLAH, West Bank — Palestinian activists are calling it a preview of new tactics to pressure Israel and win world support for statehood: Masses of marchers, galvanized by the Arab Spring and brought together by Facebook, descending on borders and military posts — and daring Israeli soldiers to shoot.

It could prove more problematic for Israel than the suicide bombings and other deadly violence of the past — which the current Palestinian Authority leadership feels only tainted their cause.

After attempted border breaches from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Gaza left 15 Palestinians dead Sunday, Israeli officials openly puzzled over how to handle an unfamiliar new phase.

"The Palestinians' transition from terrorism and suicide bombings to deliberately unarmed mass demonstrations is a transition that will present us with difficult challenges," said Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Sunday's protests were driven by renewed hopes that Palestinian statehood — at least as an internationally approved idea within specific borders — is approaching after years of paralysis.

The optimism is fed by reconciliation efforts between the Islamic militant Hamas and the Western-backed Fatah movement after a four-year split, as well as growing international support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' plan to seek U.N. recognition of a state in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem in September over Israel's objections.

Although some say U.N. recognition will change little on the ground, the pro-democracy revolts in the Arab world have instilled a new sense of possibility among Palestinians, who had been dejected after two failed uprisings against Israeli rule and fruitless peace talks over the past 20 years.

Meanwhile, the Facebook generation is increasingly taking a lead in the Palestinian arena, at times sidelining political veterans stuck to more traditional ways.

"There is a new energy, a new dynamism," said Hanan Ashrawi, a former Palestinian negotiator. "The Palestinians feel they have put themselves on the map again."

Sunday's marches occurred on the day Palestinians mourn Israel's 1948 creation, when hundreds of thousands of their people were uprooted and scattered throughout the region.

Marking the anniversary, called the "nakba," Arabic for "catastrophe," Palestinian organizers bused hundreds to Lebanon's border with Israel and to the Syrian frontier in the Israeli-held Golan Heights. Surprised and overwhelmed, Israeli troops fired to keep the crowds from breaching the borders. Four Palestinians were killed in the Golan and 10 in Lebanon, while a 15th was fatally shot as dozens rushed Israel's border wall with the Gaza Strip.

It's unclear whether future calls for more mass marches will produce a similar turnout since Sunday's casualties underscored the heavy risks.

However, Palestinian activists in recent months have spoken of employing such tactics throughout the West Bank, the core of a hoped-for future Palestinian state.

Some in Israel suspected that allies of arch-foe Iran, including the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, had a hand in the border breaches or that Syria helped instigate them to divert attention from its brutal crackdown on domestic unrest. In Lebanon's border area, Hezbollah activists with walkie-talkies directed buses and handed out Palestinian flags.

However, the Palestinians say it was purely their initiative, launched on Facebook several months ago, with heavy involvement by expatriates. "No one expected it to work, and it did work," said Hazem Abu Hilal, a Palestinian organizer.

Palestinian officials quickly embraced the campaign as a boost for their three-pronged strategy — seeking U.N. recognition, building a state from the ground up and fostering nonviolent protests.

Abbas declared a three-day mourning period for Sunday's dead, and flags were lowered to half-staff. "You assert to everyone that ... peoples' wills are stronger than their oppressors," he said in a televised speech, addressing the protesters.

Nabil Shaath, a Palestinian negotiator, said he believes Sunday's marches were just a hint of what's to come.

"These people are motivated now by the revolutions that succeeded in the Arab world, and I don't think anybody can stop them," said Shaath, speaking from Slovenia, where he was trying to add one more country to the list of dozens who have already recognized a Palestinian state in principle.

Although they now claim inspiration from other Arab rebellions, the Palestinians were among the first in the Arab world to launch a popular uprising. In the late 1980s, they challenged Israeli military rule with mass marches, rock-throwing protests and general strikes, laying the groundwork for negotiations that led to interim peace deals with Israel, included self-rule in parts of the occupied areas.

The second uprising, a decade later, was typified by shooting attacks and suicide bombings which killed many hundreds of Israelis. The violence eroded much of the worldwide sympathy for the Palestinians and triggered Israeli countermeasures which killed thousands of Palestinians.

"This is what put us on the contemporary map, unarmed people facing a brutal occupation," Ashrawi said of the first uprising. "Now again, it is evident that this kind of resistance not only gets you the moral high ground, but also exposes the immorality of the occupation."

Bold peace moves seem unlikely because both Israelis and Palestinians have set conditions that seem destined to stay unmet. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won't deal with a Hamas-Fatah unity government until Hamas recognizes Israel; Abbas has resisted resuming talks until Israel totally freezes settlement construction.

Ex-general Yossi Peled, who commanded Israeli troops on the Lebanese and Syrian borders, said border breaches will likely be attempted again and must be stopped at any cost — regardless of the political fallout — because they pose a direct challenge to Israel's sovereignty.

Source article.

P.S. Brave goy of the Ugly Truth, do you think it's possible that the zionists could lose control of their plot? Do you think that's possible? Surely if not too many people get excited about throwing off their jewish yolk they won't. Better for the zionists that not too many people get crazy ideas about throwing them off.

Israel Shoots Dead Nakba Protesters

The 15th of May is a day of remembrance. Around the world, we remember the systematic displacement and massacre of the Palestinian people. In their honour, we take note of the necessity of safeguarding the sliver of impoverished land that has been left to the survivors. We pay tribute to those who have refused to be stomped into oblivion.

Yet the Israeli newspaper Haaretz bemoans (1) self-righteously the ‘Palestinian protests for the annual Nakba Day, which mourns the creation of the State of Israel’. At this phraseology we can only shake our heads and say, ‘no, it is not about you; it is about the injustice done to the Palestinian people; it is this injustice that is the catastrophe’.

It is this Haaretz-style twisted logic that tries to excuse the Israeli military shooting of hundreds of protesters—killing at least fifteen—on the Lebanese and Syrian borders on Nakba Remembrance Day 2011. For instance, Haaretz never mentions that Majdal Shams, where one of the demonstrations took place, is disputed as occupied Syrian land. Instead, Haaretz scorns ‘large numbers of infiltrators trying to breach Syria’s southern border’, as though they were an invading army. At the same time, in that twisted logic, it reveals photographs of maybe a hundred or so people milling about with a few flags:

As for the Lebanese border, Haaretz repeatedly admits that protesters were killed ‘on the Lebanese side of its shared frontier with Israel’, yet boldly quotes Israeli Military Spokesman Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai, who ‘said troops opened fire at a large crowd of Lebanese protesters who approached the border with Israel. He said soldiers fired at the crowd when the demonstrators reached the border and began vandalizing the fence, and that the army was aware of casualties on the other side’. [emphasis added]

Haaretz acknowledges that the Lebanese Army was present and containing the demonstration. It acknowledges that the Palestinian youths had only words and stones to hurl at the Israeli Army tanks metres away. It acknowledges that the Israeli Army knew it was inflicting casualties.

Yet the Haaretz headline reads ‘Eight said killed as IDF fires on infiltrators from Syria and Lebanon’. As though the neighbouring countries were launching military invasions. As though as the Israeli troops, in their tanks, were merely defending themselves by shooting down unarmed protesters.

There is no mention of ‘Palestinians’ in the headline. There is never a mention of ‘Palestine’. No, in the media that propagates the Zionist agenda, the Palestinians who dared to shout their frustration are shunned as ‘infiltrators’, or as the Israeli military labels them (2), ‘rioters and inciters’. Indeed it seems the media takes its cue from the Israeli military itself, which described (3) the day’s happenings as:

‘Additionally, along the Lebanese border, several rioters attempted to breach the border fence and to infiltrate into Israeli territory. IDF forces responded by firing warning shots’.

A very fatal warning, we should add. In this so-called bastion of democracy in the Middle East, to carry a Palestinian flag as a reminder that it is, contrary to the claims of the whining PM Netanyahu, the very existence of Palestine that is in jeopardy—this simple act of demonstration is punishable by death. Instant and irreversible execution.

The Lebanese Army has confirmed that 10 protesters were shot dead and 112 wounded in Lebanon on Nakba Remembrance Day. Yet the Israeli military spokesperson ignores (4) this reality and refuses all responsibility:

‘The IDF emphasizes that attempts to damage property or cause harm to security forces will be responded to. The IDF sees the governments of Syria and Lebanon as responsible for any violence or provocation towards Israel that emanates from their respective territories’.

Source article

P.S. A video of one the invasions Israel was defending itself from can be seen here. A live report of an invasion can be heard here.

Next Phase: Pakistan

Will the American goyim continue the rush to their own demise in service to their jewish masters? Do I really have to ask that question? Have our jewish masters ever had better servants than the American goyim?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Isreal: 63 Years of Ethnic Cleansing

In honor of the sixty-third anniversary of Israel’s independence from the proprietors of the land on which it was established, the Israeli embassy in Panama is issuing a four-part magazine series entitled “Israel: 63 years of constant progress”. The first 30-page installment arrived last week with the morning La Prensa and dealt with typical cultural themes such as hummus, shawarma, and the coexistence in the Israeli democratic “oasis” of various ethnicities enjoying equal rights. Cultural trivia items included that “Israelis drink 3.5 cups of coffee per day”, “A cup of coffee costs 4 dollars on average”, and “Because they are adventurous, Israelis love extreme sports”.

Higher-caliber trivia—such as the success of an Israeli invention for an electric hair removal device, which according to Israel’s Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs “makes women happy all over the world” and should thus be used in order to counter “barbs of criticism” levied against Jewish state on account of its barbarous policies—was not on this occasion made available to Panamanians. Nor was it explained whether the multi-ethnic democracy’s Afghan Jewish inhabitants, represented by a photograph of women in blue burqas, had access to alternate ensembles for use during skydiving and other extreme activities, or how vast portions of the Israeli population living below the poverty line can spend 14 dollars a day on coffee.

The theme of the second supplement in the anniversary series, which arrived yesterday, is Israeli-Panamanian relations. The magazine cover features a handshake, with one hand patterned after the Israeli flag and the other after the Panamanian one. Lest there remain any doubt as to economic motives for political obsequiousness to Israel, this installment—like the first—is transparently interspersed with full-page advertisements from Panamanian banks and related institutions congratulating Israel on 63 years of independence. Also interspersed, however, is the detail that the “land of Israel” was in 1947 “also known as Palestine”.

On page 15 of the magazine it is announced that “Panama played an important role in the processes that led to the creation of the state of Israel”, thanks especially to a certain Eduardo Morgan Alvarez who “understood the injustices that the Jews had suffered” and who was appointed by Panamanian President Enrique A. Jimenez to represent the country before the U.N. Palestine Commission. According to the magazine, Morgan’s most important achievement “was to persuade smaller countries, primarily in Latin America, to support the U.N. [partition] resolution”.

Regarding Israeli acquisition of an air force, meanwhile, consider the following paragraph:

“The first planes arrived to [Israel] by way of clandestine operations, due to the arms embargo by the West. One such operation involved transferring 13 planes from the U.S. to Panama, registering them under the name of Líneas Aéreas de Panama, LAPSA, a company that was created precisely for this purpose. The first plane arrived to Israel on June 21, 1948.”

Other bright spots in the history of Israeli-Panamanian relations appear on page 17, where we learn that current Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli’s March 2010 visit to Israel and signing of five accords prompted the Israelis to “issue a page of postage stamps in his honor”.

As for the report that bilateral trade between Israel and Panama increased 35 percent last year and that “Panama is one of Israel’s best trading partners in Latin America”, the sanctity of the arrangement is not without constraints—something confirmed by recently WikiLeaked cables indicating that Martinelli bowed to U.S. embassy pressure to cease providing contracts to the Israeli security firm Global CST. Run by former Head of the Operations Directorate of the IDF Israel Ziv, the firm’s regional accomplishments include employing an Argentine-born Israeli interpreter who endeavored to sell classified Colombian military documents to the FARC.

Of course, such trivia is irrelevant to Israel’s sixty-third anniversary of promoting conflict at home and abroad. Far more important is the recognition that “Israelis understand and appreciate good coffee, and they drink it the same way the Europeans do”, and that “Israel has the most divers per capita in the world, who enjoy world-renowned diving spots”.

Source article

P.S. After viewing the above video, one might ask whether judaism is a religion of peace. I know, I know... that's an anti-semitic thought. Ethnic cleansing for a jewish apartheid state is zionism, not judaism. But how many jews are renouncing zionism? And if jewish sycophants should offer Norman Finkelstein as an example, he has never renounced zionism.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Give Them Democracy, Just Like the United States

Hey, I wonder if these guys have teamed up with Norman Finkelstein. They're pushing the same thing... reasonable democracy, reasonable justice... the kind that zionism can accommodate... not perfect democracy, not complete justice... reasonable democracy, reasonable justice.

P.S. A note to the goy that just threw down the gauntlet to our jewish masters, who's at the same time crowing and so proud and happy to throw cold water on protesters in the Middle East for being dupes in a zionist plot, proudly bombasting that it's misplaced idealism to get excited that zionism is unraveling and one can throw off their jewish yolk through silly protesting, relax, stay away, be sober, be realistic... [see previous blog]...

Brave goy, the truth will come out in the wash. Finkelstein and these guys will get left behind in the wash. Maybe then, you can throw down the gauntlet to them and try to bargain with them. You can be in charge of rehabilitating them. Good luck with that, brave goy.

Oh, and brave goy, you might be surprised that some of your most trusted associates from the jewish tribe may also come out in the wash. If they have family and friends living in Israel, like Gordon Duff, brave goy, that should be a red flag for you. So if some of your friends come out in the wash and you want to rehabilitate them, be careful that they're not just fooling you. Besides great dealers, brave goy, these people are very tricky.

P.P.S. Brave goy, I suggest you calm down your I-told-you-so crowing about any protesting against the zionist yolk in the Middle East being futile and just being duped into playing into a zionist plot. It's not very becoming, i.e., not in good taste. And it doesn't contribute very well to your own idealistic efforts [throwing down that gauntlet to our jewish masters, for example] opposing the apparent evil of our day. I'm just saying, just trying to give you some friendly advice.

Brave goy, zionism will collapse of its own weight. It is collapsing. In fact, I'm an older guy as you know, and I may even live to see that day and be able to crow to you that I told you so.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Goy Issues Jewish Masters An Ultimatum

Yes. That's right. A goy just issued our jewish masters an ultimatum. He calls it, get this, “An Offer You Can't Refuse”.

In his un-refusable offer, he states:
You are legendary for being deal-makers, and so this is the deal being laid out on the table now. It is more than fair, and much more than you really deserve, given the history of your deeds. As such it would be wise for you to keep this in mind as you consider it. Personally, I think it is not only fair and equitable, but critical. You simply have no other option, other than to be wiped out. The rest of us are not simply going to lay down and allow ourselves to be destroyed. There are way more of us than you, and we have righteousness in our camp, whereas you do not. Give it up, it has never worked before and it isn’t going to work now, despite the amazing amount of power you have amassed.

And with all this before you, keep the bottom line in mind and what stands the better chance of being profitable at day’s end, and I think that when you do this–with that sound, superior intellect you always boast of having– what you will find is that it is not just a good deal, but rather an offer you can’t refuse.

Read the rest of his irresistible offer here.

P.S. What has this incorrigible goy come up with to be making this ultimatum to our jewish masters after just recently campaigning and convincing everybody that any resistance to our masters was futile, because the jews control everything, they're omnipotent, and any bitching and complaining from the goyim over their lot was just a pre-planned zionist plot to extend their control, so stay away, stay cool.

And now, this same goy is issuing the omnipotent jewish controllers an ultimatum. Quite the turn around. Laughable, preposterous for one who was just a moment ago seeming to take pride on throwing cold water on any protesting of the jewish yolk and preaching caution. You're all fools if you think you can throw off your jewish yolk with these silly revolts in the streets. I wonder what gives. Did this goy suddenly get an omnipotent God? Did he get an army?

In the first place, goy, do you know who you're trying reason with? You don't reason with your jewish masters goy. You're a goy. Get it? Human cattle. And if you're suddenly inspired that God is omnipotent and not your jewish masters, goy, your jewish masters don't fear your God.

Your jewish masters don't fear your God, goy. So where's your leverage coming from? Where's your bravado coming from? Where's your goyim army? Where's the evidence that the goyim aren't going to take it any more? I sure would like to see that. Surely your army can't be the American goyim. Americans can't do anything else but carry water for their jewish lords. They've been dumbed down so much that its surprising that they can even do that. In fact, their days of doing that are numbered.

So goy, where's your leverage, your boldness coming from? Where's your goyim army, goy? Where's the evidence the goyim aren't going to take it any more? Hey, wait a minute. Weren't you the same guy that was saying all resistance to our jewish masters was futile, and just a zionist plot? Why the flip flop, goy?

What's up brave goy? What about your recent preaching about being realistic? How is this rhetorical throwing down the gauntlet to our jewish masters realistic? What are you going to do if they don't accept your un-refusable offer? This isn't Hollywood, remember? Surely you're not going to call for some silly protest, are you? You've got to have something up your sleeve, something that these silly protesters before you haven't had. What is it? Did Barak Obama give you a call?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden Communique From the Other Side

And you're a filthy anti-Semite if you don't believe it.