Friday, May 21, 2010

The Wicked Eunuch: Chomsky on 9/11

Noam Chomsky has bridled at the idea that 9/11 could have been to any significant degree the result of a state-level conspiracy, expressing his irritation at a recent presentation where he held forth for several minutes on the topic. Chomsky is a figure worthy in certain respects of the esteem accorded him, but his views on 9/11 reflect a common and dangerous mis-appraisal of the techniques of contemporary statecraft and, more shockingly (coming from him), of the long-worsening psychosis afflicting and increasingly characterizing the US military/industrial complex. The point made by Chomsky during his talk that 9/11 was a boon for authoritarian governments the world over is well-taken (if hardly original), yet beyond this his opinions regarding the attacks range from foolish to insidious. A good analysis of Chomsky's ludicrous dissimulating drivle can be read here.

P.S. Personally, I think both Chomsky and his fellow zionist apologist Norman Finkelstein are having a hard time playing truth and justice advocates while dissimulating for the morally indefensible ideology of zionism: jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid. Chomsky knows jews were largely responsible for 9/11.


People are perplexed that such a brilliant man could make such nonsensical, bizzare statements regarding the JFK assassination and 9-11. They scratch their heads and suggest all kinds of reasons, except the possibility that such a brilliant man knows that jews were heavily involved in both events and he’s simply covering for his co-religionists, i.e., more accurately, his jewish tribe. In order to do that, such brilliant zionist altuists must resort to incoherent, nonsensical logic. Liars say the funniest things, e.g., the dog ate my homework.

In Chomsky’s “Fateful Triangle” he courageously and honestly described the butchery in Lebenon that his jewish tribe was responsible for, as well as its bigoted treatment of Palestinians in Israel. I greatly admired him for that, so much so that I bought several of his books. But I believe that was Chomsky’s limit of reporting on and exposing the criminal nature his his tribe and that since then he’s repentant and reining himself in, behaving himself, and being a loyal tribal member. He doesn’t want to be a pariah any more.

Both zionist altruist Chomsky and Finkelstein exemplify all zionist altruists in minimalizing jewish influence in America. How do such brilliant guys fail to see the overwhelming extent of jewish influence in American affairs? They’re jews; they know better than most who’s a jew and who’s not.

People assume that Chomsky and Finkelstein aren’t zionists. But neither have ever denounced zionism [jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid] as the morally bankrupt ideology that it is. Finkelstein avoids discussing the matter in public, despite having written a dissertation on the topic. Did he denounce it in his dissertation? And responding to questioning about zionism, he says that “his friend” Chomsky has been a zionist since he was six years old.

Even though neither of these zionist altruists like to talk about zionism publicly, I encourage people to ask them about it anyway. Ask them about it; ask them whether they are zoinists themselves; ask them how they defend it.

Finkelstein’s Schtick

Number one hit: When Finkelstein goes on his rockstar appearances at universities across the country to discuss the Israel Palestinian conflict, his number one hit is to brazenly admit that what’s happening to the Palestinians is genocide, just like what happened to the native American Indians. The na├»ve gentile audience oohs and ahs over the courage of the zionist peace rockstar Finky admitting this ugly truth regarding what his fellow tribesmen are doing to the Palestinians.

Well this admission certainly seems quite impressive but not so much if you’ve heard this comparison used as a defense of the genociding the Palestinians. It’s used by mainstream jews as an argument of last resort to justify it. The argument is that Europeans genocided the native American Indians so jews are no worse than the Europeans who’ve done it before…and it’s “anti-Semitic” if you have a problem with jews doing it now.

But this is now and that was then. And aren’t we supposed to be evolving? Also, I’m not so sure that the genocide of the native American Indians was as premeditated and methodical as is the genociding of the Palestinians that’s occurring now,… which a large segment of mainstream jews are cognizant of…and ignoring or attempting to justify.

Another hit of Finkelstein’s is to equate Israel to America. After going through a litany of US crimes against humanity, Finky says it’s preposterous to think about dismantling a great country such as America, or Israel (wink, wink), for not living up to their ideals.

Bus does Israel have lofty ideals to live up to? Is there some constitution stipulating those ideals? Finky doesn’t like to talk about zionism, which is Israel’s primary rationale for existence. He avoids any discussion of it. He doesn’t want navie gentiles to know what it is: jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid.

And if America were to live up to its ideals, like every man is created equal, and which are stipulated in its constitution, wouldn’t one of the first things it would do is to stop supporting and propping up zionism? I think so.

There Is No Good Zionism

Finkelstein and most mainstream jews have abandoned any notion of expecting complete justice for the Palestinians because of their accommodation to zionism, realizing that you can’t have justice and zionism too. But they must have their zionism. So they’ve given up pursuing the ideal of true justice.

For humanity to get well from zionism, though love measures are needed that will be difficult even for good-guy, altruist, bleeding heart liberal zionists. Their zionism will have to be denied them. There’s no way around it. It’s nice that zionist altruists like Finkelstein sympathize with the obvious victims of zionism, the Palestinians, leaving out how it’s dehumanizing every human being on this planet. And it’s good that they speak out about it, and people should hear that. But people shouldn’t be looking to them for answers because their answers accommodate zionism. Sorry, their zionism must be denied them, for their sake as well as for everyone else’s. In denying them their zionism, they’ll be saved from embarrassing themselves (or going crazy) with the twisted, nonsensical logic required to dissimulate and apologize for it. Chomsky and Finkelstein will just have to find new gigs.

What is particularly revolting and galling about bleeding heart liberal zionists like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein –and Jennifer Lownenstein from my state of Wisconsin, is that they see and acknowledge the crimes of zionism yet they never see the ill-logic of zionism. Time after time Finkelstein and Lowenstein (more Jenny than Finky) will visit and cry with the obvious victims of zionism, yet despite seeing the crimes of zionism up close and personal –time after time- they still don’t see the ill-logic of zionism. And they will never –ever- denounce zionism. They are incapable of seeing the ill-logic of it. They are ill themselves.

The best zionist altruists are sick. Their zionism has to be denied them so they can be well (so people like Jenny don't have to cry so much), so humanity can be well.

Since 9-11, I don’t believe any American can claim innocence any longer about what we do in the world, especially what we’re doing in the Middle East now. It is obvious. Those that are ignorant of the truth are willfully ignorant and don’t care. This is doubly true of jews because they are closer to the truth than gentile Americans.

There is no good zionism. It can not be had nicely. Wrapping it in a two-state bandaid in Palestine won't fix it. It must be erradicated entirely.


SummerRain said...

I really like Noam. At least he tells it directly as he sees it and not on what he thinks we want to hear!

RickB said...

Chomsky "really" knows jews were heavily involved in 9/11. And he "really" knows it was in the interest of zionism.