Sunday, July 20, 2014

Free, Free Palestine!

Thank goodness there is still goodness in mankind that protests the barbarity judaism is foisting on the world. The king of Sweden and his wife joined a protest here

As long as there is any decency in mankind, what judaism brings to the world will be resisted. If there is to be peace in the world, judaism must be eradicated.

Free Palestine! Free the world!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israeli Proclaims Zionism Is Evil

If anybody should know that zionism is evil, it is an Israeli, in this case Ilan Pappé, who is willing and able to see the truth of it, i.e., willing and able to see through the inculcation of lies which is essential to jewish culture.

Is it a coincidence that the devil's children --jews-- become agitated during Christian/Muslim holy days, as was the case during Operation Cast Lead which occurred just after Christmas, and what seems to be the case with this current pummeling of Gaza by Israel during Ramadan, under another "operation,"  Operation Protective Edge? Or is it an indication of the evil of zionism?

Of course Pappé is wrong about his interpretation of WWII. But is that any wonder given the that the jewish culture is built on a panoply of lies?

Anyone that would read The Death of Nazi Germany, by Thomas Goodrich, would know that the real holocaust of WW2 was of Germany and the German people... and not the jews in work/relocation camps, which happened to be the safest places to be in Germany during WW2.

P.S. The Inglourious Basterds of Israel had so much fun in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, they just had to do a sequel. And you know they'll do another sequel, and another, and another... unless the world gentile community says enough. They'll leave romps through tougher venues like Lebanon to their American water carriers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The following letter was found posted at Brother Nathanael Kapner's site here:

DEAR BROTHER NATHANAEL… My name is Robert Litoff. I have been following your site for many years. You may publish this Letter and my name.

I was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1945 of two Jewish parents but am now a non-practicing Jew. As far as I can trace, all my ancestors are Jews.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa in psychology from the University of Connecticut.

The claim that 6 million Jews died during World War II is wrong.

During the war period, before and shortly afterward, 5 million Jews went to Israel, and the Jewish population of North America increased from 4 million to 6 million.

Jews also went to Brazil, Argentina, Australia and other nations. This accounts for the decrease of 6 million Jews in Europe.

The world Jewish population was 15 million circa 1929 but it reached an estimated high of 18 million in 1989, an increase of 16%, which would have been impossible if 6 million Jews died in World War II.

The rabbi of my synagogue was Rabbi Andrew Klein who was a Hungarian Jew. He was interned in Auschwitz during World War II. His wife and 2 sons, Theodore and Lester, were interned in Bergen-Belsen.

One of the stories you hear about the nazis is that they killed all the Jews who could not work. But, Theodore and Lester were both children who could not work when they were at Bergen-Belsen but they were not killed.

Soon after the end of the war, there were a few different stories of how the nazis committed mass murder. One was that the victims were put in water and an electric current was sent through the water electrocuting the victims.

Another was that the victims were thrown in great fiery pits. Yet another was that the victims were driven in trucks which had their exhaust fumes channeled into the compartment in which the victims were placed, thereby killing them.

Finally, there is the story about the victims ‘taking showers’ in gas chambers which is the one claimed today. I take issue with this claim for the following reasons.


ZYKLON-B WAS INVENTED in America, not Germany. It was first used in Texas to disinfect the clothing of Mexicans crossing the border.

In the German work camps, Zyklon-B was used to disinfect the clothing of the internees to stem the tide of typhus.

Perhaps you have heard the story that the internees were led into a room in which they were told that they would be given showers and then they were gassed to death.

In reality, the doors of a real gas chamber would have to be airtight and look something like an airplane door. Otherwise, the gas would seep out and kill those operating the gas chamber.

Also, before the doors of a gas chamber can be opened, another gas, anhydrous ammonia, must be injected into the chamber to react with the poisonous gas to make it a less lethal resulting gas.

Even so, anhydrous ammonia being poisonous, it would react with the gas used and would have to be scrubbed away. This would have been a long, dangerous, inefficient and toilsome task.

If Hitler wanted to kill as many Jews as he could, he would have had them shot by machine guns and automatic rifles. This would have been the least expensive and quickest way to commit mass murder. And, tragically, there were many mass murders in World War II by soldiers using machine guns and automatic rifles.

But, I am only stating that the claim that Hitler committed a genocidal war against Jews is false. I am not defending Hitler. He started a war which caused the deaths of millions.


I FIRST READ Elie Wiesel’s “Night” when in it was an earlier publication.

In this early edition, Wiesel does not mention any gas chambers but states that mass murder was committed by throwing Jews of all ages into great fiery pits.

When I ask various Jews why did Wiesel not mention gas chambers if they existed, and, if great fiery pits were used to kill people, then why are people not talking about the great fiery pits now like people are always talking about the gas chambers?

The usual response is that the victims were killed by both methods and that Wiesel’s failure to mention gas chambers is not proof that the gas chambers for killing people did not exist. This answer is not convincing since Wiesel purports to be giving an eyewitness account.

Weasel (misspelling intentional…for the man is a deceiver and a sneak) wrote about the internees taking showers, being shaved of all body hair, and being covered with disinfectant which would be consistent with a program to prevent typhus and other diseases from killing the internees and not consistent with a program which wanted the internees to die.

In the earlier edition of “Night,” Wiesel wrote that he had surgery on one of his feet at a “well equipped hospital” in Auschwitz before taken to other camps. In the newer editions of “Night” this has been changed to an “infirmary.”

Yet, in both editions, he states that he was given two weeks off from work after his surgery which is inconsistent with the claim that all internees who could not work were killed.

Weasel wrote that while he was recuperating the Russians were approaching Auschwitz and the Germans knew that they could not hold out in Auschwitz any longer.

So, they offered all their internees who were in the hospital that they could decide whether to wait for the Russian soldiers to come or leave with the Germans. Wiesel decided to leave with the Germans who were supposedly committing genocide against the Jews instead of waiting for liberation by the Russians.

Perhaps, you have seen pictures of piles of dead and walking skeletons of a liberated concentration camp.

But, by the end of the war, all Germans were having difficulty feeding themselves.

Also, the American and British air forces were bombing all the railroad tracks making it impossible to bring sufficient quantities of food into the camps. So, America and Britain share most of the blame for the starvation in the camps at the end of the war.

Jews need to keep bringing up the Holocaust so they can extort billions of dollars from America and its most advanced weapons systems for their Zionist program in Israel.

Jews own and control America’s mainline media, so that they can control most everything Americans hear and see.

While Americans argue about medical care and how much it will cost, Israel has a much more generous medical care program for its citizens and does not need to worry about the costs because it’s paid for by tax-paying American citizens in the aid we give to Israel.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jew Takes Wheel at Ford

Sweet Revenge: Ford CEO Mark Fields (right), executive chairman Bill Ford (left) and outgoing CEO Alan Mually.

Detroit — In a company where the top jobs frequently go to graduates of Midwestern engineering schools — or to heirs of the founding family — Mark Fields’s rise to the top of Ford Motor Co. was hardly a sure thing.

But then, in an earlier era, when the Fields family name was Finkelman and the name of the company’s leader was Henry Ford, the odds would have been nil, or worse.

Just as Finkelman became Fields, however, the automaker founded by one of America’s most notorious anti-Semites has transformed itself over the decades. When Ford named Fields as its president and CEO on May 1, the 53-year-old executive became not just the first Jew to run that company, but also the first Jew to head any of the major U.S. automakers.

Said Jeffrey Gurock, a professor of Jewish history at Yeshiva University: “I don’t think Henry Ford would have dreamed of a day where a Jew would [be] the head of his motor company. Part of his anti-Semitism was that Jews control but don’t work. He never would have dreamed that there would be a Jew putting people to work in the Ford Motor Company.”

Read more in the jewish Forward here.

P.S. The title of this post is the same title the jewish Forward used in its email of this article. The metadata title to the above picture used in the article is "sweet revenge". The jews will have their sweet revenge on all of America... and all American goyim.. for their jingoed up persecution complex... if they have their way. American goyim, wake up. The jews are having their way. Is that good for everybody?

P.P.S. American jews are aware of and have read Henry Ford's International Jew, shouldn't American goyim also be so privileged?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Anti-Semitism 'Infects' One in Four People, Global Survey Finds

The “ADL Global 100” report released May 13, 2014, surveyed more than 100 countries to determine the extent of anti-Jewish sentiment worldwide.

The survey found that 26 percent — more than one in four — of the 53,100 adults surveyed are “deeply infected” with anti-Semitic attitudes. The survey was conducted in 102 countries, from Argentina to Vietnam.

P.S.  I would say that 26 percent of the adults surveyed proved to be jew wise.

P.P.S. According to the Jewish TelegraphAgency, the survey gauged anti-Semitism by asking whether respondents agreed with an index of 11 statements that the ADL believes suggest anti-Jewish bias:

Jews talk too much about what happened to them during the Holocaust; Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries they live in; Jews think they are better than other people; Jews have too much power in international financial markets; Jews have too much power in the business world; Jews have too much control over global affairs; people hate Jews because of the way Jews behave; Jews have too much control over the U.S. government; Jews have too much control over global media; Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars; Jews don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind.

To deny that any of the above statements are true is to deny the truth. The survey should have found everyone they surveyed as being infected with "anti-Jewish bias"... or in other words being "cognizant of the truth." The survey found only 26 percent of the people it surveyed being cognizant of the truth, which means fully 74 percent of those surveyed proved to be unaware of the truth or in denial of the truth.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

NFL Presents Celebration That Can Not Be Ignored

Call me a prude, call me old fashioned, call me homophobic... call me anything that indicates that I am not accepting and acquiescing to this debauchery [of Michael Sam sharing cake and a kiss with his boy friend]. Any of those things is better.

Americans, this celebration was presented right in your faces. It can not be ignored. You can't pretend the degeneration of your society isn't happening. It's being flaunted and celebrated, in your faces, in and by the industry of your favorite pastime. Pretending this isn't happening; not protesting this, is accepting it.

Will there be any protest of this? Is there enough health and decency in the American public body to protest and throw this off?... to refuse to accept this as normal and acceptable for America? I sure hope so... or there is no hope.

P.S. Objection to the debauchery into which our American society is being led is being quickly nipped in the bud:

Safety Don Jones of the Miami Dolphins has been fined an undisclosed amount and excused from team activities after reacting to video of St. Louis Rams draftee Michael Sam via social media, the team announced Sunday night.

"I want to apologize to Michael Sam for the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media," Jones said in a statement released by the team. "I take full responsibility for them, and I regret that these tweets took away from his draft moment.

"I remember last year when I was drafted in the seventh round and all of the emotions and happiness I felt when I received the call that gave me an opportunity to play for an NFL team and I wish him all the best in his NFL career.

"I sincerely apologize to Mr. Ross, my teammates, coaches, staff and fans for these tweets. I am committed to represent the values of the Miami Dolphins organization and appreciate the opportunity I have been given to do so going forward."

After witnessing Sam kiss his boyfriend on television, Jones tweeted "omg" and later "horrible" to a fan who asked if the safety was referring to the kiss.

Jones is expected to complete educational training for his comments.

Pic of the Day: Goodbye Goyim

The above pic of the day was found posted at Pragmatic Witness. Why can't we know what they're spraying? This won't stop unless we stop it.

You don't believe this is happening? Look up to the sky... especially on a bright clear day... like I did once here.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

PUTIN.... Just Another Oligarch Jew

So, Putin’s mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, was JEWISH, which makes him ………………


And we in the real Truth movement are aware that we are not up against a NWO, or the Illuminati, but a Jew World Order. With International Jewry pulling all the strings.

So, can anyone explain to me why there are still some people in the Truth movement who refuse to see this glaringly obvious situation?? That these sites STILL portray this sellout to humanity as their superhero. That somehow there is a Russia/West divide. Exactly what the JMSM wants us to believe. It is quite incredible that people who claim to be politically astute cannot see what is going on.

That yet again, International Jewry are playing both sides. The blue vs the reds. Good cop bad cop routine. How simple can this be to work out??

He is just another crypto Jew, having conveniently converted to Orthodox Christianity in the 1960′s. How convenient. He is no more a Christian than Benjamin Netanyahu. He is just another conniving, manipulative, greedy, demonic, billionaire, oligarch Jew – who is deceiving us.

It is more Jewish deception. Another Jewish scam. Trickery. Lies. And very poorly disguised lies at that. It would take a 14 year old schoolboy to source this information and work the scam out in just one evening after school. Yet we have all these so-called Truth outlets in denial. Quite incredible. What’s going on?








P.S. Great piece from DiggerForTruth. Hey Digger, don't ya just hate amateurs? You can forget about any invites to a Putin press conference.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks Too

Russia is more beholden to international bankers than perhaps any nation on the planet. After the collapse of the Russian economy and the dissolution of the old Soviet Union, the country was in dire straits. From 1992 to 1996, the IMF intervened in the Russian economy, offering more than $22 billion in aid (officially). This first loan package was presented as a failure when Russia defaulted on its debts, and loans from the IMF restarted through the late ’90s until this very day.

Putin has been elevated to heroic status in much of the mainstream media over the years. TIME magazine, a long-running globalist publication, recently published a front-page article with this tagline: “America’s weak and waffling. Russia’s rich and resurgent — and its leader doesn’t care what anybody thinks of him.”

This cover was used by TIME in every country in which it is distributed, except the United States.

The Times of Britain named Putin “Man Of The Year” in 2013. In Liberty Movement circles, Putin worship has been growing to disturbing levels. I would say at least half of our movement truly believes Putin and Russia to be a guiding light in the fight against globalization and the New World Order. Unfortunately, many people look for heroes to save them when they should be looking to themselves. Putin’s nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize for his “intervention” in the Syrian crisis is celebrated by many freedom fighters here in America, when, in reality, the Obama Administration’s failure to achieve a war footing in the region had nothing to do with the actions of Russia.

The recent break of Crimea from Ukraine and secession to Russia was partly instigated by the vast concessions required by the IMF if loans to Ukraine were to move forward. One of these concessions included the handing over of Ukrainian gas pipelines to America’s Chevron. Crimean leaders accused Kiev politicians of selling out Ukraine to the global bankers.

However, it was actually Russia’s finance minister and Putin who first pushed for the IMF bailout of Ukraine. It was, in fact, Putin who wanted Ukraine to “sell out” to Western financiers.

Remember, Russia and the U.S. are nothing but false champions dueling in a fake gladiator match paid for by the IMF. The war against Syria was thwarted because the elites were unable to garner enough public support from the American people to make the action viable. Every engineered war needs a gullible percentage of the population to give it momentum. Why didn’t they get their following from the public? It was because of the tireless efforts of the alternative media.

It was the Liberty Movement that exposed the lies behind the Syrian insurgency; the consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya; the CIA’s involvement with al-Qaida in Damascus, etc. It is the Liberty Movement that deserves the credit for disrupting the globalist plan to use Syria as a trigger event for a false confrontation between the U.S. and Russia.

Read the rest of this article [with references and links] by Brandon Smith here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax

THE JEWISH GAS CHAMBER HOAX is a Revisionist documentary which provides relevatory information debunking the greatest hoax in human history -

“The Holocaust” – the fraudulent claim that six million Jews were murdered by Germans, mostly in “Gas Chambers disguised as Shower Rooms.”

Never before seen evidence helps prove that Treblinka was a transit camp, far from the “Pure Extermination Camp” myth currently promoted by the Holocaust religion.

For the first time ever, listen to Jews themselves who were transited through Treblinka describe the process of being transferred from Treblinka to other camps, along with hundreds and thousands of other men women and children. Documentation is presented which affirms that Treblinka was no top secret “pure extermination center”, but a simple transit camp where many Jews took real showers in order to keep them alive.

The absurdity of diesel gassings, non-existent mass graves, forced confessions, and more are covered in THE JEWISH GAS CHAMBER HOAX, a new documentary from the filmmaker of THE LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE.

P.S. Who else but people with absolutely no shame, the children of the father of lies, could bring us such a great hoax? To support the author of the above invaluable film go here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The War Against Trevor Labonte

Until two years ago, Trevor LaBonte was one of the most successful Jazz artists in Texas. He had been performing every night and in the most prestigious venues. He was the first-call guitar player for many of Austin’s prominent musicians. But then it all changed.

Find out what happened by reading Gilad Atzmon's interview with Trevor LaBonte here.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Jews Behind Michael Sam

Is it any surprise that the much celebrated Michael Sam announced his ‘pride’ in being a homosexual via the New York Times and ESPN, both Jew-owned?

Indeed, college football star Michael Sam is one large piece of homosexual propaganda resonating throughout Jewry in its relentless attack on Christian morality.

Since Sam’s public relations team decided to announce his ‘queerness’ right before the NFL draft, one wonders how many teams will decide to pass on him.

Would they dare such a thing? The Jew-infested press will destroy them.

And since 34% of the League are Jew-owned, there will be no shortage of teams clamoring for the services of Sam seeing that the Jew-promoted NFL is fully behind the idea of open homosexuality.

And what better way to promote perversion than to have a Jew doing the PR!

Sam picked the Jew Howard Bragman as his personal PR pro to “lead the charge” in the creation of his soon-to-be NFL identity.

Bragman, also an open sodomite, is known as the “gay guru” who helps celebrities “come out”…and Sam, (his father repudiates his son’s vile sin), is Bragman’s latest client.

The night before Sam’s “coming out,” Bragman offered a toast during a celebratory dinner for the up-and-coming hero.

A host of perverts in the sports community were honored in the toast but Sam got the highest honors as “the bravest of all.”

Timing is everything, and with the non-stop Jew-bashing of Putin and his traditional Orthodox opposition to all things homosexual, what a wonderful opportunity to show the rest of the world the disgrace of homosexual worship here in the Jewnited States of Jewmerica.

No doubt, America’s newest hero will have no qualms when it comes to donning pink in the hot new fad of feminizing the manly sport of football under the guise of “good causes” which in reality are no more than Marxist social engineering indoctrination.

Maybe Sam’s agents can team up with the copyright owners of the works of famous children’s writer, Dr Seuss, aka Theodor Seuss Geisel, a noted Jewish propagandist for Stalin’s Marxism.

You can see it now, a cleverly designed spin off of “Sam I Am” & I’m Gay Too!

What a wonderful way to help young “goyim” minds to accept new ideas, overturn the accepted order of things, and fall in love with our latest and greatest sports hero.

This will help those young goyim to think that being homosexual is a “cool thing.”

But if having sex with another man’s feces is a “cool thing” then this country is toast.

God rained down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Jews are provoking God to do the same here in our Jew-ruined nation.

And Michael Sam is just another chump in Jewry’s plan to sodomize America.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best Super Bowl Interview

Hey Super Bowl fans, how did you like all those security checks you had to go through, all based on the staged, false-flag 9/11 terror attack.

This was a very positive event... truth screaming through the cracks... but, uh oh... did the truth activist first check with Mark Glenn [emperor of TUTland] to see if he would be making other truthers look like nut jobs by this action?