Sunday, April 12, 2020

Corona/Bullwhip Easter 2020

Jesus,went into the temples with the only thing we know of that he made with his hands... a bull whip. APOSTATES! How are you letting Churches be Empty on EASTER? Because of the COOTIES? Are you scared of the cooties? Do you worship your hand-washing GOVERNOR? Jesus should he honored now more than ever, not forgotten because the Witch Doctors want you to, or you’ll catch a Voodoo CGI flu. Warlocks told you to shun your neighbors. Will you wash your hands of your responsibility to future generations? Can you survive this, do you want to live in this new world order, this nightmare brought on by anti-Christ lying, deceiving liars who want to control you like cattle?


Time to be building back faith in the Creator. Inject some faith in your life, not a government potion.

P.S. May we see good overcome evil. May more gentiles become jew-wise.

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