Friday, May 21, 2010

Daddy Boy, Rand Paul, Cancels Meet the Press Interview

Source: It’s exhausting to listen to Rand Paul sometimes, and now we find out that it’s exhausting for him too. In fact, exhaustion is what led him to cancel his Meet the Press appearance which has been scheduled all week.

Update (2:04PM): And it’s official. He’s canceled, citing “exhaustion.” He’s only the third major guest in the show’s 62-year history to do so.

Update (2:09PM): I wonder when he’s going to blame Rachel Maddow. You gotta’ figure that excuse will be coming soon, that he just can’t stand the “heat” at MSNBC or NBC. You know, tough questions like: “Do you support the civil rights act?” or “Do you support guaranteed overtime pay?”

Randy to Daddy: Dad, I never realized this politics stuff would be so much work.

Daddy to Randy: Son, take my advice, avoid controversial issues.

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