Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jew Takes Wheel at Ford

Sweet Revenge: Ford CEO Mark Fields (right), executive chairman Bill Ford (left) and outgoing CEO Alan Mually.

Detroit — In a company where the top jobs frequently go to graduates of Midwestern engineering schools — or to heirs of the founding family — Mark Fields’s rise to the top of Ford Motor Co. was hardly a sure thing.

But then, in an earlier era, when the Fields family name was Finkelman and the name of the company’s leader was Henry Ford, the odds would have been nil, or worse.

Just as Finkelman became Fields, however, the automaker founded by one of America’s most notorious anti-Semites has transformed itself over the decades. When Ford named Fields as its president and CEO on May 1, the 53-year-old executive became not just the first Jew to run that company, but also the first Jew to head any of the major U.S. automakers.

Said Jeffrey Gurock, a professor of Jewish history at Yeshiva University: “I don’t think Henry Ford would have dreamed of a day where a Jew would [be] the head of his motor company. Part of his anti-Semitism was that Jews control but don’t work. He never would have dreamed that there would be a Jew putting people to work in the Ford Motor Company.”

Read more in the jewish Forward here.

P.S. The title of this post is the same title the jewish Forward used in its email of this article. The metadata title to the above picture used in the article is "sweet revenge". The jews will have their sweet revenge on all of America... and all American goyim.. for their jingoed up persecution complex... if they have their way. American goyim, wake up. The jews are having their way. Is that good for everybody?

P.P.S. American jews are aware of and have read Henry Ford's International Jew, shouldn't American goyim also be so privileged?

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