Sunday, May 10, 2020

WE BACK THE BADGE Removing People From Their Homes

Another one for my second-amendment-not-so-much-first-amendment loving, we-back-the-badge, anti-conspiracy theorist friends: Police removing a couple from their home to take them for testing here. Same report with contract tracing information here.

John Kaminski's latest article on Contact Tracers: The new job market features an attractive new possibility with career opportunities as a contact tracer. When someone tests positive for the designated disease, detectives are hired to document the infected person’s previous whereabouts so that other potential carriers of the disease may be identified, and if necessary treated and/or quarantined [which may imply removing contacts from their homes for testing]. Read John's article here.

What will you do when they come for you?

P.S. And on MSNBC they're pushing contract tracing [as if there's nothing unusual about it] consulting with contract tracing experts on how it can help us come safely out of our fear induced lockdown.

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