Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bankers Extend Egypt Loan It Can't Refuse (Or, How It All Works)

Egypt is about to become the worst nightmare in the entire Middle East.

If you think that's hyperbole, then read the following and decide for yourself...

On 11 March 2012, Egypt’s new parliament passed a measure to expel Israel’s Ambassador, and stop selling natural gas to Israel. This was nonsense. It was mere window dressing to please the public. The SCAF military junta vetoed the measures, just as the Muslim Brotherhood knew (and hoped) it would.

Much more important is that the IMF will pound Egypt back into slavery with an initial loan of $3.2 billion conjured out of thin air. This loot will be divided among the Muslim Brotherhood and the military junta, who will pocket the cash, and dump the debt (plus interest) on the masses.

That means austerity, i.e. mass privatization, mass layoffs, higher taxes, slashed social programs, a wider gap between rich and poor, and so on.

(Hang on. It gets much worse.)

The Muslim Brotherhood says that before it can agree to the $3.2 billion loan, the IMF must provide a clear economic program. That is, the IMF must say how it will divide up the loot among politicians. Of course, bankers never need clarify that the debt will be dumped on the masses, as this is always a given.

As always in this situation, the bankers are remaining vague as they dangle that $3.2 billion above Egypt's politicians. It is like dangling a piece of meat over a pack of dogs who bark and snap at each other, their mouths watering. One dog after another jumps up to grab the loot, but the bankers always jerk it out of the way.

Finally when the dogs are exhausted, and driven mad with anticipation, they each accept whatever portion of meat the bankers decide to throw them. The bankers decide how big a piece each politician gets.

And as the dogs devour their respective portions, they all defecate debt on the masses.

This dangling of $3.2 billion is happening right now. Why $3.2 billion? Because that is the amount the USA has been sending to Egypt each year since 1979 as a bribe to secure Egypt’s obedience to Israel. Egypt’s politicians will continue to pocket $3.2 billion for the same purpose, but from now on that $3.2 billion will come as loans via the IMF. No longer will it be grants.

And that’s only the beginning. The World Bank has an additional $1 billion in debt ready to go. Banker shills (i.e. “economists”) say Egypt will need $12 billion in new debt over the next eighteen months alone. And since Egypt is the most populous nation in all of North Africa and the Middle East (82 million), Egypt is about to become a truly spectacular debt-hell-on-earth.

Mountains of debt will pile up on the Egyptian masses, causing them to experience poverty beyond their worst nightmares. And all the while, Egyptian politicians will boast, “We are no longer America’s puppet, since we no longer accept American money.” (Even though IMF money is itself American money).

So the entire “Arab Spring” was indeed engineered. Instead of giving $3.2 billion a year to Egypt, the USA will now lend that money, plus much more.

And, just as the masses are chained by debt, so are the politicians chained by greed. Loan money lets politicians build commercial monopolies. Hence, the more loans they get, the more they want. Loan money can also be gambled with, and in leveraged fashion. So when politicians take a $10 million loan from the bankers, and their gamble goes bad, they dump $300 million in losses on the masses. The masses scream in agony, but the police and military crush them.

If Egyptians think life was bad under Mubarak, they will soon see that it was a paradise compared to what’s coming for them.

The bankers’ tactics never change, nor does their propaganda. The media says the $3.2 billion loan money is to "fund development” (i.e. development of crippling debt).

As always, the initial $3.2 billion will have reasonable conditions with a modest interest rate, like a dope pusher giving his first “fix” for free. This causes the recipient nation to become an instant debt addict, a debt junkie, desperate for more.

As bankers conjure up more money out of thin air for repeated “fixes” (i.e. “bailouts”), the cash continues to go straight into the politicians’ pockets, while the debt goes straight to the masses, who become utterly impoverished. Another nation becomes Greece, and bankers celebrate their latest victory.

QUESTION: Why must any government take loans from outside bankers, and submit to this nightmare? Why go into catastrophic debt? Why become Greece? Why can’t Egypt have a public central bank, and just print its own money?

ANSWER: Because politicians don’t want a public central bank, as this would force politicians to be accountable. Politicians would have to show how they spend money and run the economy. Instead, politicians prefer private central banks, so they can have the freedom to make up any lie they wish. They can get any money for any reason (e.g. war, which makes the rich richer), while dumping the debt on the masses in the form of austerity (e.g. slashed social programs). This is the essence of corruption. Why ELSE do you think this horror continues?

A private central bank is a sealed black box. No one may look inside it. That's how most politicians like it, since they can claim that the nation must have a “balanced budget” (i.e. the masses must accept more and more poverty). Of course, the budget can never be balanced, since the debt can never be controlled. Bankers and politicians don’t want it balanced. They prefer to rule as gods, with their divine pleasure enhanced by mass poverty.

Politicians and central bankers are totally in bed together. Politicians say, “Don’t blame me; blame the central bank.” Central bankers say, “Don’t blame me; blame the politicians.” Both rule with no accountability.

When the central bank is private, then politicians get the money, while the masses get the debt. This lets politicians and their banker cronies build giant monopolies, while the debt forces the masses to accept more and more theft (i.e. austerity). Hence private central banks always create a vast and ever-widening gap between rich and poor. If politicians and speculators make bad bets with money given them by the private central bank, then again they dump all losses into the masses.

This includes Muslim Brotherhood politicians, who are whores that care nothing about Islam. (If they were true Muslims, then they would favor a public central bank, instead of taking foreign loans.)

If, by some miracle, the masses overthrow the private central bank, then the politicians simply create another one, whereon the game resumes. When Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the bankers did not swindle the politicians. No, the bankers and politicians together swindled the public. Any politician that protested was marginalized by all the others, and was not re-elected. Any politician that protests too loudly is sent to prison, and physically tortured (e.g. Idaho Congressman George V. Hansen).

Any government that declines to play this evil game is vilified, and targeted for regime change. The bankers first weaken it with sanctions, and then launch a military attack (e.g. Iraq, Iran, Nazi Germany, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, etc).

The only way this could ever end is if the masses stopped bickering long enough to wake up and face reality.

Will that ever happen?

Found this article posted at Wake Up From Your Slumber by Heydrich. Thank you, Heydrich.

P.S. Oh, I suppose Egypt can deny the loan. But then it will be bombed to smithereens a la Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and soon Iran... until it does accept it.

Americans, think things will be different for you?

No matter how often the pretty people on television tell us that the U.S. economy is getting better, it isn’t going to change the soul crushing agony that millions of American families are going through right now. The stock market may have gotten back to where it was in 2008, but the job market sure hasn’t.

As I wrote about a few days ago, the percentage of working age Americans that are actually employed has stayed very flat since late 2009, and the average duration of unemployment is hovering near an all-time high. Sadly, this is not just a temporary downturn. The U.S. economy has been slowly declining for several decades and is nearing total system failure. Read more here.

P.P.S. Enjoy the jewish world order. This is what all the wars are for... to enslave everyone to the one percent. Think the wars will bring jobs back? If you want a job, Americans, join the army. Or get in line with your children for a job at McDonald's.

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