Thursday, April 2, 2020

It's 5g Stupid! A 5g Corporate Exec Speaks Out

For people that are doubting this let me tell you that I'm living next to a recently installed 5g tower and I have empirical evidence of the symptoms. This is real. It is not a silly game.

The symptoms that are currently being portrayed as indications of COV19 [i.e. cause of trauma] are in fact indications of the body's natural response to trauma, as in the trauma induced from such factors as flu, anxiety... and 5g as suggested in the following study: here.

Are we in a drill, or exercise (Mike Pompeo) in preparation for the rollout of 5g? Is China our model for what's coming for America? Those issues are considered here. [Reset video to the beginning.]

Pompeo refuses to answer whether the Coronavirus is a hoax here. [Reset video to the beginning.]

Birds falling out of the sky around a 5g tower: here.


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