Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rice: Obama to take Bush steps on Iran

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says President-elect Barack Obama is poised to pursue Bush administration policies toward Iran.

The incoming administration will probably resort to the same policies on the Iranian nuclear program, Rice told the Financial Times.

"When I talk to our allies they believe that that is the structure with which this is ultimately going to be resolved," she explained.

"The reason why there might be some elements of continuity is that what we've tried to do is to arrange or organize international groupings that can first manage and then resolve these very difficult problems in a multilateral way," Rice continued.

The diplomat was referring to efforts made by the White House to coordinate the foreign policy of the European Union, Russia and China with US objectives -- particularly concerning its approach to Iran, North Korea and the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

The comments come as Obama's appointment of centrist politicians have added to growing skepticism that the president-elect will not deliver on his promises to change US foreign policy.

Throughout his election campaign, Obama promised to open the door to direct talks with Iran without self-defeating preconditions.

After winning the presidential race, his words echoed those of Bush as he said he would continue the Washington 'carrot and stick' policy toward Iran.

In a December 7 interview with NBC, Obama indicated that he intends to force Tehran - a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) -- to halt its uranium enrichment activities.

The NPT grants Iran the right to pursue the civilian applications of nuclear technology.


P.S. Ya. There's not much difference between zionist party A and zionist party B, is there? Those that think there's a difference most likely believe there's such a thing as nice zionism [jewish supremacism, jewish exceptionalism, jewish apartheid] and that you can have zionism nicely... within the '67 borders, for example. That's about as ludicrous as expecting cancer to behave nicely within some designated area of one's body.

Americans are dumbed down to dumber than dirt. Most are still buying that we're in Iraq giving Iraqis democracy and freedom, and defending our freedom. And shucks, father Christmas and torture enthusiast Bill O'Reilly says that Obama may want to end the war and stop torturing people but reality says he can't. And Americans continue to buy it. Years of zionist controlled media will do that to people.

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