Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mark Walsh aka Nick Pugh Is a Great Actor

Uh oh, the diminutive demagogue at TUTland isn't going to like this video.

Damn, but for white nationalists and those Sandy Hook nut jobs, I do believe that the diminutive demagaogue at TUTland would’ve saved the world by now. Damn the idiots in this word! 

“How’s that revolution workin’ out for ya, Egypt?": Mark Glenn.

Yes, he really posted that comment.

P.S. Correction: Mark Walsh and Nick Pugh are separate, different actors. See here. Both are great actors. Doncha think?


Anonymous said...

Mark Walsh Nick Pugh-----TRAITOR!!!!!
Accessory to murder! Hey Walsh/Pugh...get shot by the LAPD next time and have it be your swan song.

RickB said...

I think Mark Glenn should interview him.