Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Video: Angela Merkel Shows Disdain for German Flag

Just who is Angela Merkel representing and serving?... the German people?... or the jewish lords of Germany (i.e. the lords ruling over the gentiles, human cattle of Germany)?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Virginia Militia for Homeland Security, Please.

The official meme from Orlando is: Americans, defend your freedom to be gay!... but don't you ever mention that Israel is the boss of us... or that jews run our country against our common good. Let us take the guns away from the bad guys and protect you.

Americans please wake up, we've already driven over the cliff, take the foot off the gas now.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Massacre: If it's real, why the crisis actors?

Thanks to the What They Don't Tell You blog for the above videos.

Of course I still haven't determined whether or not who was responsible for this massacre is even relevant, cuz truth huckster Mark Glenn said it isn't here. But the truth huckster also contends that powerful forces backing Trump's campaign were behind it here. Is that relevant?

I'm confused. But I know that the lil truth huckster will sort it all out... all while maintaining his credibility... for himself and thank goodness for the rest of the truth movement... like he did with the Boston marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook shooting. He is after all, a premier "polemicist and geo-political analyst" (response to comment #5).

LMAO... at least he seems to have mafia etiquette down pat. In other words, he knows his mafia moves.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Fellow Americans: Things Are Going to Get Much Worse

In the past I have written about the assassination of President Kennedy as the anniversary date of his death approaches. Most notably I wrote this:

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since

This year I have decided to write about the assassination of JFK as just one of many examples of what happens to people who have a Jewish controlled government. One of the direct results of the death of President Kennedy was the increase in drug consumption by white American teenagers due to the Vietnam war. Worldwide 100,000 people die every year from heroin overdoses. That would never have happened if the Bankers of New York and London had not dedicated themselves to the promotion of the illegal drug trade. The Jews of Europe owned 90% of the ships in the slave trade. But the Jewish Bankers noticed with alarm that the Gentile working class of Britain wanted to ban slavery so they replaced their slave trade profiteering with opium profits. See Video: Jews And The African Slave Trade. It Did Not End In 1832

I should note that slavery is still practiced today by Russian Jewish crime figures. They traffick hundreds of thousands of sex slaves every year. Israel as well seems to be a center for the sale of human organs. And many of those body parts are not taken from willing donors.

Her Majesty’s Jewish Government fought two Opium Wars against China to force the Chinese government to allow the British to expand their opium distribution network. The assassination of JFK allowed the CIA acting in behalf of the Bankers to promote drugs in America and to use military planes to distribute heroin and cocaine around the world. Imagine the profits from laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons plus $500 billion a year in political bribes. The CIA flies drugs from Mexico, Central America and elsewhere directly into America.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is swelling the ranks of organized crime and Drug Gangs. Soon America will have 2 million Drug Gang members. Democracy might just become impossible to practice. Mexican Drug Cartels routinely kill politicians who do not take bribes as well as reporters who report the news. The Mexican Drug Gangs are already drawing up lists of American cops who suffer from excessive honesty, bravery and integrity. See: Video: The Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel Is A CIA Subsidiary

As I pointed out before, President Kennedy was murdered on the 53rd anniversary of the first day of the meetings to draft what became the Federal Reserve Act. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered on the first anniversary of his famous Riverside church anti-war speech. Israel cannot allow anyone [who says he's going to Washington to shut the town down (until the Vietnam War was brought to an end)]. That would stop all those wars for Israel and take away the fun of stealing trillions of dollars from the Pentagon budget. Robert Kennedy was murdered on the night he won the California primary. He would have become President if he had not died. Could you imagine what would have happened to Israel if the people had been told by their government that the Jews had killed their President and had covered it up in the media?

We were told after WW II that Israel deserved everything and we had to surrender our right to criticize the Israelis because of what was alleged to have happened in the German concentration camps. But how can a man open a door to a gas chamber full of deadly cyanide, walk inside and begin to pull out bodies without gloves or masks? If the cyanide killed those people inside the room, why didn’t it kill those who entered minutes later? In American gas chambers the doctor and the morgue attendants neutralized the cyanide over a period of 16 to 24 hours before opening the door. And how come the World Almanac in 1950 reported there were 800,000 more Jews alive than in 1940? See: Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.

Did anyone ever explain to you how 3 skyscrapers were taken down by two airliners on 911? Just how did that 47 story Tower 7 fall down in 6.5 seconds? See this: 911: Short And Powerful Questions

Israel did do 911. See Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World

The Jewish owned media in America covered up 911 and the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK Jr. The ‘War on Terror’ is just the American military going down the list of nations Israel has told our politicians to destroy.

The American military is still in Afghanistan. That never ending war is all about the heroin money. If the CIA and the Big Banks lost the heroin trade, someone might challenge them for their cocaine business. The economies of America, Europe, Japan, China, the Third World and just about everyone else is near collapse. University professors tell us that a worldwide economic collapse will kill a couple billion people through starvation, Food Riots, Rebellions, Civil Wars and regional resource wars.

All of this Need Not Be. If we did not have fractional reserve banking and interest bearing currencies, we would have no government debt and very few Unpayable Debts. We could avoid Depressions and most wars. Three million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression. As I said, this Need Not Be. Read this: Either Learn What Money Is Or Accept Mass Starvation As Your Nation’s Future.

A Depression is best defined as a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled. We can estimate the severity of a coming Depression by determining just how many Unpayable Debts there are to be cancelled. Dr Steve Keen said we have record amounts of Debts so we are headed to the worst Financial Collapse in 500 years. Debt Cancellation was practiced by the kings of Babylon and Sumer. The Bible Writers copied it and called it the Jubilee.

I say we fund Debt Cancellation by arresting the Bankers and seizing their assets. See this: Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

We have two choices: Either we can implement monetary reform and Debt Cancellation or we can continue to allow our Jewish governments to consolidate Power into One New World Order with wealth for the Jews and mass starvation for the Gentiles.

I do not see the Jewish oligarchs learning to respect Gentile lives and ways anytime soon. Democracy is abhorrent to the Jewish leaders because they appointed themselves to their positions and they won’t even let their people vote.

The only viable exit path I is see is this: How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

The world is running out of time. The world economy is very near collapse. Reform will be exceedingly difficult after the Food Riots begin.

P.S. My fellow Americans, things are going to get much worse... as long as we leave the crooks in charge that have taken over our country since they murdered JFK in broad day light... and we let them get away with it.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hellstorm Photo

The photograph above was found in a box of photographs from Germany from WWII on a vendor's table at a gun show [where I sell my Remember the USS Liberty targets and fly my Remember the USS Liberty banner].

If one would read the book Hellstorm, one would realize that the real holocaust that occurred in Germany during WWII was of Germany and the German people caused by the American and Allied fire bombing the German people in their homes.

No bombs were dropped on work/relocation camps. The camps were the safest places to be in Germany during WWII.

Germany was holocausted and its culture destroyed for having the temerity of attempting to be free by throwing off its yolk of enslavement to the international bankers, i.e., the anti-Christ money changers, i.e., the jews.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

USS Liberty Vets Call For Help As Billboard Company Bows to Jewish Pressure

Editor's Note: As young men, the USS Liberty crew signed up to patriotically serve their country. Instead they unknowingly were set up as sacrificial lambs to serve an indefensible, dirty, secret, foreign agenda... which Americans are still serving today. No patriot, American or otherwise, should have to do that.

From the Honor the Liberty Vets face book page

BILLBOARD COMPANY REFUSES TO HONOR NAVY VETS – We placed this billboard in New Bedford, MA, to honor USS Liberty veterans and to help them and their families get the respect and help they deserve.

But Israel partisans complained, one threatening to take his business elsewhere, so the billboard company reneged on their contract and took the billboard down two weeks early.

Now we’re asking others to SHARE THIS IMAGE to honor these men and their 34 shipmates who never returned. The Liberty is the most decorated crew since WWII.

TO SEE PHOTOS & HELP please go to Honor Liberty Vets

PLEASE CONTACT THE BILLBOARD COMPANY – Outfront Media, Inc – and ask them to put the billboard back up: PHONE 800.926.8834 / EMAIL info@outfrontmedia.com

You may wish to direct your messages to CEO Jeremy J. Male –bit.ly/1oBPDSW – and tell him that Americans honor men who have served their country and hope that Outdoor Media does, too.

Thank you for helping these veterans and their families.

P.S. As young men, the USS Liberty crew signed up to patriotically serve their country. Instead they unknowingly were set up as sacrificial lambs to serve an indefensible, dirty, secret, foreign agenda... which Americans are still serving today.

No one, of any nation, joining the military to serve their country, should be made to serve a dirty... secret... foreign... agenda.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel's Public Relations War in the U.S.

Ameirca is not a Christian country. The term "judeo-Christian" is an oxymoron meaning anti-Christ-Christian. Any semblance of Christianity in Ameria is bowed to anti-Christ judaism. So-called Christians in America fear (revere) judaism/jews more than they fear God. Is that Christianity?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Precious moment: Woman at Brussels' memorial tears up Israeli flag

This woman doesn't need any convincing... she knows without any doubt what is the enemy of mankind. Doncha wish Americans knew? Doncha wish everyone knew?

Perhaps the overstepping of the cowardly, inglorious bastards in Gaza... twice thus far... was demonstration enough for the world to know better... and for the world to have had enough?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

America's False Flag History in Two Minutes

Recall one time world leader, the village idiot who shouldn't have been allowed out from his parents' back yard, G.W. Bush, encouraging people to serve a purpose higher than themselves... in effect encouraging American youth to serve as cannon fodder for the fake war on terror kicked off by the false flag event of 9/11/2000.

Where will the next false flag event occur? Isn't it becoming obvious that the false flag events driving the fake war on terror are sponsored by Israel? For there ever to be peace in the world, and for mankind to survive, the Jewish state must be dismantled... and judaism banned.

P.S. What we learned from the latest false flag in Brussels: If you see a bomb, sit on it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Implosion of the Republican Party -- and what it means for Jews and Israel

From an article of the same title above in the Jewish Forward magazine by Jane Eisner:

Each presidential election cycle, the Republican Jewish establishment spends zillions of dollars to lure liberal Jews to its side. The arguments touch upon domestic policy and social issues, but the core, emotional attraction hinges on unquestioned support for Israel — the promise that Republicans alone understand the many dangers Israel faces and are far more willing than their squishy Democratic counterparts to project strength in a volatile, unfriendly world.

Like so many of his platforms, Trump’s policy on the Israelis and the Palestinians is filled with contradictions. He vows to stay “neutral” on the conflict in order to make a deal, but such vagueness only alienates both sides. To many Jews, neutrality is a code word for getting too tough on Israel. For Palestinians, Trump’s professed love for Israel and the Jews, and his concomitant disdain for Islam and Arabs, cancels out his “neutrality” and hardly makes him an honest broker.

Trump’s refusal to pledge full allegiance to Israel, a key precept of Republican orthodoxy until now, seriously undermines Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s approach to U.S. politics, which has been to align himself with the GOP standard-bearers. But those standards have systematically been knocked to the ground by the Trump stampede: Former House speaker John Boehner (remember him?), the one who invited Netanyahu to make his controversial and, in the end, futile speech against the Iran deal before Congress, endorsed Kasich. Will Kasich’s win in Ohio make any difference? Many GOP Jews were ready to embrace a President Rubio, now just an expensive memory. Big moneyman and Bibi backer Sheldon Adelson has stayed quiet and therefore irrelevant so far.

P.S. Thank you Donald Trump for making it patently clear for all of my gun-show Republican friends that the Republican Party doesn't belong to them, the little Republicans (little gentile folk). Likewise, the Democratic Party doesn't belong to the little Democrats. The Republican Party belongs to the likes of Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers (jewish oligarchs); the Democratic Party belongs to the likes of George Soros (jewish oligarch).

P.P.S. And thank you, Donald Trump for chasing Jeb Bush off the stage.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Video: Support James Tracy Legal Defense Fund

Dr. James Tracy was a highly regarded professor of media studies who's job it was to critically analyze the media reporting of significant events. For unknown reasons, personally sharing honest analysis of the Sandy Hook event triggered a media attack on Dr. Tracy. The media began to pressure the university in which he was a tenured professor and labeled him the 'Conspiracy Professor.'

Shockingly, Professor Tracy was fired from Florida Atlantic University on January, 6th of this year. If left unchallenged, these unjust actions are surely not the last to expect for America.

P.S.1: If you think what is occurring with Dr. Tracy is OK or him getting his just dessert, you must be on drugs. Thank goodness, among internet truth seekers only a handful of truth hucksters and their sycophantic followers could think that.

P.S.2: Here, truth huskster extraordinaire Mark Glenn magnanimously describes anybody having a different opinion on events than his greatness.

He calls them "REALLY smart people whose only qualification for rendering commentary on political events is the fact that they somehow scrounged up a working computer and have an internet connection."

Apparently the truth gig is going so well for the lil huskster, that he's risen in stature far above ordinary people fighting to make ends meet month to month.

The lil guy --who's never had the where-with-all to ever have worked a professional nine-to-five... let alone any real job-- has moved on from being a failed musician to a neighborhood lawn care specialist to internet truth huskster extraordinaire. Maybe the lil guy can park the lawnmower after all.

One can understand his inflated ego and disparagement for ordinary working people... when he's not making a pitch for their donations. The lil guy's risen to amazing heights since the days, just a few years back, when he was begging for funds to buy a laptop for one of his A-team players... one Keith Johnson. [Keith's money quote comes at 12:35. What does being jewish mean to Keith?]

However inflated Glenn's ego becomes, he'll always be a lil guy. Because only a lil guy would make telling the truth about himself and his brilliance... regardless how entertaining it is to observe him striving so hard to be so brilliant.

P.S.3: I guess dopey Glenn would celebrate Dr. Tracy losing his job over questioning what happened at Sandy Hook. Here dopey calls for "running out of business"  anyone questioning Sandy Hook and ... lmao... "bringing ridicule and disrepute" on legitimate truthers such as himself... as if dopey doesn't bring ridicule on himself all by himself. And everybody should know by now that anyone that Glenn has differences with, he'll slander as "unstable."

In dopey's response to someone questioning his harsh, autocratic lead, dopey claims that he did his research on Sandy Hook, even talking to affected parents. DOES ANYONE BELIEVE THIS? Why didn't dopey ever interview any of them on the air? I vote for dopey to interview Gene Rosen.

P.S.4: Irony of ironies... shortly after his scrounging up a working computer remark, the lil truth huskster went begging [here] before his faithful for funds for a working computer for himself. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Myth of the Good War: The Bombing of Dresden

The hypothesis that the attack on Dresden was intended to intimidate the Soviets explains not only the magnitude of the operation but also the choice of the target. To the planners of Thunderclap, Berlin had always loomed as the perfect target. By early 1945, however, the German capital had already been bombed repeatedly. Could it be expected that yet another bombing raid, no matter how devastating, would have the desired effect on the Soviets when they would fight their way into the capital? Destruction wreaked within 24 hours would surely loom considerably more spectacular if a fairly big, compact, and “virginal” – i.e. not yet bombed – city were the target. Dresden, fortunate not to have been bombed thus far, was now unfortunate enough to meet all these criteria. Moreover, the British American commanders expected that the Soviets would reach the Saxon capital within days, so that they would be able to see very soon with their own eyes what the RAF and the USAAF could achieve in a single operation. Although the Red Army was to enter Dresden much later than the British and the Americans had expected, namely, on May 8, 1945, the destruction of the Saxon capital did have the desired effect. The Soviet lines were situated only a couple of hundred of kilometers from the city, so that the men and women of the Red Army could admire the glow of the Dresden inferno on the nocturnal horizon. The firestorm was allegedly visible up to a distance of 300 kilometers.

Dresden was obliterated in order to intimidate the Soviets with a demonstration of the enormous firepower that permitted bombers of the RAF and the USAAF to unleash death and destruction hundreds of kilometers away from their bases, and the subtext was clear: this firepower could be aimed at the Soviet Union itself. This interpretation explains the many peculiarities of the bombing of Dresden, such as the magnitude of the operation, the unusual participation in one single raid of both the RAF and USAAF, the choice of a “virginal” target, the (intended) enormity of the destruction, the timing of the attack, and the fact that the supposedly crucially important railway station and the suburbs with their factories and Luftwaffe airfield were not targeted. The bombing of Dresden had little or nothing to do with the war against Nazi Germany: it was an American British message for Stalin, a message that cost the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lavoy Finicum: An American Icon

Lavoy explains his stand here. Footage of Lavoy's murder by BLM hit men is here.

It will be terribly remiss of Americans if they fail to learn about Lavoy Finicum.

P.S. RT's January special report on the Oregon standoff here. Sheriff Mack weighs in on the earlier Bundy standoff with BLM here; FOX's Judge Napolitano weighs in here. Sheriff Clarke reads a history BLM actions against Ammon Bundy and comes out in his defense here. What is BLM?

P.P.S. Or was it all a hoax? [here and here]