Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bush Preps For Announcing WW3

Every American should see The Decider preparing for his announcement of the commencement of WW3:


P.S. When will the "war on terror" be acknowledged as WW3?... for zionism.

Riad Hammad: In America, helping the wrong children gets you killed.

In America, if you're courageous enough to help children targetted for genocide by Israel, you get killed:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Iraq War: Initial Phase of WW3 for Israel.

Why does the Bush Regime want to rule Iraq? Some speculate that it is a matter of "peak oil." Oil supplies are said to be declining even as demand for oil multiplies from developing countries such as China. According to this argument, the US decided to seize Iraq to insure its own oil supply.

This explanation is problematic. Most US oil comes from Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela. The best way for the US to insure its oil supplies would be to protect the dollar’s role as world reserve currency. Moreover, $3-5 trillion would have purchased a tremendous amount of oil. Prior to the US invasions, the US oil import bill was running less than $100 billion per year. Even in 2006 total US imports from OPEC countries was $145 billion, and the US trade deficit with OPEC totaled $106 billion. Three trillion dollars could have paid for US oil imports for 30 years; five trillion dollars could pay the US oil bill for a half century had the Bush Regime preserved a sound dollar.

The more likely explanation for the US invasion of Iraq is the neoconservative Bush Regime’s commitment to the defense of Israeli territorial expansion. There is no such thing as a neoconservative who is not allied with Israel. Israel hopes to steal all of the West Bank and southern Lebanon for its territorial expansion. An American colonial regime in Iraq not only buttresses Israel from attack, but also can pressure Syria and Iran from giving support to the Palestinians and Lebanese. The Iraqi war is a war for Israeli territorial expansion. Americans are dying and bleeding to death financially for Israel. Bush’s "war on terror" is a hoax that serves to cover US intervention in the Middle East in behalf of "greater Israel."

source article: http://www.vdare.com/roberts/080422_war.htm

P.S. What is turning out to be WW3 for Israel was all planned out by the zionist neocons running this country in the document they prepared for Israel, called Clean Break. Americans, please come out of your mainstream-media induced spell. Be courageous enough to see the truth of things, and not respond just as you're programmed to, i.e., like well conditioned human cattle... as you're depicted in the Jewish Talmud.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Zionism: Simple Definition/Simple Solution.

Zionism, Simple Definition: jewish apartheid.

To the definition of zionism one may add: jewish exceptionalism, meaning jews are not subject to the same rules as the rest of humanity because... they are jews.

Zionist: one who believes jews must have a jewish state, i.e., jewish apartheid.

Righteous gentile: gentile who supports zionist agenda.

Goy: derrogatory jewish term for a gentile that is not a righteous gentile; one who is part of the rest of humanity, i.e. the human cattle. Usually these are the gentiles that fail to see that zionism (jewish apartheid) is just/fair... or to kowtow to jews. Goyim is the plural of goy.

Oy vey!! Jewish apartheid isn’t negative/unjust apartheid. It's jews living apart from the rest of humanity, i.e. apart from the human cattle.

Zionism, Simple Solution:

1) Out zionism.

2) Out zionists.

3) Outlaw zionism.

Why can't we, the rest of humanity --the great majority-- outlaw something that doesn't add up and is the cause of so much trouble and suffering? Is it because we are just human cattle?

"My best selling holocaust book is a hoax."

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- A Belgian writer has admitted that she made up her best-selling "memoir" depicting how, as a Jewish child, she lived with a pack of wolves in the woods during the Holocaust, her lawyers said Friday.

Misha Defonseca's book, "Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years," was translated into 18 languages and made into a feature film in France.

Her two Brussels-based lawyers, siblings Nathalie and Marc Uyttendaele, said the author acknowledged her story was not autobiographical and that she did not trek 1,900 miles as a child across Europe with a pack of wolves in search of her deported parents during World War II.

"I ask forgiveness to all who felt betrayed," Defonseca said, according to a written statement the lawyers gave to The Associated Press.

Defonseca, 71, now lives in Dudley, Massachusetts. Her husband, Maurice, told The Boston Globe on Thursday that she would not comment.

Defonseca wrote in her book that Nazis seized her parents when she was a child, forcing her to wander the forests and villages of Europe alone for four years. She claimed she found herself trapped in the Warsaw ghetto, killed a Nazi soldier in self-defense and was adopted by a pack of wolves that protected her.

In the statement, Defonseca acknowledged the story she wrote was a fantasy and that she never fled her home in Brussels during the war to find her parents.

source article: http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/books/02/29/holocaust.bookhoax.ap/index.html

P.S. Damn! And I was looking forward to the movie.

Bush Apologizes for Torture

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Saturday he vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as waterboarding to break suspected terrorists because it would end practices that have prevented attacks.

"The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror," Bush said in his weekly radio address taped for broadcast Saturday. "So today I vetoed it," Bush said.

"The Bush administration continues to insist that CIA and other nonmilitary interrogators are not bound by the military rules and has reportedly given CIA interrogators the green light to use a range of so-called 'enhanced' interrogation techniques, including prolonged sleep deprivation, painful stress positions, and exposure to extreme cold," Daskal said. "Although waterboarding is not currently approved for use by the CIA, Attorney General Michael Mukasey has refused to take it off the table for the future."

Bush said the CIA must retain use of "specialized interrogation procedures" that the military does not need. The military methods are designed for questioning "lawful combatants captured on the battlefield," while intelligence professionals are dealing with "hardened terrorists" who have been trained to resist the techniques in the Army manual, the president said.

"We created alternative procedures to question the most dangerous al-Qaida operatives, particularly those who might have knowledge of attacks planned on our homeland," Bush said. "If we were to shut down this program and restrict the CIA to methods in the field manual, we could lose vital information from senior al-Qaida terrorists, and that could cost American lives."

The White House says waterboarding remains among the interrogation methods potentially available to the CIA.

"Because the danger remains, we need to ensure our intelligence officials have all the tools they need to stop the terrorists," Bush said.

P.S. No. Bush didn't aplogize for embarrassing Americans by officially lowering its moral standards to barbaric levels. He explained why we must be inhumane in today's world. Are there still Americans on this guy's bus? Yes, I'm afraid so.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Unvarnished truth from Captain Joe Cortina

Listen to the unvarnished truth about what our troops are doing in Iraq from an angry Captain Joe Cortina and other equally justifiably angry callers. Caution, if you're still under the illusion that we're a noble city on a hill, the discource will be hard to digest. However, if you're believing your lying eyes and common sense, the clarity of following unvarnished truth will be welcome to your ears:

http://216. 240. 133. 177/archives32/Piper/2008/04/Piper_041008_200000. mp3

Captain Cortina's open letter to sychophant traitor Petraeous:

http://mynameisjoecortina. wordpress. com:80/2008/04/09/open-letter-to-war-criminal-general-david-‘betrayus’/

P.S. Americans, please wake up to the truth. Or, quit denying the truth and have the courage to face it, for the world's sake.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

US, UK and Israel Trigger Nuclear Holocaust in the Middle East

By firing radioactive ammunition, the U.S., U.K., and Israel may have triggered a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East that, over time, will prove deadlier than the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan.

So much ammunition containing depleted uranium(DU) has been fired, asserts nuclear authority Leuren Moret, “The genetic future of the Iraqi people for the most part, is destroyed.”

“More than ten times the amount of radiation released during atmospheric testing (of nuclear bombs) has been released from depleted uranium weaponry since 1991,” Moret writes, including radioactive ammunition fired by Israeli troops in Palestine.

Adds Arthur Bernklau, of Veterans For Constitutional Law, “The long-term effect of DU is a virtual death sentence. Iraq is a toxic wasteland. Anyone who is there stands a good chance of coming down with cancer and leukemia. In Iraq, the birth rate of mutations is totally out of control.”

Moret, a Berkeley, Calif., Environmental Commissioner and past president of the Association for Women Geoscientists, says, “For every genetic defect that we can see now, in future generations there are thousands more that will be expressed.” She adds, “the (Iraq) environment now is completely radioactive.”

Dr. Helen Caldicott, the prominent anti-nuclear crusader, has written: “Much of the DU is in cities such as Baghdad, where half the population of 5 million people are children who played in the burned-out tanks and on the sandy, dusty ground.”

“Children are 10 to 20 times more susceptible to the carcinogenic effects of radiation than adults,” Caldicott wrote. “My pediatric colleagues in Basra, where this ordnance was used in 1991, report a sevenfold increase in childhood cancer and a sevenfold increase in gross congenital abnormalities,” she wrote in her book, “Nuclear Power is not the Answer”(The New Press).

Caldicott goes on to say the two Gulf wars “have been nuclear wars because they have scattered nuclear material across the land, and people---particularly children--- are condemned to die of malignancy and congenital disease essentially for eternity.”

source article: http://www.uruknet.de/?p=m38389&hd=&size=1&l=e

P.S. Pummeling Israel’s neighbors is the realization of Israel’s Operation Clean Break. Israel will be contented with just bombing Iran (invasion isn't necessary) with depleted uranium in order to maim the Iranian culture for life. This is all by design, on purpose... and absolutely evil.

Jesse Ventura Talks About 9-11 On FOX.

P.S. Jesse Ventura barely scratches beneath the surface of the official 9-11 lies by questioning the most glaringly obvious discrepancies. Does Sean Hannity display 1) incredible ignorance, 2) incredible gullibity or 3) complicity by never doing the same?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

US Army To Recruit Ugandans In Florida

Ugandans who want a career in the United States military, can sign up at the annual convention of the Uganda North American Association, organisers say.

American military recruiters will set up a booth at this year's UNAA convention in Orlando, Florida, and seek out professional Ugandans, said Lt. Frank Musisi, himself an officer in the US Army.

Lt. Musisi, who comes from Kalangala District on Lake Victoria, is the current president of UNAA. He said the US military would also advise Ugandans on the "proper channels" to follow in enlisting. The announcement, which is also on the UNAA website (www.unaa.net), is set to cause a rush to this year's convention that takes place from August 29 to September 1.

UNAA is encouraging interested Ugandans to book flights to Orlando and take a shot at joining the US military. The organisation says it has made a deal with Kenya Airways/KLM for a discounted return ticket at $1,200 (Sh74,400). The conference fee is $190 (Sh11,700).

"All registered Kampala travel agents have been authorised to book intending members," Lt. Musisi said in an email interview.

The tour firm Let's Go Travel confirmed to Saturday Monitor that UNAA had circulated a notice of the discounts. Applicants are being asked to carry their curriculum vitae (CV) suggesting that the recruitment exercise will be a main attraction at the convention.

source article: http://allafrica.com/stories/200804070356.html

P.S. Applicants are recommended to highlight their ability to speak English and handle firearms.

Monday, April 7, 2008

USA's 21st Century Fascism

A Kind Of Fascism Is Replacing Our Democracy
By Sheldon S. Wolin

Sept. 11, 2001, hastened a significant shift in our nation's self-understanding. It became commonplace to refer to an "American empire" and to the United States as "the world's only superpower."

Instead of those formulations, try to conceive of ones like "superpower democracy" or "imperial democracy," and they seem not only contradictory but opposed to basic assumptions that Americans hold about their political system and their place within it. Supposedly ours is a government of constitutionally limited powers in which equal citizens can take part in power. But one can no more assume that a superpower welcomes legal limits than believe that an empire finds democratic participation congenial.http://jahtruth.net/democra.htm

No administration before George W. Bush's ever claimed such sweeping powers for an enterprise as vaguely defined as the "war against terrorism" and the "axis of evil." Nor has one begun to consume such an enormous amount of the nation's resources for a mission whose end would be difficult to recognize even if achieved.

Like previous forms of totalitarianism, the Bush administration boasts a reckless unilateralism that believes the United States can demand unquestioning support, on terms it dictates; ignores treaties and violates international law at will; invades other countries without provocation; and incarcerates persons indefinitely without charging them with a crime or allowing access to counsel.

The drive toward total power can take different forms, as Mussolini's Italy, Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union suggest.

The American system is evolving its own form: "inverted totalitarianism." This has no official doctrine of racism or extermination camps but, as described above, it displays similar contempt for restraints.

It also has an upside-down character. For instance, the Nazis focused upon mobilizing and unifying the society, maintaining a continuous state of war preparations and demanding enthusiastic participation from the populace. In contrast, inverted totalitarianism exploits political apathy and encourages divisiveness. The turnout for a Nazi plebiscite was typically 90 percent or higher; in a good election year in the United States, participation is about 50 percent.

Another example: The Nazis abolished the parliamentary system, instituted single-party rule and controlled all forms of public communication. It is possible, however, to reach a similar result without seeming to suppress. An elected legislature is retained but a system of corruption (lobbyists, campaign contributions, payoffs to powerful interests) short-circuits the connection between voters and their representatives. The system responds primarily to corporate interests; voters become cynical, resigned; and opposition seems futile.

While Nazi control of the media meant that only the "official story" was communicated, that result is approximated by encouraging concentrated ownership of the media and thereby narrowing the range of permissible opinions.

This can be augmented by having "homeland security" envelop the entire nation with a maze of restrictions and by instilling fear among the general population by periodic alerts raised against a background of economic uncertainty, unemployment, downsizing and cutbacks in basic services.

Further, instead of outlawing all but one party, transform the two-party system. Have one, the Republican, radically change its identity:

From a moderately conservative party to a radically conservative one.

From a party of isolationism, skeptical of foreign adventures and viscerally opposed to deficit spending, to a party zealous for foreign wars.

From a party skeptical of ideologies and eggheads into an ideologically driven party nurturing its own intellectuals and supporting a network that transforms the national ideology from mildly liberal to predominantly conservative, while forcing the Democrats to the right and and enfeebling opposition.

From one that maintains space between business and government to one that merges governmental and corporate power and exploits the power-potential of scientific advances and technological innovation. (This would differ from the Nazi warfare organization, which subordinated "big business" to party leadership.)

The resulting dynamic unfolded spectacularly in the technology unleashed against Iraq and predictably in the corporate feeding frenzy over postwar contracts for Iraq's reconstruction.

In institutionalizing the "war on terrorism" the Bush administration acquired a rationale for expanding its powers and furthering its domestic agenda. While the nation's resources are directed toward endless war, the White House promoted tax cuts in the midst of recession, leaving scant resources available for domestic programs. The effect is to render the citizenry more dependent on government, and to empty the cash-box in case a reformist administration comes to power.

Americans are now facing a grim situation with no easy solution. Perhaps the just-passed anniversary of the Declaration of Independence might remind us that "whenever any form of Government becomes destructive ..." it must be challenged.
Copyright © 2003, Newsday, Inc.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan: http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm

source article: http://100777.com/node/449

P.S. Are you trusting Bill O'Reilly to look after you?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Soldier Tells Of War Crimes

A brave man tells the truth of what's being done in Iraq:


P.S. I wonder if this soldier will be taking part in our next Independence Day parades. He said he is no longer the monster that he was. How many soldiers that will be parading as heroes are monsters, or monsters in training?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Christian, are you a Judeo-Christian?

After viewing the following video clips, you may re-think that Judeo appendage:




P.S. Americans, are you serving America or Israel?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Wake up and smell the coffee, America.

By Anwaar Hussain, April 4, 2008

After handing over the reigns of their country to the most disastrous administration in the U.S. history, Americans went into an almost vegetative sleep. In all these years they remained impervious to the criminal policies their government was conducting in their name both at home and abroad. It now seems that America is finally arising out of its deep slumber.

In one of the most respected opinion polls conducted in the United States, sampling the opinion of nearly every demographic and political group across America — Democrats and Republicans, men and women, residents of urban and rural areas, college graduates and those who finished only high school, it has been revealed that Americans are more dissatisfied with the country’s direction than at any time since the New York Times/CBS News poll began asking about the subject in the early 1990s.

Hear this: in the poll, 81 percent of respondents said they believed "things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track," up from 69 percent a year ago and 35 percent in early 2002.

Pretty serious, eh? Good morning America. Wake up and smell the coffee.

The fact is, as one commentator to the article put it, "81% may think the nation is going in the wrong direction, but 100% of us are screwed."

Yes screwed. As screwed as a one-legged man in a foot race. In a very definite sense of the word: SCREWED.

Under the able guidance of the hard drinking frat boy of the 60s, George W. Bush, America has descended into a real royal mess. The man who most historians are likely to view as "a unique and unmitigated disaster", heading a team of 'crazies’ has delivered such crippling blows to this great nation that it will hemorrhage for decades before it recovers from its injuries.

Consider the following:

With a price tag of 3 trillion dollars, the cost of America’s Iraq and Afghanistan misadventures- not even including long-term costs such as taking care of wounded veterans - already exceeds the cost of the 12-year war in Vietnam and is more than double the cost of the Korean War. This money, paid by the common American, has traveled on a straight path, the shortest distance between any two points, to the deep pockets of the fat, shrimp fed men most of whom sit in wood paneled offices in and around Wall Street.

In the same week as the conflict in Iraq passed its fifth anniversary, a big American financial institution, the Bear Sterns bank, went belly up on Wall Street and Nouriel Roubini of NYU’s Stern School of Business came up with a similar $3 trillion price tag for cleaning up the meltdown in financial markets. Three trillion dollars to save three trillion dollars, is rocket science beyond the grasp of us ordinary mortals.

Add to this the fact that Americans are incurably hooked onto a $9 trillion a year in consumer spending compared to a scrawny $1 trillion for the one billion-strong Chinese. Now the moolah has gone; there is no money and no credit. To compound it all, every thing is now made in China and no one wants the greenback any more. Even the scrawny looney from across the border has beaten the American dollar into a worthless pulp. All has been spent in chasing phantoms in the 'War on Terra’. The world’s favorite princes may soon be turning into paupers begging hat in hand.

We the world cried ourselves hoarse that imperial overreach kills, that the dream of empires is no more realistic and that the 'War on Terra’ is nothing but a commerce war to satiate the greed of a few, but in vain. The crazies now have the Americans in a bind of their own making.

I take no pleasure in bringing this omen to the Americans, for I am friends with some superb human beings among them, yet buckle up, dear Americans. The worst is yet to come. Before this Texas roughneck is through with you, you may be recycling your dental floss from nails in your backyards.

Pretty serious, eh?

Good morning America! Wake up and smell the coffee.

P.S. Above all else, Americans please wake up.

LOL: AIPAC did not return our calls.

Szembrot, a College of Arts and Sciences junior, organized an anti-Iran war protest outside the American Israel Public Affairs Committee office in Boston yesterday in hopes of developing a "series of escalating actions," she said.

Four other protesters held signs reading "Love the World Without Shame," "Love Iran" and "Stop the (Next) War" while distributing fliers describing their actions. AIPAC is a pro-Israel lobby group that has been supporting sanctions against Iran, Szembrot said.

"They were encouraging the U.S. to impose sanctions on Iran despite the fact that there haven't been any illicit activities documented since 2003," Szembrot said. "They're still trying to spread this idea that Iran is a danger and it's not true. They're trying to stir up fear."

David Mynott Jr., a protester from Cambridge, said the protest was necessary to "set the record straight."

"AIPAC is a very effective propaganda machine for both the Israeli and U.S. governments," he said. "They've been lying to the American people for years."

AIPAC representatives were not available for comment despite repeated phone calls and messages left yesterday.

source article with great pic: http://mparent7777-1.blogspot.com/2008/04/aipac-and-israel-lied-us-into-iraq.html

P.S. Official reaction from Milwaukee's official anti-war organization: Milwaukee Peace Action anti-war protestors, don't get funny ideas about protesting America's war lords here. We have a reputation to maintain.

America's War Lords

American anti-war protestors should add bite to their protests and protest America's war lords:


Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Not "the Occupation"!

Excerpts from "Speaking the truth to Jews" by Paul Eisen:

What Israel and Zionism have done, and are doing, to the Palestinians is indefensible, yet so many Jews defend it. How and why do they do this? And why does the rest of the world seem complicit and unable to speak out?

The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, like most instances of ethnic cleansing, was intentional, premeditated and planned.

This was the original sin. Since then, the sin has been compounded many times over, as Israel has continued its assault on Palestinians and Palestinian life. From border raids and massacres to the occupation and the settlements, to the slaughter of 20,000 in Lebanon, through provocations, closures, expulsions, demolitions, arrests, torture and assassinations, right up to the chicaneries of Oslo and the Roadmap where Palestinians were to be bamboozled into going into their cage quietly, Israel and Zionism have sought to destroy the Palestinians, if not always physically, then certainly as a people in their own land.

For a relatively small number [sic] of Jews, support for what is being done to the Palestinians is a relatively easy matter. God gave the land to the Jews, the Palestinians are Amalek, and if they will not submit to Jewish rule they must, and will, be destroyed.

But for most Jews things are not so simple. Defending the indefensible is never easy, and many Jews, intellectually sophisticated, secular and liberal in their instincts, require more than just careful selections from the Bible to justify what is being done to the Palestinians. These Jews have had, over the years, to tell themselves a lot of stories.

Many Jews, now aware of the injustice associated with the establishment of Israel, but still unable to relinquish their belief in Israel's essential innocence, have congregated around the slogans: "End the occupation!" and "Two states for two peoples!"

That there is no 'occupation', and that there will never be a true Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza, are simply denied.

Israel in 1967 was not the innocent party threatened with annihilation by the Arab states (though its population probably thought it was). Israel had been preparing for such a war for years. Neither was Israel's victory anything other then totally expected by anyone who was even a little bit in the know. Like the 1947-48 conflict, the war of 1967 was an opportunity gladly taken for the take-over of the remaining 22 percent of Palestine. This was the fulfilment of Zionism's historic mission.

There is, then, no occupation. There never was an occupation. If there had been an occupation, and the Israelis had the slightest intention of ending it they would have done so years ago. The fact is, that no Israeli government, either of the left or the right, has ever shown any intention of fully withdrawing back to the 1967 border. No Israeli government, left or right, has shown the slightest inclination to permit anything even remotely resembling a real Palestinian state to be established on the West Bank and Gaza. Any state that could emerge would be tiny, fragmented and weak, being simply a legitimisation of Palestinian surrender. The occupation, in fact, has been a fig-leaf to conceal the reality of the final conquest of Palestine.

Nevertheless, for many Jews the occupation is the bedrock of Israel's essential innocence. Occupations are temporary and can be reversed, and this one, they believe, was the result of a war which Israel did not seek. So, Israel and Zionism are still, at heart, innocent. The Jewish state, established at the expense of another people's national life, is still blameless. It is the occupation that has 'forced' Israel into the role of oppressor, and if only Israel would withdraw to the borders of 1967 all would be as it had been, only better: the gains of 1948 would then be secured, Jews would have their Israel with its 'moral foundations', and the Palestinians would be contained within a bantustan with a semblance, but not the reality, of justice. For many Jews, this would mean that they could have both their empowerment and their consciences.

Source article: http://www.righteousjews.org/article19.html

P.S. It's not the occupation that's the problem! It's ZIONISM! It's zionism in Palestine! It's zionism in the USA! It's zionism in the world! It's ZIONISM!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Do We Have Fascism Yet?

Click on the link below then answer the question:


P.S. Are you happy about it?

If your answer to the original question is no, a few more questions:
Do you think you actually had a choice whether to got to war? Do you actually think your approval mattered?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No One Is Leading? No One Is Responsible?

In his latest Opinion piece, No One Is Leading, Mark Goldman states: The American people have no one leading the charge for the restoration of the Constitution and the rule of law.

Paul Craig Roberts states in his latest article, A Third American War in the Making?: The US Congress, the US media, the American people, and the United Nations, are looking the other way as Cheney prepares his attack on Iran.

And recently at the University of Wisconsin, truth teller Norman Finkelstein exculpated the Jewish lobby from responsibility for our foreign policy suggesting that the powerful Cheney is beholding to no one.

Mr. Goldman, we are being led. The media bosses are part of that lead. Mr. Finkelstein, who's giving Cheney a free hand to make war and conduct the next phase of Operation Clean Break? Mr. Roberts, who is "our" media? And to whom is "our" Congress beholding? No one can say! Isn’t that right, Mr. Finkelstein? It's anti-semitic to say it. It's anti-semitic to suggest it. So “Cheney’s” war can’t be stopped. And that just happens to be just what Israel wants, right Mr. Finkelstein?

Mr. Finkelstein, the means to lie to and manipulate the nation, us, must be taken away from those who are doing it. And it is becoming ever more obvious who they are.