Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Democracy a Bad Idea?

When the Jews attacked the Monarchies, many leaders warned of the faults inherent in a "democracy". From the Russian Czars, the attack on the concept of "democracy" was then championed by the Fascists, for many of the same reasons proposed by the Monarchists.

These forces argued that "democracies" are a fatally flawed system of government, in that they grant Jews equal rights, which affords the Jews the opportunity to use their stolen money to corrupt the government. Jews, acting together, can subvert the will of the majority, by buying up and otherwise controlling the press, and by placing compromised politicians in power through the use of the Jewish controlled press. These are indeed real problems.

However, no system of government is bullet proof and safeguards must always be put in place and updated to protect society from corrupting forces.

I argue that the Jews have an easier time controlling the will of one man, than they do of controlling the will of an entire People. If we were to remove the Jews from public life, they would have a much more difficult time manipulating the American People, than if we were to fall into a dictatorship even if it removed the Jews, which dictatorship could potentially be easily controlled by the Jews from outside and be from the outset a product of their machinations.

Is the will of the People truly a threat? It can be, but consider the fact that the American People opposed the banker bailout, oppose Obama's "stimulus package" (knowing where it is directed and the pain and degradation it will cause) and oppose our suicidal immigration practices. If a popular vote were taken, the People would have a far better record on key issues, than do their elected officials.

In my opinion, the most productive and healthy society to which we can aspire is a more democratic society in which the Jews exercise no influence. [They destroyed society monopolizing power and debate; they need to be denied any power and voice to save it, and safeguard it.]

We can obtain prosperity without surrendering our rights to a dictator, if we can remove the dogmatic, silly, and hostile Jew from public life. We either have to remove the Jews from the press, or make the press of no value to the Jews. We either have to remove the Jews from the educational system, or make the educational system of no value to the Jews. We either have to remove the Jews from government, or make the government of no value to the Jews.

Hamas and Hezbullah are powerful because they provide for the needs of the people as the Israelis and their puppets deny those needs. The POWER PARTY will do the same for the American People, and in this way we will quickly win popular support and seize the power of the State.

I do not think we will have to struggle for long to make manifest our power. I suspect instead that as we begin to organize to take matters into our own hands we will all come to conclude that it will be much easier for us to use the power of the State for the benefit of the American People and that by that time, the American People will be with us and we will have created the fabric with which to clothe Americans in the truth.

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P.S. Of the knuckleheads pushing fascism as a solution to our problem of Jewish monopoly of power, which should be our savior dictator? Just because some knucklehead has become cognizant to the Jewish monopoly of power and control that doesn't make that knucklehead qualified to be our savior... does it? Heaven help us all, if it does. I think it just means that the matter is so obvious that even knuckleheads get it. And that should strike fear in the hearts of the Jewish supremacists.

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