Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Message from Dying America

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Don Wassall of The Nationalist Times.

Discussed: Don’s upbringing in Pittsburgh; Don’s support of the election of Ronald Reagan, which waned after he discovered the same old elites calling the shots; The Populist Party; how Don created The American Freedom Union in 1995; The Nationalist Times which is one of only two regular Nationalist print publications in the USA; the election of Donald Trump; how all the political left is about today is a vehement hatred of White People; Don’s 1988 speaking tour with David Duke; Don’s Website CasteFootball.us; how you can subscribe to The Nationalist Times along with special offers available to new subscribers; whether or not we should be on the Trump Train; and many other topics.

Click on the link (here) then click on the “listen to the show” link.

Wake up, deplorables... especially you who call yourselves "Judeo-Christians." Your country is lost. Bombing the world for Israel and kowtowing to your jewish bosses and representatives won't save it... nor will it save you. And pretending things aren't as dire as Mr. Wassall describes won't help either. "Judeo-Christians," what you deserve is here... and more coming... rather than continued grace.

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