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The Battle Between Jews and Humans at the Co-Op

Jews have triumphed at the Park-Side Co-Op, but they are steadily losing the battle overall.


Park-Side is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. In 1973 a handful of neighbors established the Park-Side Co-Op as a wholly member-owned and operated grocery store. Since then the Co-Op has become an institution, the largest of its kind in the USA, with about 16,000 members. The Co-Op pays close attention to where its food comes from, and how it is grown. Plastic bags are forbidden.

Anyone can join by contributing 2 .75 hours of work to the Co-Op each month, thus eliminating labor costs. For this they get groceries 20 – 40% cheaper than groceries in most other stores. Visitors are welcome, but only members may buy.

Residents of the Park-Side neighborhood are affluent enough to read a book or a magazine once in a while, and to maintain an interest in politics and world affairs. During the 1980s, the Co-Op staged a boycott of products from apartheid South Africa.

Since the Co-Op is entirely member-owned and operated, votes on items such as boycotts are done by paper ballots at the Co-Op’s monthly general meetings, which are usually held at a local synagogue (which evidently lets the filthy Goyim enter for such meetings). If a majority of people at the monthly meeting vote for a measure, then all 16,000 members of the Co-Op are mailed paper ballots.

During Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” (27 Dec 2008 – 18 Jan 2009, in which the Jews slaughtered another 1,500 Palestinians) a Co-Op member named “Hima” wrote a letter to the Co-Op’s biweekly newspaper, the Linewaiter’s Gazette, suggesting that Israeli products should be banned from the Co-Op’s shelves.

Jews throughout New York City exploded in rage, filling the Co-Op’s newsletter with vile threats and hate mail. This normally squelches all questioning of Jewish supremacy, but it did not silence the Co-Op's human members (i.e. non-Jews).

For the next three years the human members wrote letters to the Linewaiter’s Gazette (the Co-Op’s biweekly newsletter) calling for a general vote on banning Israeli goods from the shelves.

Meanwhile the economic Depression caused demographic shifts. The poor were edged out of Park-Side Brooklyn, and their dwellings were taken over by more affluent New Yorkers, themselves having been edged out of mid-town Manhattan. As a result, Jews lost some of their control of Brooklyn.

By Jan 2012, human members of the Co-Op overcame their fear of Jews, and increased their calls to have a vote on whether Israeli goods should be banned.


Jews and their allies screamed “anti-Semitism!” They said the boycott proposal was part of a campaign to exterminate Jews in a second holo-hoax.

Right-wing commentators like Glenn Beck defended Jewish supremacy. (Beck has been groveling before Jews ever since Jews kicked him off the Fox channel. At a fundraiser for a Jerusalem museum in February 2012, Beck called the proposed boycott at the Co-Op “anti-Semitic,” and a “threat to the entire human race.”)

Media outlets like the New York Times called the boycott proposal at the Co-Op “wildly controversial.” The Times proudly ran a diatribe against the boycott by mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Three Democrats who will likely run for Mayor in 2013 (City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer) all want the Jewish vote. All three blasted the Co-Op’s human members for suggesting a boycott of Israeli goods. New York periodicals ran their commentaries.

(No one anyway may question Jewish supremacy, even inside a private institution like the Co-Op.)

Still the Co-Op’s human members continued to call for a vote on having a boycott, passing out leaflets to customers and passers-by. The more Jews pushed, the more the humans increased their campaign for the Co-Op to vote on BDS.


Jews and their allies then resorted to their standard tactics to derail things like this, while the corporate media amplified their attacks. Examples:

[1] “It’s not appropriate here.”

Jews say that if Co-Op members have a problem with Israel, then they should take it to the State Department. Politics has no place in the Co-Op (or anywhere else on the planet, unless it furthers Jewish supremacy).

[2] “It’s merely symbolic.”

Jews and their allies note that the Co-Op carries only a few Israeli-made products, among them a seltzer-water maker, organic paprika, two styles of kosher marshmallows, plus three varieties of tapenade and pesto. Therefore a boycott at the Co-Op is silly. It will not change the world. We want paprika, not politics.

(If that’s true, then why do Jews scream so loudly? And why was the Co-Op allowed to boycott products from apartheid South Africa?)

[3] “This is not the way.”

Jews and their allies say that “ideology” has no place at the Co-Op, and that the way toward peace in the Middle East is not via BDS and “polarization,” but via “greater understanding of each other.”

(Translation: Anyone who questions Jewish supremacy is a terrorist.)

[4] Distract with false comparisons

Jews and their allies equate BDS with silly issues, such as an ongoing debate at New York University on whether fast food outlet Chick-fil-A should be banned from campus, because Chick-fil-A (a southern company led by evangelical Christians) has given money to groups that oppose same-sex marriage.

Mainstream Americans don’t care about these issues, and Jews don’t want them to care about BDS either.

[5] Standard hypocrisy

Jews and their allies control government, the media, the banks, and so on, but they screamed that human members of the Co-Op actually held meetings inside the Co-Op. How dastardly!

[6] Media distortion

Media accounts are confusing, so that average readers think, “Who cares about this local Co-Op nonsense? It’s a tempest in a teacup.”


Despite Jewish pressure, human members of the Co-Op managed to bring this issue up at the Co-Op’s monthly meeting on 27 March 2012. The humans also got the meeting moved from the local synagogue to a large auditorium at the Brooklyn Technical High School. Some 1,700 people showed up.

QUESTION: Shall the Co-Op let all 16,000 members vote on a boycott by mail-in ballot?

Of the 1,658 members voting, 653 said yes, let’s have a vote. Let’s have democracy. 1,005 voted no, let’s not have any vote. Jewish supremacy trumps democracy.

The Jews won, and the media celebrated their “overwhelming victory.”

However this was one small skirmish, and the Jews know they are running out of time. As the Depression continues to cause demographic shifts, more and more enclaves of humans are overcoming their fear of Jewish power. Forty percent of the Co-Op members at Tuesday’s meeting wanted to let democracy work, and have a vote on the boycott. Sixty percent said no. However their numbers are steadily dwindling.

There may already be large enclaves of humans who boycott Israeli goods, but we don’t know about them, since the Jewish-controlled media won’t mention them.

THE POINT is that Jew-worship is a luxury. It is for people who have jobs, plus some degree of stability in their lives. It is not favored by the growing number of Americans who live in tents, or under bridges.

WTF do they care about the holo-hoax, when every day is a hectic struggle just to find something to eat?

Read the rest of the article here. You'll be treated to the latest of jewish art goings on in New York City.

P.S. Geeze. Ya know, those Palestinians and us humans here seem to have something in common.

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