Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Support Truth Teller Patricia McAllister

Patricia McAllister was fired within days for telling the truth that zionist jews are the bankers that are robbing us blind. She pointed out the problem and solution in one bold, brave, succinct statement. She said the zionist jews need to be run out of our country. Hear her say it here.

Hear a great interview with her days after being fired here.

Within days Patricia was fired from her job for telling the truth. Help her stand up to the zionist jews running our country. Help her get her job back, and in the process begin to take this country back and make it ours, not theirs, by signing a petition of support for her here.

Rather than being fired for telling the truth, Patricia McAllister should be louded for telling a truth so few are afraid to tell.

Alternative media types, loud her, interview her, help her have the truth be told and heard. Help her save our country.

The problem... and solution... is plain and simple: Run the zionist jews out of our country.

P.S. LMAO... for anyone visiting this blog, if truth jihadist Kevin Barret happens to interview her, please let me know of it and I will post it here... for a good laugh. I highly doubt that will happen... for being off topic.

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