Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Iran To Stage Rally Against Gaza Siege

The Iranian nation will stage a rally to condemn the atrocities committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip and call for an end to the blockade.

Iranians will take to the streets on Friday to protest against heinous acts of violence carried out by the Israeli regime against Gaza residents.

The demonstrators will also call on the world to support Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and take measures to halt the crippling humanitarian crisis, Iran's Headquarters for Palestinian Intifada Support said in a statement.

Despite inexplicable silence of the International community with respect to the blockade of the costal strip, Palestinians in Gaza, al-Khalil as well as nearby towns are firm to put their lives on the line and back notable achievements by the Islamic Resistance, the statement added.

Gaza has been faced with a humanitarian crisis ever since Israel imposed a blockade on the coastal strip in June 2007.

An estimated 70 percent of Gaza has experienced lengthy power outages as Tel Aviv cut off fuel supplies to the strip's only power plant. Hospitals must rely on generators to keep life-saving equipment running.

More than 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip currently are suffering due to a shortage of basic supplies including food and medicine. The region is facing a wide-spread blackout and the lives hundreds of patients are at stake.


P.S. Why do you suppose Americans don't know anything about the siege of Gaza? Would there be protests in America as well as Iran, if Americans knew? A shout out to the kosher anti-war organizations for keeping zionism out of sight.

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