Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jewish Compassion: Palestinian Ordered to Demolish His Own Home

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM -- The Israeli district court in occupied Jerusalem has ruled that Adel Tamimi, a Jerusalemite, should knock down his own home in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The court said that if Tamimi did not tear his own home down he would have to pay for the expenses of its demolition in addition to serving six months in jail.

Tamimi said in a statement, "How can I destroy the house in which I lived for 17 years with my own hands! Where will I go with my family? I have paid all fines with the hope of obtaining a construction permit but to no avail".

He said that the land is owned by his family and that he had the required documents to prove it.

The Israeli occupation authority bans construction or even maintenance of Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem's Old City in a bid to empty the holy city from its indigenous population and replace them with Jewish immigrants.

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