Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Protest in Ohio Demonstrates Pulse of Life in America

People traveled from across the state to protest Gov. DeWine's business closures and stay at home order, as well as the Ohio Department of Health's reported COVID-19 case numbers.

Virtually none of today's protestors can be seen wearing cloth face masks at the gathering — although there's definitely at least one person in a Guy Fawkes mask — and it appears the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommended six-foot social distancing guideline to prevent the spread of the virus was largely ignored.

Notable anti-vaccine advocate Scott Shoemaker attended the protestor rally, interviewing several participants about where they came from and why.

One protestor, a Cleveland-area nurse named Jessica who was recently let go from her outpatient job because she says there weren't enough people coming in, explains that she came down to show her kids how important their freedoms are and explains "we're not afraid of any viruses."

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Operation Liberty March in planning for Michigan here.

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