Saturday, October 15, 2011

Plain & SImple: Run the Zionist Jews Out of This Country.

Then ban the practice of judaism, which inculcates zionism: jewish exceptionalism, jewish paranoia. Also, ban the spreading of the holocaust myth and its place spread the truth about WWII.

Lets have the truth. The truth is "antisemitic" because judaism is anti-truth. Lets have the truth.

P.S. She seems not to know that the zionist jews --and virtually all jews are zionist jews-- have complete control of her country, every phase of it. It is not her country. It is theirs. She is but a water carrier or hewer of wood in it... for them.

In fact, the entire Western world is theirs. These wars we are fighting for them is to make the entire world theirs, to make everyone that remains alive a water c and hewer of wood for them.

P.P.S. As could be predicted, proving the absolute jewish control of her country, the lady above was immediately fired for telling the truth. See it here.


Anonymous said...

Rick, I just recently read that the lady in the first video lost her school job for stating zionist jews need to be run out of this country.

rick said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sally. Right, she was fired within days of making her comment. I have it linked in my PPS comment.

It's just a coincidence that jews were behind the 9-11 false flag attack on America [was going to say our country but I reaize that's not true]. It's just coincidence because jews occupy all positions of power and influence, so of course there would be jews behind it.

Anonymous said...

Rick, so true, it's not America our country, hasn't been in decades: it's THEIR playground. Anyway, you'll love this -- this amazing woman Patricia went right back after being fired and this time some jew-reporter from Faux shoved a microphone in her face and Pat didn't back down. At the point she said they've been run out of 109 countries, the reporter looked disgusted and yanked the microphone away. This scum then accosted one of the women organizers and tried to get her to condemn what Pat had said, but this second woman would not!!

Pat was interviewed today by Charles Giuliani on his TruthHertz show on Oracle Broadcasting, and she was absolutely incredible! Please check out the 1 hour slot she was given.

Best, Sally

rick said...
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rick said...

Sally, that's fabulous news. I'll have to check it out.

Real truth alternative media types should be tripping over themselves to get an interview with her. She should be strongly lauded and supported for her true, brave comments.

She put the whole problem... and solution... to the problem amazingly succinctly... in one phrase.

Truth advocates should be playing that phrase over and over again.

LMAO... I'm imagining jewish sycophant Kevin Barret introducing her. Of course it will begin with an apology to his audience that he does not fully identify with her opinions... and that he's not an antisemite... like her. Would he have her on in the first place, I wonder. I don't think so... too strong, too true.