Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kristol "Trapped" Into Telling the Truth

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Weekly Standard editor and Fox News pundit Bill Kristol got booed heavily on The Daily Show Monday night when he said that ordinary Americans don’t “deserve” the same standard of health care that soldiers receive.

But the show’s truly revealing moment came when host Jon Stewart caught Kristol — long an opponent of public health care — admitting that government-run health care for soldiers is superior to private health plans.

On Monday night’s show, Kristol worked to explain why he didn’t support a public health option, arguing in essence that the existence of Medicare and Medicaid provided health coverage to those most in need.

“So no public option, even though that’s good enough for the military — not good enough for the people of America?” Stewart asked.

“They do not deserve the same quality of health care the soldiers fighting deserve, and they [the soldiers] need all kinds of things we don’t need,” Kristol said.

“Are you saying that the American public shouldn’t have access to the same quality of health care that we give to our better citizens?” Stewart asked.

“To our soldiers? Yes, absolutely,” Kristol responded, to a chorus of boos from the audience.

An incredulous Stewart asked: “Really?”

Moments later, Kristol added that “one of the ways we make it up” to soldiers that they receive relatively low pay is by “giving them first class health care. The rest of us can go out and buy insurance.”

That’s when Stewart struck.

“Bill Kristol just said … that the government can run a first-class health care system and a government-run health care system is better than the private health care system.”

“You trapped me somehow,” a visibly uncomfortable Kristol responded.

Source article is here.

P.S. Ha ha, Billy. Now tell us the truth about the "war on terror" and why you jingo Americans so hard for it. Does it have anything to do with Israel?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who is Leonard Peltier?

A native American who has spent 32 years in jail for a crime he says he did not commit will get a parole hearing next week.

It was back in Moscow more than 20 years ago, when I was covering the Soviet Union for this newspaper, that I first heard the name of Leonard Peltier. President Reagan would come to town and lecture the Kremlin – entirely justifiably – on its abysmal human rights record. And each time the Russians would accuse the US of hypocrisy and ask, what about Leonard Peltier, America's own human rights prisoner?

Just recently, I heard his name again. Peltier, a Lakota Indian, has now served more than 32 years of two consecutive life sentences imposed for the murder of two FBI agents during a shoot-out at the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota in 1975. He denies carrying out the killings, claiming he is simply another victim of the systematic persecution and crushing of the native American peoples carried out by the United States. Next Tuesday, he will have his first full parole hearing since 1993, and once more his supporters are mobilising.

Over the years, these have been many and famous: among them, naturally, the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, as well as Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, the actor Robert Redford, the European Parliament, various national legislatures in Europe, a former UN commissioner for human rights and Amnesty International. Amnesty does not classify Peltier as a prisoner of conscience, but it too is urging that parole be granted, because of doubts about whether his trial was fair and whether political factors played a part in his conviction.

The FBI will have none of this. For US law enforcement, Peltier was, and remains, nothing more than a particularly brutal murderer, who dispatched two of its own men execution-style as they lay wounded and helpless. But whatever precisely happened that summer day long ago, one thing is undeniable. Leonard Peltier is a player in the continuing tragedy of native Americans.

He was an activist in the American Indian Movement (AIM), founded to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1868 Fort Laramie treaty that supposedly guaranteed Lakota ownership of the sacred Black Hills in South Dakota, which were then seized by the US government after the Black Hills gold rush. In its quest to reassert the rights of native Americans, AIM was also inspired by the Black Power movement of African Americans that was gaining momentum at that time; and the Pine Ridge reservation, where the infamous Wounded Knee massacre of 1890 took place, became a focal point of its campaign.

In 1973, the movement staged a two-month takeover of the Wounded Knee site, ended only by the dispatch of police and US army units to regain control. There followed two bloody years during which AIM was hounded by the US government and so-called "progressive" Indians, readier to assimilate into white American society, and Pine Ridge boasted the highest murder rate in country.

The climax came on the hot summer afternoon of 26 June 1975, when two FBI agents entered the reservation to serve an arrest warrant on a young native American named Jimmy Eagle, suspected of kidnap. Peltier and two AIM comrades, Robert Robideau and Dino Butler, believed, however, that the agents were seeking them. A gunfight ensued in which the FBI men were pinned down, wounded, and finally killed with shots to the head at point-blank range.

Immediately the authorities launched a massive murder hunt for Eagle and the other three. Eventually, murder charges against Eagle were dropped, while Robideau and Butler were caught and tried by a federal court, only to be acquitted on the grounds that they acted in self-defence. Peltier, who had fled to Canada, would face the wrath and vengeance of the FBI on his own.

A year later he was seized by the Mounties after a tip-off and extradited to the US, where in 1977 he was tried and convicted. But to this day, controversy persists. In its zeal to nail Peltier, the FBI has been accused of intimidating witnesses to secure evidence, first for the extradition, and then the conviction. Ballistics evidence that might have exculpated him was allegedly withheld. There is no doubt Peltier was among those who fired some of the shots at the agents, but it has never been established who actually killed them.

The trial itself, Peltier's supporters insist, was tilted unfairly against the defendant. The jury of 10 men and two women was all white, while the judge barred all testimony on the conditions at Pine Ridge before the fatal day – thus reducing chances of the self-defence acquittal secured by Robideau and Butler.

After six hours of deliberation, the jury found Peltier guilty on both counts. But in a final statement before sentencing he declared: "I'm not the guilty one here. White racist America is the criminal, for the destruction of our lands and our people." And although successive appeals courts upheld the verdict, that was the version of the Peltier story seized upon by the Soviets in the 1980s, as some small counterweight to the horror stories of KGB persecution, forced exile, psychiatric hospitals and the rest.

The Soviet Union is long gone, but the Peltier case never quite disappeared. Over the years, parole applications and demands for a retrial have been unfailingly dismissed. But the FBI was sufficiently alarmed at rumours that Bill Clinton was considering a grant of executive clemency when he left office in January 2001 that 500 agents and their families staged a demonstration in protest outside the White House.

This time, too, you'd have to bet against parole – despite the three long decades Peltier has been behind bars, despite a recent beating when he was transferred to a new prison, despite his poor health. Never has he expressed any remorse for the deaths of the two agents, in which at the very least he played a role. Instead, in all likelihood, he will remain a prisoner of a country he hates, a futile but poignant symbol of a defeated, broken people.

Source article is located here. Background and a synopsis of events is located here. A letter to the parole commission from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, which summarizes things in a nutshell is located here.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Rabbi Will "Sit Shiva" for Informant Son on Organ Peddling

Rabbi Israel Dwek, the spiritual leader of the Sephardic Jewish community in the wealthy Monmouth County suburb of Deal, took to his pulpit on Saturday to cite the Talmudic Law of Moser that prohibits a Jew from informing on another Jew to a non-Jew.

Rabbi Dwek then renounced his son, Solomon Dwek, the failed real estate developer whose 2006 indictment on bank fraud charges motivated him to cooperate with federal prosecutors in a sting operation that led to the arrests of 44 individuals on Thursday.

The group included three mayors, two state legislators, a multitude of local officials, and several Rabbis. As explained to, Rabbi Dwek will sit Shiva for Solomon Dwek, observing the Jewish custom of mourning for an immediate family member who has died.

Source article is here. Read more on the topic here.

P.S. I knew there would be a stir in the Jewish community over the revelation of a rabbi peddling body parts.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jew Jersey

Back in 2005, poor Tad Rickman, writing for the Denver Daily News, made a typo for which he become infamous for a while. Here’s what he did.

“The Denver Daily News would like to offer a sincere apology for a typo in Wednesday’s Town Talk regarding New Jersey’s proposal to ban smoking in automobiles. It was not the author’s intention to call New Jersey ‘Jew Jersey.’”

I think now everyone owes Tad an apology.

Read why the author thinks people owe Rickman an apology here. Amplification of the topic can be found here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Change in Mouseland

Americans like their zionist representation.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Money-Laundering, Organ-Peddling Rabbis

NEW YORK - Five rabbis, three New Jersey mayors and two state legislators were arrested Thursday by the FBI in a sting at the end of a two-year investigation into a huge corruption scandal spanning from New York to Israel, involving political bribes, extortion, money-laundering and even organ trafficking.

The rabbis were charged with laundering tens of millions of dollars through charities in the US and Israel. Another Jewish suspect was accused of selling Israeli donors' kidneys for up to $160,000.

Source article was found here.

P.S. Practicing Judaism is expensive in a recovering economy.

Was the real holocaust of WW2 of the German people?

Check out this site, and consider the question.

The Anti-Semitic Labeling Trick

Americans will be free when they can say "Jew" outloud and without fear.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The US Will Stay in Iraq and Afghanistan as Long as Israel Wants

Economic recovery? Health care? Forget it Americans, the world must be made safe for zionism first. Israel will kill Muslims as long as it has American soldiers to kill them with.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bailout is Working... for Goldman Sachs

For the rest of us, there's nothing to bail out.

There is no economy left to recover. The US manufacturing economy was lost to offshoring and free trade ideology. It was replaced by a mythical “New Economy.”

The “New Economy” was based on services. Its artificial life was fed by the Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates, which produced a real estate bubble, and by “free market” financial deregulation, which unleashed financial gangsters to new heights of debt leverage and fraudulent financial products.

The real economy was traded away for a make-believe economy. When the make-believe economy collapsed, Americans’ wealth in their real estate, pensions, and savings collapsed dramatically while their jobs disappeared.

The debt economy caused Americans to leverage their assets. They refinanced their homes and spent the equity. They maxed out numerous credit cards. They worked as many jobs as they could find. Debt expansion and multiple family incomes kept the economy going.

And now suddenly Americans can’t borrow in order to spend. They are over their heads in debt. Jobs are disappearing. America’s consumer economy, approximately 70% of GDP, is dead. Those Americans who still have jobs are saving against the prospect of job loss. Millions are homeless. Some have moved in with family and friends; others are living in tent cities.

Meanwhile the US government’s budget deficit has jumped from $455 billion in 2008 to $2,000 billion this year, with another $2,000 billion on the books for 2010. And President Obama has intensified America’s expensive war of aggression in Afghanistan and initiated a new war in Pakistan.

There is no way for these deficits to be financed except by printing money or by further collapse in stock markets that would drive people out of equity into bonds.

The US government’s budget is 50% in the red. That means half of every dollar the federal government spends must be borrowed or printed. Because of the worldwide debacle caused by Wall Street’s financial gangsterism, the world needs its own money and hasn’t $2 trillion annually to lend to Washington.

As dollars are printed, the growing supply adds to the pressure on the dollar’s role as reserve currency. Already America’s largest creditor, China, is admonishing Washington to protect China’s investment in US debt and lobbying for a new reserve currency to replace the dollar before it collapses. According to various reports, China is spending down its holdings of US dollars by acquiring gold and stocks of raw materials and energy.

The price of one ounce gold coins is $1,000 despite efforts of the US government to hold down the gold price. How high will this price jump when the rest of the world decides that the bankruptcy of “the world’s only superpower” is at hand?

And what will happen to America’s ability to import not only oil, but also the manufactured goods on which it is import-....dependent?

When the over-supplied US dollar loses the reserve currency role, the US will no longer be able to pay for its massive imports of real goods and services with pieces of paper. Overnight, shortages will appear and Americans will be poorer.

Nothing in Presidents Bush and Obama’s economic policy addresses the real issues. Instead, Goldman Sachs was bailed out, more than once. As Eliot Spitzer said, the banks made a “bloody fortune” with US aid.

It was not the millions of now homeless homeowners who were bailed out. It was not the scant remains of American manufacturing-....-General Motors and Chrysler--that were bailed out. It was the Wall Street Banks.

According to, Goldman Sachs’ current record earnings from their free or low cost capital supplied by broke American taxpayers has led the firm to decide to boost compensation and benefits by 33 percent. On an annual basis, this comes to compensation of $773,000 per employee.

This should tell even the most dimwitted patriot who “their” government represents.

The worst of the economic crisis has not yet hit. I don’t mean the rest of the real estate crisis that is waiting in the wings. Home prices will fall further when the foreclosed properties currently held off the market are dumped. Store and office closings are adversely impacting the ability of owners of shopping malls and office buildings to make their mortgage payments. Commercial real estate loans were also securitized and turned into derivatives.

The real crisis awaits us. It is the crisis of high unemployment, of stagnant and declining real wages confronted with rising prices from the printing of money to pay the government’s bills and from the dollar’s loss of exchange value. Suddenly, Wal-Mart prices will look like Nieman Marcus prices.

Retirees dependent on state pension systems, which cannot print money, might not be paid, or might be paid with IOUs. They will not even have depreciating money with which to try to pay their bills. Desperate tax authorities will squeeze the remaining life out of the middle class.

Nothing in Obama’s economic policy is directed at saving the US dollar as reserve currency or the livelihoods of the American people. Obama’s policy, like Bush’s before him, is keyed to the enrichment of Goldman Sachs and the armament industries.

Matt Taibbi describes Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentless jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” Look at the Goldman Sachs representatives.... in the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations..... This bankster firm controls the economic policy of the United States.

Little wonder that Goldman Sachs has record earnings while the rest of us grow poorer by the day.

Source article is located here.

P.S. Well, you can only bail out so many. And besides, what's good for Goldman Sachs is good for... Goldman Sachs.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Zionist Nazi Transfer Agreement

Can you imagine this report being televised in our Jewish MSM today?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How AIPAC Runs US Foreign Policy

In the early 1960s, Senator William J. Fulbright fought to force the American Zionist Council to register as agents of a foreign government. The Council eluded registration by reorganizing as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. AIPAC has since become what Fulbright most feared: a foreign agent dominating American foreign policy while disguised as a domestic lobby.

Israelis and pro-Israelis object when they hear that charge. How, they ask, can we so few wield such influence over so many? Answer: it’s all in the math. And in the single-issue advocacy brought to bear on US policy-making by dozens of ‘domestic’ organizations that now compose the Israel lobby, with AIPAC its most visible force.

The political math was enabled by Senator John McCain whose support for all things Israeli ensured him the GOP nomination to succeed Christian-Zionist G.W. Bush. McCain’s style of campaign finance reform proved a perfect fit for the Diaspora-based fundraising on which the lobby relies. Co-sponsored by Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, this change in federal election law typifies how Israeli influence became systemic.

‘McCain-Feingold’ raised the amount (from $1,000 to $2,300) that candidates can receive from individuals in primary and general elections. A couple can now contribute a combined $9,200 to federal candidates: $4,600 in each of the primary and general elections. Primary elections, usually low-budget, are particularly easy to sway.

Importantly for the Diaspora, this change also doubled the funds candidates can receive without regard to where those contributors reside. A candidate in Iowa, say, may have only a few pro-Israeli constituents. When campaign support is provided by a nationwide network of pro-Israelis, that candidate can more easily be persuaded to support policies sought by Tel Aviv.

Diaspora-based fundraising has long been used by the lobby with force-multiplying success to shape US foreign policy. Under the guise of reform, John McCain doubled the financial resources that the lobby can deploy to elect and retain its supporters.

Fulbright was Right

The influence-peddling process works like this. Candidates are summoned for in-depth AIPAC interviews. Those found sufficiently committed to Israel’s agenda are provided a list of donors likely to “max out” their campaign contributions. Or the process can be made even easier when AIPAC-approved candidates are given the name of a “bundler.”

Bundlers raise funds from the Diaspora and bundle those contributions to present them to the candidate. No quid pro quo need be mentioned. After McCain-Feingold became law in 2003, AIPAC-identified bundlers could raise $1 million-plus for AIPAC-approved candidates simply by contacting ten like-minded supporters. Here’s the math:

The bundler and spouse “max out” for $9,200 and call ten others, say in Manhattan, Miami, and Beverly Hills. Each of them max out ($10 x $9,200) and call ten others for a total of 11. [111 x $9,200 = $1,021,200.]

Imagine the incentive to do well in the AIPAC interview. One call from the lobby and a candidate can collect enough cash to mount a credible campaign in most Congressional districts. From Tel Aviv’s perspective, that political leverage is leveraged yet again because fewer than ten percent of the 435 House races are competitive in any election cycle (typically 35 to 50).

Additional force-multipliers come from: (a) sustaining this financial focus over multiple cycles, (b) using funds to gain and retain seniority for those serving on Congressional committees key to promoting Israeli goals, and (c) opposing any candidates who question those goals.

Jewish Achievement reports that 42% of the largest political donors to the 2000 election cycle were Jewish, including four of the top five. That compares to less than 2% of Americans who are Jewish. Of the Forbes 400 richest Americans, 25% are Jewish according to Michael Steinhardt, a key funder of the Democratic Leadership Council. The DLC was led by Jewish Zionist Senator Joe Lieberman when he resigned in 2000 to run as vice president with pro-Israeli presidential candidate Al Gore.

Money was never a constraint. Pro-Israeli donors were limited only by how much they could lawfully contribute to AIPAC-screened candidates. McCain-Feingold raised a key limit. The full impact of this foreign influence has yet to be tallied. What’s known, however, is sufficient to apply the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Of the top 50 neoconservatives who advocated war in Iraq, 26 were Jewish (52%).

Harry Truman, a Christian Zionist, remains one of the more notable recipients of funds. In 1948, he was trailing badly in the polls and in fundraising. His prospects brightened dramatically in May after he recognized as a legitimate state an enclave of Jewish extremists who originally planned to settle in Argentina before putting their sights on Palestine.

That recognition was opposed by Secretary of State George C. Marshall, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the bulk of the diplomatic corps, the fledgling Central Intelligence Agency and numerous distinguished Americans, including moderate and secular Jews concerned at the troubles that were certain to follow. Not until 1984 was it revealed that a network of Jewish Zionists had funded Truman’s campaign by financially refueling his whistle-stop campaign train with $400,000 in cash ($3 million in 2009 dollars).

To buy time on the public’s airwaves, money raised from the Israel lobby’s network is paid to media outlets largely owned or managed by members of the same network. Presidents, Senators and Congressmen come and go but those who collect the checks rack up the favors that amass lasting political influence.

The US system of government is meant to ensure that members of the House represent the concerns of Americans who reside in Congressional districts—not a nationally dispersed network (a Diaspora) committed to advancing the agenda of a foreign nation. Federal elections are meant to hold Senators accountable to constituents who reside in the states they represent—not out-of-state residents or a foreign government.

In practical effect, McCain-Feingold hastened a retreat from representative government by granting a nationwide network of foreign agents disproportionate influence over elections in every state and Congressional district. Campaign finance ‘reform’ enabled this network to amass even more political clout—wielding influence disproportionate to their numbers, indifferent to their place of residence and often contrary to America’s interests.

This force-multiplier is now wielded in plain sight, with impunity and under cover of free speech, free elections, free press and even the freedom of religion. Therein lies the perils of an entangled alliance that induced the US to invade Iraq and now seeks war with Iran. By allowing foreign agents to operate as a domestic lobby, the US was induced to confuse Zionist interests with its own.

Source article can be found here.

P.S. How does Israel control US foreign policy? It's simple, Simon. It's in the math. Oh, and don't forget to deny it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Irish and the New World Order

Yeah, it’s the Irish. They did it. It’s the Gang of Two, O’Brien and Monahan; members of POG (Paddy Occupied Government) who ripped off the Harvard Hillel. It is POG that is behind most of the world’s problems. It’s long been known but seldom mentioned how the Irish faked the Potato Famine and all the other things they blamed on the long-suffering British over the course of some 800 years. They’re really milking that victim thing. It’s their trademark and their signature.

No one talks about the Highland Clearances in Scotland but the Irish did that one also. Today, the Irish are engaged in a systematic genocide of The Glorious Orange Order and the noble souls who are dedicated to the spread of its high and honorable ideals around the world. Most recently the brave members of The Orange Order of Malaysia and Indonesia are experiencing horrific acts of terror from Muslim extremists who have taken exception to the Biblical right of The Orange to regain their divine right of control to these ancient homelands of The Orange. Lately it has become clear that The Irish are behind these acts of terror. No heart can remain unstirred by the power and passion of the traditional ballad which begins to play as the website opens.

Last week it was front page news that Frank Collins is a direct descendant of Michael Collins who mass-murdered so many innocent British citizens in their Irish homeland around the time of The First World War (which was caused by an international alliance of Irish Bankers). The blood libel lie that Frank Collins is actually Jewish has been exposed as a vicious rumor perpetrated by The Paddy Media which presently owns 96% of the MSM.

Vic Alhadeff of The New South Wales movement for Jewish Truth has recently proven that for centuries, a secret tribe of Irish insurgents has been operating within the Jewish peoples and fomenting all manner of terrible acts which are then blamed on both the Zionist movement and member of The Tribe worldwide.

One has only to study the names of those responsible for the 9/11 attacks to see who the real perpetrators are. No, it was not Bin Laden and a rag tag ensemble of Stone Age Arabs. It was the Irish. Look at the names that come up in the PNAC (Paddy’s for a New American Century) membership list; William McKristol, Paul McWolfowitz, Richard McPearle, Douglas McFeith and Dick McCheney. One of the main architects of 9/11 and former Pentagon Comptroller who was responsible for the remote control mechanisms in the airplanes, Dov McZackheim can trace his roots all the way back to the High King Magog of Ireland. Philip McZelikow was appointed to control the whitewashing of the 9/11 commission

Michael Ledeen who has been neck deep in both the 9/11 attacks as well as the lies that led to the Iraq invasion is as Irish as they come. ‘Michael’? ‘Ledeen’? Get a clue. Every where you look you see the black hand of the Irish pulling the strings behind the curtains that conceal the controllers of world affairs.

What are we to make of The Five Dancing Irishmen who were filming the 9/ll attacks from New Jersey? It was later proven that they were members of McMossad, the dreaded Irish spy and assassination organization.

It was The Irish again who blew up the British ‘hero of India’, Lord Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten was noted not only for his military acumen but for his compassion toward the enemy both on and off the field of battle. As he sought to recover the ancient British homeland of India for The Empire as well as her resources, both English soldier and the common man of India spoke of the transformative power worked upon their souls by this inspired philosopher king. What was left of this remarkable hero after The Irish got done with him? We were left with a single shoe. Gaze upon the kind and loving visage of this hero of the people and weep as you read the glowing commentaries that follow. The people know who was behind this and at what cost… what cost! A single shoe… not even a foot attached, just… one lonely shoe. Alas.

It has been The Irish who are responsible, through their control of world media, for convincing the uninformed world public to believe the fantasy that the British MI6 was behind the majority of the IRA bomb attacks.

I know you find this hard to believe. I know you find it hard to believe that The Irish control the international media as well as the world of entertainment in television, music companies and movie studios. So do this for me. Go to any search engine. Go to every search engine and check out the actual names of the individuals in charge of these industries and tell me if you don’t see one Irish name after another. Look at the members of Obama’s cabinet and the names of his chief advisors; every one of them is Irish.

It’s the Lost Tribe of Irish Hassid’s who are responsible for the genocide in Gaza while the ordinary Israeli citizen looks on in horror. You’ve seen the recent youtube video of Irish thugs pretending to be Israelis where they cursed the American president while cavorting like drunken hooligans. Irish thugs routinely burn Palestinian orchards and farms, bulldoze their houses and kill unarmed women and children as IDF soldiers and concerned Israelis attempt to stop them but it is all in vain. They are too powerful and the world just does not care.

It was Irish slavers who brought black people in chains to The New World and who filled black neighborhoods in the 20th Century with pawnshops and liquor stores and who made up the majority of the slumlords and still do today.

A reader of this blog was kind enough to send in this video which shows how far the Irish Plot has gone toward enslaving humanity and gives new meaning to the term, Black Irish.

The Irish funded Adolph Hitler and caused The Holocaust and are today the single driving force behind denying that it ever happened. It is the Irish who publicized the actual numbers of the dead provided by The Red Cross as if to refute the claims made by Jewish historians as early as 1919 of six million dead and dying. Nothing is greater proof of an event than to be able to predict it in advance of its occurrence …but that means nothing to The Irish.

Do none of you care? Look at the members of the Federal Reserve board and the heads of the banks that comprise its membership. You see nothing but a litany of Irish names. See for yourself. The most sinister dynasty in the world, The McRothschild’s can be traced directly to their Irish lineage here. The history of their despicable red shield is there to be seen by any and all.

Today, due to the draconian push of political correctness, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by The Irish has become something we can no longer talk about. The driving of the Irish moneychangers from the temple has been scrubbed from the history books along with their unbroken worship of the Golden Calf through all the tortured centuries of humankind oppressed by the Irish elite.

It is past time for the people of the world to rise up and thrown off the chains of our Paddy masters. It’s time to stop catering to their bloated victim industry as they simultaneously bathe themselves in the sweat and blood of the people. As the old proverb goes, “The Irishman cries out in pain as he strikes you”. When are you going to wake up? This ancient enemy of humanity is tightening his grip upon every area of our lives. Not a day passes that you don’t hear about another Irishman involved in a financial scam amounting to millions and often billions of dollars. They feast on the fat of the land while the rest of us go hungry.

I know that this is all part of a master plan and I do believe that their long rein of terror shall soon come to an end but we must all of us be a part of the change we want to believe in. God has no other hands than ours. The Irish must be held to account.

Source article can be found here.

P.S. I knew it was the Irish. Kennedy was Irish, wasn't he? If not the Irish, then the Polish... or maybe moon phases. Definitely can't be Jews. I never hear anybody mentioning them.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hijacking Video "our" Jewish MSM Ignored

Does our Jewish MSM inform us?.. or just jingo us?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spitting Rabbis

JERUSALEM -- ABC's Middle East correspondent Anne Barker became caught in violent street protests involving ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem at the weekend. This is her graphic account of her ordeal.

As a journalist I've covered more than my share of protests. Political protests in Canberra (Australia). Unions protesting for better conditions. Angry, loud protests against governments, or against perceived abuses of human rights.

I've been at violent rallies in East Timor. I've had rocks and metal darts thrown my way. I've come up against riot police.

But I have to admit no protest - indeed no story in my career - has distressed me in the way I was distressed at a protest in Jerusalem on Saturday (July 4) involving several hundred ultra-Orthodox Jews. This particular protest has been going on for weeks.

Orthodox Jews are angry at the local council's decision to open a municipal carpark on Saturdays - or Shabbat, the day of rest for Jews.

It's a day when Jews are not supposed to do anything resembling work, which can include something as simple as flicking a switch, turning on a light or driving.

So even opening a simple carpark to accommodate the increasing number of tourists visiting Jerusalem's Old City is highly offensive to Orthodox Jews because it's seen as a desecration of the Shabbat, by encouraging people to drive.

I was aware that earlier protests had erupted into violence on previous weekends - Orthodox Jews throwing rocks at police, or setting rubbish bins alight, even throwing dirty diapers or rotting rubbish at anyone they perceive to be desecrating the Shabbat.

But I never expected their anger would be directed at me.

I was mindful I would need to dress conservatively and keep out of harm's way. But I made my mistake when I parked the car and started walking towards the protest, not fully sure which street was which. By the time I realised I'd come up the wrong street it was too late.

I suddenly found myself in the thick of the protest - in the midst of hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews in their long coats and sable-fur hats. They might be supremely religious, but their behavior - to me - was far from charitable or benevolent.

As the protest became noisier and the crowd began yelling, I took my recorder and microphone out of my bag to record the sound. Suddenly the crowd turned on me, screaming in my face. Dozens of angry men began spitting on me.

Spit like rain

I found myself herded against a brick wall as they kept on spitting - on my face, my hair, my clothes, my arms.

It was like rain, coming at me from all directions - hitting my recorder, my bag, my shoes, even my glasses.

Big gobs of spit landed on me like heavy raindrops. I could even smell it as it fell on my face.
Somewhere behind me - I didn't see him - a man on a stairway either kicked me in the head or knocked something heavy against me.

I wasn't even sure why the mob was angry with me. Was it because I was a journalist? Or a woman? Because I wasn't Jewish in an Orthodox area? Was I not dressed conservatively enough?

In fact, I was later told, it was because using a tape-recorder is itself a desecration of the Shabbat even though I'm not Jewish and don't observe the Sabbath.

It was lucky that I don't speak Yiddish. At least I was spared the knowledge of whatever filth they were screaming at me.

The Holy People practice their religion of peace, love and tolerance in Jerusalem

As I tried to get away I found myself up against the line of riot police blocking the crowd from going any further.

Israeli police in their flak jackets and helmets, with rifles and shields, were yelling just as loudly back at the protesting crowd. I found them something of a reassurance against the angry, spitting mob.

I was allowed through, away from the main protest, although there were still Orthodox Jews on the other side, some of whom also yelled at me, in English, to take my recorder away.

Normally I should have stayed on the sidelines to watch the protest develop.

But when you've suffered the humiliation and degradation of being spat on so many times - and you're covered in other people's spit - it's not easy to put it to the back of your mind and get on with the job. I left down a side street and walked the long way back to the car, struggling to hold back the tears.

Source article -I didn't make this up- can be seen here.

P.S. No comment necessary... except, I invite any of the "chosen" ones that may visit this blog to explain this.

Their Cowardice is Legendary

What legacy are these sons of "the holocaust" leaving? Aren't they a shame?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Israel's Plan of Control and Death for Gaza... and the US

Former U. S. Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, has been sitting in an Israeli prison as one of the Free Gaza 21. She is now known as Israeli prisoner #88794. Her crime and that of her compatriots? In her own words, ". . .trying to take medical supplies to Gaza [by boat], building supplies–and even crayons for children."

As McKinney tells it, her own involvement with the Free Gaza movement, was precipitated by Israel’s Operation Cast Lead aerial assault on Gaza, which was launched in December of 2008. American taxpayers will be delighted to know that their conscripted monies on behalf of the Zionist State, funded unrestrained Israeli F-16 airstrikes on a captive population in Gaza, employing white phosphorus munitions, depleted uranium shells, robotic technology, DIME weapons, and cluster bombs. Word has it that Gaza has served as the laboratory testing ground for an entirely new generation of Israeli aerial weaponry, to be used at Tel Aviv’s discretion and with total disregard for international law or world political opinion.

And Mr. Obama, like his predecessors, is engaging in a silence that is comprehensively deafening. Hugh Galford’s piece on Israeli PAC money in American elections, in the May/June Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), provides the oh-so-familiar bottom line on why.

But take heart, America. What is happening in Gaza, is coming to a community near you. Bet on it. Your own political and economic freedoms are in the crosshairs of the same folks. A totalitarian state is just around the corner in the United States, courtesy of the marriage of the Israeli intelligence apparatus and homeland security structures with their counterparts in this country, aided and abetted by the media and the U. S. government. This is the bottom line.

The latest evidence of what has–and what will be--transpiring in the continental United States may be found in the current newsstand edition of Counter Terrorism: The Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security International (Volume 15, No. 2, Summer 2009), in an article entitled, "International Corporate Profiles: Israeli Counterterrorism Institutes and Firms." The magazine is published by SecureWorldnet of Arlington, Virginia, in cooperation with the International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals, and the Counterterrorism and Security Education and Research Foundation.

The article profiles 6 Israeli research institutes and commercial firms, representing only a sample of the total number of such organizations in existence. The reader will become acquainted with The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), and its commercial arm, Counter Terrorism Solutions (CST); The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC), part of the NGO known as the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC); the Shurat HaDin–Israel Law Center; Chameleon Associates LLC [formerly known as the Chameleon Group]; the Sdema Group; and The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR).

Of particular note to the American reader are the tentacles of these shadowy organizations in the continental United States, and the American institutions working with them on a public basis. These include the Syracuse University Maxwell School of Government’s Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT); the University of Pennsylvania; Boeing; SAIC; Hewlett-Packard; and Texas A+M University. American cities, especially Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, figure prominently as hosts for these Mossad and Shin Bet front groups. No American political figure of significant prominence has said a word about the existence and operations of the Israeli intelligence nexus within the continental United States, even subsequent to the Pollard, Ben-Zvi, and Rosen/Weissman AIPAC spy cases. Why?

Those of us on the authentic American Right will have special interest in the Shurat HaDin–Israel Law Center, headed up by Ms. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, an Israeli attorney. According to CounterTerrorism, Shurat HaDin "models itself on the groundbreaking work of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the American civil rights organization dedicated to bankrupting the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), neo-Nazis, and other White Supremacist extremist groups in the United States. Like SPLC, the law center’s goal is to economically cripple extremist groups in the Middle East and elsewhere. . . ."

This is clearly ominous. The Southern Poverty Law Center and its partner in the predictive profiling of legitimate American citizens, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL), have a working definition of extremism which simply demonizes anyone who opposes Israeli governmental atrocities, Zionist ideology, or the left-wing political and social agenda of the majority of Jews in the United States. The Constitution Party candidate for President in 2008, my good friend Chuck Baldwin, chronicles the notoriously illegal and outrageous character of the infamous Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report, and the American Department of Homeland Security (DHS) missal, entitled, "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."

The latter piece of trash reveals that DHS is warning law enforcement in the United States, to be on guard against anyone who:

". . . opposes illegal immigration, same-sex marriage, ‘free trade agreements,’ gun control, the ‘New World Order,’ ‘One World Government,’ the outsourcing of American jobs, the ‘perceived’ threat to U.S. sovereignty by foreign powers, abortion, ‘declarations of martial law,’‘the creation of citizen detention camps,’ ‘suspension of the U.S. Constitution,’ or the abridgement of State authority. Also branded are people who believe in ‘end times’ prophecies, and who ‘stockpile’ food, ammunition, or firearms."

Baldwin goes on to say that the sources of information for the report are The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith. (Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, and Ron Paul were among the 3rd party Presidential candidates libelously depicted in these profiling reports as attracting the support of "extremists." )

Why is the mainstream American conservative movement and the Republican Party mute on what is happening, both in Gaza and in the destruction of the Old American Republic?

As documented by Dr. E. Michael Jones in the April 2007 Culture Wars (pages 40-47) in an essay titled, "The Death of Conservatism," it all began with the Jewish cooptation of William F. Buckley and National Review. Jones notes that the late Jew, Murray Friedman, proved it in his posthumously published magnum opus on Jewish influence in American politics, "The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Foreign Policy" [Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005, 303 pages]. According to Friedman, the Jewish activists who formed National Review and ran Buckley as their goyische front man, included Frank Meyer, Frank Chodorov, Morrie Raskin, and Willi Schlamm. Jones notes that:

"What conservatism lacked in philosophical coherence, however, it made up for in effective political organizing techniques which its ‘founding Jewish fathers’ remembered from their days in the Communist Party. Or from their days in Zionist terrorist organizations. In terms of organization, the most influential of Buckley’s ‘circle of Jews’ was a former communist who came to conservatism via Zionism, in particular via the terrorist organization known as Irgun Zvai Leumi. His name was Marvin Leibman and in addition to serving as publisher of National Review, he created the fund-raising technique known as direct mail, which would play a major role in the political movements surrounding Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. In 1946, Leibman was captured trying to smuggle Jews into Palestine and held in a British detention camp in Cyprus for 15 days."

Thus, once Buckley and National Review were on board with their logistical and financial handlers, other Israeli front men subsequently served their Zionist masters in the infiltration of the American Right, including such frauds as Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Ralph Reed. The endgame? Clearly it has proven to be the takeover of the American foreign policy and governmental establishments by Israel, the buyout of the American media, the destruction of this country’s once formidable manufacturing-based economy, and the continued declension of a sewage-seeped culture as embodied in the Jewish Hollywood establishment’s recent lionization of the late pedophile, Michael Jackson. Where does it end in this culture of death?

My continued prediction: those who have financed the culture of death in America’s abortion industry, and who finance the continued extermination of Palestinians and Gazans with state-of-the-art American/Israeli military and surveillance technologies, will only be happy when a wider war with Iran is launched, courtesy of a false flag incident spun by the media moguls to fan the flames of public thirst for more Middle Eastern adventurism and mass murder.

As Jesus said in the Olivet Discourse, "Watch."

Source article can be found here.

P.S. Watch indeed. Ya think what happens to the Palestinians is no matter of ours? Think again.

9/11 Was Not an Inside Job... Got it?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Real Holocaust or How to Murder Gentiles

The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians.

The devastation of civilization to date by the rapacious hordes of Godless Communism, as well as their planned annihilation of all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century. It has resulted in incredible suffering and death for many millions of Christian victims in many parts of the world.

Yet as these Christian victims lie in their graves, unmourned and unknown, a new class of international citizens, (the creators of Marxist terrorism), profess to be the only "victims" who have endured suffering in the past one hundred and fifty years. They command the world to weep for them, because they control the world. These harbingers of terror claim to be "refugees", since they had no nation of their own, but infested the civilized societies in every part of the world for two thousand years, bringing with them, in every instance, disease and death.

They have emerged from one shattered nation after another, not as refugees, but as the final victors, bearing away their loot, and scurrying through ports which they have created and which they alone know how to follow, until they come to another host nation.

With them they bring, like the medieval Bubonic Plagues, (an infection which they were accused of spreading), a terrible contamination, an infestation which quickly spreads through the new host country, and fells all who become its victims. This plague is world Communism, and its known carriers, the furry scavengers who have found their way through the sewers into every civilized place, are the international Jews.

We are asked to weep only for the Jews, and to ignore the many millions of actual victims of world terrorism in the past one hundred and fifty years, a chronicle of such horror that one scarcely can bear to put down this bloodstained record, not merely in fear that the world might put away its business in order to mourn these countless victims of international Communist terrorism, but that the tragic fate of these innocents, most of them women and children, is one of such pathos that one's heart could break from the full impact of its terrifying implications for everyone alive today.

One of the first victims of the international financiers, shortly after publication of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx in 1848, was the Southern civilization of the United States. White immigrants had wrested from a hostile territory the means to create a gracious culture, one which the ruder and more unlettered sections of the new Republic could only gape at in admiration, an admiration, however, which soon turned to envy and then hatred.

This hatred brought armies into the American South, bearing the terrorists who, unknown at that time, were the first Communist totalitarians determined to wreak their hatred and policies of annihilation on all civilized people.

The Southerners were unfortunate enough to be the first victims. Military governments were set up in the conquered South, operating solely on the totalitarian concepts of Godless Communism, with courts functioning under martial law. The Southerners had been robbed of their Constitution, and of their rights to property and even to existence.

Their homes were burned and looted, and savage hordes were unleashed to rape and pillage the properties which were occupied only by women and children. To deny the inherited rights of these Southerners, which were still their due under the laws of this nation, a brutal reign of terror, featuring Federal Judges, Federal Courts, and Federal Prisons, which were set up for the first time in any state of these United States. For those Southern patriots who dared to protest these outrages, Federal insane asylums were set up for those who were not executed on the spot.

From New York, Jewish carpetbaggers, the Lehmans, the Baruchs, and other special emissaries of the Rothschilds, came to seize from the widows and orphans of the Confederate dead their last savings, their last possessions, and their devastated lands. The "Federal" power was absolute, for the military Reconstruction of the South was an occupation zone, and no democratic procedures were allowed the vanquished Southerners until they had been stripped of their last holdings. The impoverished survivors were forced to make a living by whatever pitiful means left to them.

In Europe, too, the civilized nations were beset throughout the nineteenth century by successive wars and revolutions, which resulted in millions of Christian refugees. Modern history begins with the Congress of Vienna in 1815, when the Jews, unleashed from their ghettoes and bearing a tide of gold amassed by the Rothschilds through their instigation and financing of wars from 1775 to 1812, used their newly acquired wealth to subvert the established governments of Europe and to start them on their terrifying slide into oblivion.

Their victims were helpless before their Jewish onslaught because they were Christians who believed that love for one's fellow man guides the affairs of the earth. And so it does, until Satan intervenes through his people. It was impossible for any Christian to believe that such bloodthirsty savages could exist among any civilized people.

Nor could the Christians, believing in their religion of Christ's love for humanity, understand the virulent hatred which the Jew bore towards all of God's creatures and which is beyond the ken of any civilized human being.

Only now, as the Christian peoples totter on the verge of worldwide annihilation by the Jewish master scheme, can some indication of the nature of the enemy begin to be seen.

In the New Republic, April 13, 1983, it is noted that a Polish agitator, Adam Michnik, is accused of being a Zionist who is "prepared to torture patriotic opponents". In the same issue, we find that Jerry Urban wrote in a Polish journal that "the bloodthirstiness of Zionist doctrine and practice" must be opposed.

Urban calls attention to "genocide in its Israeli edition", referring to the continued massacres of Arab women and children under the direction of fanatical Zionists in the notorious Rosh Hasahan Massacre, a religious celebration which served the dual purpose of Jewish ritual murder and the political goals of the world's most famous terrorist, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who desires to murder every Arab man, woman and child in the territories which the Jews plan to annex and settle in the Middle East.

Urban brings up a vital point in referring to the well known genocidal practices of the Israeli Government, suggesting that the Jews are now delighting in mass murder as a compensation for the myth that they quietly went to their "deaths" in the notorious "Holocaust" fantasy without resisting their Nazi "killers".

The idea that the heretofore "passive" Jews are, for the first time in their history, learning to kill, belies the entire recorded history of this plague. There are too many well-documented massacres in history in which the Jews tortured and murdered their victims with the greatest glee, gloating in such barbaric practices of tearing out the hearts of women and children and smearing the blood on their faces, while the Jewish women ripped out the writhing entrails of their dying victims, wrapped the steaming evidences of their victory around their waists, and began the traditional Jewish dance of the Hatikvah as the celebration of their triumph over their vanquished foes.

The Book of Esther records one of many such massacres of their victims by the Jews. ESTHER VIII:11: "Wherein the King granted the Jews which were in every city to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay, and to cause to perish, all the power of the people and province that would assault them, both little ones and women, and to take the spoil of them for their prey."

Thus a Jewish prostitute employed her power over the King to demand that he allow the Jews to massacre "both little ones and children", not merely in one town, but throughout the Kingdom, because "the Jews which were in every city", just as they are today.

This Biblical story records the first instance of total war, in which women and children were to be slain, as opposed to the traditional military combat, in which professional soldiers, trained for this role, met on the battlefield to vie against each other, and to win or lose honorably in the field.

This image of Esther was entitled, "A Talmudic Tale of Terror and Treachery"

The Jews, as their million dollar a week apologists, Pat Robertson and Reverend Jerry Falwell, go to great pains to explain to us, did not have to fight on the battlefield to win territory, because God had promised them the Earth, and this "Sacred Promise" is the only law in the world today. It is to be hoped that at some point Falwell and Robertson will show us the actual documents on which this historic deed was recorded. Robertson praying, his hands in the familiar mana cornuta, international sign of Satan.

To date, they ignore all questions about any proof of their fantastic claims on behalf of the Jews, and the millions keep rolling in. Despite the flagrant efforts of Falwell and Robertson on behalf of the Jewish world murder plan, the record shows that the Jew prefers to avoid the battlefield and the hazards of face to face combat, and to stealthily set up the massacres of helpless women and children.

Such has been their history, and today, we have even seen it live on color television. It was the ingrained bloodthirstiness of the Jews which led them to select as their principal "religious" holiday, the Feast of Purim, which celebrates their massacre of the innocents. One of the most striking parts of this well known quotation from the Book of Esther, the only genuinely Jewish book of the Bible, and, for that reason, the only one in which God is not mentioned, is the revelation that the code word of the Jews to indicate their knowledge of the Jewish World Murder Plan, is their remembrance of their massacre of the innocents by their code phrase, "had a good day".

Since that massacre, Jews have always offered this recognition phrase to each other, in Yiddish or in whatever language of the particular nation which they planned to take over, by saying, "Have a good day", meaning, of course, "We're looking forward to more massacres of the women and children of the goyim, or the gentile cattle."

Women and children, easy victims in the recent assault on Gaza, 2008-2009.

Now that the Jews have attained such enormous economic and political power in the United States, they have instructed all of their gentile employees in the vast networks of retail grocery, drug and apparel stores which they own throughout the United States that they must greet each customer by saying, "Have a good day."

This apparently friendly and supposedly meaningless salutation lets the Jew in the know be tipped off that he is in a store owned by Jews, and that the owners are anticipating "having a good day" in the future by more slaughters of the innocent and helpless gentile women and children. The most important statement in the Book of Esther is the warning that "the fear of the Jews fell upon them."

Today, the dark shadow of imminent tragedy looms over every Christian, because of their fear of the Jews, and because of their instinctive knowledge, like penned cattle in a slaughterhouse, that the Jew intends to kill them for his profit.

Jacob Timerman, in an enlightening series of articles in the New Yorker magazine in 1982, said, "To understand the existence of the Other and then admit his existence without hatred is something new for Israel as a whole."

The Other, of course, means the non-Jew, a person whom the Jew cannot see without hatred. Because of his savage nature, the Jew wishes only to kill him and drink his blood. It is this terrible desire which bars the Jew from peaceful existence in any civilized nation, and which has been solely responsible for the occasional but ineffective resistance which the intended Christian victims have offered in opposition to his murder plans.

The Jew has only one purpose in the Middle East, and that is to murder all of the Arab inhabitants and to take their lands. The great scholar. Dr. Eric Bischoff, discovered this revelation in the official Jewish text of the Thikune Zohar, Edition Berdiwetsch, 88b, a book which, like all Jewish "religious" texts, is actually a code of cabalistic rituals detailing the instructions on how to murder the gentiles.

"Furthermore," says the Thikune Zohar, "there is a commandment pertaining to the killing of strangers, who are like beasts. This killing has to be done in the lawful Jewish method. Those who do not bid themselves to the Jewish religious law must be offered up as sacrifices to the High God."

From the historian's point of view, the Jewish world war against all Christians proceeds in an unbroken succession of events from ancient history, when Jewish prostitutes such as Esther persuaded rulers to destroy their own people at the whim of the Jews.

Read the rest of the source article by Eustace Mullins entitled "The Secret Holocaust" here.

Israel and US Jewish Groups Push Forward on Iran

The aftermath of Iran’s election presents the United States, Israel and pro-Israel advocates here with a dilemma worthy of a medical melodrama: Advocates for radical surgery, notwithstanding the dangers it poses, have the upper hand and the scalpel is ready—and then the patient shows signs of healing naturally.

Israel, the Obama administration and the organized U.S. Jewish community for a few weeks put on hold their plans to ratchet up confrontation with Iran over its putative nuclear weapons program to see how clashes between the government and protesters who say the June 12 election was stolen would play out.

That answer is not clear, but apparently based on reports that Iran is closer than ever to a nuclear weapon, the confrontationists are back by the operating table, raising the scalpel and saying its time to dig in.

That was the thinking behind a decision Monday by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to plan major rallies in September to press for sanctions. The push will be coordinated to assist efforts by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to nudge toughened sanctions legislation through the U.S. Congress in September.

The clearest sign of the renewed assertiveness was a series of statements by senior U.S. officials culminating in a speech Tuesday by Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. The United States still prefers diplomacy, he said, “but with all options on the table, including, certainly, military options.“

Explicitly invoking “military options” is rare, especially by the nation’s top soldier, although Mullen insisted he had done so in the past after reporters at the Center for Strategic and International Studies event pressed him on the matter.

Moreover, Mullen suggested that for the first time Israel and the United States were closer than ever on when exactly Iran’s nuclear program becomes intolerable.

“The time window is closing,“ he said. “The clock is ticking.“

That sounded a lot closer to the recent Israeli predictions of imminent crisis, as opposed to previous American talk of a window of about five years.

Mullen noted that he consulted closely on the matter with Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, the Israeli military chief of staff, and was impressed with Israeli concerns that a nuclear Iran posed an existential threat to Israel.

Mullen’s dire warnings did not come out of the blue: He is making an unusual number of public appearances this week, speaking on the Iran issue, and Vice President Joe Biden told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that any Israeli decision to strike Iran would be Israel’s alone.

“Israel can determine for itself—it’s a sovereign nation—what’s in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else,“ Biden said.

A number of media reports in recent days suggest an intensification of efforts to coordinate the U.S.-Israel approach to Iran—and how they at times falter. Ha’aretz reported that Israel is seeking specifics on what President Obama plans to do if his outreach fails, and the Washington Times wrote that Israel is withholding a formal request to the United States to attack Iran in case it is denied.

Meanwhile, Obama told CNN in Moscow on Tuesday that the United States had not greenlighted an Israeli strike.

“We have said directly to the Israelis that it is important to try and resolve this in an international setting in a way that does not create major conflict in the Middle East,“ he said.

The clearest articulation of “why now” for tougher action against Iran was made by Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Presidents Conference, addressing its constituents in a conference call Monday afternoon.

Hoenlein, who called in from Israel, said he was hearing from Israeli leaders that existing sanctions were having an effect and that now was not the time to reduce the pressure.

“We are not getting into the issue of regime change, but we are focused on the nuclear issue,“ he said during the call.

“We held off for a little while to see what the outcome” of the elections would be, Hoenlein said, but pressed ahead because of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s plans to attend the U.N. General Assembly and because of Iran’s continued efforts to achieve a nuclear weapon.

The plans are for a massive Washington Day on Sept. 10 that would include meetings at the White House and in Congress, and for a mass rally in New York on Sept. 24 to protest Ahmadinejad’s speech.

Lawmakers have held back on tougher sanctions in part because they also are watching the post-election fallout and because legislation usually does not move in summer months.

The most recent legislation, advanced by U.S. Reps. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), would withdraw loan guarantees from companies that deal with Iran’s energy sector. Other enhancements could target Iran’s central bank and its import of refined petroleum.

Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee and a key to advancing legislation, is said to be concerned that punishing Iranians when they are seeking to replace a tyranny may not be opportune.

AIPAC has a powerful ally, however, in U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who in a recent letter to Obama suggested that confronting Iran trumped other Middle East issues.

“I believe that resolving the problem of Iran’s nuclear program will help facilitate the Arab-Israeli peace process,“ Reid wrote.

Speakers on the Presidents Conference call emphasized the need for volume—they expect 300 to 500 Jewish communal leaders to attend the Washington Day—and breadth.

“Get local chapters to reach out to non-Jewish counterparts all across the eastern seaboard and through the Midwest,“ Hoenlein said, referring to plans for the New York rally, adding that he hoped to draw Muslim and Christian speakers.

The effort will confront a residual reluctance to assume a more militant posture, particularly one that could culminate in a strike. Mullen enumerated several reasons why the United States was still committed to diplomacy and wary of confrontation—“the vulnerabilities of regional countries that are friends of ours.“

Does a strike, he asked, “get contained or does it expand response in other parts of the world”?

Mullen said the very fluidity of the situation gave him pause.

“We’re not very good at predicting what’s going to happen, where it’s going to happen,“ he said. “And not just we—lots of countries in the world.“

Source article under a different title was located here.

P.S. Oh, anti-war advocates, here are our war mongers. They're Jewish groups. And their demonstrations will be televised while yours are not because Jews control the media. I think it would be a good idea to protest and counter protest the war mongers. Oh, you're not supposed to because they're Jewish... and "it's not all Jews". Oh, and you're not supposed to tie the war to Israel. And this will only be bombing for Israel anyway.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Al Franken: Zionist Chickenhawk

I used to love Franken on Saturday Night Live. Although his Stuart Smally character got old very quickly, he did a wonderful Paul Tsongas impression. I’d link to an example on YouTube, but NBC takes its intellectual property very seriously and therefore hundreds of the most humorous bits ever to air on late night television have been tragically withheld from us.

I enjoyed his 2003 book Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. Well, I enjoyed the first half, much of which was a trenchant critique of modern, Fox-style conservatism. Some of the worst distortions of the Bush-era right were properly put in their place. The second half was just left-liberal boilerplate.

But this is what has always stuck in my mind about Franken’s book. It includes an illustrated chapter called “Operation Chickenhawk: Episode One” in which he characterizes many modern war advocates as hypocrites for their effortless success in dodging “service” in Vietnam. The chapter discusses such prominent hawks as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill O’Reilly, and Bill Bennett. But one big problem with this humorous chapter is it includes Pat Buchanan, who, although we might all agree holds many bad positions, including on the Cold War, did not support the Iraq War. But do you know who did? Al Franken.

In chapter 41 of Liars, Franken discusses how he was among the many deceived about the war, convinced by Bush of its necessity because, after all, “the world changed” on 9/11, and the U.S. government needed to deal with Saddam’s infamous Weapons of Mass Destruction. Franken cites the uranium-from-Niger lie as the piece of evidence that clinched it for him. When it became politically correct to point out that Bush had lied the country into war, Franken felt so betrayed.

But actually, that uranium lie was discredited before the war even began. Given that he had so many researchers helping him with his book, he should have known that.

Besides, even if he did believe every single piece of propaganda about Saddam’s non-existent weapons program—and here, by the way, is my Independent Institute article from before the war, explaining why we could not trust the propaganda and why the case for war was so transparently without credibility—he should have still opposed the war. There was never any justifiable reason to support Bush’s plan to wage aggressive war on the people of Iraq, to murder many thousands of them, even if you believed Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is an act of aggression to start a war, even if the enemy has scary weapons. The U.S. has a weapons stockpile that makes all the Middle East countries combined—even including Israel—seem minor in comparison. But that sure didn’t justify 9/11, did it?

Al Franken is a warmonger who turned against Bush only after it became politically correct to do so, and only turned against the war to score partisan points. He is, in principle, no less committed to U.S. imperialism and mass killing than are the neocons, even if his rhetoric isn’t nearly as offensively bloodthirsty as theirs is. In fact, his book also reveres Lincoln, one of the greatest warmongers in U.S. history.

This is all you need to know about the Franken left: They aren’t quite as crazy as the neocon right when they discuss foreign policy, but they are every bit as devoted to U.S. empire and aggressive war. And Iraq, even given Bush’s propaganda, was still, by any measure, an aggressive war, and it still is an aggressive occupation.

Am I being too harsh? I’d be happy to see Franken prove me wrong. Next chance he gets, he can refuse to finance Obama’s bloody exploits in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He can stand by principle and resist the urge to vote with the hordes to continue to appropriate our tax dollars to slaughter abroad. If he turns out to be a consistent critic of the Obama administration on questions of war and peace, I will apologize and praise his principle to the skies. But if he does vote to continue sending Americans to die and kill, he is no better than the lying liars he has made a fortune criticizing. He is no better than the chickenhawks he lambastes, and certainly not nearly as good an opponent of jingoism and aggressive war as the much more thoughtful, if sometimes inconsistent, Pat Buchanan.

The source article, political correctly titled "Al Franken, Chickenhawk" sans "zionist" can be found here.

P.S. The author of this piece is giving benefit of the doubt that Franken might not be a war monger. But I'd be that the author also knows better. Because you see, Franken is a zionist, a Jewish zionist. So Franken will support the zionist war agenda. He will be a war monger. [Any bets?] His primary concern will be the zionist agenda, just like it was for his predessor, the Republican Jewish zionist, Norm Coleman.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Salbuchi: On The Road to World Government, Status Report Part 1

Is the party about to end for Bombs-R-Us Americans?

JFK Reading the Declaration of Independence

Heaven knows we need independence now, independence from the zionist agenda. Never again will we have a president not kowtowing to the Jewish, zionist agenda?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

9/11 Truth in 4th of July Parade

Wowzer!!! Where was homeland security?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cynthia McKinney Speaks from Israeli Zionist Prison

Our bravest politician who's denied a position in congress to represent Americans is in a zionist jail for making a stand for justice, abandoned by the rest of our zionist puppet politicians.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alex Jones' Wife's Name Is Kelly... not Violet.

Former Forum Moderator of The forum of Alex Jones Breaks His silence and Speaks Out!

Hello Fellow InfoWarriors, I am AmeriDeath-Chris Arnold former moderator of the Forum at as many of you know me and I am also the Owner of , A site that IS destined to become The Youtube of the truth /Patriot Movement.

But sadly There were some issues which caused us to have to change and delete some things.

And By Who was this injustice thrust upon us You Ask ! Sadly The Leader Of The movement and HIS WIFE! yes Alex Jones Wife Kelly Jones (NOT VIOLET as you have been told) has Filed Legal Action against us (DOCUMENTS [at link] BELOW).

Even After Alex Himself Saw The website site and Talked about it ON AIR on his radio show and said The site Looked Great and that he Liked it very much and was considering linking to us if we could handle the traffic just last week HE APPROVED OF IT ON AIR TO EVERYONE!!..This is Not a rumor it was heard by hundreds of THOUSANDS of his daily listeners that will testify to that fact!

Sadly This has turned out not to be the case....which is really sad as Alex was someone That I really looked up to and considered and "Idol" if you will for lack of a better term as I honestly believed what he said in every aspect of the truth movement and the infowar that we are fighting.

But In my opinion, as you will see from The documents below...It seems to me that Alex is no better than the jackbooted thugs that he talks about and that the whole operation he has consists of one thing MONEY!! Plain and simple GREED on Mr and Mrs Jones, They say that we were trying to pass ourselves off as them...

LIE: everyone knows on The forum and everywhere that we have always maintained that we were a SEPARATE ENTITY with no connection to Mr Jones and were completely ran and operated by Myself .Chris Arnold and that fact was listed in a disclaimer on the bottom of every page on the website and in the ABOUT US SECTION. and everyone knew this so That's a BOLD FACED LIE to say that we tried to pass ourselves off as them.

LIE: Alex has always said on air PLEASE POST MY VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTARIES EVERYWHERE, make copies, give them away spread my message ..and that's what we were doing , Of course we had advertising space available on the site to try to help supplement the cost of the site and pay for the server bill (JUST AS YOUR VIDEOS ARE ALL OVER YOU TUBE AND THEY SELL ADVERTISING..WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??? YOU DONT GET ANY CUT FROM YOUTUBES ADVERTISING DO YA??), we have never even broken even and remain dipping into our savings to run the website, But thats not good enough...It seems that Mr. and Mrs Jones Would begrudge us selling ad space in order to pay for the website because they were not getting a CUT of the money?? (which there was NONE) and that it would cut into THEIR PROFITS ..and this just 2 weeks after he raised over $375,000 dollars in one day from YOU THE PATRIOTS in a money bomb-Which by the way the IRS knows about IM SURE, But they would begrudge us a few CRUMBS to pay for our hosting for a site that I sank my entire life savings into and actually bankrupt us now, while they raise hundreds of thousands of dollars FROM YOU..THE TRUE PATRIOTS! Seems GREEDY to me , especially when every link we had on the site LINKED BACK TO ALEX's WEBSITE, his store , his t-shirts sales, his DVD sales ..we were in effect ADVERTISING FOR HIM FOR FREE!!!!, again .not good enough. They want it ALL! You will see below that they are claiming copyright on the VIDEOS THEMSELVES that they have told EVERYONE TO POST AND GIVE AWAY.....VERY TWO FACED in my opinion of course

So That said its a sad day when Alex and his wife In my Opinion have shown Their TRUE COLORS , Its not about The Truth for him and his wife..He has found himself a NICHE MARKET and a NICHE PATRIOT COMMUNITY and it funds him well and he nor his wife want to see a single dime of that go anywhere else ..even after stating that he wants you to post his videos , he wants you to give his stuff away for free, Not True If it cuts or is PERCEIVED to cut into his money.

...Its pure and simple greed Alex Your colors have shown brightly to myself and the entire patriot movement, In my opinion you are no better than the Television evangelist thats obviously a fake screaming SEND ME YOUR MONEY!!!!! AHHAHAHAHAH

and I feel that you have irrevocably damaged yourself and your reputation with me and all the other true patriots, I am sure though that you will go on air and try to put some Alex SPIN on this to make you come out a hero, a victim , poor poor Alex...But Partner This Time you made a mistake ..You took on someone that truly IS A PATRIOT and has just as many ties in the patriot community as you do ..and the people KNOW THE TRUTH , so spin it as you may will not come out in a favorable light in this instance in anyone's eyes, except well maybe your own.

Its horrible to see someone you looked up to and place on a pedestal and admired so deeply show their true colors and the fact that in my opinion the only thing that they are really in This movement for is Popularity and GREED ,MONEY >>YOUR MONEY!!!! Its devastating to say the least.

We do however want you to know that we will NOT LET THIS STAND..we will fight you tooth and nail on this Mr.Jones has said THOUSANDS of times Post our videos everywhere , copy them , give them away YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION!! and now he has turned his second face to the world by doing this!

If You wish to Contribute to our legal defense fund against Alex Jones and HIS TYRANNY then please email us at ..If you can contribute fine and we appreciate it ..But unlike Mr. and Mrs. Jones...If you cant that's fine also and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

The Joneses In our Opinion have turned out to be nothing more than what he so vehemently preaches about .A TYRANNICAL DICTATOR OF THE INFOWAR COMMUNITY...its ok to give his stuff away, and donate to moneybombs with no accountability...Until it cuts into his Profits. or PERCEIVABLY cuts into his profits .and then its not cool any longer ... Its a sad sad day when Alex and Kelly Jones Turn out To be EXACTLY what they preach against, In our opinion of course.

I will, I am sure No longer be able to post at the forum once this letter is posted so if someone has a forum that needs a truly good moderator and true patriot, Please contact me at the above email address also that is outlined for our legal defense fund.

Do yourself a favor ..QUESTION EVERYTHING NOW that comes from Infowars, and Alex and Kelly Jones, Its just In our opinion ..everything Might/Probably- not be what it seems at face value! I in my opinion Believe The Joneses To Be BOLD FACED LIARS!..That should be AUDITED to the maximum because some accountability of the money. That the patriot community sends them should be in place!

All of the above is my personal opinion which is protected under the 1st amendment and its not in any was defamatory , libelous or slanderous...Just My Opinion which I can freely state anywhere!

Chris Arnold-AmeriDeath

PS: On a side Note...To The Other Moderators at the Prisonplanet forum...Sane , JT, And Biggs...I have Madd Respect for you guys!..and I wholeheartedly Like each of you...But just watch your ass...Its all Out in The light now...The guy you are moderating for in my opinion is EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST!!!! Take care brothers and Ill catch ya on The Other side! Oh and be sure like I said Im sure Alex will try to spin this where he's a victim, and poor little Alex was losing money and we were using his stuff illegally, or that I was an operative sent in to cause co Intel or just some RIDICULOUS claim to make himself The VICTIM as he always does and...YOU KNOW THAT'S A LIE...YOU KNOW ME AND MY CHARACTER AND YOU KNOW IM NOT AT ANY FAULT!!!!...remember YOU TOOK THE RED PILL!! don't be fooled!

Users can access the site and your accounts here


Read the rest of the intrigue here.

P.S. Greed, self-serving and corruption will do the zionists in. Their ideology is unsustainable.

Cynthia McKinney Speaks From Israeli Prison

One of Cynthia's friends received a phone call from Ramle prison. The incarcerated prisoners are calling themselves "Free Gaza 21" even though Huwaida and Lubna have been released. Below is Cynthia's statement:

We were in international waters on a boat delivering humanitarian aid to people in Gaza when the Israeli Navy ships surrounded us and illegally threatened us, dismantled our navigation equipment, boarded and confiscated the ship.

All of us on board were then taken off the ship and into custody, and brought into Israel and imprisoned. Immigration officials in Israel said they did not want to keep us, but we remain imprisoned. State Department and White House officials have not effected our release or taken a strong public stance to condemn the illegal actions of the Israeli Navy of enforcing a blockade of humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians of Gaza, a blockade that has been condemned by President Obama.

Source article was found here.

P.S. The only way for Obama to save face is to act promptly and aggressively in getting Cynthia McKinney released. That, or admit the Israeli zionists can kidnap an American citizen without repercussions. Doesn't this kidnapping of an American citizen on the high seas demonstrate who's the boss of whom between Israel and the US? And doesn't it demonstrate who's boss in the US media?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Israel’s boarding and capture in international waters of The Spirit of Humanity, an unarmed boat carrying relief supplies to the suffering people of Gaza, shows that state-sponsored piracy is a real peril today. It is just one more breach of international law added to the global “rap sheet” of a rogue state that, as Netanyahu remarked a few weeks ago, is not like other countries. But Israel’s capture of this boat was also Netanyahu’s test of Obama’s resolve – a test Obama failed, to his shame and discredit.

The Past as Prologue

It isn’t the first time Israel has done something like this. Virtually everyone who manages to get into Gaza is appalled by the destruction and suffering there. Most of the destruction occurred during Israel’s savage onslaught against Gaza six months ago, accompanied by applause from the US Congress and the Bush Administration, and silence from President-elect Obama. Most of the suffering, before and since that attack, occurred because of the blockade Israel has imposed on Gaza, reducing the flow of basic necessities to a bare minimum and post-attack recovery aid to a meaningless trickle.

A key part of this policy of strangulation has been Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza’s coast and its interception, removal or capture of several small boats attempting to bring humanitarian assistance to the population of Gaza. Tuesday’s totally illegal seizure of The Spirit of Humanity was relatively restrained – they merely intercepted and surrounded the boat in international waters at night, electronically disrupted its onboard navigational devices, then boarded and captured the ship and crew, including several Americans. In the past, they’ve rammed and nearly sunk relief boats (December 2008) or beaten the crew after boarding it (February 2009). Israel always denies wrongdoing and claims it was intercepting war material – the olive trees carried on The Spirit of Humanity doubtless being camouflaged missiles.

The Present as Portent

Israel’s blockade of the Gaza coast is a violation of international law, of course, as is boarding a peaceful ship in international waters under threat of armed attack, and Israel’s treatment of Gaza overall. There is no ambiguity whatsoever in these matters, which is why Israel never cooperates with any international effort to investigate them – even when a UN commission is headed by a Jewish jurist (from South Africa) with impeccable credentials. Israel, like all the truly guilty throughout history, dares not let its actions be exposed officially. But owning most of the US Congress and a major part of the mainstream media apparently means, to them, never having to say you’re sorry.

This incident, however, had the potential to be different. It is not just that piracy in any form is commonly viewed as a plague. It is that few principles are so embedded in US tradition as that of the freedom of the seas, and with it the inviolability of US citizens. Some of the earliest victories two centuries ago by the fledgling American Republic were over the Barbary pirates of North Africa, and the US has joined in combating piracy recently off Somalia. Moreover, Obama himself has been something of a cipher to Israel – not so much because of what he has done (they haven’t lost a penny or a bullet in US aid under him), but because of uncertainty concerning his character and his intentions. A test of the new president was clearly in order.

And this was that test. The US knew The Spirit of Humanity was en route to Gaza and that Americans were aboard. The US also knew that Israeli gunboats were en route to intercept the relief ship, and that the interception would occur in international waters. The US understood that the Israelis would not simply send their gunboats out and then recall them, absent outside pressure. And once those gunboats surrounded and began assailing the relief ship, the only question was whether they would ram and perhaps sink it, or board and capture it and the people aboard, unless the US intervened.

If Obama seriously meant to change the US role in the region and the dynamics of the conflict, this was the time and place to take a stand. A single call to Netanyahu might have caused the Israelis to abort the attack. A single US destroyer or frigate from the 6th Fleet, with orders to enforce international law and protect The Spirit of Humanity in international waters, thereby safeguarding US citizens, absolutely would have done it. An open encounter with a US warship would inevitably have unpleasant consequences for the Israelis, costing them several gunboats and opening a can of political worms they dare not allow the American public to see — and it is a great pity that did not happen.

But it didn’t. Obama kept quiet, as he did during the Gaza onslaught – perhaps he is writing a book called Profiles in Silence? – the US 6th Fleet did nothing, and the world has the joy of yet another successful Israeli act of piracy and breach of international law. Netanyahu and Lieberman must be laughing. Their prisoners, including American citizens abandoned yet again by their government, are not. And neither are the oppressed Palestinians.

A Future?

The suffering in Gaza needs to end, but the rest of the world needs to realize that they can expect little or no tangible help from the US, at least for the present. Obama may have good intentions, and his words are good, but his policies increasingly give them the lie. Perhaps Israel’s crimes are too complex for him to grasp. More likely, he is politically incapable of holding it to account. If any other country did what Israel has done here and in Gaza, Obama would likely treat it as an act of war, or at least do to it what NATO did to Yugoslavia in the 1990s. But not Israel, not now, and certainly not by Israel’s sitting president pro tempore in the White House.

Source article was found here.