Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unraveling Zionist Fraud Chomsky

Next up, zionist peace frauds Finkelstein and the oh so many zionist clones of him that report on the crimes of zionism but can't ever bring themselves to denounce zionism [jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid] as the bankrupt, indefensible ideology that it is, and with which justice and peace is impossible.


Kevin Barrett said...

Jeff Blankfort rips Chomsky on the Kevin Barrett Show:

Four Arrows responds:

Paul Sheldon Foote said...

Barrie Zwicker is not helping the anti-Zionist cause with this petty content. Simply because someone does not agree with every thought Zwicker has ever had on 9/11 is the basis for attacks. Today, Noam Chomsky is in Jordan attempting to enter the West Bank. The Israeli government stopped Chomsky. What is Zwicker doing today? As a capitalist and as a libertarian Republican, I could fill books on my areas of disagreement with Professor Chomsky--especially his support of Pol Pot. However, I am delighted that Professor Chomsky, with all of his faults, is on the front lines of the battles with Israel. Zwicker needs to provide evidence that he is helping the people of Iran, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all other places where the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) are waging endless wars.

RickB said...

Paul, is zionist Chomsky going to Israel in search of JFK's killers? or the 9-11 dancing Israelis? or for some credibility for his schtick with gullible gentiles?