Saturday, April 25, 2020

Plain and Simple, It's all a Lie

And by the way, social distancing is also a hoax: here.

To all of my anti-conspiracy theorist friends, we won't be getting our freedoms back until we finally call a spade a spade, i.e., admit and acknowledge that jews are running our country for their interests, not ours. The jews are the enemy of freedom, truth and justice.

It isn't the Muslims that are putting us in lockdown!

The evil we have visited on the world for jewish interests is now being visited on us. We are just goyim, human cattle, slaves. The modern bolsheviks won't be any kinder to us than they were to Russians just because we're Americans and they had a good ride here. We have served our purpose. It's culling time for the goyim.

P.S. Since the powers in control removed the primary video for this post, here's the follow up. Plain and simple they didn't need to bring out the tanks here because the American people sheepishly corral themselves. Listen here.

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