Saturday, January 19, 2019

The 1965 Ethnic Cleansing Act

When LBJ signed the 1965 Immigration Act, all the dignitaries were White, denoting a time when America was still a White country, which the Immigration Act was designed to end.

Twenty years ago a young man from Georgia, John Rocker, was in the news every day for quite a while. Rocker, a Major League relief pitcher, was outspoken and regarded as a criminal by those who didn’t like what he had to say.

Rocker’s “crime”? He didn’t like New York City; and what he said about it was deemed to be racist, an offense that in modern America has resulted in not a few careers and livelihoods being utterly destroyed.

Said Rocker: “It’s a very hectic and nerve-wracking city. The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anyone speaking English. You find Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Russians and Spanish people up there. How the hell did they get into this country?” (It should be added that Rocker’s “controversial” comments were said while he was accompanied on a hunting trip by a Jewish journalist from Sports Illustrated and naively thought they would be kept off the record.)

How did they, indeed? Take a good look at our population today: Whites, blacks, hispanics, liberal Jews, Islamists, Asians, and everything else under the sun, each group numbering in the millions, and most of them here through the machinations of Republican politicians desiring cheap labor and Democrats seeking cheap votes. Their continued, increasing presence and influence on our culture was of no concern to these politicians.

No city-state, nation or empire in all of history has ever survived for any length of time with such a diversity of humankind. The United States, which was 90 percent White in 1960, is now about 65 percent White depending on how one defines “White” or European-descended.

And if this were not enough, the National Origins Act of 1924, which guaranteed that the nation’s immigrants would remain White and European indefinitely, was scrapped completely for the new Immigration Act of 1965, which, unbelievably, heralded a new immigration quota of 90 percent non-White Third Worlders!

And so the answer to John Rocker’s question is to be found in the greatest act of treason ever perpetrated against the White people of America: The Immigration Act of 1965, which in all honesty should be re-named “The Ethnic Cleansing Act of 1965.”

Make no mistake: the replacement of Whites in America is the intended goal of the various elites, further proof of which is that it has not been truthfully recognized and repealed for over 50 years. And did not Bill Clinton while President, like many other White politicians over the past generation, tell an audience of young students at the University of Michigan that a transformation of races in America would be a good thing, with most of the brainwashed students leaping from their seats and applauding him?!

And, exactly who was responsible for this damnable act? Since the Democrats had won the presidential election of 1964, quite naturally the bill won the overwhelming approval of the Democrats in the House and Senate. But also joining in were 118 House Republicans and 24 Senate Republicans. And of course, only to happy to sign The Immigration Act of 1965 into law was the abomination known as Lyndon B. Johnson, the most venomous rattlesnake to ever slither out of the State of Texas.

Considerable support was also obtained from another quarter. As I have referred to it in other articles, “to dilute and outnumber the American White race with other races has been the goal and desire of certain groups and individuals among us for over 70 years.” These were certain Jewish organizations and intellectual elitist Jews who were known and said to have worked day and night for over 40 years (1924 until 1965) to accomplish this goal. They are thus regarded as the chief players or driving force behind the Immigration Act of 1965.

Their motive: One writer says historic persecution and fear and hatred of European and American Christians and Christianity; another says refusal or aversion to physical assimilation with gentiles anywhere for reasons religious and/or racial. Still another, referring to Marxist Jews, writes that, “They have been the instigators of practically every subversive and destructive societal movement in America since the beginning of the 20th century.” Books and volumes have been written on this subject; therefore, I refer the reader to Dr. Kevin MacDonald, whose book “The Culture of Critique” and two prior volumes will provide much if not all that is desired to be known.

Source article written by John W. Altman was found here.

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