Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daddy's Boy, Rand Paul, Likes Israel

The United States Special Relationship with Israel, By Dr. Rand Paul, Candidate, United States Senate:

Israel and the United States have a special relationship. With our shared history and common values, the American and Israeli people have formed a bond that unites us across the many thousands of miles between our countries and calls us to work together towards peace and prosperity for our countries.

The free trade agreement that has existed, and been subsequently strengthened, between our countries since 1985 is a tremendous mutual benefit. As a United States Senator, I would work against the growing protectionist sentiment in our country and defend free trade with Israel.

I would never vote to place trade restrictions on Israel, and I would filibuster any attempts to place sanctions on Israel or tariffs on any Israeli goods.

The issue of Palestine is incredibly difficult and complex. The entire world wishes for peace in the region, but any arrangement or treaty must come from Israel, when she is ready and when her conditions have been met.

I strongly object to the arrogant approach of Obama administration, itself a continuation of the failures of past U.S. administrations, as they push Israel to make security concessions behind thinly veiled threats.

Only Israel can decide what is in her security interest, not America and certainly not the United Nations. Friends do not coerce friends to trade land for peace, or to give up the vital security interests of their people.

As a United States Senator, I would never vote to condemn Israel for defending herself.

Whether it is fighting Hezbollah in Lebanon, combating Hamas-linked terrorists in Gaza or dealing with potential nuclear threats in the Persian Gulf, Israeli military actions are completely up to the leaders and military of Israel, and Israel alone.

It is not the place of outsiders to meddle or pass judgment or to use our power or relationship to force Israel to go against her own interest for the sake of “peace.”

Peace is a laudable goal. But it is just that – a goal. It is not an end at any cost.

It makes no sense to me that the United States provides Arab countries hostile to Israel with $12 billion in annual financial and military aid. Many of the weapons that Israel would face in a Middle Eastern conflict would have come directly from our government. I find this appalling. In the Senate, I would strive to eliminate all aid to countries that threaten Israel.

Finally, Iran has become increasingly bellicose towards Israel. Thankfully, Israel has one of the bravest, most elite military forces in the world. I would never vote to prevent Israel from taking any military action her leaders felt necessary to end any Iranian threat.

Just as the United States would not follow the will of another country in the face of our national security, we shall not limit the options of Israel in this area.

Finally, I believe the United States should increase the pressure on Iran. I would mandate that all publicly managed investment funds divest from Iran immediately.

We should not be subsidizing any company that does business with Iran, and we should not allow U.S. companies or those with funds from U.S. taxpayers to enrich Iran through its national energy program. I would fight to end all subsides to American corporations that do business with Iran, including so-called renewable energy companies that work through Brazil to provide support to Iran and empower its dictators dangerous nuclear saber rattling.


P.S. How is this tea party, good-old daddy's boy different from John McCain? The only difference between Democrats and Republicans (and controlled opposition tea partiers) is that Republicans don't want little Americans to have any social benefits. They can join the army and fight wars for Israel if they want benefits. Either that or become jewish and move to Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to you that Rand Paul is simply pandering, indeed lying, in order to get elected? Any half awake person has to recognize that no anti-Israeli politician in this country has a whits chance of being elected. Look at what the Zionist controlled U.S. media did to his father, Ron Paul, when he was only polling in single digit percentages! They weren't concerned about him being elected, they were obsessed with him being discredited, with the very idea of a non-interventionist America being discredited. Rand is only taking that lesson to heart and using the same technique of disassembling to combat their treason. There is no crime in lying to a criminal if it saves your life. Likewise there is no crime in lying to achieve liberty if you are facing unfair, impossible to oppose, external influence in the race. Let him pounce on Israel once he's entrench in the Senate. He will be more good then, than unelected now.