Saturday, January 14, 2012

Israel Is Doomed

Israel has never accepted compromise with the Palestinians on issues that may pose a threat to its security. And since it is an occupation, which means it has a parasitical nature, any Palestinian right, down to the simplest, goes against its security theory. That is why the whole Jewish state shivered with fear when Palestine was admitted as a member state at the UNESCO last week.

In truth, that humble Palestinian achievement has created a considerable worry for the Zionist occupation. It has reminded them of how they stooped to conquer when they first tried to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. At the time, in order to build a foothold from which they could occupy the rest of Palestine, they took advantage of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine of 1947, which proposed establishing two states: one for the Palestinians and the other for the Jews. The Palestinians, however, categorically rejected that proposal, just as the Jews welcomed it.

That rejection and acceptance reminds me of the story of the two women who came to Prophet Solomon, with a baby of whom they both claimed motherhood. The two women were both crying so bitterly that it was impossible to establish who the real mother was. So the wise prophet ordered that the baby be cut into two halves and that each woman take one half. The false mother agreed to that solution, but the real one did not. At this point the truth came out and Prophet Solomon gave the baby to his real mother.

Justice was achieved in that case because it was referred to Allah’s prophet. But in our case, there was no justice because the judge was the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), which comprised governments with selfish interests beyond any moral consideration. And because the Palestinians rejected the partition plan, they wound up with nothing.

But now it seems that a divine intervention has replaced the UNSCOP with the UNESCO, which may be a heavenly sign that the destruction of the Jewish state has begun and that it will happen in the same manner as Palestine was destroyed. I am sure this will happen because in Islam we have a Quranic warning for the transgressors ~ and I am sure the Jews and the Christians have similar ones in their holy books ~ in which God says:

“Those who do not feel ashamed of doing bad deeds can do whatever they want, but they should remember that as they do, they will be done by”.

Israel’s abomination towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is not something new. The Israeli leaders have frequently externalized their fears regarding this issue on several international occasions.

Two months ago, for example, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech at the 66th session of the General Assembly of the UN in which he quoted dozens of security threats as a reason for not withdrawing from the lands occupied in 1967.

He was trying to tell the world that it should not be carried away by the moving speech of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and that it should consider the “real threats” that would result from assisting the Palestinians to have a state before they show a real intention for peace.

Despite his propensity for mistruth, he mentioned a few genuine security threats that may result from withdrawing from the West Bank, Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms. And we should not forget that Israel expanded its occupation in 1967 mainly to protect its entity. However, its security is not a problem that the Palestinians, the Syrians or the Lebanese should worry about; it’s a problem that was generated by the occupation ~ so why should the occupied bear the security burden of the occupiers?

In fact, keeping the West Bank (the biggest part of any future Palestinian state) under Israeli control will not solve Israel’s security problem.

To make it clear, let us suppose that the West Bank, and even the Gaza Strip, were under the complete control of the Jewish state, the security problem would remain unsolved because there would then be other neighbouring states that are much stronger than Gaza and the West Bank.

There will be Egypt in the South, Lebanon in the North and Syria in the East, countries which may not be eternally committed to ensuring Israel’s survival. In such a case, Israel, according to its security theory, would have to completely occupy all these countries. And even if it did that, it would face other challenges from the neighbours of the hypothetically newly occupied countries such as Libya, Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Israel has got itself involved in a series of crimes resulting from its attempt to protect itself from the consequences of the previous crime it committed, when it set out to occupy Palestine, the heart of the Arab and Muslim world.

It has placed itself into a spiral of causes and effects, where the effect becomes a cause, and the cause becomes an effect. The great English writer and journalist, George Orwell, wrote in his article ‘Politics and the English Language’ that:

“an effect can become a cause, reinforcing the original cause and producing the same effect in an intensified form, and so on indefinitely”.

This applies well to our problem with Zionists. The effect that has resulted from occupying Palestine (the original cause of the problem) is the lack of security for the Israelis. This lack of security has become a cause for the Israelis to occupy more regions, block people, kill civilians and construct apartheid barriers, confiscating lands and destroying homes.

These practices, in turn, reinforced the occupation (the original cause) and produced the same effects in an intensified form.

However, all these desperate attempts will not make Israel survive for ever. On the contrary, they will accelerate its end, particularly at this time in which all odds have started to be set against it in the light of the Arab spring.

In conclusion, the Zionist Jews have to come to term with the fact that their atrocities will not make their illegitimate state survive for ever.

They should learn a lesson from the history of their Prophet Moses and his struggle against Pharaoh. That struggle between Allah’s prophet and Pharaoh had begun before Moses was even delivered. It started when Pharaoh had a vision one night that a boy from the Israelites would be born soon, and that this boy would grow up and destroy his kingdom.

Instead of stopping doing injustice to his people, Pharaoh decided to defy God by exercising further cruelty and killing. He killed every male baby that was delivered then to ensure his own security. As a result God made him raise Moses with his own hands and in his own palace, and what was destined to be, had been.

Source article, IF ISRAEL IS DOOMED TO DIE, CAN IT RUN AWAY FROM FATE? by By Ismail Rabah, can be found here (where I found it) or here.

P.S. The paranoid, supremacist, treacherous, ever-scheming mindset inculcated by judaism will forever be engendering distrust, conflict and turmoil, which is why judaism must finally be banned, outlawed... cast into the dust bin of history... if mankind ever hopes to survive.

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